Camila Cabello - Live from Youtube

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  • Bill TrayFour
    Bill TrayFour 7 hours ago

    When she gets Nervous to answer a question she keeps saying “You Know” but I’ll always Love her

  • Ana Morante
    Ana Morante Day ago

    ang sabaw niya tangina nakakatuwa hahahahaha

  • Louka Deshaies
    Louka Deshaies Day ago +1

    1000th comment!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • ENL אריקה
    ENL אריקה 2 days ago

    Camila is so nervous

  • Lena Nguyen
    Lena Nguyen 2 days ago

    Next single: You Know

  • Nidzox 17
    Nidzox 17 2 days ago +1

    You are beautiful

  • Stefanie Street
    Stefanie Street 2 days ago +1

    Where was this anyone know??? Please let me know.

  • Chris Natale
    Chris Natale 2 days ago

    The host was very cool

  • Emily Vlogs /camilizer4ever

    I love you

  • jenn ramos
    jenn ramos 3 days ago

    "You know" "you know what i mean" she always said dat and ilove it you know wat i mean hahaha camila ❤❤❤

  • Simply Beko
    Simply Beko 3 days ago

    the amount of times she says "you know" lmfaoooo i fucking love this woman

  • IM Jama
    IM Jama 3 days ago

    Damn I'm late 😭😭

  • Camila Cabello Estrabao


  • Hayleen menendez
    Hayleen menendez 3 days ago

    Los que son verdaderos fans de camila delen like a mi publicacion y al video

  • Hayleen menendez
    Hayleen menendez 3 days ago

    I love youuuuu😙😘😍😚

  • lili villanueva
    lili villanueva 3 days ago

    “ you know “ “I feel like“

  • Peng ting
    Peng ting 4 days ago

    Sorry but when they started talking about Never be the same being about a boy...girllll lesbihonest😂

  • Sarah Payne
    Sarah Payne 4 days ago

    Wow I just watched an hour of a Camila cabello interview

  • Sarah Payne
    Sarah Payne 4 days ago

    The way she can't say "Reggatone in an English accent and her Spanish accent creeps in

  • Sarah Payne
    Sarah Payne 4 days ago

    "No one just dances through life, sometimes you..slow dance through life.."

  • Sarah Payne
    Sarah Payne 4 days ago +1

    6:17 "there's been so much shi-BUILD up..."

    J.O.V SQUAD 4 days ago

    Who do you guys think the boy is that she was talking about ? At 40:54

  • Gabrielle Nebel
    Gabrielle Nebel 4 days ago

    She's so cute with her fans

  • KarlaCamila3
    KarlaCamila3 4 days ago


    STYLES DARK 4 days ago

    "I'm gonna say" "You know" HJFSJH Joder la amo

  • loucuras da mi
    loucuras da mi 4 days ago

    amo amo pena que nao tenho dinheiro se nao ia te conhecer

  • Alessia Simeone
    Alessia Simeone 4 days ago +1

    Starts at 5:00

  • Cila
    Cila 4 days ago


  • caronina reactions
    caronina reactions 4 days ago

    Muy nerviosa camilita con into it, pasate por nuestro canal análisis Camren en el nuevo álbum!!

  • Lisa-Marie Rinehard
    Lisa-Marie Rinehard 5 days ago +1


  • Brittny Periles
    Brittny Periles 5 days ago +1

    What he sad in 30:48 omg 😳

  • threesno bingka
    threesno bingka 5 days ago +1

    next song lyric " you know you know you know

  • You Tube
    You Tube 5 days ago +1

    "You know"

  • Janeth Garcia
    Janeth Garcia 5 days ago

    Un shot por cada vez que Camila diga “You know” 😂♥️

  • Sagren Govender
    Sagren Govender 5 days ago

    ppl in the audience are so dead if i were the i would be staring at her like a mad person like😚😘

    BADII SALMAN 5 days ago

    So basically she loves control is about her wanting to write for the group, and because she was rejected. There was no way she could stay because the management didn’t give it up.

  • Beautiful. Alejandra!
    Beautiful. Alejandra! 5 days ago +1

    40:59 interviewer: "about this boy..." Camila: "why do you assume it's a boy!"

