I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......

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  • Wilson Gonzalez
    Wilson Gonzalez 21 minute ago

    for Mi understanding the most expensive today after restored is 2.5 million and your Lamborghini is 3mill how come?

  • Servo
    Servo 25 minutes ago

    This is proof. Money can buy you a lot of things, but not class.

  • slickraft
    slickraft 30 minutes ago

    Double yawn.....

  • yutuniopati
    yutuniopati 34 minutes ago

    1:29 Wtf you drive on the wrong side...

  • NY NY
    NY NY 39 minutes ago

    Beautiful cars man...even tho I hate u now..lol,,but in reality it's mad respect and appreciation for keeping a car like that alive so others can enjoy the beauty for older cars

  • Tony M
    Tony M 41 minute ago

    another rich douche bag showing off his stuff...pathetic

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music 53 minutes ago

    *owns a Miura and freaks out over a GT350*

  • joe abdilla
    joe abdilla Hour ago

    people who work at pawn shops or carmax are such losers. just make their living trying to rip other people off.... complete losers

  • UmbreonMow
    UmbreonMow Hour ago

    What's the other silver car in the garage?

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins 2 hours ago

    What is the big deal with Lambos?  Gotta be honest - I think they are ugly.

  • John Humphrey
    John Humphrey 2 hours ago

    who gives a shit!

  • Alex West
    Alex West 2 hours ago

    I've been looking for that exact car. Would you take $1,500,000?

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 hours ago


  • Jon Pfaff
    Jon Pfaff 3 hours ago

    You don't even drive it who does

  • clobbyhops
    clobbyhops 3 hours ago

    They would’ve but it on their showroom floor for $2 million dollars plus.

  • cole vanpapeveld
    cole vanpapeveld 3 hours ago

    5k like goal. Well, you destroyed that, and got that goal in dislikes lmao

  • RohanRohanRohan
    RohanRohanRohan 3 hours ago

    @hp-overload what lift system are you using for your cars and how tall is your garage.

  • Jason Harelson
    Jason Harelson 3 hours ago

    They won't buy it.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 3 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing. soooo kool.

  • Pr0nix Youtube
    Pr0nix Youtube 3 hours ago

    Wow... „I want that car“ he just buys it... what the hell i hope I have the opportunity’s to do that in the future too!

  • Pr0nix Youtube
    Pr0nix Youtube 3 hours ago

    I just want money to buy myself a Huracan... and you have that great cars... wow...

  • Dan Norton
    Dan Norton 3 hours ago

    I keep seeing these videos of people taking their cars to car max I guess to make light of the offers they get as if they are ridiculous. It's a pseudo market, they're not commodities that car is only worth the highest value someone will pay you. The valuation sources are guidelines. Car Max while staffed by people, is not a person. It is a business entity with a vested interest in making money. It's like going to a mobile home park and trying to sell the management your mansion.

  • 3 Kawis
    3 Kawis 3 hours ago

    200K there I just saved u 8 minutes

  • Awesome Dude
    Awesome Dude 4 hours ago

    I looks like a corvette stingray sorta

  • StormwaterJay B
    StormwaterJay B 4 hours ago

    Our CarMax doesn't have shit and what they do have all smells like ass sweat and an ashtray.

  • what I said was
    what I said was 4 hours ago

    I guess your kilo distribution is do good💊

  • Mike Gold
    Mike Gold 5 hours ago

    You look like a very selfish guy a guy that won't give a water to someone, you just have that writing all over your face...

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  2 hours ago

      +Mike Gold I'm the opposite actually. You look like the type of person to judge a book by its cover which is societies biggest problem and contradicts what you said.

  • You Lie
    You Lie 5 hours ago

    how original.... nobody has ever done that before.

  • Andrew De Angelis
    Andrew De Angelis 5 hours ago

    That Murci!!!!

  • Randal C
    Randal C 5 hours ago

    You could ask for the extra chromosome that's missing from your DNA

  • TwelveSevenTwoWorks
    TwelveSevenTwoWorks 6 hours ago

    Glad you spent your time so wisely with this car.

  • Joshy Bags
    Joshy Bags 6 hours ago


  • Anthony Agnelneri
    Anthony Agnelneri 6 hours ago

    I'LL GIVE YOU 55000!!

  • chuckhpnwx
    chuckhpnwx 6 hours ago

    Probably offer $9.99 for my car then...lol!

