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  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Why are trailer brakes such a pain in the ass? Why is trailer wiring so janky? Because money. I muddle through a simple wiring problem on a tent trailer.
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  • Scooby's Scoop
    Scooby's Scoop Month ago +669

    Dude! That woman sounds Canadian... did you know that before you dated her?

    • Geoal Michael
      Geoal Michael 13 days ago +1

      @8ftbed only when used in the same sentence in that order. Id just answer both.

    • Wolfman Rebel
      Wolfman Rebel 22 days ago

      @Malcolm I'm not Canadian(however I have considered moving there) but I am definitely an outside looking in type as well,it's a good thing

    • Nirotix
      Nirotix 23 days ago

      Canadian women run free and wild up here, there are no zones, pools, or licenses to be attained to get one.
      But be forewarned, if you do manage to catch one, best take your pants off now and give them to her. Lol.
      It's a good thing thou, don't worry. πŸ˜‚

    • Jeffrey Templeton
      Jeffrey Templeton 23 days ago

      @Keith Walker What's hard to understand? Politicians are like spoiled misbehaving children. The nice little old lady is there to beat them with a spoon when they get too far out of line, just like my grandma did.

  • Tom Slater
    Tom Slater 8 days ago

    I've got that same lunchbox.

  • r blake
    r blake 9 days ago

    You don't get this quality one handed footage just anywhere on the net. Only AVE!

  • Katsoulinos
    Katsoulinos 9 days ago

    I find your methods and language rather... interesting.

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K 10 days ago

    Whoever employed the individual to do the original wiring job was violating child labor flaws. And while we're speaking of flaws with that wiring, there's no better place to enjoy a nice warm battery fire than right next to a full tank of propane. That'll wake up the kids!

  • Ben Becker
    Ben Becker 11 days ago

    Nuns on the run!!!

  • Steven Homan
    Steven Homan 11 days ago

    Trailers and cars are not from the same universe. The real problem is we keep demanding otherwise.

  • Ross Beamish
    Ross Beamish 12 days ago

    Just recently found your channel. Content is great. Also emjoy your humor and someone not afraid to let their personality show. Keep up the good work.

  • lt81s
    lt81s 12 days ago

    Blie thing is a t tap a proper connector for auto and low voltage

  • Argosse Oqemi
    Argosse Oqemi 13 days ago

    Awesome!! I didnt know anyone else sang @8:55 , that is my jam in the shop.

  • Danimal 86
    Danimal 86 13 days ago

    I put my meter on a hot 480v 100amp circuit while set on ohms by accident one time. Didnt even pop the fuse or hurt it.

  • TMB247
    TMB247 15 days ago

    The first time you had Sex was Under the Truck? (I understand the One Handed in the Dark)

  • Greg S.
    Greg S. 15 days ago

    No lock on the hitch? No more hitch.

  • Jamieson Mclelland
    Jamieson Mclelland 16 days ago

    If you put one of the jaws of your side cutters on the knuckle of the tie wrap the other jaw under the tie wrap and cut it shears the tie wrap flush no edge to damage the skin

  • Bill Neu
    Bill Neu 16 days ago

    Thanks for your valuable time good video been there I carry a 12 volt test light in all my autos figured out problems many times Bill N LINY

  • Γ“ Slattarra
    Γ“ Slattarra 16 days ago

    Don't forget yer tricorder.

  • TrueBlueEG8
    TrueBlueEG8 17 days ago

    Your ball hitch needs a greasin :)

  • NecrosisNow
    NecrosisNow 17 days ago

    7:43 Wire nuts!

  • Eremon1
    Eremon1 17 days ago

    Marettes on vehicle/trailer brake wires...on the underside no less...that was a Coquihalla Highway torpedo waiting to happen.

  • Gary Yorke
    Gary Yorke 18 days ago

    Well say it as it is ...chuckling to myself as that's about the way most of us end up doing it and the comments as we do it , like you it ain't fun repairing others balls up but it's really interesting seeing how they did it and knowing its 1 step from a death trap ..great video tho very entertaining

  • lakewood85
    lakewood85 20 days ago

    At 0:24 I noticed that you have the same Geiger Counter that I have. Never leave home without it!!!

