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  • aboringed
    aboringed Year ago

    I have not had my healthy serving of Sande in MONTHS and I.Have.Been.STARVING MOTHEFUKKA!

  • Jade C
    Jade C Year ago +1

    I might have to try that pro long wear 🤔 I have red undertones as well and I've been looking for an under eye concealer

  • Let Mel Tell It
    Let Mel Tell It Year ago +4

    The Mac side looked so much better color wise. It was brighter and closer to your undertones to me.

  • bmw8913
    bmw8913 Year ago

    I agree, Sande, the Mac looks beautiful on you. The tarte concealer does look gray on you.

  • Kim Evans
    Kim Evans Year ago

    Please try the Laura Mercier traslucent powder . Thanks

  • Anat Weissman
    Anat Weissman Year ago

    honestly you are my favorite thing in the world

  • CoMuff1
    CoMuff1 Year ago

    Can you PLEASEEE review the tarte rainforest of the sea foundation or Amazonia clay foundation

  • oldschooljamz87
    oldschooljamz87 Year ago +1

    Can you try the new nyx drop foundation?

  • Julianne Sullivan
    Julianne Sullivan Year ago +1

    I've been having a terrible day and watching Sandi's video gave me my first smile! it's so hard to be in a bad mood while watching her! 💜

  • Megan Daniels
    Megan Daniels Year ago

    Mac for $500.. Mac looks better on u. I've found another subscription. Keep up that MF attitude. Awesome sauce

  • ladeeNJ
    ladeeNJ Year ago

    I swear Sande gives the BEST product reviews!! 😂😂

  • TracyRenee
    TracyRenee Year ago

    Lmao Mara WTF

  • Jocelyn J
    Jocelyn J Year ago

    "Whatever you wanna call that shit" 😂😂😂 I luv u

  • 3StarLogo
    3StarLogo Year ago

    i have the pencil lip liner of mrs. mia wallace its muuuch much deeper than yours. hmmmm 🤔

  • Tiera Shai
    Tiera Shai Year ago

    Omg I love you so much! I was waiting on this!

  • Amber Woody
    Amber Woody Year ago +1

    that makes me sad deep skin tones deserve the right colors too I'm really pale the majority of shades most companies have are a bunch of mediums they ignore really white and deep skintones

  • Costa, Isabel
    Costa, Isabel Year ago

    Your videos brighten my day ❤😊

  • Melinated Vessel
    Melinated Vessel Year ago

    WTF,I was commenting, and I realized youtube unsubscribed me from you channel,I hate when they do that.

  • Melinated Vessel
    Melinated Vessel Year ago +1

    Sande,you look beautiful,being a mom looks good in you,on the video,I prefer the mac because of the color,you need to go down a shade it darkens your undereye.

    ROBIN ALLURE Year ago

    too high for me I just watch LMFAO

  • Tracie Thompson
    Tracie Thompson Year ago

    can you try NYX COSMETICS
    Total Control Drop Foundation!!

  • Lipsticklover101
    Lipsticklover101 Year ago +2

    Try the l.a. Girl pro concealer I love them I wanna see what you say about it it's 3.99

  • MsSamStudent
    MsSamStudent Year ago

    "Tarte coochie coo" 😂😂 "I had no eyebrows" 😂😂 ahhh ur the best! Love your channel❤

  • Lashawn N
    Lashawn N Year ago

    hahahah, racoon eyes. Gurl I feel the same way, I don't like the overly highlighted face either.

  • Shalana
    Shalana Year ago +4

    I love when you say "I don't do that raccoon shit"😂😂😂😂💀 I don't know why that tickles me

  • Valerie Mendez
    Valerie Mendez Year ago

    Girl yo crazy yo. Lovin u , lovin your personality and videos.

  • Sarah Munoz
    Sarah Munoz Year ago

    Sande, Sande, how could you not include a description/link for that fantastic top? 😉

  • Linda Shaffer
    Linda Shaffer Year ago

    The MAC is more luminous on you

  • LegalEagle
    LegalEagle Year ago +2

    Aww, I live for Sande's first impression videos!

