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  • Eric Batalon_22
    Eric Batalon_22 7 days ago +1

    Shark care without a wall?
    You fuckjng idiot.

  • Px Aspect
    Px Aspect 23 days ago

    How’s this vid not restricted at the beginning lol

  • Johnathan Pratt
    Johnathan Pratt 29 days ago

    Ha! The shark at the beginning got what it deserved🤣☠️

  • Xander Patterson
    Xander Patterson Month ago +1

    1:30 lol

  • Xander Patterson
    Xander Patterson Month ago +1


  • Tensai
    Tensai Month ago

    i feel like sharks are robots made by ancient people, just look at their black eyes! it's lifeless!

  • Death Song Gaming
    Death Song Gaming Month ago +2

    0:00 the shark is me when I’m eating kfc

  • SnaggyHarbor 834
    SnaggyHarbor 834 Month ago +1

    That’s a big fucking great white shark

  • Jabroni 619
    Jabroni 619 2 months ago +1

    Me me mehhhh

  • Sweatics ꪜ
    Sweatics ꪜ 2 months ago +4

    3:44 shark: sike

  • Bluesoul
    Bluesoul 2 months ago

    That first guy leg. F*cking delicious. Oh dear God

  • Kagan
    Kagan 5 months ago +2

    shark: im about to end this man whole career
    spearfisher: man aint nobody got time for that

  • Éva Varga
    Éva Varga 7 months ago +2

    1:50 was it Deep Blue?

  • Ronaxy
    Ronaxy 7 months ago +2

    Human in america: OooOOOOOoO free dive tiem
    Great white: *imma stop yo ass right there*

  • Mohamed YT
    Mohamed YT 7 months ago

    the first one.. his skins is fucked up

  • Identity V 555
    Identity V 555 7 months ago +2

    That shark with single leg takedown lol.

    • Adam Gardener
      Adam Gardener 17 days ago

      That was gross. Looked like ripped pants.

  • marissa tierney
    marissa tierney 7 months ago

    All these sharks attacking the balloons is killing me that shit is hilarious

  • GER Koriga requiem da
    GER Koriga requiem da 7 months ago +1

    Also great white:Boops camera-

  • GER Koriga requiem da
    GER Koriga requiem da 7 months ago

    Great white:MY NOse Is STUCK HELLP never mind Humans

  • Adyson Hyma
    Adyson Hyma 7 months ago


  • Allen Church
    Allen Church 7 months ago +15

    1:22 had a thick shark

  • EvTheCat Stories!!
    EvTheCat Stories!! 7 months ago +2

    First one ouch

  • Send It
    Send It 7 months ago +45

    3:15 oh yeah, lets take photos while a massive shark eats our inflatable boat! 🤪

  • Tristan Sheffield
    Tristan Sheffield 8 months ago +2

    Bruh idk wtf I would do if I looked down and saw that 0:10

    • King Creature
      King Creature 3 months ago

      Tristan Sheffield holding you’re harpoon gun straight at it seemed to work efficiently.

  • Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
    Bicboi0501 KΔϺI 8 months ago

    *BaBy SharK dOdoDOdOOdooDOdo*

  • Matthew C.
    Matthew C. 8 months ago +31

    The first guy got the entire bottom part of his calf torn out. Gruesome.

    • imacks
      imacks 5 months ago +6

      @Sabrina’s World Probably in shock though

    • Sabrina’s World
      Sabrina’s World 7 months ago

      Matthew C. He didn’t even react

  • Fancy Taco
    Fancy Taco 9 months ago +1

    The cage is open on the back, a shigga can come and eat his ass

  • D Styles
    D Styles 9 months ago +47

    And the point of a backless cage is???

  • MrVoided
    MrVoided 9 months ago

    Fuck the ocean, it can suck my dick

  • Jenna Perez
    Jenna Perez 10 months ago +8

    Anybody ever wonder why great white sharks always seem so pissed off all the time (prolly from these people invading there home)

    • Joe Lee
      Joe Lee 5 months ago

      Jenna Perez I don’t think you understand just how big the ocean is.
      It’s not a private lake.