  • Biel Bri
    Biel Bri 5 days ago +2

    *I drove to the city to buy Camila's album and NO CD shop had the album available yet. I feel so attacked! They are messing with the wrong person.*
    Also "You know what I mean" is my new tattoo

  • Maria Eduarda camren
    Maria Eduarda camren 5 days ago +1

    33:58 E:"Lauren Camila"
    34:01 C:"coincidence"

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist 5 days ago

    Why does this person keep getting on trending? Im sick of it YEESH.

  • Maria Mercedes
    Maria Mercedes 5 days ago

    I cringe everytime she says ‘You know’. Lol. I’m triggered. I love you so much tho! 😘

  • Chaco M
    Chaco M 5 days ago


  • The best of cand
    The best of cand 5 days ago

    Love 💕 uuu

  • Mai tama
    Mai tama 5 days ago

    Laurie Camila

  • lag ning 77
    lag ning 77 5 days ago


  • Rita Lima
    Rita Lima 5 days ago

    Y Love Camila cabello

  • kristine joy cuyos
    kristine joy cuyos 5 days ago

    i really want to buy your album 😍😍

  • Justine Pagal
    Justine Pagal 6 days ago

    I always heard from honey camilla the word "you know what I mean"

  • Mila’s Peaches
    Mila’s Peaches 6 days ago

    I can’t think of any words that describe how much i love her. UGH I WANNA PUNCH MYSELF IDEK WHY

  • cabelloswife l
    cabelloswife l 6 days ago +1

    Can we talk about the fact that Camila didn't identify the gender of her crush when they were talking about into it? I mean I'm not assuming but it's weird cuz she mentioned the word 'guy' when she was talking about never be the same and when it comes to into it she was just like ahh i was daydreaming about this 'person' blah blah lol anyway she's so damn cute

  • Lenna Hung
    Lenna Hung 6 days ago

    i think i know what you mean gurl

  • Aimee Luna
    Aimee Luna 6 days ago

    This like my 6th time watching this in the last two days. I just love Camila's thought process. You can literally see the wheels turning in her head as she's talking. Idk how to explain it but she's so eloquent and emotionally intelligent for her age. I'm so proud of this baby and haven't listened to anything else other than her album. I'm so excited for her future, this is only the beginning!

  • Angela Rodriguez ruiz

    When she says “ my dad may be watching this so..” 😂😂 31:00

  • Denim again
    Denim again 6 days ago

    I wonder how many times she said you know in this life stream

  • daniela
    daniela 6 days ago +1

    #1 in 100 countries 💘💘

  • Yessica Lara
    Yessica Lara 6 days ago

    In the minute 46:10 somebody asked her for the meaning of into it and she bite her lip OMG sooo cute haha

  • Lula Leoni
    Lula Leoni 6 days ago

    I love the way you are ! I loved your album !

  • Noemi Bueno
    Noemi Bueno 6 days ago

    You know is equivalent ¿sabes? o ¿me entiendes? And English is her second language (as is mine) so I get why she uses it so much! You know? 😉

  • Karina Goncalves
    Karina Goncalves 6 days ago

    alguien q traduzca por favorrrr.... avisen cuando hagan

  • mariana sandstad
    mariana sandstad 6 days ago +1

    i think "feep" is the perfect description of this album

  • Natasha Hernandez
    Natasha Hernandez 6 days ago


  • Janielly Santos
    Janielly Santos 6 days ago

    Alguém legenda por favos👐

  • carolina blanco
    carolina blanco 6 days ago

    a camila cuando diga you know hay que decile i don't know bitch jajajj naa pero hay que decir no yo no se

  • Anna Klevenhagen
    Anna Klevenhagen 6 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says you know or I feel like. JUST KIDDING DO NOT ATTEMPT THAT WOULD SERIOUSLY END BADLY.

