IT'S HERE! My Satin Black Range Rover SVR!

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • IT'S HERE! My Satin Black Range Sport Rover SVR!
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  • fernando Gonzalez
    fernando Gonzalez Month ago

    Is it matte black or satin black??

  • Sweet Home
    Sweet Home 4 months ago +1

    Looks shet.

  • Laura Saponara
    Laura Saponara 6 months ago


  • majjati musstapha
    majjati musstapha 6 months ago


  • 0fficialGeorge
    0fficialGeorge 8 months ago

    You haven’t made it your own. You copied the car driving around London😂... good video tho

  • mr unreal
    mr unreal 8 months ago

    Archie, you are a moron with an IQ below 100 points.

  • Jay'd Shwagg Dixon
    Jay'd Shwagg Dixon 8 months ago

    Shits fire 🔥

  • Andrew Romero
    Andrew Romero 8 months ago

    It definitely look stealth i like how the flat black brings out the glossy black on all the trim and the rims. Go paint the fence now jk looks like a upgrade 2 me

  • streetbasser786
    streetbasser786 9 months ago

    i hate wrapped cars, it looked stunning in it's original colour

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez 9 months ago

    U Nailed it nice

  • AlistairLomas
    AlistairLomas 9 months ago

    How much does a wrap cost on this? Considering getting one on my Disco Sport.

  • Mr.chuuk truetells
    Mr.chuuk truetells 9 months ago

    yo thats my car!!!

  • Samuel Ngabia
    Samuel Ngabia 9 months ago

    I want one just like urs

  • Charkieee
    Charkieee 9 months ago

    I like it!! Makes it looks newer

  • Charkieee
    Charkieee 9 months ago

    I like it!! Makes it looks newer

  • RespectWEBB
    RespectWEBB 9 months ago

    What kind of range Rover is that and what year is it

  • Justin Bryant
    Justin Bryant 10 months ago

    Looks good

  • spadgm
    spadgm 10 months ago

    Looks badass!

  • Eurovision Euphoria!
    Eurovision Euphoria! 10 months ago

    The satin black looks awesome, way much better than the orig blue, great choice!

  • Finlay Allen
    Finlay Allen 10 months ago

    Warm in that jacket lad? 👀

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 10 months ago

    Hope you've told the DVLA 🤣

  • Carlos Sevilla Pacheco
    Carlos Sevilla Pacheco 10 months ago

    Looks much better!

  • TwoBlokesRacing
    TwoBlokesRacing 10 months ago

    Didn't think it was a good idea as the blue was sick, but as per the R8 you've smashed it again - looks great. How long does it take to wrap?

  • Andy spirit1972
    Andy spirit1972 10 months ago


  • Injurylawyer
    Injurylawyer 10 months ago

    Sort the blue brakes out lad

  • David Margolis
    David Margolis 10 months ago

    Looks gorgeous!

  • Hsjsha Ahahhws
    Hsjsha Ahahhws 10 months ago

    Smoked lights would go nicely with the stealth theme

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera 10 months ago

    Definitely love it. Normally I watch the videos and don’t comment but I had to. Looks stunning. Enjoy

  • david attinger
    david attinger 10 months ago

    I have same SVR as you. Looks good ! what was approx cost of the wrap ?

  • Oliver
    Oliver 10 months ago

    Wrap the lambo in the same colour. Your garage will look absolutely mint.

  • iBFP
    iBFP 10 months ago

    It's look matte than it's satin

  • Kaie Foster
    Kaie Foster 10 months ago

    Looks so naughty. Seeing it next to the blue SVR shows you made the right choice. The blue is a cool colour but the Satin black is just ....FIRE!!

  • Darius Anghelescu
    Darius Anghelescu 10 months ago

    But that's the old one

  • Dell Browne
    Dell Browne 10 months ago


  • F19 JMF
    F19 JMF 10 months ago

    Nope not for me, somehow looks more boxy, the blue is 10x better imo

  • Максим Бугаёв

    У Академика то СВР по-лучше будет))

    Ian STANTON 10 months ago

    Ok so that’s the primer on what about the top coat.

    Ian STANTON 10 months ago

    Ok so that’s the primer on what about the top coat.

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe 10 months ago

    That looks absolutely epic..super jealous

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 10 months ago

    am a big a fan of you archie you have to give back the fans something ?

  • Ra-Tear-Eir
    Ra-Tear-Eir 10 months ago +2

    Looks amazing

  • leighton davis
    leighton davis 10 months ago

    Looks sick what’s it like to clean?????

  • Kompoism
    Kompoism 10 months ago

    I wasn't sure whether it would look as good as the paint job but in it's way it does look pretty sick... Good Job by Dub, if anything maybe get the R on the SVR badge on the back in the same blue as the brakes? Think that would look good but it is mean...

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt 10 months ago

    Anyone else think it looks a little grey?

  • Craig Sullivan
    Craig Sullivan 10 months ago

    The Blue SVR is one of my favorite colors on any vehicle, so I thought you were crazy. However, this is sick!! Well done Archie!

  • VLAD
    VLAD 10 months ago

    im not happy with the wrap.

  • Brungie
    Brungie 10 months ago

    Noone cares about your SVR mate. buy a something cool

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 10 months ago

    The blue is WAY WAY WAY better. TAKE THE WRAP OFF

  • Patrick 'The Reaper' Star

    The bonnet is always made out of carbo, you can pay extra to make the carbon visible

  • all caps ANDY
    all caps ANDY 10 months ago

    Great balance between gloss roof and matte body with the blue calipers as an accent

  • AnybodyNoDust
    AnybodyNoDust 10 months ago

    Please tint or maybe a dark film over the lights n plates would put that finishing touch 😎

  • Visual Display Systems
    Visual Display Systems 10 months ago

    Archie, the SVR looks fantastic mate, brilliant choice of wrap!
    I deffo think you should change your rear lights to the Glohh gl-5i lights. They are far better than the Land Rover ones and get a lot of attention.
    Here are mine installed.

  • Doug Woody
    Doug Woody 10 months ago

    How much should this cost ?

  • Kashster222
    Kashster222 10 months ago

    Nailed it 👌

  • bobby 65
    bobby 65 10 months ago

    Smoke the tail lights

  • christian salas
    christian salas 10 months ago

    Are those the original factory tires and wheels? What size are they?

  • RO55M4C
    RO55M4C 10 months ago

    Looks naughty

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair Robertson 10 months ago

    As predicted. Looks naff. Looked 100x better before.

  • sweet godot
    sweet godot 10 months ago

    you are irresistibly irritating.. your car is cool but your energy kills me man.. :(

  • TCG R35
    TCG R35 10 months ago

    picture that next to a gt3 rs