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Year ago

    Love Tarte Shape Tape. I wear tan and Mac NC42, Bobbi Brown 5.5. Mac prolong wear is too drying for me

  • Jennifer Soto
    Jennifer Soto Year ago

    I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like the shape tape. It creases on me and looks heavy on my dry skin. But my pro longwear concealed. I looove it.

  • vondab23
    vondab23 Year ago

    The tarte looks like you're trying to cover up a bruise or black eye! No ma'am.

  • amy asdf
    amy asdf Year ago


  • Mahogani
    Mahogani Year ago

    I looovvvveee shape tape. Pro longwear creases on me but I love it as well

    DESIRE YOUNG Year ago

    Lady you did beat your face and the lips are the bomb continue to say honest and true we love that (and those babes are just gorgeous )

  • TheBrianGee
    TheBrianGee Year ago

    I tried pro long wear in store and thought it showed a lot of texture under my eyes. Am I the only one? Lol

  • sarah woudstra
    sarah woudstra Year ago +2

    The shade mahogany might more bland because it's a cooler tone?

  • Tami Lin
    Tami Lin Year ago

    Your personality is so Fun! Love your spirit!🙌🏾

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    Elizabeth Bennet Year ago

    been waiting for you to review shape tape, thanks!! :D

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Year ago +2

    I've used your holy grail MAC prolong wear but I can't stand the pump! Way too much comes out 😒 ... I've been using the Tarte shape tape for a few months and I'm loving it! And please don't get duped with the sponge - feels like a dish sponge 😂

  • Beautiful Surprise
    Beautiful Surprise Year ago +1

    Pro longwear wins. It is your shade hunty. You made the shape tape work but why bother when there's something that matches more perfectly? Loved the video as always.

  • Karla
    Karla Year ago

    My holy grail is also the Mac Pro-Longwear. I'm probably going to stick to it. I was curious about the Tarte Shape Tape but NEVAMIND.

  • Gofaone AgaTha Mokola


  • Khaite Sall
    Khaite Sall Year ago +1

    I die for your intro girl "dn ever change it " 😂😂😂 love u girl and ur adorable babies

    PAMMIEC09 Year ago

    The Tarte looks like it faded and turned gray. The MAC side looks better. Thanks for the comparison; you've saved me some money again.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Year ago +35

    She may say "no shade", but she's definitely throwing something at all those "over-do-it" make-up gurus. Get 'em Sande.

  • Millie228
    Millie228 Year ago +8

    Can you test out the new IMAN foundation and the new black radiance foundation please

  • Millie228
    Millie228 Year ago

    I like the Mac better. I agree with you the tarte looks grey and blah

  • Andrea Wright
    Andrea Wright Year ago +101

    Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (medium-deep) VS Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder (medium-deep)!!!!!!

  • JL
    JL Year ago +59

    I have been waiting patiently for this comparison the only person I trust on TVclip 😒

  • Tiffany Davis
    Tiffany Davis Year ago

    by the time you get done with the intro i already gave you a thumb up from me.

  • Levar Roland
    Levar Roland Year ago +2

    The color deep is much better in the shape tape!

  • Aja Gaskin Berry
    Aja Gaskin Berry Year ago +2

    Yep Sande, I wish there were more shades of the Shape Tape too. I got Tan Sand, becuse the next shade was the same as my skin tone. Didn't look that bright in the store but hooooooooly hell when I put it on my face (just a tiny bit) it was way too bright! Made it work with my powder, but I think imma return it.

  • All American Revert
    All American Revert Year ago +15

    I don't even wear makeup or know how to use concealer but I just love to listen to you!

  • Mandy Jones
    Mandy Jones Year ago

    I really enjoy the shape tape concealer, I have a deeper skin tone and I purchased this product in a shade that I can highlight with. I really like the the applicator in addition to the product itself. Great review.

  • Theresa Ferries
    Theresa Ferries Year ago

    I love, love, love the Shape Tape.