  • marielato
    marielato 6 hours ago

    the mustang much better that orange thing...(:

  • Clyde Lee
    Clyde Lee 7 hours ago

    Admittedly I was curious about what CarMax would offer because I knoew it would not be anywhere near what the supposed value might be.
    Simple. CarMax buys and sells cars to the General Pubic. The "Lambo" is a specialty car for a specific market. The "Market", I believe, does not shop at CarMax. For them to acquire the car would be silly since they;d probably never move it at any kind of a profit.
    I own MANY things which I place a high value on but that does NOT mean that I could sell them at that value.
    To me, this video was simply entertainment with no particular value either for or against CarMax which I have personally had good experiences with.

  • D/A Cactus
    D/A Cactus 7 hours ago

    Like 28.00

  • martin robillard
    martin robillard 7 hours ago

    this piece of shit is worth about 100k ... what a fuckin retard

  • H Λ Z Y
    H Λ Z Y 7 hours ago

    I say they offer maybe 1m

  • Art
    Art 7 hours ago

    lol that carmax is down my street

  • joe u
    joe u 7 hours ago

    why sell it

    EAST-END JUSTICE 7 hours ago

    I love he played the generic YouTube YouTube "lifehack videos" music over the speakers of the lambo.

  • pantera owns
    pantera owns 7 hours ago

    They aren't in the car business. They are in the money making business

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones 7 hours ago

    You just gave those salesmen orgasms! LOL

  • Dr. Mtz
    Dr. Mtz 8 hours ago +1

    Nice car but it’s exhausting to be worried in a restaurant, club, etc; knowing that ur car it’s vulnerable Parked somewhere.
    I prefer to be relaxed with my ford tempo hahahaha just kidding!

  • Stevie Pyro
    Stevie Pyro 8 hours ago

    That was kind of pointless. You could take an alpha 8c spider worth 20 Million and still get 200k.

  • MrBeard17
    MrBeard17 9 hours ago

    He brought you the offer outside because they didnt want to be laughed at in their own office

  • Normand Marcoux
    Normand Marcoux 9 hours ago

    only show off here he is doin it only to show off ....

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 9 hours ago

    So what?

  • Franky- Do Over
    Franky- Do Over 9 hours ago

    Fuck Carmax

  • Offgrid Cabin
    Offgrid Cabin 9 hours ago

    Since you live in California. Shouldn't you have a safety chain securing the car to the lift in case of earthquake? Or did I just miss that?

  • adlerdefender
    adlerdefender 10 hours ago

    This videos are stupid

  • Grumpy ol' Boot
    Grumpy ol' Boot 10 hours ago +1

    I went to Carmax in a friends RatRod, and before I even managed to park it, a guy came running out and shouted "Not appraisable" at me, and motioned for me to leave again - I had a good laugh on my way home. :D

  • christian The man
    christian The man 10 hours ago

    Imagine if people put this much energy and to actually solving a worldwide crisis problem that we all have. It's over 40 million slaves in the world right now. collectively we need to put a stop to it. I have a theory that if we hijack channels for breed moment of spreading the news in Desperate hope then we can join together put a stop to this modern day slavery in 2017.

  • Quagigitymire
    Quagigitymire 11 hours ago +1

    If someone came in to intentionally waste my time I would have given the same bullshit offer, but only after having them stand around wasting their time as I play solitaire or some shit I claim to be research and calling a bunch of people for quote info.

  • joshua gommers
    joshua gommers 11 hours ago

    What for job does he. If he can own all of these cars on his YouTube channel?

  • B Karston
    B Karston 11 hours ago

    You should save that Tron cabinet in your garage. Arkanoid isn't that good.

  • kengerw00 TV
    kengerw00 TV 11 hours ago +2

    That Camaro looks sick af!

  • No Jam
    No Jam 11 hours ago

    Carmax is like Gamestop

  • Lexus 2008
    Lexus 2008 11 hours ago

    I wouldn’t pay a dollar for that. Fucking car is ugly

  • Clinton Myers
    Clinton Myers 12 hours ago

    Breakfast serve academic ffxnugt expectation coast bite.

  • brad dovel
    brad dovel 12 hours ago

    now take it to a cash for title place and see what they offer, for 45% interest, that would be funny. probably would involve the law being called. wouldnt piss on one of those places if they caught on fire

  • Bunta Fujiwara
    Bunta Fujiwara 13 hours ago

    Thats like selling your video games to gamestop...

