DeMarcus Cousins reveals if he spoke with KD after his injury & how tough the recovery will be

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • DeMarcus Cousins reveals if he spoke with Kevin Durant after his achilles injury & how tough the recovery will be
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  • My 44 Face-Off
    My 44 Face-Off 5 months ago

    Cousins talks more about KD then balling out , that's y GSW lost , no excuses without KD they still had cousins , IT'S FING OVER

  • Ayena Noel Valentine
    Ayena Noel Valentine 5 months ago

    This guy is only getting fatter every day . Same size like Zion . Cousins not even the fattest but very slow than the fattest guys in the league.
    Cousins pls Gsw needs offensive rebounds like IBaka is doing for the Raptors.
    If you feel so heavy then go beg ur gf for a week sex. U r annoying especially during defense . An old man on a wheel chair can still hits shots without u blocking any

  • Norcal
    Norcal 5 months ago

    Cousins loves cali. Hope he stays here

  • gurrarai
    gurrarai 5 months ago

    you are the biggest waste player ever!. you are a piece of fucking SHIT. go fuck yourself and die somewhere you useless piece of shit!@

  • Karma
    Karma 5 months ago

    Damn Achilles injury for cousins and kd. Imagine if they both were healthy, warriors would sweep playoffs

    • elvis rolon
      elvis rolon 5 months ago

      Karma obv thats mad stars on 1 team

  • Jordan Francisco
    Jordan Francisco 5 months ago

    I am so happy if warriors force to game or lose its okay...warriors are not healthy in this final...if they lose its okay...comeback another finals..

    • elvis rolon
      elvis rolon 5 months ago

      Jordan Francisco just how cavs was hurt doing warriors first finals but thing is cavs ny stacked like warriors

  • Si Fang
    Si Fang 5 months ago

    If golden state lost game 5 would of been this mather fucker

  • Chilly Sillay
    Chilly Sillay 5 months ago

    Raptors in 6 guys

  • Da Sh
    Da Sh 5 months ago +5

    'Reveals' if he spoke with Durant. Lol and smh.

  • Obed Blas
    Obed Blas 5 months ago

    No free ring for you DC.

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity 5 months ago

    I ain’t no fan of both teams but I am rooting for Raptors . GSW better comeback though, there still no excuses and f they lose this series because even if KD got injured and others are injured too, their team is still full of all-star but with DPOTY and MVP so no excuses. Y’all just find excuses if you’re a bandwagon.

  • Ren Guilaran
    Ren Guilaran 5 months ago +13

    I want to see Demarcus Cousin to play like the way his playing before. I know that recovering from the injury makes him hesitant to play more aggressive. But the title is on the line and winning the next two games makes him a Champion...

    • MaCeo Millions
      MaCeo Millions 5 months ago

      Ren Guilaran Maybe 2-3 seasons from bow the Warriors will win again lol... Lakers will own next season & probably 2 peat.

      BROCK LANDERS 5 months ago

      I agree achilles takes a long time . I think he needs better conditioning. If he does get into shape he be a force. Right now you can see he is slow. Quad is part of that obviously. If reg season he wouldn't be on the court yet

    • Ren Guilaran
      Ren Guilaran 5 months ago +1

      Demarcus Cousin is almost unstoppable when he was on the Pelicans. He can dribble the ball and drive penetrate to the basket, good passer and getting those offensive rebounds and get that putback slams. Thats how Demarcus plays back then and i know when he plays like that in this two remaining games, theres a chance they could win the series...

    • Daryl Vergara
      Daryl Vergara 5 months ago

      He could. He just doesn't get too many touches. Cousins needs the ball in his hands and needs to be the center of offense to really errupt like he used to. playing with gsw tempo just doesn't fit his style of play

  • Asyong Aksaya
    Asyong Aksaya 5 months ago +3

    Cousin is the key player this series and get the warriors 3peat

  • Sharoski Daniels
    Sharoski Daniels 5 months ago +25

    I think cousins ain’t leaving the warriors

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy 5 months ago +7

    We need a monster 2 game from Boogie. Also. I want to see KD retire as a Warrior. What a legend

