Dana on Khabib: You can't sit out that long w/ the belt; Whittaker breaks silence; Conor vs Gastelum

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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    - Dana White doesn't agree with Khabib Nurmagomedov sitting out until November, will move on with new plans if Khabib goes through with it.
    - Kelvin Gastelum says he is the UFC MW Champ now since Robert Whittaker failed to show up.
    - Conor McGregor, Dana White, and Israel Adesanya react to Gastelum carrying the belt at UFC 234.
    - Robert Whittaker breaks silence on what happened.
    - Anderson Silva explains why he wants a Nick Diaz rematch, and talks possibility of facing Conor.
    - Israel Adesanya says plan was to face off with winner of Whittaker vs Gastelum in the cage after their bout.

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Comments • 2 661

  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 7 hours ago

    What was on Kevin G face? Bits of cotton wool/tissue from razor cuts? But he doesnt look like he shaves...maybe he just sculpted out the middle bit and cut himself? There are special electric razors for that type of man grooming though...ones that do not cut your skin...

  • Dawut Adam
    Dawut Adam 2 days ago

    Fuck the White racist Daniela

  • Luis Pinedo
    Luis Pinedo 20 days ago

    Dana is the reason why I don’t watch UFC. I refuse to pay for any event under Dana.

  • johan micoud
    johan micoud 24 days ago +1

    Khabib has embarrassed Dana and Conor.

  • True - Light
    True - Light 24 days ago

    Fuck Dana and he's little bitch Connor..... fake ass shit talking pricks

  • MJ BaLocH
    MJ BaLocH Month ago

    Sombody ask that bald headed SOB THAT conor made the division wait 2 years where was your criteria then bitch???

  • Benjamin Rassy
    Benjamin Rassy Month ago

    Looks like kelvin had some of uncle Dana's jizz still on his chin

    • Benjamin Rassy
      Benjamin Rassy Month ago

      Or maybe its some of cejudos for the belt loan

  • Jeremy Hamilton
    Jeremy Hamilton Month ago

    No they are right because you held up the heavy weight division waiting on brock and it should of been a rematch right away. Dana is a bitch and he's running ufc in ground because i believe he's getting ready to leave. So he's slowly destroying ufc as he leaves.

  • Jeremy Hamilton
    Jeremy Hamilton Month ago

    But Conner can sit out 2 years what a fucking joke. It becomes more and more like a soap opera.

  • M. V
    M. V 2 months ago

    agree with Dana. As a champ Khabib must much work and show the results, not to sit in Dagestan and wait something. Too much talks about nothing

  • Pinoy in the UK, Kahimo&Rachel

    Dana is a twat

  • Lobsang Tsering
    Lobsang Tsering 2 months ago

    Fuck off bald head Dana ...

  • kvdfvhfdx hhddghhfdsdfv

    And Dana is right

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 2 months ago

    Strip Khabib and do McGregor vs Porier for 155 belt. They're going to make a 165 pound Division that is perfect for Khabib anyways. If he wants to last another few years he's going to need to stop the big 40 pound cuts. 165 is great for Khabib, RDA, Gunner Nelson, Tony Ferguson, Pettis, Kevin Lee, and so many more big 155ers and small 165ers. Porier is about as big as a 155 pounder should get, he was at least 170 in there.

  • M.
    M. 2 months ago

    Don't know why Dana White is so fake. Connor had one for much longer. Why you never told Connor that? SMH

  • M.
    M. 2 months ago

    It's not Khabib's fault Dana. The truth is, you never wanted him to have the belt in the first place but he keeps beating up all your boys lol.

  • Jo Stridden
    Jo Stridden 2 months ago

    F@ck Whittaker..your not gonna last that long..

  • Chris J
    Chris J 2 months ago

    Gastelum would fucking MURK connor. Are you fucking serious?

  • Vigor Berschow
    Vigor Berschow 2 months ago

    Dana is gay and handsome Conor used to fuck him

  • Saf 299
    Saf 299 2 months ago

    Dana is mad that Khabib smashed his son

  • Behrad Behrady
    Behrad Behrady 2 months ago

    Dana has his head firmly inside the backside of McChicken. He is just mad that Khabib beat his bum chum up!

