IT'S HERE! My Satin Black Range Rover SVR!

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • IT'S HERE! My Satin Black Range Sport Rover SVR!
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  • Sweet Home
    Sweet Home 15 days ago +1

    Looks shet.

  • Laura Saponara
    Laura Saponara 2 months ago


  • majjati musstapha
    majjati musstapha 2 months ago


  • 0fficialGeorge
    0fficialGeorge 4 months ago

    You haven’t made it your own. You copied the car driving around London😂... good video tho

  • mr unreal
    mr unreal 4 months ago

    Archie, you are a moron with an IQ below 100 points.

  • Jay'd Shwagg Dixon
    Jay'd Shwagg Dixon 4 months ago

    Shits fire 🔥

  • Andrew Romero
    Andrew Romero 4 months ago

    It definitely look stealth i like how the flat black brings out the glossy black on all the trim and the rims. Go paint the fence now jk looks like a upgrade 2 me

  • streetbasser786
    streetbasser786 5 months ago

    i hate wrapped cars, it looked stunning in it's original colour

  • Nicholas Lopez
    Nicholas Lopez 5 months ago

    U Nailed it nice

  • AlistairLomas
    AlistairLomas 5 months ago

    How much does a wrap cost on this? Considering getting one on my Disco Sport.

  • Mr.chuuk truetells
    Mr.chuuk truetells 5 months ago

    yo thats my car!!!

  • Samuel Ngabia
    Samuel Ngabia 5 months ago

    I want one just like urs

  • CharkieCars
    CharkieCars 5 months ago

    I like it!! Makes it looks newer

  • CharkieCars
    CharkieCars 5 months ago

    I like it!! Makes it looks newer

  • RespectWEBB
    RespectWEBB 6 months ago

    What kind of range Rover is that and what year is it

  • Justin Bryant
    Justin Bryant 6 months ago

    Looks good

  • spadgm
    spadgm 6 months ago

    Looks badass!

  • Eurovision Euphoria!
    Eurovision Euphoria! 6 months ago

    The satin black looks awesome, way much better than the orig blue, great choice!

  • Finlay Allen
    Finlay Allen 6 months ago

    Warm in that jacket lad? 👀

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 6 months ago

    Hope you've told the DVLA 🤣

  • Carlos Sevilla Pacheco
    Carlos Sevilla Pacheco 6 months ago

    Looks much better!

  • TwoBlokesRacing
    TwoBlokesRacing 6 months ago

    Didn't think it was a good idea as the blue was sick, but as per the R8 you've smashed it again - looks great. How long does it take to wrap?

  • Andy spirit1972
    Andy spirit1972 6 months ago


  • Injurylawyer
    Injurylawyer 6 months ago

    Sort the blue brakes out lad

  • David Margolis
    David Margolis 6 months ago

    Looks gorgeous!

  • Hsjsha Ahahhws
    Hsjsha Ahahhws 6 months ago

    Smoked lights would go nicely with the stealth theme

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera 6 months ago

    Definitely love it. Normally I watch the videos and don’t comment but I had to. Looks stunning. Enjoy

  • david attinger
    david attinger 6 months ago

    I have same SVR as you. Looks good ! what was approx cost of the wrap ?

  • Oliver James Stevens
    Oliver James Stevens 6 months ago

    Wrap the lambo in the same colour. Your garage will look absolutely mint.

  • iBFP
    iBFP 6 months ago

    It's look matte than it's satin

  • Kaie Foster
    Kaie Foster 6 months ago

    Looks so naughty. Seeing it next to the blue SVR shows you made the right choice. The blue is a cool colour but the Satin black is just ....FIRE!!

  • Darius Anghelescu
    Darius Anghelescu 6 months ago

    But that's the old one

  • Dell Browne
    Dell Browne 6 months ago


  • F19 JMF
    F19 JMF 6 months ago

    Nope not for me, somehow looks more boxy, the blue is 10x better imo

  • Максим Бугаёв

    У Академика то СВР по-лучше будет))

    Ian STANTON 6 months ago

    Ok so that’s the primer on what about the top coat.

