Wheel of Not Ideal | Greg Norman Edition | BroFive

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • The Shark takes on the Wheel of Not Ideal!
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    Not everyday do you get the chance to play with a living legend, but when you do you play the Wheel of Not Ideal. We had such an incredible day filming with Greg Norman at his beautiful course down in Jupiter, FL. Some incredible golf shots were made and some darkhorse ones definitely happened. We look forward to seeing Greg in the future and maybe playing a round of golf with only a 4 iron haha.
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  • BroFive
    BroFive  Month ago +133

    Sorry for the late upload! We had issues yesterday, but we are back to normal programming! Mon, Wed, Fri at 5PM CST! See you guys tomorrow for another banger!

    • Aaron Bae
      Aaron Bae Month ago

      The European Tour would probably do this on their TVclip channel, they're a lot more fun than the PGA Tour with this kind of stuff.

    • BroFive
      BroFive  Month ago +3

      High Five BroFive

    • dizzybynature
      dizzybynature Month ago +4

      i think wheel of not ideal would be a great side game for a pro-am..
      its fun to watch and thats all that matters for a spectator sport..

    • chad schulze
      chad schulze Month ago

      this bromance is grossmance...yu da man shark, sported your hat when is was a kid.

    • Prestonplayz YT
      Prestonplayz YT Month ago

      BroFive as long as I can binge watch dem vids

  • John Sheldon
    John Sheldon Day ago

    I wonder how tiger would do on WONI

  • Seth Hansen
    Seth Hansen 7 days ago

    Yo I met that guy at my church in England

  • Seth Hansen
    Seth Hansen 7 days ago

    Yes!!!!!! Absolutely

  • cooper
    cooper 10 days ago

    Greg norman what a sport. Really fun this one guys. Love gregs enthusiasm. Good job

  • Carter Hammond
    Carter Hammond 11 days ago

    Wheel of not ideal but mini golf

  • Sizzel TV
    Sizzel TV 11 days ago


  • Steven Cournoyer
    Steven Cournoyer 13 days ago

    Epic Video!!!!!

  • Lee Cooper
    Lee Cooper 13 days ago

    Have always loved the Shark

  • Jake Shuford
    Jake Shuford 16 days ago +1

    Yes pga tour wheel of not ideal

    BOBBY WILSON 17 days ago

    So you guys are really becoming popular, especially among young people. As a result ya'll are a big influence among our youth. So I have a great idea for a video. I'm a teacher at a school in south Georgia. So you could make a video encouraging the importance of education. Therefore the "wheel of ideal" would have categories on it: Math, Science, History, Literature, Geography... and so on. After you spin you must answer a general knowledge question for that category. If you get the question correct you get to choose one club to play the entire hole with. If you get it wrong the other 3 get to choose your club. Also, if you get a question correct you get to draw a random card to play. The cards may say something like: free mulligan, swap lies with someone else, cancel someones great shot that they just made, tee off from the reds, make someone tee off from 10 paces in any direction of the original tee box, throw a shot, etc.

  • Mark Rallas
    Mark Rallas 19 days ago

    How the hell did you hook up with Greg Norman? Epic

  • Erica Hudson
    Erica Hudson 22 days ago

    I subscribed and have post postnatificton on please give me a shout out.

  • Nathan Mccown
    Nathan Mccown 23 days ago

    18 hole un gol f

    NUNYA BIDNEZ 25 days ago +3

    If they ever did do a pro game like this I would definitely watch it. Golf needs some relaxed casual Friday action in my opinion.

  • backbonz
    backbonz 26 days ago

    Drinking game...”Oh My Gosh!!” I’m hammered gotta turn it off 5m in.

  • Jayden Lawson
    Jayden Lawson 27 days ago

    9:16 Putta 😂 Love The Shark

  • Jayden Lawson
    Jayden Lawson 27 days ago

    9:16 Putta 😂 Love The Shark

  • jo24pafisher
    jo24pafisher 27 days ago

    Sounds like another stolen idea from Dude perfect

  • Ethan Jelley
    Ethan Jelley 27 days ago

    Yes PGA tour 6 hole would get you guys so many views and subs

  • revo pro
    revo pro 28 days ago

    Let the good times roll!

  • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

    I bow down before each and everyone of you simply because how in the world did you guys get Greg Norman to play that slop game ? For that matter how did you get Greg Norman to even tip his cap to you guys much less play with you? However you did it I stand before you in awe.
    This alone should make this channel the channel to watch as far as golf videos go. I hear you Mr Norman and much respect for letting yourself sink to the level of this crew.
    Loved this 2 part video!!!