  • The Luminous One
    The Luminous One 2 months ago

    'CANNAR' could couldn't he Uncle Fester

  • Jimmy Ireland
    Jimmy Ireland 2 months ago

    Kebab afraid to fight because he knows his belt will be won from him ....... He's the Most inactive title holder ever in the UFC

  • VicVod
    VicVod 2 months ago

    I quit watching this bullshit. With all the macho little bitches like, conor, diaz. covington etc. etc. etc. It's worse than pro wrestling.

  • MegaSkilla
    MegaSkilla 2 months ago +5

    Dana knows his days are numbered, he is ruining any credibility the UFC had as a legitimate sport.

  • Ava Lovesit
    Ava Lovesit 2 months ago

    Dana is right fans want fights

  • True - Light
    True - Light 2 months ago

    Connors not even a fighter that deserves to be in ufc..... but then it shows me how fake and scripted ufc really is!

  • True - Light
    True - Light 2 months ago

    Fuck you dana your a shit talking twat.... Connor sat out for ages and has swerved every real fight and connor has the nerve to mouth off at khabib 'proper 12 brain dead shit talking coke head' need to stop with all your bullshit attention seeking crap your like a little child connor that needs to grow up

  • xavi 168
    xavi 168 2 months ago

    Dana is a foocking cuuunt

  • joe basil
    joe basil 2 months ago

    Unless ur McTapper

  • Marc Langevin
    Marc Langevin 2 months ago

    Fucking bullshit ! Macgregor sat out for two years. And you kissed his ass. You made all kinds of excuses for his criminal behavior. I hope he stays retired. And that he doesn't get a piece of the UFC pie.

  • Rambo Rambo
    Rambo Rambo 2 months ago +1

    Dana shut the fuck up, khabib will find out your location haha.

  • Sean O'Brieon
    Sean O'Brieon 3 months ago

    Conor is going to be in an Irish prison, with sex offender status, and a very large price on his head, and while hated by some of the highest ranking members of the Irish underworld, as well

  • Term Inator
    Term Inator 3 months ago


  • Omar Kasadas
    Omar Kasadas 3 months ago

    kahib will just win it back for sure. but damn, hypocrisy of dana is at all time high.

  • Chapo Loe
    Chapo Loe 3 months ago +1

    Dana is a pussy not igual for all fighers fuck ufc not iqual for all fighers he wait for pussy conor but not for a real figher what a pussy this men

  • Ketch A. Body
    Ketch A. Body 3 months ago

    He earnes the belt and can do whatever tf he wants with it. If it aint in his contract dont worry bout what he chooses to do. He put in all the work and earned this right. Even though he is the most boring fighter in the world in my opinion lol Hes so mad that Khabib shut his PUSSY boy down 😢😢😢

  • George Lionheart
    George Lionheart 3 months ago

    Only reason they let Connor sit for two years cause of the fight with Floyd. They made a shit ton of money on that fight. If he just sat out not doing shit he would have been stripped

  • Hamid Hasani
    Hamid Hasani 3 months ago

    Fuck Dana if he ever comes to Oakland he’ll end up getting clapped. Cause this fool racist everyone knows that throughout his whole career he has favored white people and had they backs so just wait on it if this fool comes to the town he’ll get clapped

  • Americanblood76
    Americanblood76 3 months ago

    Old footage.

  • M1STA X-PL01T
    M1STA X-PL01T 3 months ago

    White crusties on the corner of your mouth... not a good sign buddy 3:30

  • Freddy Hernandez
    Freddy Hernandez 3 months ago

    DanA is A DuMB FOK hurry the fuck uP with tony vs. Conor I wannna see Tony run throw that LAME so he can shut him uP.

  • Mansour Tchourtchaev
    Mansour Tchourtchaev 3 months ago

    Fuck conor.. the man still pretending like he is double champ lol.. he WAS.. so he needs to stop making a fool of himself and misleading casuals.. lol

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 3 months ago

    But McGregor can makes no sense 😂 to bad Dana fighter got smashed and would again

  • Antenna Apparel
    Antenna Apparel 3 months ago

    Dana two wrongs make a right white

  • Abul Hussain
    Abul Hussain 3 months ago

    Gastelum didn’t even beat Whitaker yet still his holding someone else’s belt and picking his next fights.