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt 20 days ago

    I was just typing "The only radio station available in Canada is the Communist Broadcasting Corporation." and then he said he's listening to 'the CBC' and I twitched IRL. I was only joking, I didn't know you guys were that bad. :(

  • Dusty
    Dusty 21 day ago

    It’s never the last thing I fix or the last place I look. I keep fixing or looking so it’s the second to last thing fixed or spot that I looked.

  • Jared Lumbert
    Jared Lumbert 21 day ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I died at the very end

  • SarcASSticMOFO
    SarcASSticMOFO 21 day ago

    Can I just get you singing that song as an mp3 I need that for my ringtone.

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 22 days ago

    On jobs like this I solder all my connections. For things like this I have found wires nuts and crimps not up to the task.

    DERICKBLAIR4 22 days ago

    you only get paid in 6 packs? Dude come to Ontario, that job would have been AT LEAST a 24 and some moose sausage

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone 22 days ago

    some fuckin kid wired my trailer.... if I ever find out who it was, I'm going to beat the crap out of his parents

  • John Ventshop
    John Ventshop 22 days ago

    Trailer brakes are great when they work and a pain when the wiring is messed up. I went down to Foley Alabama and picked up a Deutz diesel powered concrete pump for someone. The wiring was all messed up and the brakes were not working at all. To say the thing was heavy is an understatement, it had twin torsion axles and I believe it was something like 10K pounds. I went to the scumbag store and bought some orange extension cord and used it to run the lights and such. I found that it lasts longer since it has a jacket over everything. I ran a ground all the way to each brake along with a positive then each side getting it's own line dedicated to it and then ran another piece of cord to each tail light then hook up left and right turn and running light. Honestly it's probably faster and better to just yank out all the old crap than to fix what is there.

    I have rewired multiple trailers this way and it beats the pants off of that 3 wire crap they sell for "trailer' wiring. The hardest thing about it is tapping into the running light circuit on each side and then not cutting the turn signal for the opposite side to keep the integrity as good as possible and adding an extra wire from the plug to the frame if you don't have trailer brakes for the ground. Usually with brakes you have a battery so I just run three sections from the plug (9 wires total) bringing two ground lines to the battery with two positive lines, brake ground is ran to each hub and positive with left, right turn and marker lights and then one for backup lights. Hopefully that makes sense, anyway. And it's a lot cheaper than the big hefty 6 wire stuff they sell to go from the battery back and the 7 wire to go from the plug to the battery and then make all kinds of splices.

  • Tennessee Jeff
    Tennessee Jeff 22 days ago

    No scotch locks on trailers!! Solder and heat shrink (with snot) or the snot embedded butt connectors only!

  • Jesse Beausoleil
    Jesse Beausoleil 23 days ago

    I work on trailers alot and more often than not the breakaway switch gets a bunch of shit in it and burns up. And the wiring is garbage.

  • whodatdere1
    whodatdere1 23 days ago

    I like a good top hat crimp... easy to heat shrink over too

  • Jim Vicious
    Jim Vicious 23 days ago

    @15:48 - the "bias" is due to the operation. The leading shoe upon actuation wedges the trailing shoe between the drum and the anchor pin. As both wear, the point of effective frictional contact will climb the shoes. They do not wear concentrically relative to the drum..

  • Jim Vicious
    Jim Vicious 23 days ago

    @11:55 - I've noticed that even these shrinkable goo filled butt connectors have cheaped out the last several years - surprise! crappy metal of who knows what alloy too thin to get (in my opinion) a decent permanent mechanical crimp connection. Bags by the hundreds of heavy gauge seamless butt crimps (I think intended for solid wire?) available at electric supply houses work great. Tighter than a nun's ... um - habit.

    Heat shrink tube by the foot also cheap as Cananjun election rhetoric. I like to double bag and go at least an inch either side of the insulation termination for strain and vibration mitigation. Not a fan of receiving chum on the mug having to fix the same thing twice.

    Decent main terminals are also hard to source off shelf now. I've been making my own by vising and drilling copper pipe/tube (depending on cable gauge), then crimping the cable end in an engineer's vise with a diameter of steel wire to roll the crimp into a "heart" shape.

    Recently repaired an Isuzu city delivery in this manner. Fuck sakes, for what I'm charging - even at shade tree rates - put some integrity into the work rather than fecking on a Canajun Tire POS BCH thin terminal with a pair of lock-jaws!

    In my opinion, those plastic boxes of various "fix all" splices and tees are total shite for anything beyond getting the radio working to the next exit.

