I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......


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  • Zander Zye
    Zander Zye Hour ago

    Purely boring A long commercial for CarMax. They suck

  • By Arie
    By Arie 7 hours ago


  • Giuseppe Santelli
    Giuseppe Santelli 12 hours ago

    Fuck you do not sale it

  • M G
    M G 17 hours ago

    I think the mafia will pay more

  • Tom Tompkins
    Tom Tompkins 22 hours ago

    They call them like they see him I believe they were being very generous engine four tires body just a car

  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry Day ago

    What a twat . Now put daddy’s car back in the garage

  • Gordon Way
    Gordon Way Day ago

    "$3,000,000" to the biggest sucker in the world who is into trashy, poor handling, low power, old clunkers....I'm embarrassed for this retard looking dude.

  • Gordon Way
    Gordon Way Day ago

    All that money can't fix a dude's face...

  • Dwight Arnold
    Dwight Arnold Day ago

    Does daddy know your trying to trade his carq

  • Dwight Arnold
    Dwight Arnold Day ago

    Trade for the mustang

  • Kris Kyllo
    Kris Kyllo 2 days ago

    I’d say that car is worth there while company

  • Dumb People
    Dumb People 2 days ago

    LOL, it's Paul Finch!!!

  • JelloServices everything but jiggling

    you should race that car you sloppy box

  • stripervince1
    stripervince1 2 days ago

    Fucking crooks I went there once, never again. I'd take the gt 350 any day over that orange foreign thing, don't care how much it's worth

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson 3 days ago

    oh, and how fucking boring is your life that you spin a day doing this shit then sitting and editing this shit. Then sitting around counting your clicks on this shit. Then your boy has nothing better to do than follow you around for a day doing this shit WTF! I was laughing the whole time

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson 3 days ago

    Your cars perceived value (Collectors, lineage, restoration condition, color) is 3million.... actual value, car max is correct.

  • Gagik Gharagyozyan
    Gagik Gharagyozyan 3 days ago

    Max is 200k we all know this stop with the clickbait

  • sunshineW79
    sunshineW79 3 days ago

    Its the Peggasi Infernous from GTA 5

  • Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson 3 days ago

    Not 3mil

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan 3 days ago

    That car is so ugly. 5 dollars max

  • Vic C
    Vic C 3 days ago +1

    Ugly Car😱

  • Nelson Fernandez
    Nelson Fernandez 4 days ago

    Dame must be nice to have a few dollars , here i'm paying 260 dollars a month for my implants so i can just eat for a total of 9000

  • Ted Serve
    Ted Serve 4 days ago

    Nice car max video

  • Marton Varga
    Marton Varga 4 days ago

    Havent seen a punchable face like this spoiled lop's in quite a while..

  • gary meade
    gary meade 4 days ago

    music sucks, editing sucks, pretty dumb premise for a video, what else can we say about this channel? Useless youtube garbage.

  • Brent Tenney
    Brent Tenney 4 days ago

    Car max sucks.

  • thereal91 **
    thereal91 ** 5 days ago

    This could be a advertisement for tampax cuz all I see is a bunch of douches

  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson 5 days ago

    Save yourself time He got an offer of Just short of $ TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND

  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson 5 days ago +1

    bloody god awful car

  • MidnightPikachu
    MidnightPikachu 5 days ago


    I just wasted your time just like he did to carmax

  • SnowBucksSr
    SnowBucksSr 5 days ago +1

    He added "hole" to ass.

  • David DeJesus
    David DeJesus 5 days ago

    Ugly car..my personal opinion..

  • Small box entertainment

    This ugly ass alien looking bitch ew

  • Small box entertainment

    This ugly ass alien looking bitch ew

  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 6 days ago

    Amazing what you can accomplish in life with the backing of the bank of mum and dad

  • Noe b
    Noe b 6 days ago

    Wake up ,reality check !That just shows that it's a game that people play 🎭 for yo money!Your car ain't worth 3milly!Nice ride,but noooooope not a million dollar 💵 ride !