  • LulyTubee
    LulyTubee Year ago +29

    the shape tape is a great product i have it and love it, but yea girl that is not your color lol you manage to work it good thou lol xo

  • MaD  LosAngeles
    MaD LosAngeles Year ago

    mua pretty like vs concealer 😗😙😗😚🌹🌿🍃🌿🌹🌿🍃👏🍃🌿🌹🌿🍃🌿🌹🌿🍃🌿🌹🌿🍃🌹🌿🍃🌿🌹

  • FemmeK
    FemmeK Year ago +200

    yeas finally someone who isn't into that bright under eye highlight mess!!!

  • Anastasia T
    Anastasia T Year ago +122

    I didn't get how they marketed as a 'double duty' for concealing and contouring when there were no shades for Black ppl... like our shades would be contour for everyone else. Let alone, they might like a more neutral/ashy looking contour colors.. Basically meaning we weren't thought of. BYE.

  • lilbaby245
    lilbaby245 Year ago

    I have been considering buying this concealer and thinking I could use mahogany to contour with, but after seeing this, I'll try the Black Radiance contour palette. I may purchase rich for color correction.
    Could you try out another Tarte product? The Amazonian Clay foundation. I believe it's supposed to be for oily skin and it has a wider color range. I think 25 shades.

  • felisha newell
    felisha newell Year ago

    love you girl you're too funny lol

  • Chosen Beauty
    Chosen Beauty Year ago +2

    omg I been looking for a good review that I believed on the Tarte Shape tape for TWO DAY while I considered getting it!!!
    Finally one I can trust!!!
    Sandy saves the day Again!!!

  • Andrea Sargent
    Andrea Sargent Year ago +60

    Doing your introduction do you ever wake up the twins 😂

  • Ernestine Graham
    Ernestine Graham Year ago

    Gm Sande lol omg. Awesome demonstration. I see the difference . Great vlog. I have to watch the Vlogs on the other channel this weekend.

  • Valerie Duruaku
    Valerie Duruaku Year ago +274

    Please can you try the Laura Mercier translucent powder in the new medium deep dark shade🙌🏾😩

  • Mrs Kiki
    Mrs Kiki Year ago

    The Tarte product looks like your trying to cover up a bruise, not very flattering. I love the MAC pro longwear. Love your videos and thanks for the review.

  • Rena Doll
    Rena Doll Year ago +18

    hair blowing in the wind like beyonce

  • Jay OXO
    Jay OXO Year ago +17

    Pro Long wear definitely looked better on your skin. Said the same thing about the greyish "Death Becomes Her" skin color.

    • TheSocialiteLife
      TheSocialiteLife  Year ago +8

      LOL! OMG I LOVE that movie!!!!!!! It's one of my FAVS! :)

  • aFlickOfTheRiss
    aFlickOfTheRiss Year ago +2

    How do you like the big doefoot? Also the wet n wild/la colors/Nyx foundation battle

  • Akunna Ezekwem
    Akunna Ezekwem Year ago +56

    Your personality is everything. btw, my name's Akunna so, I smiled a little when you said Akuna matata

  • Sydney Miller
    Sydney Miller Year ago +19

    I'm glad you did this review! I've been thinking about giving the Pro LongWear a try. I just returned the shape tape because it oxidized so terribly on me. I liked the wear of the formula, but I tried the other shades and they either looked orange or so gray and dead! I'm usually one step up from the most fair shade in just about everything. I have yellow and pink under tones with more yellow. I usually don't have a hard time finding a shade for my skin tone but none of these shades worked for me!

    • TheSocialiteLife
      TheSocialiteLife  Year ago +16

      YES! I just wish these companies came out with more variety for ALL skin tones! :)

  • aFlickOfTheRiss
    aFlickOfTheRiss Year ago +2

    Yes ma'am!!! Getting my day started right 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽

  • Michelle Laura
    Michelle Laura Year ago +8

    Your videos give me life 😍😍 they make my days.

  • TheMochamomof3
    TheMochamomof3 Year ago

    Thx for the video!!