  • Dhaval Patel
    Dhaval Patel 5 months ago +8

    DCous going to smash Raptors tmrw in Oaks!😁

  • Smoove Talk
    Smoove Talk 5 months ago +3

    Stop complaining, you guys have to many excuses

  • ron burgundy??
    ron burgundy?? 5 months ago +28

    If boogie comes up big tomorrow gsw can force a game 7

    • Ali Muhammad
      Ali Muhammad 5 months ago

      Sum not right wit kawhi

    • Bruce Banner
      Bruce Banner 5 months ago

      Warriors won by 1, shooting 21% more from 3 than Toronto. Kawhi played ass offense for 3 quarters. Raps in 6

    • Johancy Pluviose
      Johancy Pluviose 5 months ago

      Also Game 6 Klay will activate

    • Teresa Thom
      Teresa Thom 5 months ago

      Cuz they're going to have to come out 100% and play ain't got to take up for Katie bin out when this game we need you cuz

  • Randall Madison
    Randall Madison 5 months ago +7

    Injuries happen. Gayle Sayers, Bill Walton. Shit happens. Hopefully, he can be close to what he was. Life ain't fair. Nothing to do but try to overcome. Platitude is the truth.

    • blackz!!!!
      blackz!!!! 5 months ago +1

      Plus he's still gonna be making his money no shortage..

  • 007 D3AD
    007 D3AD 5 months ago +3

    No ring for you DC

    RYLAN PIPPEN 5 months ago

    Im only answering da bitch in da yellow questions if im cousins

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 5 months ago +8

    Cousins got to be one of the scariest person to interview lol

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha 5 months ago +2

      It is stated whenever a nigga wears a durag there power is boostes by 70%

  • chrislaw1945
    chrislaw1945 5 months ago +8

    If ..I said...IF...The RAPTORS win...their just win without the VICTORY....but within the SHAME by their fans !
    DUB NATION...let’s make Lund voices at ORACLE To support..KD..and our team on home court !!
    LET’S GO WARRIORS..make one ORACLE..with big 💦💦💦

  • E Oleary
    E Oleary 5 months ago +25

    Thank God he disnt tare it. I looked it up and it said after surgery and physical therapy you can return back to normal activity in 4-6 months and the therapy will make it steonger and more flexible

    • MaCeo Millions
      MaCeo Millions 5 months ago

      BROCK LANDERS 100% accurate

    • Stephanie Coachman
      Stephanie Coachman 5 months ago

      @BROCK LANDERS hope you will get better too.

      BROCK LANDERS 5 months ago

      @Stephanie Coachman glad you getting better

    • Stephanie Coachman
      Stephanie Coachman 5 months ago

      @BROCK LANDERS I also had a complete ruptured Achilles 10/3/17 and I dont have any problems so it could just be you. Not everyone reacts the same, I have met people who cannot put their foot down all the way. I had my surgery at the VA, a Duke doctor. Wish I could post a pic. My problem was not pain or flexibility it was trusting that my body would not betray me again. I just started jogging again in March.

    • elvis rolon
      elvis rolon 5 months ago

      E Oleary thrapy dont work for shit its just to stablize it enough so you can move soon as you make a slight quick movement launching off that leg its over

  • Marilou Kuo
    Marilou Kuo 5 months ago +2

    X Factor cousin

  • Marilou Kuo
    Marilou Kuo 5 months ago +8

    Lets go cousin

  • Marilou Kuo
    Marilou Kuo 5 months ago +21

    We believe

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager 5 months ago +26

    Just do it g s.w.😀👌

    • MaCeo Millions
      MaCeo Millions 5 months ago

      Judy Seager lmaooooo

    • YTEuropeHD Gaming
      YTEuropeHD Gaming 5 months ago

      @Judy Seager there was a misunderstanding I root against the Larriors...

    • YTEuropeHD Gaming
      YTEuropeHD Gaming 5 months ago

      @Judy Seager Fuck the Warriors...