    Then again, what the fuck do I know.

  • Emil Almberg
    Emil Almberg 23 days ago

    Thumbs up for your singing!

  • Jeffrey Templeton
    Jeffrey Templeton 23 days ago

    Yeah, same thing happened to a Swissair MD-11 back in 98.

  • jace damon
    jace damon 23 days ago

    Hey man you gotta do a review on the 24 volt kolbalt impact driver and the drill driver/hammer drill

  • Edward Leas
    Edward Leas 24 days ago

    Steve-o trying to suppress commercial fire works mortars. Basically blasting safes. What would be a proper option to suppress the concussion?

  • Edder31
    Edder31 24 days ago

    Thanks for making this video AvE. Been watching your videos for a few years now and I finally decided to fuck off from dead end jobs and become an elec-chicken! Watching these troubleshooting videos gets my juices flowing and a few notes to put in the ol' guidebook upstairs. Taking some electronics classes at the local votech too for some low voltage fun, haven't seen the blue smoke monster yet alas.

  • Dragonfire Productions

    The worst thing in troubleshooting is when you've been there for several hours and it was just in front of you

  • Steffen Buettner
    Steffen Buettner 24 days ago

    I'm from Germany (as most of your viewers are it seems :D) and I've never seen electrically actuated trailer brakes! All trailers with brakes here seem to have a mechanism where the trailer 'runs' into the towing car and that applies the brakes via a lever and steel cable or rod. If it detaches from the car, an additional safety wire/rope pulls on the brakes.

  • WASDxMerceless
    WASDxMerceless 25 days ago

    "Aaaannnd we have smoke" Gotta love that feeling

  • JoeNathan1938
    JoeNathan1938 25 days ago

    LMAO @ all the turd herders from the US who just unsubscribed. An for the ones who didn't get it turd herders are plumbers. Wish I could say I'll see you on the next one but you're waaaaayyyy out of my region hahaha love the videos brother. An from the IUOE 181 stay safe out there

  • Tom Dillon
    Tom Dillon 25 days ago

    i'm selling my trailer. thanks for making up my mind lol

  • Goultek
    Goultek 25 days ago

    soooo much cussing, I like that when people say what they think, I hate PC

  • brianminkc
    brianminkc 25 days ago

    I like da video.... you can't get this kind of douche baggery just anywhere. You gotta go to Canada.

  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker 25 days ago

    I have the same problem i spend all that time trying to get it in and the first pump i mean bump it flips out.

  • Howard Bayley
    Howard Bayley 26 days ago

    I think you need a holiday in regional Australia to enlarge your vocabulary, add a bit more slang.

  • Denman Fite
    Denman Fite 26 days ago

    8:55 "Just the gas cap!" Marry that woman.

  • imark7777777
    imark7777777 26 days ago

    Don't go giving phone connectors a bad name at 8:10, that's one of those stupid squeeze connectors splices That are the number one cause for wiring issues for some reason; most likely improperly installed.

  • Jerseyhighlander
    Jerseyhighlander 26 days ago

    'cept of course the yoga pants what've never been ta yoga.. Dahhhahaha. Stored for future use.

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison 26 days ago

    I'm an electrician. A half hour into the troubleshooting I would go to lunch ordering a new trailer harness and light set. Faster and easier just to rewire the damn thing.

  • Joseph R
    Joseph R 26 days ago

    I am unfortunately an American trump supporter and still want to move to Canadia and meet uncle bumblefuck

  • Dwayne Harralson
    Dwayne Harralson 26 days ago

    step 1 of mechanicing: get you a BFH (big fukin' hammer) and learn as many swear words as possible ;)

  • Bill Spring
    Bill Spring 26 days ago

    By the power of greyscull!!!🀣🀣🀣🀣love that shit!!!

  • Jeff Moss
    Jeff Moss 26 days ago

    mmm knipex

  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 26 days ago

    Why does it say you have 10k subscribers? What happened to the other million?

  • KozmykJ
    KozmykJ 26 days ago

    Whenever I'm searching for the right tool for the job, it's always in the last place I look.
    Spooky huh ??

  • Ham Radio Crash Course

    The brake safety switch smoking killed me.

  • Steampunk Skunk
    Steampunk Skunk 27 days ago +1

    Tip when cutting zip ties. Don't cut them off, grab them in pliers and twist them off, it ensures no sharp edges