  • Vapor Zer0
    Vapor Zer0 6 days ago

    Your personality sucks . Your not meant for TVclip . Your lucky you have expensive shit

  • Random person37
    Random person37 6 days ago

    I know thats a old car but i want it so bad

  • Stevie Wander
    Stevie Wander 6 days ago

    Itd been epic if some pissed off hoodrat came flying into the parking lot and totaled it. CARMA..

  • Stevie Wander
    Stevie Wander 6 days ago

    The zl1 looks like a brick

  • Stevie Wander
    Stevie Wander 6 days ago

    I have a very horrible life. I have a $,3000,000 car and I got to carmax as a joke and have it appraised.

  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer 6 days ago

    211 what....

  • charles jones
    charles jones 6 days ago


  • Henry Bartholomew
    Henry Bartholomew 7 days ago +2

    If you did not know a CarMax rule is that they can’t offer you more than $200,000 for a car

  • Michael Kerr
    Michael Kerr 8 days ago

    smells a lot like bad cologne and dudes who didnt deserve the money for toys like this in the first place... carmax is irrelevant. wash off the drakkar noir or oldspice whatever.

    • Michael Kerr
      Michael Kerr 8 days ago

      douche means "shower". bag means "you" it's needed. dumbass

  • Kasey Lewis
    Kasey Lewis 8 days ago

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  • queen Elsa
    queen Elsa 8 days ago

    8:20 is why you learn how much they offered him. skip all the way to the end because the rest is boring

  • FirecrafterYT
    FirecrafterYT 10 days ago

    Excuse me it’s $199,998 not 3,000,000

  • randy moss
    randy moss 10 days ago

    Trade it in

  • Vladamir
    Vladamir 10 days ago

    nice car....its a collector.

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel 11 days ago +1

    Dam ! I’d be doing more productive things in life, rather then make a Car Max Video.

  • A Multi-Millionaire
    A Multi-Millionaire 11 days ago +1

    Sell it....

    CALEB’S VIDEO’S 11 days ago

    Whyyyyyyyyyy would you give that to car max

  • hunter fritscher
    hunter fritscher 11 days ago

    Damn what a bland douche bag seems about right tho for kids that inherit money they had nothing to do with

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod 11 days ago

    Its worth what some fool will give you for it.

  • L Dub
    L Dub 11 days ago

    This is the dumbest thing ever! What is your point!!

  • Kevin Brandon
    Kevin Brandon 12 days ago

    I mean somone took a bugati veyron there and were offered 300k

  • william2821jr
    william2821jr 12 days ago

    Who cares i got me a 1985 dodge caravan for 400 and does exactly what his lambo do.... drives.

    • Steve Parr
      Steve Parr 9 days ago

      And you can get laid in the Caravan...

  • Jonathan 1368
    Jonathan 1368 12 days ago

    Why would you sell the car

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST 13 days ago

    2000,000 is the max you can get you won't get more

    SOUTHSIDE 13 days ago

    Carmax infomercial!!

  • You Tube
    You Tube 14 days ago


  • Supreme Kevin
    Supreme Kevin 15 days ago

    Car is sexy

  • MuMu124
    MuMu124 15 days ago

    I would have sold it and bought a nice Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Tacoma...and a house

  • John Llamas
    John Llamas 15 days ago

    Wait is the point here? You and you boyfriend look pretty lame. Your cool.

  • clare5 one
    clare5 one 17 days ago


  • Zaquan Malloy
    Zaquan Malloy 17 days ago

    look Like El Chapo

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 19 days ago

    Only worth 20 grand to me..cant use the speed legally...Junk it!

  • Anthony_ Clontz
    Anthony_ Clontz 19 days ago

    "A Miura S is about $500,000, about half the price of an SV, but certainly not half the car. An average P400 is priced at about $350,000--$400,000. The P400 is not only a good value, it's a lot of fun because it's a lightweight car. It's the original item," Sackey said.