  • Gymson
    Gymson 3 months ago

    Silva and Nick would be fun to watch!

  • Coffee Cool
    Coffee Cool 3 months ago

    how long did Conor Mcgregor and Dominick Cruz sit out with the belts when they had them?

  • nue cha
    nue cha 3 months ago

    Dana begging khabib nurmagomedov to kick his ass he's asking and begging for it he's going to get hurt one day without noticing it

  • Southern Man80
    Southern Man80 3 months ago

    Israel is gonna fuck him up

  • Jerad Buckley
    Jerad Buckley 3 months ago

    I'm not really a fan of Dana white but he sonned the fuck out of that first interviewer lol

  • Jeremy Macias
    Jeremy Macias 3 months ago

    Tf is on his chin😷

  • Bill S
    Bill S 3 months ago

    What a fucking hypocrite I guess only Connor McGregor can sit out that long you fucking fat loser uncle fester looking bitch

  • Tomjor Lhabu
    Tomjor Lhabu 3 months ago +2

    Conor didn't fight 145 two year but dont forget he fought with Diaz,,,,,,,2 times

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnis 3 months ago

    okay hold up conor didnt defend his belt for two years!....seriously...how in the hell does dana still have a job at ufc?

  • Robert A Jones
    Robert A Jones 3 months ago

    Shut the fuck up salty dog. Your full of your own shit Dana White; I think its hilarious he let his cash cow Mc Gregor run reckless and then got put in his place. This douche is responsible for all the reckless shit that happened from sunup to sundown......Go away.

  • Mikersson
    Mikersson 3 months ago

    Why the fuck he don’t stop the chicken talking bullshits and offending contenders? He brings expectation from his fans and that means money for the business that is it, fucking bald!

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph 3 months ago

    whittaker is dying or what
    stop fighting men

  • kratos lll
    kratos lll 3 months ago


  • Dimer Dozen
    Dimer Dozen 3 months ago

    Fuck all these fighters, I just wanna see nate back ffs, everyone sleeping on nate and ufc giving him either dead ass match ups or nothing at all its stupid

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard 3 months ago

    Gastelum. ..what a dumbass! With the straw weight belt.

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard 3 months ago

    No one can sit that long with the tittle...Just Conor. Dana White

  • chuck watson
    chuck watson 3 months ago

    Fucking Conor sat out for frickin ever and never defended the title. Then, Conor gets trashed by Kahbib and yet Dana throws Conor in another title shot with Tony! Fuck Dana!

  • Daniel Waters
    Daniel Waters 3 months ago

    I can’t stand Conor but that was a funny as hell tweet

  • PaintingLime
    PaintingLime 3 months ago

    Dana looks like Humpty Dumpty

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 3 months ago

    Lol tell that to Conor

  • It's me
    It's me 3 months ago

    Why the fuck not?? Conor did it. Dana sucks Conors cock so much it's embarrassing

  • Tony Burry
    Tony Burry 3 months ago

    Dana is a pice if shit

  • Graeme France
    Graeme France 3 months ago

    Wow man

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott 3 months ago +4

    Khabib vs max/Dustin
    Tony vs Conor
    Al vs cowboy
    Kevin lee vs prelims

    • Ben Scott
      Ben Scott 3 months ago

      Coffee Cool Kevin lee vs World Series of fighting

    • Coffee Cool
      Coffee Cool 3 months ago

      Kevin Lee vs early prelims*

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman 3 months ago +1

    Can't believe he didn't bring up Conor's 2 year vacation???

  • Jesse Jamison
    Jesse Jamison 3 months ago

    Danna white is a snake 🐍

  • Kimi Sauber-Könën
    Kimi Sauber-Könën 3 months ago

    Bwoooah ... 2019 still in Formula 1

  • Stewart MacLean
    Stewart MacLean 3 months ago

    Lol......when did mcnugget ever defend a belt?.......anyone? Anyone?.....thats right........crickets......