  • Bite me
    Bite me 6 days ago +1

    All the thumbs down is from fifth harmony😂😂😂

  • Paula Dantas
    Paula Dantas 6 days ago

    Perdi a live😟🤒

  • CsengeGamingChannel
    CsengeGamingChannel 6 days ago

    Drink everytime Camila says "You know..." or "I feel like..." 😂😂

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 days ago

    Omg I love those shoes

  • Maria-Violeta
    Maria-Violeta 6 days ago

    every time she says ''you know'' i'm saying ''i know baby you don't need to repeat it'' i'm whipped help

  • Jenifer Lopez
    Jenifer Lopez 6 days ago

    15:06 "We know yall have questions."
    Camila:*laughs because it's like her song*

  • Tommy Squarzo
    Tommy Squarzo 6 days ago

    Love Love Love

  • Ravza B
    Ravza B 6 days ago

    I really like the interviewer!!😊

  • erlena qq
    erlena qq 6 days ago

    ‘you know’😂😂

  • Maya Y. Ristanti
    Maya Y. Ristanti 6 days ago

    Trust me, "I know.." 😂

  • K A D S E
    K A D S E 6 days ago

    can someone make a compilation of her saying "you know"

  • fabricio Rodrigues
    fabricio Rodrigues 7 days ago

    Gente fiz uma parodia da camila c alguem puder assistir agradeço desde ja😊😊😁

  • ari 024
    ari 024 7 days ago

    you know...hahaha

  • Gomeslina
    Gomeslina 7 days ago

    Next single , “you know What I mean” Guys coming soon

  • fabfive ღ
    fabfive ღ 7 days ago

    I lost count on how many « you know » she said during this interview

  • Kaye Alffie
    Kaye Alffie 7 days ago

    But some people already leaking scar tissue.. I feel bad bro.. She work real hard with it

  • neha lucky
    neha lucky 7 days ago

    You know & you know what I mean😘

  • Karen Rachael
    Karen Rachael 7 days ago

    Omg...I can't...😍. I love her so much😭

  • MJAS Camilizer
    MJAS Camilizer 7 days ago

    You know is my favorite word now and basically. Hahaha. She's so cute. I wish she will never change the way she used you know and basically forever

  • Abbey Scharninghausen

    Take a shot everytime you read a comment that says "take a shot every time Camila says you know what I mean" 😂

  • lj5asn
    lj5asn 7 days ago

    I know that there has to be better Fans!!! Most those fans didn't represent true fans!!! They were pretty lame!!! Lucky that Camila is a pro!!!

  • Evelyn Oliveira
    Evelyn Oliveira 7 days ago


  • •
     7 days ago +1

    “You Know” count: 10000000000000000000

  • stephanie paque
    stephanie paque 7 days ago +1

    yep Never Be The Same and Consequences caught most of my attention 😍 the way Consequences was the first song i listened to :)

  • Paul Louis
    Paul Louis 7 days ago +1

    Bro this album is fucking amazing. I wish I collaborate with her someday because she's so talented.

  • Austin Camrenzinho shipper

    " Oh coicidencia " muito cínica mano KKKKKKKKKK morri de ri

  • Lexify -
    Lexify - 7 days ago

    “You know”

  • Karolline Gonçalves
    Karolline Gonçalves 7 days ago +1

    18:40 OMG is she flirting?

  • Princess Farah Hanafi
    Princess Farah Hanafi 7 days ago +1

    I don't want her to grow up 😭

  • jfkads ffadsfds
    jfkads ffadsfds 7 days ago

    does her turtle neck have shoulder pads ?

  • Dangelyn
    Dangelyn 7 days ago

    you can tell she feels misunderstood she's always saying "you know what I mean"

  • XxLUNAxX
    XxLUNAxX 7 days ago

    She talks so much but I love it😂😋

  • Micah Latigay
    Micah Latigay 7 days ago

    Fun and Deep = Feep got me peed in my pants 😂

  • Liiz Rodriguez
    Liiz Rodriguez 7 days ago


  • Shayla McGhee
    Shayla McGhee 7 days ago

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  • ATRL Guest
    ATRL Guest 7 days ago

    she is so awkward but like not even in the lovable way. It's just over baring. She needs to practice a bit. She has horrible conversational skills and it is awkward in an uncomfortable way. Loosen up Camila.