  • Jessica Melton
    Jessica Melton Year ago +4

    Have you ever used nxy concealer. I saw it in the store at cvs. if you are willing to do a review on it would be great

  • aphrospice
    aphrospice Year ago +43

    Color is more neutral.
    Which is perfect for me. I have a neutral undertone and nothing from mac works for me.
    Everything is too red. I think I will try this Shape Tape.

  • The Novel Sanctuary
    The Novel Sanctuary Year ago +8

    Ooooh I wonder if it's the NYX new foundation.

  • Gabriela Droz Velasquez

    the best part of waking uppp, is Sande in my feeeed! ☕☕

  • t red
    t red Year ago +20

    Tarte is too dark for you.

  • Tess Chung
    Tess Chung Year ago +1

    Gets me every time with your intro lol classy as fuck xx

  • kalisha jones
    kalisha jones Year ago

    I'm glad you did this video cause now I know the hype is real. I'm a pro longwear girl myself but I might give this a try being that I only use concealer to highlight. That color was so gray though it almost defeats the purpose. 💙💙

  • somethingaboutmary 12
    somethingaboutmary 12 Year ago +41

    You need to review Juvia's Place!

    • TheSocialiteLife
      TheSocialiteLife  Year ago +56

      Oooooh! I JUST placed an order for some the OVA' day! Coming right UP! :)

  • Alexis Henry
    Alexis Henry Year ago


  • FashionFarfalla
    FashionFarfalla Year ago

    Thanks for the honest comparison review.. I think I'll try it next

  • NikkiRen
    NikkiRen Year ago +3

    And let me add that I love that you don't go too light with your under eye concealer.

  • kittens work shop McRae

    good morning. thank you for the review i haven't tried neither but now I want to try the prolong wear.

  • Krhistell Reyes
    Krhistell Reyes Year ago

    Love your videosssssss Sande you are just THE BEST!!!!!

  • Irisha B
    Irisha B Year ago +21

    Try deep and mix with that color

  • NikkiRen
    NikkiRen Year ago

    Still waiting on my shape tape in the mail. Love your energy!

  • akburch28
    akburch28 Year ago

    Have you tried the LA Girl concealers? I love them!

  • Lally Os
    Lally Os Year ago +6

    Would u buy it if the shade was exactly like the Mac Pro longwear ?

    • TheSocialiteLife
      TheSocialiteLife  Year ago +10

      Probably not since it's $2.00 cheaper than the prolongwear! LOL!

  • Manya Yvonne
    Manya Yvonne Year ago +1

    I actually went to Ulta on Saturday in hopes to get some of it. I was glad I went because I was able to determine which color worked best on me. It is the Tan Sand. HOWEVER, they were sold out of that color and the sales rep said they were not expecting a new shipment until March.
    I tried the Mac Pro Longwear but I did not like it. Partly because I got the wrong color I think. But also because it creased on me like crazy.

  • christina kim
    christina kim Year ago

    Would love to see Bobby Brown products review.. Especially foundations.. 😊

  • Esme Bonilla
    Esme Bonilla Year ago

    you are so damn funny sandee. I love your vids. always keeping it real.

  • Diva Makeup727
    Diva Makeup727 Year ago +78

    Did anybody else burst the &uck out in laughter when she pulled that tarte applicator out the bottle?!?! LLS dead! "girth"

  • christina kim
    christina kim Year ago

    The tarte has more coverage but makes the skin dull... The Mac makes your face more vibrant.. But maybe a little coverage before the foundation.... 😊 I love your final look tho.... 😊 I love you Sande!! 😘

  • Amana Haq
    Amana Haq Year ago

    You make me love so much 😭

  • Aruam H
    Aruam H Year ago +1

    I haven't seen your video but I was quick to like the vid since I know it will be an HONEST REVIEW and because makeup reviewers seem to forget or no longer use Mac Pro long wear . Which is also my holly grail!!

  • Ezrenee Major
    Ezrenee Major Year ago

    It oxidizes terrible. I don't do the raccoon eyes either so I bought deep which appeared to be my color but it oxidized to beyond my color. So now I have tan. I'm looking for a holy grail concealer 😞. I have dark cuticles, can anyone help me?