    • Judy Seager
      Judy Seager 5 months ago

      @YTEuropeHD Gaming go do this Warriors. 😀👌💞💞💪👍

    • Johancy Pluviose
      Johancy Pluviose 5 months ago

      Warriors fans vs Toronto fans
      Bandwagons vs Bandwagons

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 5 months ago +1

    You still take this l biggie in game 6 too rapotors win championship

  • Isiah Hill
    Isiah Hill 5 months ago +9

    Kd is the greatest and realistmf out here if your competitive and you know your better but everyone else keeps telling you your not it dosent matter how rich he is that nature of him being competitive will always take over only people that got that killer in em knows what i mean. It would have been the perfect comeback if he dident get injured but everyone saying not to is just another thing adding on to what he already is pissed about what would yall do ? Its like when you just cant keep your mouth shut when someone disrespects you you goong to try hard not to say anything but when it all comes down you just have to say whats on ya mind..just a little more clarification for the ones that wasent born with that competitive natur of" im the mfbest and ill always prove it" noone can tell me what human levels i have to stop at type shit people was whiping they ass with straw at one point now we got toilet's that do it for ya 😂😂 just saying shit ant the same

    • Very-_-Sketchy
      Very-_-Sketchy 5 months ago

      @rgktt im not even a KD fan i just respect the game of basketball. And KD showed he had heart when he played out there. Calling him a bitch in a comment section on a youtube video aint gone do shit cause we all know if yo team had a chance they would welcome his ass with open arms, give him a max deal, and let him run the office. Wont be calling him a bitch then u bandwagon

    • rgktt
      rgktt 5 months ago

      Very-_-Sketchy you Kd fan get triggered because someone calls him what he is. he’s not doing anything to my team and Lebron’s a bitch too, bitch

    • Very-_-Sketchy
      Very-_-Sketchy 5 months ago +1

      @rgktt someone sounds Triggered. Calling a man a bitch just cause he demolishing your favorite teams. Yet when bron went to the Heats no one called him a bitch and he one of my favorite players. But keep on hating, probably got rinkles on your forehead

    • rgktt
      rgktt 5 months ago

      Isiah Hill KD’s still a bitch, period. Competitive is trying to take GS down not make them better. Now watch how they do his ass dirty because of his injury.

    • Isiah Hill
      Isiah Hill 5 months ago +1

      People just too stuck into what everyone else think and what everyone else say is right but in there head they know what they want to say and are thinking they just dont want to.spend the time being the only one saying it but i give stevan a alil credit

  • Amare Jackson
    Amare Jackson 5 months ago +25

    Warriors in 7

    • MaCeo Millions
      MaCeo Millions 5 months ago

      Amare Jackson Lmaooooooo

    • Amare Jackson
      Amare Jackson 5 months ago +1

      Ldmaze I’m from Chicago and about to graduate 8th grade and true we need Klay,Demarcus and Dray to hit threes and make good plays on offense and defense too I want the warriors to win the finals

    • Ldmaze
      Ldmaze 5 months ago +1

      @Amare Jackson - Where are you from young man, I like the Warriors and all and I graduated from High school in East Oakland. But know this its not going to be no walk in the Park - IF WE GET GAME 6 KLAY, then I believe the Warriors will have a chance, but if we don't get it. It will be a long night for the Warriors and the Raptors will be Celebrating on the Warriors floor.
      We need game 6 Klay & Demarcus Cousin to have a good game. We also need Draymond to hit two or three 3's, when he does that the Warriors usually win.

    • CanadaRainyDayz
      CanadaRainyDayz 5 months ago

      rgktt ur a raps fan if not then ur a warrior hater

    • Kev
      Kev 5 months ago

      IceGamer 101 we’ll see

  • Frank Warrior
    Frank Warrior 5 months ago +75

    Cousins is the X Factor
    Warriors will make History
    Warriors in 7 💙💛💙

    • Mister
      Mister 5 months ago

      Frank Valenzuela welp...good series lol

    • My name is Connor
      My name is Connor 5 months ago

      Nah toronto winning tonight boi

    • Rey
      Rey 5 months ago +1

      @Kev making a comeback to complete the 3-peat!

    • Rey
      Rey 5 months ago +1

      @Eagles4life warriors will make Cavs comeback irrelevant. If we do we will give Toronto the respect they deserved for the competition they bring because we know how it feels like unlike those unethical Cavs fans.

  • mishad freeman
    mishad freeman 5 months ago