I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......

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  • hp_overload
    hp_overload  2 days ago +13

    Would like to say thank you all for the support!!! This is crazy how viral it went. Video was NOT sponsored by Carmax haha I was just super grateful that they let me do this and how nice and excited they were to have us there. I would like to mention none of the workers felt there time was being wasted they all love cars and we all had so much fun but haters will find any reason to be jelly🤪 Love y’all

    • Voklst Westie
      Voklst Westie Day ago

      The one time I went to carmax, I get the new salesman and hes reading from a 'script' (*like I used to from nutrisystem....) & when I told him 1)cut the crap & 2) I didnt have time, & 3) what will you give me for my car?
      He almost started crying.... I told him get a new job & left...had to go look for my car cuz idiots were still checking it out to price it & were screwing around....

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      Fair enough

    • WhiteRice
      WhiteRice Day ago

      No one wants to watch your stupid filler content. Give us the number up front next time so we don't have to scrub through the video.

    • Forahorizonbuilds
      Forahorizonbuilds Day ago +1

      hp_overload I how many super cars do you have?

    • Brian Grindin
      Brian Grindin Day ago +1


  • Chris RamenSan
    Chris RamenSan Hour ago

    I'll give you whatever is in my pocket for that Mura.

  • HoLDoN4Sec
    HoLDoN4Sec 2 hours ago

    did you end up getting that GT350?

  • P F
    P F 5 hours ago

    I wouldn't give you a cheeseburger for that ugly thing!

  • Andy pride
    Andy pride 7 hours ago

    That zl1 would smoke that 3 million dollar pile of shit in reverse!

    SAVAGE_GALAXY _WOLF 9 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Dennis Teti
    Dennis Teti 10 hours ago

    I would buy a Miura for 200k. Assuming it’s this one. 😁💎

  • Tyler
    Tyler 15 hours ago

    To save you time... they offered 2,000,000 cents

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 17 hours ago

    200k I just saved you 8 mins of your life. Video is garbage, guys a douche. Call your mom/ grandma/best friend with the time I saved you.

  • fojaxx
    fojaxx 18 hours ago

    "2.3m" almost 2.6m dollars. i like your math, faggot

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  18 hours ago

      You’re so retarded.... 10% buyers premium on top of 2.3 do you listen or you too dumb?

  • SAADALLAH Nawfel
    SAADALLAH Nawfel 18 hours ago

    idiotic and superficial... says wow about a gt350??
    That's the kind of a lost generation. they have no idea about the value of things...
    Thanks daddy fot spoiling me

  • Adolfo Rdz
    Adolfo Rdz 22 hours ago

    Great vid man

  • Crazed
    Crazed 22 hours ago

    Genuine car lover

  • whcdv8
    whcdv8 23 hours ago

    Someone has too much money already ;)

  • harold steptoe
    harold steptoe Day ago

    howd you can afford that car ?

  • Donald Ray
    Donald Ray Day ago

    that sure is a mighty pitiful garage to have such a beautiful car!!! Maybe you should spend some of that money and build a garage you don’t have to worry bout hitting the walls every time you park it...just saying bro

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  23 hours ago

      This is the garage I keep the shitty cars

  • James Gaither
    James Gaither Day ago

    What amazes me is this guy looks like hes only in his 20's and can afford to have these toys! What kind of jobs are these kids getting these days to afford these? I mean really!!! Either he works in hollywood, owns Super Cell games or his dad died and left him the insurance, lol. Gessus.

  • IamHiyatiger
    IamHiyatiger Day ago

    $200K?! that's it?!

  • David Solomon
    David Solomon Day ago

    What a pathetic ploy to advertise for Car Max and drive up American Car Prices using Negative advertising while at the same time trying to legitimize an astronomical price of an outdated car. While the Lambo is a beautiful car, this video does nothing good for the American People but tries and trick them into giving money to people that did nothing to earn it. Have a Great Air Force Day!

