The Time Zack Morris Was A Scumbag Politician For A Free Vacation

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris was a scumbag politician for a free vacation? Zack Morris is trash.
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    Actor/ Writer/ Editor Dashiell Driscoll
    Intro Singer Jason Flowers
    Post Supervisor Kia Reghabi
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Comments • 1 094

  • ando1135
    ando1135 Day ago

    people like him actually exist though...its like, how can one person be so selfish and lack so much empathy for boggles my mind yet i manage to bump into people like this more than i would ever want....and even called a couple friends.....this world has some shitty ass people in it.

  • Parinita Badre
    Parinita Badre 3 days ago

    Shortest 4 minutes ever!

  • William Stocks
    William Stocks 5 days ago

    That Zack Morris guy is a real big jerk.

  • Christopher Goley
    Christopher Goley 5 days ago

    I don’t know why but “crystal “fucking” clear” made my ass fall off


    Q: What is Screetch's full name?

  • FriedRice2009
    FriedRice2009 8 days ago

    Donald Trump in the making...

  • The3gr8 king trans4mable bumble bee

    Zack morris fools the poor people to get extra haircuts they don't need from the hairdressers because Zack is Zack is trash

  • digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S
    Oh wow / like most other politicians/ ...sounds wild ,huh/ and he one of the gooders kids from the 90's//

  • Kerri Wolfton
    Kerri Wolfton 8 days ago

    Zack Morris is the “perfect “ politician. He thinks like one.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 9 days ago

    The only bright side is that at least Zack didn't collude with another school for political gain... As far as we know.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 9 days ago

    This episode's writing is such garbage: "Sure, you compromised your principles and were betrayed by your friends, but here, have the presidency I didn't really want (and you technically didn't really win) anyway."

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 9 days ago

    Belding was right: Zack sucks in everyone around him, a black hole corrupting everyone in his pull.

  • Mark Hinman
    Mark Hinman 11 days ago

    Just wait till they here that Zack becomes governor of Colifornia

  • Zak Thanos
    Zak Thanos 12 days ago

    Zack 2020🇺🇸😂

  • bjorn joseph
    bjorn joseph 12 days ago

    sounds like trump

  • Ms. Kuchisaké
    Ms. Kuchisaké 13 days ago

    Zack Morris voted for Trump,... Zack Morris is trash.

  • Adam Gizzi
    Adam Gizzi 14 days ago


  • Johnny Polo
    Johnny Polo 15 days ago +1

    2:27 What Hillary should’ve done when Trump started gaining momentum.

  • rockerseven
    rockerseven 15 days ago

    So basically, Zack Morris is Trump lol.
    Let's just hope Trump follows Zack by resigning!

  • Earl Vaughn
    Earl Vaughn 15 days ago +1

    Only difference between Zack Morris and Bernie Sanders is gel. Both want to give away everything to everyone for votes. Lol

  • ** !Slaves Shall Serve-

    Blah, blah. You're such a preachy little biotch. You need to STFU.

  • Sandro Soler
    Sandro Soler 16 days ago

    Got the ones from the summer at the beach club with the Carrosis?

  • halo2redvsblue
    halo2redvsblue 18 days ago

    In Zack's Defense, It was Roseanne Bar.

  • The3gr8 king trans4mable bumble bee

    Zack Morris is indeed guilty of being trash 👌✌👊👏

  • Fleo Black
    Fleo Black 20 days ago

    If Zach MORRIS stayed as student President, he would have got impeached.

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 21 day ago

    At least no one fucking killed themselves.

  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers 21 day ago

    Yo I object to the "Zach insults a woman" bit about his joke about Roseanne. 90s Roseanne probably would've made the same joke about herself.

  • Standing@TheTerminus

    How in the hell is Jessie Zack's oldest friend when she wasn't even in Ms Bliss' homeroom with with him,Screech,and Lisa?

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter 21 day ago


  • Pablo Woods
    Pablo Woods 21 day ago

    My childhood has been revealed for its fuckery. So sad.

  • D Trayer Jr.
    D Trayer Jr. 22 days ago

    "Zack for the 2nd time in one minute declares he only wants to fuck them" the comedy of that line and lining it up perfectly with him pointing on the word them. 👏👏👏 this videos are so funny.