  • justlovingit
    justlovingit 20 days ago

    tbh thats the uggliest car ive ever seen

  • Katy  Seeley
    Katy Seeley 21 day ago


  • Katy  Seeley
    Katy Seeley 21 day ago

    $ 130,44478,456

  • Katy  Seeley
    Katy Seeley 21 day ago

    Here's how much it cost for a Lamborghini $2220000000000000000000000

  • Hannah Conlon
    Hannah Conlon 21 day ago

    You are stupid don’t sell it

  • Stephanie Ross
    Stephanie Ross 21 day ago

    I think about $299,998

  • Traditions Chevrolet
    Traditions Chevrolet 22 days ago

    The car isn’t worth 3,000,000. I have bought and sold thousands of cars. It’s only a guess of the cars worth. The real value is what someone agrees to buy it for today. That could be anything because car values go up and down with the market.

  • mgdarenz
    mgdarenz 22 days ago

    You're a D-Bag.

  • David Falgout
    David Falgout 22 days ago

    HP... with that face, you need a lambo!... and lotz of money.... what an infantile way to act sir!

  • Mister Mister
    Mister Mister 23 days ago

    Only a retarded douchebag would take a car like that to Carmax..

  • Randy G
    Randy G 23 days ago

    Fuk car max

  • chris Pine
    chris Pine 24 days ago

    That car is ugly

  • Piri Gonzalez
    Piri Gonzalez 24 days ago

    Ever try to sell Jewelry??? They want to rip you off.

  • brine posterior
    brine posterior 24 days ago

    whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa didn't you have like 107 subs not too long ago?

  • heather huddle
    heather huddle 24 days ago

    This was so stupid... thank goodness I could fast forward!!!!!!! This video could have been done in less that 2min!!!
    Don't waste your time watching this!

  • Thatcher Welker MTB
    Thatcher Welker MTB 24 days ago


  • Jerrick Adams
    Jerrick Adams 24 days ago


  • andy bishop
    andy bishop 24 days ago

    This guy’s a total dick

  • Ryan Shane
    Ryan Shane 25 days ago

    I am now dumber that I have watched this.When I grow up I wanna be this guy.

  • Desi Baba
    Desi Baba 25 days ago

    Give me 3 mill and that car I probably will reject both just coz of that ugly ass color and car itself

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 25 days ago

    There are no words... except fucking dumb. Two words I guess. He’s like a 30 year old with a preteen brain. So insecure. Desperate to be liked. Little fan boy next to him that’s just riding that gravy train. Smh. Fucking dumb.

  • Drago Bertschinger
    Drago Bertschinger 25 days ago

    guys calm down he probly wanted to sell ut but if sometninfs 1000000 would u sell it for

  • Dale Ross
    Dale Ross 26 days ago


  • Warren Hopfinger
    Warren Hopfinger 26 days ago

    Some rich douchebag taking a million dollar car to CarMax lol anything to try and get likes or famous off some dumb shit

  • DaBeast Viper
    DaBeast Viper 26 days ago

    What they gonna do with 2 dollars?

  • Gtr_Squad_Boii Tyler dake

    That car is way to nice to sell for $200,000

  • Sean Greene
    Sean Greene 27 days ago

    The NUMBER of cars not amount of cars. Unless it's a mangled pile of metal that used to be a group of cars, you say number of cars because they can be counted.

  • James Franklin jr.
    James Franklin jr. 27 days ago

    meir barak ad saved me from actually wasting time on the clickbait video and i went straight to comments..thanks guys!!

  • Julian Metcalfe
    Julian Metcalfe 27 days ago

    car max is bullshit. they discounted my Porsche that they sold to me,

  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray 27 days ago

    That is the Burbank, CA branch, which as i understand is the number one carmax in the country for taking in cars. More cars are bought by them at that location than any other in the country....And 200K is probably the most money they can spend on any vehicle... no matter what shows up.

  • U Pipe
    U Pipe 27 days ago