I'm done doubting Lamar Jackson! - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody debate whether Lamar Jackson should play in the Baltimore Ravens' Week 15 matchup vs. the New York Jets.
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Comments • 693

  • RoLlinstone Moula
    RoLlinstone Moula 8 days ago

    The Titans Proved My Point vs L.Jackson

  • newvillagefilms
    newvillagefilms 9 days ago

    Hahaha... they choked against the Titans. Max you should have doubt still.

  • L
    L 9 days ago

    This aged terribly

  • Marcus Robinson
    Marcus Robinson 13 days ago

    Max keep it real than sas

  • Ty Make the World a better place

    Are you not Entertained!!! Are you not Entertained!!! Lamar has proven these folks over and over again. When he wins a SuperBowl, they’ll say...Yea, but can he win another!! Time for all of them to Jump on the Lamar train and stop Hating!!

  • Tyler Farmer
    Tyler Farmer 22 days ago

    “They lost bc they fell behind” breaking news, when you fall behind in games, generally you lose

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright 28 days ago

    All the haters I’m laughing at you

  • RMB
    RMB Month ago

    anyone here after the ravens came from behind and beat the browns primarily with Lamar's arm

  • austin hazen
    austin hazen Month ago

    Wait people still doubted lamar past week 8 ?

  • William Brown
    William Brown Month ago

    Freaking thank you!!!!!! Give that man his respect

  • rj e
    rj e Month ago

    5td passes leading league in passing TDs and still they don't know!!!

  • Marvelous1
    Marvelous1 Month ago +1

    "I thought Baker Mayfield was gonna be great too ,so not always right"- Max Kellerman

  • pworks67
    pworks67 Month ago

    It's always best to rest the one guy that you cannot do without when the most important games are yet to be played, meaning the playoffs. Playing hurt is respectable, but I remember when RG III played hurt with a leg brace against the Seahawks, majorly injured his knee in the game and he was never the same after that. The Ravens need to rest Jackson or risk losing him for the rest of the season and end their chances at the Superbowl. They have the Browns and the Steelers left on the schedule. They're not that important to the rest of the season.

  • Jr Rivas
    Jr Rivas Month ago +1

    Lamar he is the mvp this year an is his year hands down go win the superbowl if you can because next year is not going to be the same is going to be hard for lamar because teams will be ready for him an how to stop the run it happens every year after the nfl have film on the guy is over

  • Alahna Michaelides
    Alahna Michaelides Month ago +1

    Stop hating on Lamar. Y’all keep doubting him but he keep proving you wrong. Y’all always try to bring a team down to make yours seems better. We’ll shut u up soon though. Just wait✋🏽

  • Rooe McNeil
    Rooe McNeil Month ago

    😈😈🤬😂🤣 Lj8 haters running out of L's.. MVP not bad 4 A RB


    Why rest, put the record up as high as you can get it. Rushing and passing yards!!! They don't want that, their basically begging him to stop lol

  • Rs Dhillon
    Rs Dhillon Month ago

    SAS knew Gase was high on something that press conference, so he's not letting that go lol.

  • D Brown
    D Brown Month ago

    If Brady was leading the league in TD's world there be any QUESTIONS?????????

  • malcolm x
    malcolm x Month ago

    Max Kellerman just do us all a great pleasure.... Just call Lamar Jackson a freak of nature.

  • nohomers100
    nohomers100 Month ago

    Lamar Jackson is about to fall off a cliff

  • Icehamjello
    Icehamjello Month ago +1

    Im a Ravens fan but no season MVP has won a SB in 19 years :(

  • William Elliott
    William Elliott Month ago

    Why did he ever doubt him? Lol

  • Austin Danger Powers

    Nah, Kellerman too late for that. Foh

  • YhwachPoetry
    YhwachPoetry Month ago

    Let’s just get Damien up there full time please. This guy is a joy to watch

  • Brow Ming
    Brow Ming Month ago

    1:20 Max was this close to snapping on Molly 😂

  • izavincy
    izavincy Month ago +1

    Lamar Jackson proves the simulation theory...
    We are living in a simulation trust me just look at Lamar...

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams Month ago

    Why were you hating him in the first place

  • Rahvee P
    Rahvee P Month ago

    LJ looked healthy against the Jets and threw 5 TDs again he’s proven his doubters wrong lol

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee Month ago

    Thanks Max back to the cookout u go😈😈😈💅

  • Keith Benjamin
    Keith Benjamin Month ago

    On his arm alone? Really woody ?

  • OutWestTacticalArms
    OutWestTacticalArms Month ago +1

    Max is that dude!

  • Dominick Porter
    Dominick Porter Month ago

    He is such a dam flip flop...make ur dam mind up

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Month ago

    Commentators ask “Can Lamar win from just throw from the pocket?”
    If they watched from THE VERY FIRST game of the season he destroyed the dolphins FROM THE POCKET next question


    Attention everyone i would just like to remind everyone that if you see Donnie Warren in your replies please ignore him because that fool has absolutely no idea what hes talking about this man thinks that just just because a QB passes for a lot of yards and scores less points and losses a lot of games he is considered an " elite " passer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hes obviously a Lamar Jackson hater he thinks he cant throw from pocket against great defenses ( even tho he beat the 9ers and Bills in bad weather conditions which limited him throwing the ball in heavy wind and heavy rain)

  • paseey
    paseey Month ago

    Lamar is legit until he gets hurt like RG3, Vick, or if changes his game to a passing game like Kaspernick the friendly neighborhood ghost who no one has a clue to where he is now. Give it few years and see how he is first and stop hyping him in his first year starting...and not to mention the black superman Cam Newton.

