Dani Cohn - Mi Amor (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • Stream MY song here: open.spotify.com/track/6zTDpcWloeZRLYsb2WHIMH?si=RnLiikcNQUKnES7vYwejCQ
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    Song Produced by: Hustle Division

    Video Produced by: Joe Bland
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Comments • 71 063

  • Kiri Hill
    Kiri Hill 26 minutes ago +1

    Lmfao she got more dislikes than likes 😂

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs Hour ago

    The auto tune though

  • Gabriella Yonemoto
    Gabriella Yonemoto 3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ this is terrible what is she and her mom thinking.

  • Laura Abdalla
    Laura Abdalla 3 hours ago

    I can’t hear ur voice only the Autotune

  • Choice Osadolor
    Choice Osadolor 3 hours ago +1

    When you pass your first Spanish test

  • Bogus Name00
    Bogus Name00 4 hours ago

    216k dislikes I shouldn’t even watch this

  • Elyzendra _
    Elyzendra _ 6 hours ago

    ugly voice

  • GSDmom B
    GSDmom B 7 hours ago

    13 and dressing like this? WOW. Sad that a mother would allow this.

  • Julka
    Julka 7 hours ago

    O jeżu i autotune ał

  • callmeheav
    callmeheav 8 hours ago

    Oh god...i can’t even hear what she saying

  • cadence mcmillan
    cadence mcmillan 9 hours ago

    she really think mexicans are tan and wear skimpy clothes. how rude

  • cutiepieflow forever
    cutiepieflow forever 9 hours ago

    She is so annoying

  • lowe kids
    lowe kids 14 hours ago +1

    No one
    Danielle cohn I'm gonna be lele pons now

  • Dabbing Dave719
    Dabbing Dave719 14 hours ago

    Good job America

  • Diana Guzman
    Diana Guzman 15 hours ago

    Oh shit this is Definitely from Malu

  • LetsTryGymnastics
    LetsTryGymnastics 16 hours ago

    Why hasn’t she deleted this yet ?

  • Tateona Lechuga
    Tateona Lechuga 16 hours ago

    Omg how much Autotune

  • Scarlett 8482
    Scarlett 8482 16 hours ago +1

    Shes legit 13.... like wtf???

  • Delilah Whiteside
    Delilah Whiteside 17 hours ago

    I'm so tired of y'all hating on her like y'all need to stop

  • Vanessa ASMR
    Vanessa ASMR 18 hours ago +1

    Mija Diego and Jazzlyng are made for each other so like wtf is this song

  • Rebecca Walter
    Rebecca Walter 20 hours ago +1

    say what you want about the words and general quality,
    but the backtrack is a bop

  • K and c Squad
    K and c Squad 20 hours ago

    Why is no on talking about how hot Diego is....and he looks so stupid in this vid lmao

  • ღтєαღ
    ღтєαღ 20 hours ago +1

    man I feel bad for Diego lmao 😂

  • Alani H
    Alani H 21 hour ago +1

    diego's really fine ngl

  • lil jocy
    lil jocy 21 hour ago

    Yea your makeing fun of digeo and your telling him to go back to his country and you are literly talking in spanish

  • Anaiyah S
    Anaiyah S 21 hour ago

    did yall hear how she said dance in spanish WEll i think that is what shes saying biLAnDO

  • Tori
    Tori 22 hours ago

    Child can't carry a tune

  • imemilyeliza
    imemilyeliza 23 hours ago

    white girl gets a fake tan and darker hair and now she thinks shes Hispanic

  • Chick Fried Rice
    Chick Fried Rice Day ago +2

    The only nice thing bout this vid was Diego

  • Kyjah Boyd
    Kyjah Boyd Day ago +2

    Diegos facial expressions:😐

  • Victoria Leon
    Victoria Leon Day ago

    Autotune has entered the chat

  • Isela Nunez
    Isela Nunez Day ago

    Is that diego Martinez

    • Oof Tea
      Oof Tea Day ago

      Isela Nunez martir* and yes

  • Jaymie Renae
    Jaymie Renae Day ago

    There’s so much auto tune

  • Dia
    Dia Day ago +1

    Honestly,if like Ariana or some adult,appropriate singer would sing this it could be a really nice song,but not half naked, 13 year old

  • Nikolina Krznaric

    YOU HAVE 13

  • Umiko Shinosaka
    Umiko Shinosaka Day ago

    All i hear is autotune

  • Nataleigh
    Nataleigh Day ago +1

    i think you meant bailando

  • Raya Sh
    Raya Sh Day ago

    you can't sign
    А за Кирцата ... да не говоря !!!

  • saira ibarra
    saira ibarra Day ago

    The Auto tune is at its peak

  • Allysaa
    Allysaa Day ago

    *the f** *are you saying*

  • Dio Brando, Your lord

    Danielle be like *watches Dora the explorer once*

  • Rhea's Adventures

    wtf is this, she trying to copy luna llena ??? esa pendeja ni puede hablar español

  • Pyt Kamiah
    Pyt Kamiah Day ago +2

    The auto tune I feel bad for Diego and then like I can barely here her!!

  • Evan A1
    Evan A1 Day ago

    Looks like a deformed malu trevajo

  • Laurinasocool You
    Laurinasocool You Day ago +2

    Music career: it's a nope

  • Ja'shya Smith
    Ja'shya Smith Day ago +1

    bro I just feel second hand embarrassment 😭😭😭 like what is this

  • Aestheticxx Kind of

    She is soooooooo bad at acting yikes

  • jess
    jess Day ago +3

    who else is her for diego? and only diego.

  • Camila Ortiz
    Camila Ortiz Day ago

    Bruh jazlyn doesn’t get to Be in the caption

  • vicdavictor j
    vicdavictor j Day ago

    Three words to describe her thirteen crazy and desperate

  • Alexa huaman
    Alexa huaman Day ago +1

    She has really thin hair i can see her scalp where she parted it

  • Alfonso Castro
    Alfonso Castro 2 days ago

    Girl google translate pronounces Spanish words better lmao

  • jaela mota
    jaela mota 2 days ago

    im a native spanish speaker and cant understand her

  • madison lewis
    madison lewis 2 days ago

    *autotune has left the chat*

  • Briana Hantsch
    Briana Hantsch 2 days ago +1

    How much did ou pay those boys to pretend to want to kiss you

  • Briana Hantsch
    Briana Hantsch 2 days ago

    I want to cry this is.... sis no... just stop

  • itsjustme xxx
    itsjustme xxx 2 days ago

    1019 he called her bitch

  • olga
    olga 2 days ago

    you can easily hear the autotune

  • It’s Raynise
    It’s Raynise 2 days ago +1

    The dudes in the blue tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • nikkole
    nikkole 2 days ago +1

    if your gonna have people dancing in your "spanish" song, AT LEAST have decent backup dancers who can actually DANCE..wtf are they doing in 1:17? theyre tryna do tiktok dances while you try to dance salsa with your fake boyfriend

    edit: theres people flinging their arms everywhere to be funny and its cringy.