    Ian STANTON 6 months ago

    Ok so that’s the primer on what about the top coat.

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe 6 months ago

    That looks absolutely epic..super jealous

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 6 months ago

    am a big a fan of you archie you have to give back the fans something ?

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    Looks amazing

  • leighton davis
    leighton davis 6 months ago

    Looks sick what’s it like to clean?????

  • Kompoism
    Kompoism 6 months ago

    I wasn't sure whether it would look as good as the paint job but in it's way it does look pretty sick... Good Job by Dub, if anything maybe get the R on the SVR badge on the back in the same blue as the brakes? Think that would look good but it is mean...

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt 6 months ago

    Anyone else think it looks a little grey?

  • Craig Sullivan
    Craig Sullivan 6 months ago

    The Blue SVR is one of my favorite colors on any vehicle, so I thought you were crazy. However, this is sick!! Well done Archie!

  • VLAD
    VLAD 6 months ago

    im not happy with the wrap.

  • Brungie
    Brungie 6 months ago

    Noone cares about your SVR mate. buy a something cool

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 6 months ago

    The blue is WAY WAY WAY better. TAKE THE WRAP OFF

  • Patrick 'The Reaper' Star

    The bonnet is always made out of carbo, you can pay extra to make the carbon visible

  • all caps ANDY
    all caps ANDY 6 months ago

    Great balance between gloss roof and matte body with the blue calipers as an accent

  • AnybodyNoDust
    AnybodyNoDust 6 months ago

    Please tint or maybe a dark film over the lights n plates would put that finishing touch 😎

  • Visual Display Systems
    Visual Display Systems 6 months ago

    Archie, the SVR looks fantastic mate, brilliant choice of wrap!
    I deffo think you should change your rear lights to the Glohh gl-5i lights. They are far better than the Land Rover ones and get a lot of attention.
    Here are mine installed.

  • Doug Woody
    Doug Woody 6 months ago

    How much should this cost ?

  • Kashster222
    Kashster222 6 months ago

    Nailed it 👌

  • bobby 65
    bobby 65 6 months ago

    Smoke the tail lights

  • christian salas
    christian salas 6 months ago

    Are those the original factory tires and wheels? What size are they?

  • RO55M4C
    RO55M4C 6 months ago

    Looks naughty

  • Billy Stephens
    Billy Stephens 6 months ago

    Smart as.

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair Robertson 6 months ago

    As predicted. Looks naff. Looked 100x better before.

  • sweet godot
    sweet godot 6 months ago

    you are irresistibly irritating.. your car is cool but your energy kills me man.. :(

  • TCG R35
    TCG R35 6 months ago

    picture that next to a gt3 rs

  • Lewis Wood
    Lewis Wood 6 months ago

    Looks like every other one now

  • caymanblack
    caymanblack 6 months ago

    Yeah exhausts all that money and they can't fit them straight....nonono.

  • miko the chimp
    miko the chimp 6 months ago

    Very cool you had the blue one side by side to see the difrence 🚗


    Channel got way too boring! Need the drag races back!

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis 6 months ago

    It does look very good Archie

  • TuningEmporium
    TuningEmporium 6 months ago

    RRS Looking good Archie! great choice

  • botchok5
    botchok5 6 months ago

    Nice drug dealer wrap and Range Rover combo!

  • T. D.
    T. D. 6 months ago

    It's pigeon grey

  • AAmobsterAA
    AAmobsterAA 6 months ago

    U need tints on your rear lights

  • ItzD3fW1sH
    ItzD3fW1sH 6 months ago

    Archice Hamilton = BEG BOY

  • Liam Haris
    Liam Haris 6 months ago

    My dream car & colour

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker 6 months ago

    Why the 33 on the number plate?

  • Ryan Rundle
    Ryan Rundle 6 months ago

    Boring drug dealer colour.

  • Luke B
    Luke B 6 months ago

    You’re great, really are but wow this video was boring.... get to the track content

  • Ken Spear
    Ken Spear 6 months ago

    Chaos, now where's the sweets