  • Quinton Campbell
    Quinton Campbell Month ago

    i get his praise but its in a league where you cant hit the qb..not knowing if he is going to slide or not..run full speed...lower the shoulder...its just a different league. Defenders have to literally wait on him instead of going full speed at him not knowing if a penalty is coming.

  • Alfred Mccoy
    Alfred Mccoy Month ago


  • Kam
    Kam Month ago

    WE DONT CARE IF HE CAN BRING HIS TEAM BACK. HES SO GOOD HE GETS THEM AHEAD AND KEEPS GOING AT 💯! The contradiction in this video “we don’t know if he can win from the pocket” then “I don’t think you can contain him and keep him in the pocket”. So which one is it??????

  • Bobdingle25
    Bobdingle25 Month ago +5

    Lamar throws for 5 touchdowns again. This didn't age well

  • Kevin Retana
    Kevin Retana Month ago +3

    I'm back here after the Raven's win...Lamar didn't seem injured by the way he played.

  • Jared Rivera
    Jared Rivera Month ago +1

    Damien Woody saying he is unsure if Lamar can win a game from the pocket... He clearly did not watch the Rams game or the Bills game from last week. They took away Lamar's run and forced him to throw the ball and he delivered. People will continue to doubt him until he is holding that Lombardy trophy. Damien Woody is also the same guy who predicted the Cowboys to be super bowl champions this year lol.

  • Desmond Wilson
    Desmond Wilson Month ago

    My night said dynamism of his game 😎

  • RoLlinstone Moula
    RoLlinstone Moula Month ago

    Mike Vick Neva had 151 Rushes in a Season

  • R. L.
    R. L. Month ago

    it is nice to see people man up and change their minds in the face of evidence. the FACT is Lamar is easily the best QB out there. The next best group are Brees and Brady and Mahomes. No one else is in the conversation - NO ONE.

  • RoLlinstone Moula
    RoLlinstone Moula Month ago

    L.Jackson Have too many Design Runs in my Opinion... Accuracy & Passing Tds are good... His Rushing yds are making up for tha lack of Passing Yds... If they Get Behind can Jackson Carry them with his Arm Is sumthin I want to see...

  • Sarkastik Leader
    Sarkastik Leader Month ago

    I swear folks need to stop dragging their feet when it comes to Lamar Jackson. Just because they betted on the wrong QB horse for 2019, doesn't change the reality of what's really going down. Baker Mayfield is a bust and Lamar Jackson is killing it.

  • B Miles
    B Miles Month ago

    I'll doubt him until he makes a playoff run.

  • Quest Tech
    Quest Tech Month ago +15

    "We can't trust his arm" 8 hours later he throws 5 TD's lol... what a joke..

  • Blake The Snake
    Blake The Snake Month ago

    Shameful that they start discussions on Lamar with.. "How much can we trust him".. His not a convicted felon..Geesh..
    Can we trust his decision... Can we trust him to not be injured, Can we trust his hamstring... SMDH.. It's not a coincidental narrative..

  • Joseph C
    Joseph C Month ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the awful audio in this video? I'm watching it with headphones and I had to double check and make sure they weren't damaged. There is a popping/crackling sound throughout the entire video.

    Lamar balled out last night!!!!!! MVP! My grandpa is only able to watch primetime NFL games and he saw Lamar in action for the first time last night.. he's a believer now😎

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson Month ago +2

    Never doubt a black man supreme genetic beings

  • MindSET
    MindSET Month ago

    Can I jump in on this bandwagon? I'm. a hometown fan. Always ! I welcome the "new" age though. I have waited for this all my life. I got a sneak peak at the ultimate baller, ultimate pro footballer, ultimate boxer, ultimate gymnast, ultimate receiver, ultimate tight end, ultimate running back, ultimate running back, and more. And now it's the era of the ultimate QB. The next era will be the ultimate team. Oh, and my home team got two of those accolades.

  • Ghana Dan
    Ghana Dan Month ago +1

    This young man is making history before our eyes

  • Stan Lee D. Harold
    Stan Lee D. Harold Month ago +1

    Shut up. No one cares what think. Too late.

  • Tori Temple
    Tori Temple Month ago

    Kaepernick fell behind to Atlanta and came back. He fell behind in the Superbowl and came back. Lamar has the same level defense and he is faster. He also makes quick decisions with the ball. That why they dont fall behind in games. So yes he can come back, IF they are behind.

  • Welton Spratley
    Welton Spratley Month ago

    Dude runs a 4.3 in the 40. Not gonna catch him, bro

  • millionhustlez1
    millionhustlez1 Month ago

    What else does he have to do. These guys are in denial.

  • Eric Franklin
    Eric Franklin Month ago

    The jets dont doubt him either

  • millionhustlez1
    millionhustlez1 Month ago

    Just threw 5 touchdowns 🤐