Lindsay Lohan Reacts to The #DoTheLilo Mykonos Dance (Exclusive)


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  • RustyHornzMusic
    RustyHornzMusic 9 days ago +1

    What is the interviewer's name? I always thought she was so pretty; her face is literally sunshine.

  • Kayla Mari
    Kayla Mari 10 days ago

    Is she on something? She looks like she’s on drugs.

  • Keith J
    Keith J 10 days ago

    Its a shame what she did to her face

  • Jenna Agee
    Jenna Agee 10 days ago

    I have tons of respect for people that have been addicts and got sober... You can’t tell me she is sober, logical or sane. It’s sad because it was most definitely the fame:family that screwed her up.

  • Hayley Miller
    Hayley Miller 11 days ago

    Loving the Lindsay comeback.

  • Angelica P
    Angelica P 11 days ago +1

    That interviewer sounds like a fool. Obviously Fake caring.

  • Jose L
    Jose L 11 days ago


  • Lizaram Up
    Lizaram Up 11 days ago +4

    Is like when my Sim is dancing

  • Fromthesun
    Fromthesun 11 days ago +5

    Why is everyone talking about this nothing moment

    • Fromthesun
      Fromthesun 10 days ago

      gisforgary it’s soooo cringe... she needs to just stop lol

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 11 days ago

      they are trying so hard to push this disaster of a show. it might have worked 20 yrs ago. the only people that are going to watch are LL stans.

  • Bryce Wakefield
    Bryce Wakefield 11 days ago +5

    Wtf happened to her face?

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 10 days ago

      +Bryce Wakefield leisure classes misbehave, they always have. if they aren't destroying themselves they are destroying someone or something else. i think the worst of it is media frequently paints them as admirable people and role models, and this isn't new, not by a long shot. Even when people write them as horrible people, like Gatsby, people still romanticize it all. An unattractive and gaudy man so hollow and empty he throws lavish parties so he isn't alone is turned into Leo DiCaprio and Robert Redford. Have a Gatsby Met Gala, the leisure class loves to idolize themselves.

    • Bryce Wakefield
      Bryce Wakefield 10 days ago

      gisforgary what is it with Hollywood celebrities doing drugs?

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 11 days ago +1

      too much filler

  • Bryar Pace
    Bryar Pace 11 days ago +9

    This should be the next Fortnite dance.

  • Douglas Wild
    Douglas Wild 11 days ago +8

    They are trying SO hard to make this dance
    “ a thing”. They LITERALLY talk about it on almost AVERY interview I’ve seen her do! She should have hired a choreographer if they wanted to highlight her dancing abilities. Seems like they think a “ meme” will bring attention to her show.

    • Astrid Holly
      Astrid Holly 11 days ago +5

      I don't think it was her or her team's intention for her dancing to go public. They were filming for the show and someone taped her and posted it. Then, once it got widespread, it became a big joke. She didn't hire a choreographer because, 1) it was just a party. Not a performance. 2) It wasn't planned to go viral.

  • Yoongi's tongue sent me to Hong Kong

    Omg she was one of my fav actors in my childhood TT
    Poor woman

  • Zeke Jordan
    Zeke Jordan 11 days ago +8

    Jesus Christ, you can tell drugs can change a person.

  • DJ 95
    DJ 95 11 days ago +7

    Why did she attempt to kidnap 2 children?

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 11 days ago

      because she is a train wreck

  • Ashley Y
    Ashley Y 11 days ago +1


  • Alex Cobian
    Alex Cobian 11 days ago +1

    Squad goals

  • dinx dlsu
    dinx dlsu 11 days ago +1

    She looks like a Tupperware

  • jordan o halloran
    jordan o halloran 11 days ago +3

    Omg second comment

  • Siere DelHoe
    Siere DelHoe 11 days ago +3

    Lindsey showing Wendy Williams realness

    • Siere DelHoe
      Siere DelHoe 11 days ago

      +Goopy Taylor omg finally 😂😂❤

    • Goopy Taylor
      Goopy Taylor 11 days ago

      Lol I know exactly what you mean I'm dead