  • somfplease
    somfplease Day ago

    If they offered $200K how is it worth $3million?

  • Bacon pizza Bosworth

    When you walked down and I seen all the Cobras and mustangs I went wet

  • Mike Buttfild
    Mike Buttfild Day ago +1

    You paid How Much for that s.h.i.t box?

  • Bryan Cobb
    Bryan Cobb Day ago


  • casual viewer
    casual viewer Day ago

    Wait ... does he actually own all these cars?

  • matt fox
    matt fox Day ago

    Why do people like this channel?

  • matt fox
    matt fox Day ago

    Why do new cars sound so shitty compared to old muscle cars?

  • Geoff Longford
    Geoff Longford Day ago

    Sorry I don't understand why you say its a 3 million dollar car?

  • VampireCat Productions

    Drinking game: take a shot every time the word 'Carmax' is uttered

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      I watched the video again last week and cringed at the amount of times I said it

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      You’d die

  • Adan
    Adan Day ago

    I dislike the mustang, but I have to admit. I really like the all the V8 exhaust notes👌🏽

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      Very true. I haven’t been much of a fan until the gt350 came out but still never have driven one need to try one out


    sick to damn death of everything on the internet being nothing more than a quest for "likes" and all that attention-whoring bullshit.

  • Cyclonex1CA ca
    Cyclonex1CA ca Day ago

    Not worth 3 Million...$400,000 - $500,000 at most....Bahahahahahaha.....You pleb.

    • Cyclonex1CA ca
      Cyclonex1CA ca Day ago


    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      Watch my video why is Miura worth millions so you understand why you are so mislead

  • 63 vettuser
    63 vettuser Day ago +1

    I think thats the coolest video I've seen... thanks for posting

  • Kaptain Kid
    Kaptain Kid Day ago

    I'll buy a $3m car for $200k any day . . . . what is this a friggin' joke?

  • d Fou
    d Fou Day ago

    What a douche!....31 seconds in and I'm out ....

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter Day ago

    Click bait much?

  • PrimeTime Sports

    What was the fucking point of this, getting rid of a Lamborghini to Carmax, so fucking dumb but pretty funny

  • Rosloyoy5
    Rosloyoy5 Day ago

    if i had to promise not to sell it; i would not take this car if it were free!

  • Slava Avtomat
    Slava Avtomat Day ago

    Watching the first part of the video, all I could think of was that scene in Ferris Buellers Day Off when Ferris and Cameron open the garage and start talking about the Ferrari 250 GT California. Classic!

  • My Larson
    My Larson Day ago

    Sorry but it is one of my PET Peeves Jaguar is NOT Jag Wire it is a Jag u are. Jaguar please.

  • the crazy Skull
    the crazy Skull 2 days ago


  • Miguel Sevilla
    Miguel Sevilla 2 days ago

    Good job in wasting the guys time when you could have been talking to someone else making a paycheck and putting Bread on his table.

  • bonzo1200 goTrump
    bonzo1200 goTrump 2 days ago

    I would love to give 200k for a 3m car in perfect shape. LOL who wouldnt.

  • Ryan Ducharme
    Ryan Ducharme 2 days ago

    He should just sell it and buy newer and faster cars 2m can get you quite a lot of nice cars

  • Wilfredo Gonzalez
    Wilfredo Gonzalez 2 days ago

    What’s the car next to it in the garage

  • Nicholas Kellogg
    Nicholas Kellogg 2 days ago

    That mustang sounds insane holy crap

  • Nicholas Kellogg
    Nicholas Kellogg 2 days ago

    They'll give 300k tops

  • illustraytion
    illustraytion 2 days ago

    $199,998 at 7:47

  • Robert Dixon
    Robert Dixon 2 days ago

    Like the Alfa next to the Lambo one of my first cars ! ! ! What year is that one??? The Alpha?

  • Ronnie Turner
    Ronnie Turner 2 days ago

    Just another rolling box of bolts.