    • brownwings00
      brownwings00 7 months ago +1


    • Ναζωραῖος
      Ναζωραῖος 7 months ago +2

      No. They are Sharks. They kill for a living. They are not mad.

    • Nico Stefano
      Nico Stefano 8 months ago +3

      No they're just eating

  • dyslexius maximus
    dyslexius maximus 10 months ago +74

    Leg has left the chat

    • Zikyriah Williams
      Zikyriah Williams 9 months ago +2

      Ok the first vid had me scared 😂😂😂😌😌😌

    • joshy the hand
      joshy the hand 9 months ago +5

      He was an idiot. Those were bullsharks. Known more for being aggressive than any shark in the world. Should have never let that guy talk him into wading in there.

  • THEBiggest Hater
    THEBiggest Hater 10 months ago +3

    Word your titles accordingly. Nothing brutal at all anywhere.

  • Franklandt
    Franklandt 10 months ago +9

    39,510th person to watch this video

  • comer pickles
    comer pickles 10 months ago +19


  • samurai gamers
    samurai gamers 11 months ago

    If you told a shark to fuck off would it listen?

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man 11 months ago +7

    The one where the shark is attacking the boat that is the place I live at I’m terrified to go on any boats now

  • Brian Pecsi
    Brian Pecsi 11 months ago +4

    That's a 20 footer

    • 66ytg
      66ytg 2 months ago

      Brian Pecsi 25

  • сука блять
    сука блять 11 months ago +1

    haha what are these comments

  • WiserJonahYT
    WiserJonahYT 11 months ago +74

    Although I feel very bad for every shark that dies but. Honestly I’d kill it too if it’s attacking me but I feel bad for all the indangered sharks :(

  • Bonswally
    Bonswally 11 months ago +10

    But nothing attacks it's prey with more fury than...
    The seaweed shark!

  • zZ3RTzNUK3 _
    zZ3RTzNUK3 _ 11 months ago


  • Dushor Goudhuli
    Dushor Goudhuli Year ago


  • Morgan L
    Morgan L Year ago +2


  • Wheels On
    Wheels On Year ago +39

    That baby shark probably bit her cause he was pissed off we made a song about him without his permission and isn’t receiving any royalties

  • DevotedMarker2
    DevotedMarker2 Year ago +2


  • crab _legggs
    crab _legggs Year ago +2


  • skiesteddy
    skiesteddy Year ago

    I'm like get out of there you idiots.

  • Bree Collier
    Bree Collier Year ago +119

    Going to ballina tomorow, the most commom area in Australia for shark attacks. Staying up all night watching these, great..

      JUICCY ABORIGINE 11 months ago +6

      Bree Collier did you hear about the 8ft white pointer spotted down Coffs Harbour😂

  • Meela Phouayvongsa
    Meela Phouayvongsa Year ago +30

    0:10 smack that b****

  • TheShadowWolf
    TheShadowWolf Year ago +16

    Wait how did the 2 one get hurt

    • Johnathan Pratt
      Johnathan Pratt 29 days ago

      @TheShadowWolf hurt? More like☠️

    • TheShadowWolf
      TheShadowWolf Year ago +2

      lauren norby I know but I saw the clip again and what I ment was how did the shark get hurt but it was the Harpoon but I think I also ment how did the man get hurt he had a thing in his hand

    • and i-oop skskskskskksksk
      and i-oop skskskskskksksk Year ago +5

      TheShadowWolf the shark did 😔

  • Aisha Lucas
    Aisha Lucas Year ago +2

    13 th

  • Clark Miller
    Clark Miller Year ago +2


  • Malika Rezkallah
    Malika Rezkallah Year ago +2


  • Horror Lover
    Horror Lover Year ago +77

    I watch these for fun

  • bear 321
    bear 321 Year ago +2


    TOSHIRO Year ago +1


  • Park Jisung
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  • JustXues Beats
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  • jacob munson
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  • Stalker Grim
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  • Savannahsue
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  • Jose Mendoza
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  • Liam Connolly
    Liam Connolly Year ago +2