  • Jimmy Lemke
    Jimmy Lemke 22 days ago

    Zack Morris is probably a congressman now.

    • Dynaman21
      Dynaman21 5 days ago

      Governor of California as per the sequel series.

  • Daniel Loudermilk
    Daniel Loudermilk 23 days ago

    Too bad Zack isn’t real. I’d vote for him.

  • Jazmine Monay
    Jazmine Monay 24 days ago

    Zach has no values 😂😂😂

  • Mike Sharon
    Mike Sharon 24 days ago

    Aww and their thinking of bringing this show back with Zack being in politics the irony lol
    -Zack Morris Is Ass

  • Chris Xavier
    Chris Xavier 24 days ago


  • Robert Acosta
    Robert Acosta 24 days ago

    Damn this my shit for a long time.

  • Solo Archer
    Solo Archer 25 days ago

    Abraham Lincoln was not a founding father.

  • VideoKilledTheHeros
    VideoKilledTheHeros 26 days ago

    lmao. It's not even tongue in cheek anymore. Dude says the signature line as straight fact anymore.

  • maxdecphoenix
    maxdecphoenix 27 days ago

    Zach may be trash, but he never tried to kill himself, unlke his competition. Jesse is too unstable to shoulder the responsibility of Office. She should have been removed from school and placed in an asylum, not running for it's highest Student office!

  • Asmodeus Black
    Asmodeus Black 27 days ago

    But Zack still got that trip 🐸 Zack Morris is trash in D.C 😅😅

  • smdownh9
    smdownh9 28 days ago

    Jessie and Kelly stayed friends you're making shit up to prove your point

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 28 days ago

    Zack Morris has so much propaganda his name should be changed to Stalin

  • Lola Falana
    Lola Falana 28 days ago

    Sounds like Trump to me

  • ecojosh1
    ecojosh1 28 days ago

    Every Washington DC tourist attraction I know of is something intellectual. Are there any places that would interest someone like Zack?

  • Brandi Richardson
    Brandi Richardson 29 days ago

    Damn, Zack Morris is trash!

  • Sarah DeArmond Uncensored

    You guys are right! The series was sending us messages to warn us. During a debate, the category was sports. Of course, nerds no nothing about sports! Pfffft! One of their wrong answers was O.J. SIMPSON! I don’t care that I’m stretching here! The way that nerd shouted O.J.’s name was probably him shouting for something bigger. But we wouldn’t listen to those nerds.
    Thank you for coming to my own Conspiracy Theory. *Does Shane Dawson hand movement*

  • Billy Weed
    Billy Weed 29 days ago

    You know, in the upcoming sequel series, Zack is apparently Governor of California...And closes down low-income schools. Even in the future, he is Trash.

  • Conscious_Whisper
    Conscious_Whisper 29 days ago

    This episode is still poignant, a blonde psychopath running for president.

  • Tanner Williams
    Tanner Williams 29 days ago

    Woke by the Bell coming soon😂

  • juesebelmont
    juesebelmont Month ago

    That time Zach Morris refused to appear in the reboot and ruined it.

  • ORFwithCRS
    ORFwithCRS Month ago

    Jesus how did this shit get aired?!?! Hilarity and sadness. Kinda like stripping.

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas Month ago

    How about the time Zack roped Screech into making fake ID's for everyone.

  • Danyne S
    Danyne S Month ago

    Throws away the school’s constitution.
    So, he’s a Democrat?

  • KryosTheAwesome
    KryosTheAwesome Month ago


  • Maggie M
    Maggie M Month ago

    Only Zack Morris can fail at failing

  • Isaias Ponce
    Isaias Ponce Month ago +1

    I more I watch these, the more I think Zach Morris is trash

  • sigh47
    sigh47 Month ago

    would love to see Dawson Creek re viewed on this channel.

  • beram taib
    beram taib Month ago +3

    This episode a whole lot funnier now that Zach Morris is governor of California for the reboot

  • BrettC11B
    BrettC11B Month ago +4

    One day, Zach Morris will grow up to be Governor of California.