A new virus is spreading in China: BBC News Review

  • A new virus is spreading in China. Learn English vocabulary about this news story in BBC News Review.
    International concern is growing about a new virus that has spread rapidly across China. Several people have died and authorities have confirmed it can be spread person-to-person with hundreds infected so far. Watch this!
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    The story:
    A fourth person has died in China from a new virus that has spread rapidly across the country. The 89-year-old man is the latest victim of the illness that causes a type of pneumonia. Authorities have now confirmed it can be spread person-to-person with 200 infected so far.
    from one person to another person
    • Travel increases the risk of human-to-human transmission.
    • Human-to-human transfer is not thought to be likely.
    on alert
    ready to react quickly to a difficult situation
    • Maria was on alert for the baby’s birth.
    • Rob is always on alert for biscuits!
    arrange a meeting or gathering
    • The department head convened a meeting to discuss redundancies.
    • The politicians convened to debate the new legislation.
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  • Jürgen H.
    Jürgen H. Day ago

    Uhhhh learning english this isn't learning english

  • Yijia Wang
    Yijia Wang 2 days ago

    i think the cover content is misleading. it's not "China virus". Can u change the picture???

  • Cristina Nieto Molina

    I love this channel I always learnt a lot with you! thank you :)

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    Можно краткий перевод плиз?

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    well, got to say BBC helped me a lot though all these years learning a second language

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    Comprehension, Imagination, Visualization!!!,😜❤️🌸😘😅😴

  • Omid Jalali
    Omid Jalali 5 days ago

    Community & Coronavirus
    Without doubt coronavirus is on the top of agenda these day, the main question is that can globe bouncing back? as you know we are in brink of unprecedented issue, indeed we are panic as result of isolation. many organizations around the word are on alert, the healthier awareness suggested ,lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation can prepare the ground to get rid of from this gate-crasher , unfortunately many people suffer in silent ,the soar of virus spread is beyond our imagination , is that the world War iii?

  • Sang Huynh
    Sang Huynh 7 days ago +1

    now it came to UK and entire Europe , we all must strive to fight Covid 19

  • Claire Fontaine
    Claire Fontaine 8 days ago

    thanks BBC , Always the best at choosing the right topic consistent with the current circumstances 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • one piece
    one piece 11 days ago

    Today is 19/3/2020. How can I get the latest information and lessons?

    • BBC Learning English
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  • Leinov
    Leinov 11 days ago

    You can't call it 'China Virus', Infectious diseases are a worldwide problem. Everyone in the earth need to face. It was just found in China,which doesn't prove it's origin.

  • Ravneet kaur
    Ravneet kaur 13 days ago

    Hello.. There is a word used in this conversation. On alert... She spell it as ON .....ALERT. I could'nt understand the word she used in between these two words while spelling it. Can anyone plz tell ?

  • Ng Teng enn
    Ng Teng enn 13 days ago

    lis you can speak english lesion to you.

  • pam4840
    pam4840 15 days ago

    Who cares a new virus in China... Now where is the virus ?

  • Akhila Palakattil
    Akhila Palakattil 15 days ago

    Hi cat and George greetings from India.
    At a time when the world over has been under threat of covid -19,many a person from developing countries yet to understand it is a human to human disease that is highly contagious. However, irrespective of everything my home country, India, has been on alert to contain the virus and the standing health minister of India convened a meeting with all chief ministers of India.

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  • 衣明
    衣明 19 days ago

    What do you mean by NEW CHINA VIRUS?

  • Mark Zheng
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    I'm on alert to study abroad.

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  • Ngọc Thảo
    Ngọc Thảo 26 days ago +1

    Ministers convine to discuss about the method to deal with spread of corona virus, so the government is on alert for this virus break-out

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  • Michael Antoniak
    Michael Antoniak Month ago

    So chinese New lunar year well that's good because they are a mob of lunatics aren't they

  • carlos camacho
    carlos camacho Month ago

    The accent is the best from ecuador

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    Sopharin Khem Month ago

    I always like your video.


    Check the numbers Today!!After almost a month...that's very sad.God help us.Nathan GR.

  • Champ King
    Champ King Month ago

    Through human contact or both ... fluid sneezing blood @@
    Can anyone tell me about that part I can’t get it right?

  • tgchan
    tgchan Month ago +1

    Thank you, BBC Learning English

  • Barbara Kotlarek
    Barbara Kotlarek Month ago

    Can we say that the virus is spreading from human to human or can we only use the word as an adverb, so the virus is spreading human-to-human?

    ROMELISA Month ago


  • Differents types Information

    Please give me subtitles also on your vedio

  • fengjiao shi
    fengjiao shi Month ago

    I dont think it is ok to say new China virus,just like people never say H1N1 is a new Ameriancan virus.

  • Nhung Tran
    Nhung Tran Month ago +4

    Corona virus is spreading human-to-human. Wuhan is on alert about the outbreak in China. The china government has convened emergency meeting to find the best solutions.

    • Avijit Mondal
      Avijit Mondal Month ago

      The china government has convened an emergency meeting to find the best solutions.

  • Nhung Tran
    Nhung Tran Month ago +4

    I am on alert for the interview tomorrow.

  • 山内明夫
    山内明夫 Month ago

    I started check your videos for my study English now, it's very good.

    • BBC Learning English
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      Welcome to our channel. We are glad you like our videos. ☺️
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  • Ralf Von Luzuriaga
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    I love your accent

  • Yumin Lee
    Yumin Lee Month ago

    in my opinion, you need to change the word ‘china virus’ to ‘corona virus’.