  • safwan wail
    safwan wail 3 months ago +1

    What do you mean dana, khabib is the most ducked fighter in the division

  • Shukran Ya Rab
    Shukran Ya Rab 3 months ago



  • Lennit Els
    Lennit Els 3 months ago

    what an arse

  • Lor Tigger
    Lor Tigger 3 months ago

    For all the people saying this is this same situation as connors-connor was stripped of the featherweight belt less than a year after he beat Aldo. He was allowed to keep it because their were no contenders he hadn’t already beaten, and also was offered a rematch when RDA pulled out the fight, so he gained credit for at least trying to defend. And as for the light weight belt, he kept it for 500 days because they couldn’t strip him until a title fight was booked. Tony and khabib fell through 4 TIMES, meaning they couldn’t strip him for an extra period of time u til they settled on khabib vs Laquita. -WolverN did this I’m copying

    KING JUGGALO 3 months ago

    How Much $ Has Conner Brought To Company? How Much Has Khabib? Now Yall Say He Stayed Out 2 Years True But He Was Defending The Other Belt So Fuck You All Dana Is Right! Period

  • 80stylebaby
    80stylebaby 3 months ago

    What is that on Kevins face. Dude wash yaself!

  • acidali01
    acidali01 3 months ago


  • Ro Fall
    Ro Fall 3 months ago

    Fat hypocrite. He needs to be replaced he is a low iq double standard prick and everyone sees it nobody likes him

  • imanishay
    imanishay 3 months ago

    Silva vs diaz was the worst fight ive ever seen i dont think anyone would want to see a rematch

  • huelee2012
    huelee2012 3 months ago

    Randy Couture was inactive for a year or so...

  • eddie villegas
    eddie villegas 3 months ago

    Khabib will never give that belt up .. he’ll deliver a ass whooping to Ferguson then another to connnor .

    • Vincent Martone
      Vincent Martone 3 months ago

      I said this before the fight and after, nobody can beat Khabib! His pressure and style r to much for anyone to take! It's a different ball game when u grow up fighting for food

  • mymentor
    mymentor 3 months ago

    More double standards from this fat parasite. The UFC is a disgrace.

  • mo mo
    mo mo 3 months ago

    Man something is wrong with kelvin. He says some peculiar shit and I don’t think it’s cte. Dude should be analysed at government lab to check for

  • bob simons
    bob simons 3 months ago

    why dont they make a rule, if you dont defend your title within 12 months you forfeit the title.

  • Paul McCarthy
    Paul McCarthy 3 months ago

    lots of cuts there

  • Zwolfie 42
    Zwolfie 42 3 months ago

    Yo Silva vs Conor would be sick.

  • reality check
    reality check 3 months ago +1

    *Dana Whites own mother said he’s a looser.*

  • Smedly Dumpsterjuice
    Smedly Dumpsterjuice 3 months ago

    How long has DC not fought?

  • Meris Skenderovic
    Meris Skenderovic 3 months ago

    What about conor?

  • Googlar
    Googlar 3 months ago

    Considering who Khabib has beaten in order to get the belt, I will consider him the true champ for quite a long time until or unless he loses. I think we should be using a term often used by boxing fans and journalists: "lineal champion"

  • LimitsGamingHD
    LimitsGamingHD 3 months ago

    Same people complaining about mcgregor holding the belt for that long are the same people that were crying for him to be stripped during it. Can't pick and choose when its right and wrong

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 3 months ago

    Dana’s is really fucking up the UFC.

  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy 3 months ago +1

    Dana is a prick his little bitch mcjoke jumped positions at 155 . never ever took honor of any title by defending , holds up divisions while fighting else were its all a bloody mcjoke . Khabib vs tony should be on but no dana insured khabib was out for a while fined hard core and dana also was fully involved in the bus bullshit with mcjoke . Not to mention dana was upset that a true champ beat the shit out of his toy boy mcjoke . Pathetic wme / dana / conor have made a mess of the ufc . been watching a fan since 94 .

  • zohaib
    zohaib 3 months ago

    I started to cry lol kid !!!

  • AnimalControlI sons
    AnimalControlI sons 3 months ago

    What the fuck is wrong is on his chin

  • jamesev617
    jamesev617 3 months ago

    I love Dana Salute from Boston mass! Alotta ppl hate him and love em but this dude deals wit a lot of shyt that u have no clue about