  • fkujakedmyname
    fkujakedmyname 2 days ago

    bet he never cleaned toilets for 4.00$ an hour ever in his life making him just another nazi piece of shit who brags about earning daddys money l

  • RoZurkse
    RoZurkse 2 days ago

    I think they will give u 2.8M

  • Zer0nite
    Zer0nite 2 days ago

    1. Don't ask me for a like before your video even starts, you cringelord.
    2. Nice car. Looks like shit, but it's a nice car.

  • Waffleiron 11
    Waffleiron 11 2 days ago

    What do your parents do for a living?

  • jacesaces15
    jacesaces15 2 days ago

    how much is this guy getting paid from Carmax?? lol

  • TheNikkirock
    TheNikkirock 2 days ago +1

    an 8 and a half minute video about this guy bragging about his car. pathetic.

  • LeinadTM
    LeinadTM 2 days ago

    take a shot every time he says carmax

  • king bibibear
    king bibibear 2 days ago

    This is a big commercial for carmax....get out of here.

  • Trail Possible
    Trail Possible 2 days ago

    Carmax = Gamestop

  • Todd Pritchard
    Todd Pritchard 2 days ago

    Shameless plug for CarMax. What a weak ass video. Get your CarMax shirt back on and get back to work.

  • MikeHunt185
    MikeHunt185 2 days ago +1

    "Do you know how to open the valves?"
    *Starts Car*

    G FUNKERA 2 days ago

    Ontario, California Carmax off the 10 freeway 😊

  • Mark Vianen
    Mark Vianen 2 days ago

    parks a Da Vinci on the parking lot, gets thrilled buy a Manga poster.

  • Eric
    Eric 2 days ago +1

    I didn't know being a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel paid so well!
    For real, though, great video. I had no idea Carmax was actually this legit.

  • Eric Wallman
    Eric Wallman 2 days ago

    Big deal.

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 2 days ago

    That Lambo is ugly, just my opinion.

  • Joseph Foster
    Joseph Foster 2 days ago

    This guy is a rich kid douchebag

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 days ago

      Tbh I wouldn’t assume the type of person you are on an 8 minute video but that’s just me

    JERIESALFREIH 2 days ago

    $200,000 is a REALLY REALLY REALLY fair offer for the car. Is it worth 3 million? maybe. After buyer premium and auction fees- he could put as much as 2 million in his pocket or even as little as 1.5 million. But why is $200,000 fair? How many places are willing to give CASH on the spot for a car like that? not too many. SO- for fast cash on a car like that- that costs a lot of money to sell and is SO RISKY to sell- $200k is fair- he should be happy. That kind of money up front and risk- it's a fair offer- and Carmax is smart.

  • kevin couto
    kevin couto 2 days ago

    I'd rather take the mustang....

  • AngryPostmanSthlm2
    AngryPostmanSthlm2 2 days ago

    Very nice color. Reminds of the evil De Tomaso Panthera

  • ivru1455
    ivru1455 2 days ago

    nice car, but can't drive that to Walmart and leave it park in the lot.

  • MelvinDaGoat
    MelvinDaGoat 2 days ago


  • Tez Wharton
    Tez Wharton 2 days ago

    Did you bid for it? if did the other guy that bided would of got it cheaper!!!

  • Eastern Hemisphere
    Eastern Hemisphere 2 days ago +1

    So he offered $199.998. Glad I saved 8:31 minutes of my life.

  • White Powers
    White Powers 2 days ago

    They know you're full of s*** in are not going to sell the car

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 days ago

      Considering I told them it was just for fun ya you’re right mr white power

  • Trey Bailey
    Trey Bailey 2 days ago

    What if he totaled it on the way there

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 days ago

      That would not be fun Hahahaha but insurance I guess lol

    • Trey Bailey
      Trey Bailey 2 days ago

      What r the odds u total a 3 million dollar car

    • Trey Bailey
      Trey Bailey 2 days ago

      Just saying it would have been terible

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 days ago

      What if I didn’t

  • luckycityboy
    luckycityboy 3 days ago

    They offered him 199,998.00 your welcome

  • Justin Boring
    Justin Boring 3 days ago

    Who did you inherit all your money from?