  • Jeff Bruno
    Jeff Bruno 29 days ago

    Yes let's do it PGA tour

  • New York Giants
    New York Giants 29 days ago +1

    I can’t believe that you guys got to hang out with the king if choking!!

  • Brandyn Thompson
    Brandyn Thompson 29 days ago

    😳😳😳😳😳 god you guys live the life that is so awesome!!!! I love the shark and buy his polos still today! Love them

  • nice boi24
    nice boi24 29 days ago

    of course i do

  • JRocket
    JRocket 29 days ago

    Just copied dude perfect you dummies

  • bkim2
    bkim2 29 days ago

    Only 13 minutes with Greg Norman?? Need to release some behind the scenes footage or something!?

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    You guys need to play with Erik Anders Lang with a Wheel of Not Ideal!

  • Robbie Power
    Robbie Power Month ago

    A future video idea is to do a random golf ball wheel of not ideal. E.g. srixon, titleist, range, broken, etc

  • Ten8yp
    Ten8yp Month ago

    the sad part is putting is about all a 1 iron is good for these days.

  • Desruis.4
    Desruis.4 Month ago

    wheel of not ideal pga tourney would be sick

  • The brick Wall
    The brick Wall Month ago

    Love your vids so cool 😎

  • Cabanator Land
    Cabanator Land Month ago

    That is so cool that you got Greg Normal to golf with you guys!! that is legendary!!

  • Boomer Zierath
    Boomer Zierath Month ago

    Give it a couple months- maybe a year and I GUARANTEE this channel will have regular episodes of wheel of not ideal with pros

  • Ted Miller
    Ted Miller Month ago

    Editing is getting better and now you're duffing it up with Greg Norman, that's progress fellas. Keep at it!

  • DynamicCub40 OK
    DynamicCub40 OK Month ago +1

    Is that a players weekend Chi Cubs Hat !!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Month ago

    That looked fun, I had one of Gregg's instructional videos on vhs 22yrs ago I still suck 😁

  • Lauren Marshall
    Lauren Marshall Month ago

    Just go way him fs

  • golfXscape
    golfXscape Month ago +1

    great video with the legend.. I have that same hat he is wearing.. Keep the videos a coming....

  • The Walking David
    The Walking David Month ago

    Literally 2 days after you talk in this video about having a pga event where you spin the wheel... the pga releases a “wheel of FORE-tune.” Bastards

  • Skittles
    Skittles Month ago


  • Ryan Swanson
    Ryan Swanson Month ago

    That was awesome! Gotta love Greg Norman

  • William Sincock
    William Sincock Month ago +1

    Greg Norman just truly depicts us Australians. A great video with the biggest legend in Australian golf.

    • BroFive
      BroFive  Month ago

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Keith Sullivan
    Keith Sullivan Month ago

    Yes I would love to see the best pga golfers do a wheel of not ideal and I'm not just talkin the ones that are on the tour now if they can swing a club and can still golf let's see it

  • Nathan Fousek
    Nathan Fousek Month ago

    Wish he woulda played champions tour more. Love that action

  • TechnoGuy11
    TechnoGuy11 Month ago

    Greg Norman is the man, great video guys.

  • Jonny Wiechmann
    Jonny Wiechmann Month ago

    I will be working at a PGA Tour Champions tournament in Sioux Falls SD and the clothing is made by the Greg Norman company.

  • Brett Nuttall
    Brett Nuttall Month ago

    There has to be some B reel coming... this is legit wheel of IDEAL, here today!

  • Kelly Russell
    Kelly Russell Month ago


  • Max Giles
    Max Giles Month ago

    Fav type of videos just didn’t like all the weird type of shots and stuff

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir Month ago

    omggg what a special guest golfer! nice vid

  • Joshua 2832
    Joshua 2832 Month ago

    Greg Norman is the best!!!

  • teddy5415
    teddy5415 Month ago

    Wheel of not ideal PGA Edition!!!!

  • Luke Alton
    Luke Alton Month ago

    Putter off the tee on a par five
    Garret: “That’s good”

  • Plus2 Golfer
    Plus2 Golfer Month ago

    I literally hate your guy's c challenge videos because I want serious golf BUT THIS IS THE BEST GOLF VIDEO EVER ON TVclip

  • soulerflare7
    soulerflare7 Month ago

    And I thought I was cool wearing my Greg Norman golf shirt 🦈🦈🦈

  • Jarrod Gallant
    Jarrod Gallant Month ago

    The wheel is amazing. More please

  • Cody Taylor
    Cody Taylor Month ago

    Love the Shark

  • Keith Young
    Keith Young Month ago

    Why don’t you add “Trickshot” to the wheel. Then you get to choose what club/implement but you got to attempt to perform some kinda goofy trickshot effort 👍🏻