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    It is a good innovation from News Neview 🤗👍

  • 白珅茯雪
    白珅茯雪 Month ago

    It's not so called China Virus, did u call Ebola virus as African virus? pls be professional!!!

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    the number is more more large than you know

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    thank you gorgina and katrin i like this program

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    great serials i like it

  • Yanmei tang
    Yanmei tang Month ago

    Excuse me, but why do you use the country name to call a virus? Its name is coronalvirus!

    • BBC Learning English
      BBC Learning English  Month ago

      Hi, good question! In the story title, the word 'China' indicates place. It's not being used to name the virus.

  • Kamilka Svetlana
    Kamilka Svetlana Month ago

    Thank you so much BBC Lerning, because I practice and practice with these videos and today I speak English at my job with people from diferents countries thank you to your amazing channel, wich is really helpful!

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    Vielen Dank für Ihre Formation

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    Hello Catherine! Where your accent came from?

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      alexandrefeitosa100 Month ago

      @BBC Learning English Thank you for your answer... and for this amazing material on BBC LEARNING ENGLISH. I'm a big fan.

    • BBC Learning English
      BBC Learning English  Month ago +1

      Hi! Catherine was born in the South of England and she grew up in the North.

    • alexandrefeitosa100
      alexandrefeitosa100 Month ago

      Just curiosity, ok?

  • Lector Apia Antica
    Lector Apia Antica Month ago

    At least one Billion will perish. Stupid. It is the very emergency. Shanghai and Beijing will be totally ruined. This is nothing to do with animals. The virus is leaked from the virus warfare laboratory in Wuhan. Get a brain.

  • Bakhtiar Amin Hussien

    we are from 6 nali hello to you

  • leafy life
    leafy life Month ago

    BBC news? Why is this cheesy as a high school project.

  • チワワな生活
    チワワな生活 Month ago

    What program is this?

  • Quỳnh Trần Thị Ngọc

    On this ocassion, more Chinese people are being driven away everywhere because their aggression, arrogance and lack of civilization, not coronavirus. If the Japanese people or others, they will be in sympathy.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Month ago +1

    I'm on alert with your videos because you always give us real, practical English class someday I can understand all the content for the first time, cause nowadays I need several times, but at the end, I learn vocabulary, pronunciation, some idioms and so so, is it possible ask for something more?. I don't think so, thanks for your professional way of working.

  • J&B R&P
    J&B R&P Month ago

    When you mention a new synonym, it would be better if you can put that word on screen at the same time. Thank you, BBC Learning English team.

  • Mimi Yarita
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  • sz x
    sz x 2 months ago

    Are there any technical problems in making a substide.I can hardly follow you

  • Zabiullah Omari
    Zabiullah Omari 2 months ago

    human- to - human means from one person to another person. new virus can transfer from human to human simpley we must be careful when we talk to each other or sneeze.
    on alert means aware for something. New virus has killed so many people in China we should be on alert for this virus.
    top leaders from Israel and The U.S has convened in the white house to discuss about security threats and peace in middle east.
    thanks so much for your helping...

  • Nhat Nguyen Thi
    Nhat Nguyen Thi 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for your hot news.

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    I liked BBC learning English.
    This is useful for my listening.

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    Thank you. I have understood a lot of new words.

  • Nhi Nguyen
    Nhi Nguyen 2 months ago +30

    1/ Human-to-human: from a person to another person
    Human-to-human transfer/ transition/ contact
    Animal-to-animal/ Animal-to-human/person to person
    2/ On alert: ready for quickly reaction to difficult situation
    On high alert/ on guard/ on awareness
    3/ Convene: arrange a meeting/ gathering
    Used for formal/ serious situations
    Convene / gather/ organize/ meet
    Corona is a new dangerous virus in Wuhan, China. It is spreading from human-to-human transition. China is on alert for this fast outbreak and convene emergency meeting to prevent it.

    • Lector Apia Antica
      Lector Apia Antica Month ago

      Nhi Nguyen At least one Billion will perish. Stupid. It is the very emergency. Shanghai and Beijing will be totally ruined. This is nothing to do with animals. The virus is leaked from the virus warfare laboratory in Wuhan. Get a brain.

    • Mai Chi Nguyễn
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    yeah was my desire to study from this virus..amazing...hahahah

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    I think that the synonyms should be written at tge side so as to get it

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    Very insightful video.

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    Corona Virus from the song of Lil Pump

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    i am learning English from Wuhan, China, where the virus outbreaks~

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    I hope your channel will have subtitles for BBC News Review soon

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  • Nawar Nawar
    Nawar Nawar 2 months ago

    Illnesses caused by virus are the new weapons in this century.
    It is the modern war between countries. Just imagine the losses that China suffers from this coronavirus. There are whole cities closed, travel banned, fears spread, It is absolutely a war against them.
    I think each virus-caused ill has its cure, but medical companies always let such diseases spread in order to make huge profits.

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    The two most difficult things in English: the pronunciation and phrasal verbs!!! Thanks BBC for your videos.

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    I guess the word ''meeting'' is a bit extra when you say ''convene a meeting'' as the verb to convene already implies to arrange a meeting🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  • The Guds Production
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    There are 3 people suspected until now whom are infected with Coronavirus in Indonesia as human-to-human transfer is likely to be the cause.
    My friend is now on alert for the baby's birth.She is about to give birth in 1-2 months.
    Our team has convened a meeting to discuss a new agreement on IT business.