  • Marc Aurele
    Marc Aurele 3 days ago

    so, this guy is just rich ?? That's it? And he's got a car collection? ohhh gawd.

  • Young Mazda
    Young Mazda 3 days ago

    I'd rather whip in a mazda. Join the movement

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 3 days ago

    I say $75,000.00...carmax rips people off really bad

  • andrew madron
    andrew madron 3 days ago

    Car salesman get paid off of commission only. You just wasted that poor fat bastards time.

  • Bahzad23
    Bahzad23 3 days ago

    They left you $2 wiggle room to negotiate to $200k, at least that’s nice of them

  • Snickersbite
    Snickersbite 3 days ago

    wtf did I just watch?

  • Chuck Dillion
    Chuck Dillion 3 days ago

    Y does he seem familiar

  • Raymond Boeijen
    Raymond Boeijen 4 days ago +1

    drives a 3 million lambo but uses NCS music smh

  • Aaron Urias
    Aaron Urias 4 days ago

    They offered $199,998 waste of time video. Just shows money cant make your videos good.

  • kirk gardner
    kirk gardner 4 days ago

    That car is a piece of shit

  • Christopher J Vlogs
    Christopher J Vlogs 4 days ago

    Bro the reason the reason their so nice to you is because of your car 🏎

  • Mark Avery
    Mark Avery 4 days ago

    whats the point besides wasting someone elses time for your amusement???

  • Alec Foster
    Alec Foster 4 days ago

    I was actually thinking about $250k so I was close

  • Duncan Gunn
    Duncan Gunn 4 days ago

    I'm not rich, don't have a car licence and don't aspire to owning the most expensive car on the planet (just the one with the coolest custom built ICE (by _me_ of course)) but I *do* like it when somebody upsets the car trade!!

  • veryfitblondeguy
    veryfitblondeguy 4 days ago +1

    So watching a rich spoiled kid take his parents money to CarMax? wow I bet they are proud.

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  4 days ago

      Not spoiled rlly I’m not allowed to drive my dads cars he drove it

  • nba youngboy
    nba youngboy 4 days ago

    He got finessed him bad

  • Steve Fowler
    Steve Fowler 4 days ago

    What a beauty of an automobile the Mura is...gorgeous....my net worth is almost exactly $3 million dollars so I guess if I liquidated everything I could just pay cash for one, but obviously that ain't happening...lol...wifey would have me on the couch for ever.

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  • ViralGamez
    ViralGamez 4 days ago

    Wonder how he gets all those cool cars

  • Milwaukee BreaD
    Milwaukee BreaD 4 days ago

    Perfect song for this video
    Melly G Bingo official video YouTube

  • Check It Out
    Check It Out 4 days ago +26

    Wait till the end of the video, I disliked before the end, then changed it to a LIKE. I thought that you were not going to tell us what they offered it to you for.

  • Ilias Verbiest
    Ilias Verbiest 4 days ago

    You know here in belgium you can buy these cars in perfect state for about 100 to 200k lol

    • Ilias Verbiest
      Ilias Verbiest 2 days ago

      hp_overload they buy american made cars in us like i do myself but never lambos ore ferrari ore porsche ore whatever european build car becouse we got so much more lambos and shit here xp thats why there not so rare in belgium, germany, france, spain, italy, portugal, netherland, swiss end more.

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 days ago

      Miuras go for more in Europe that’s why people in Europe buy cars from US auction. You could get a Miura for 100-200k 20 Years ago

    • Ilias Verbiest
      Ilias Verbiest 3 days ago

      hp_overload you think your so smart lol we have owned one in the famely. And btw europe is not us boy

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  4 days ago

      Stupidity has no cure😞

  • DARF
    DARF 4 days ago