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. 14 hours ago

    What a sleazy offer. The knew what the thing was worth after a little research and didn't even give you 10 percent of the value as their offer. Remind me never to sell a car to Carmax and just do private sale. Wow.

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez 14 hours ago

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  • mimixownzall
    mimixownzall 14 hours ago

    Anyone who goes to carmax is a dumbfuck or just desperate. I took my M3 there and they would only give me $13k. I told them to get bent and sold it on autotrader for $24k.

  • Olli Lehtonen
    Olli Lehtonen 15 hours ago

    What do you do for a living? Or is the Miura even your car?

  • CoolFinn69
    CoolFinn69 15 hours ago

    Wish id had a rare car

  • Olli Lehtonen
    Olli Lehtonen 15 hours ago

    The thumbnail is wrong. It is not the most expensive car. Lykan Hypersport is more expensive than the Miura but damn the Miura is a sexy hunk of metal.

  • john samuel
    john samuel 15 hours ago +1

    Hey man u could have got more

  • ben davies
    ben davies 15 hours ago

    Takes in a beautifully designed and engineered classic car, then starts drooling over some fat American piece of shit muscle car. wtf

    SIDEHOUSE 15 hours ago

    Bro I would be scared to even take that car on the road. With all these bad drivers out there

  • grhmcchrn
    grhmcchrn 16 hours ago

    Haha hands in an insanely rare lambo. Loses his shit over some mustang

  • Not Telling
    Not Telling 16 hours ago

    As soon as someone asks for a like, Instant down vote.

  • adza botchway
    adza botchway 16 hours ago

    Carmax is the gamestop of the car world...

  • Mike Ruthford
    Mike Ruthford 16 hours ago

    is it possible that this is a CarMax publicity stunt?

  • Vergel Malabuyoc
    Vergel Malabuyoc 16 hours ago

    ur house is ugly

  • Josh Maldonado
    Josh Maldonado 17 hours ago

    Highest offer from CarMax I've seen so far that's crazy

  • MainesOwn
    MainesOwn 17 hours ago

    i just hate it when the "professionals" call this a "vehicle" ... it's a car, man. A car. Not s chariot.

  • JusAnotherUTuber
    JusAnotherUTuber 17 hours ago

    Spoiler alert. $199,998

  • Tristin Bailey
    Tristin Bailey 17 hours ago

    Sorry man, but you are one ugly dude.

  • Benjamin ZAOUI
    Benjamin ZAOUI 17 hours ago

    OMG, it's shit break! What's up shit break, nice car!?

  • 3642130
    3642130 17 hours ago

    Cars from CARMAX always seem to have transmission problems the week after the 30 day fix period. Maybe CARMAX hires psychics!?! It defies the odds!

  • Xerrtz
    Xerrtz 17 hours ago

    This fool said 5,000 likes for the diablo lmao Wut

  • proimsat
    proimsat 17 hours ago

    He called it a "Maria"

  • alex Ellis
    alex Ellis 17 hours ago

    Ooooh look at me I’m so rich I can laugh at people who actually work he just puts some videos on YouTube and it’s like saying I have money that I never worked for last me bill gates worked for years and now there isn’t any point for him to pick up 100 dollars

  • Fredrick Ihlenfeld
    Fredrick Ihlenfeld 18 hours ago

    Haha, that is an ugly as car I'm sorry man wow it may be worth a lot I don't know how but it's an ugly car.

  • Shawn Mariucci
    Shawn Mariucci 18 hours ago

    He still get no ladies

  • Kevin Mathuews
    Kevin Mathuews 18 hours ago

    $199,998.00 for those interested in not watching this jerkoff.

  • Jesus loves you
    Jesus loves you 18 hours ago

    Try Jesus man if you don't like him.satan would be more than happy to take you back snaps that one is free my man

  • Alfie Parris
    Alfie Parris 18 hours ago

    No one gives a fuck. Jesus Christ wow you took a car to a shop I think everyone else does.your but ugly the car looks fucking ugly.wow big deal taking a car to a shop big fucking whoop.🚘🛣🏢. It's fucking pointless it's a fucking Lambo. Your not cool you wouldn't sell it because it's a vintage car.you stupid cunting nonce.

  • Christopher Colen
    Christopher Colen 18 hours ago

    Interesting in a purely superficial way.
    But disappointing to know how far into the "I'm a celebrity because I'm a rich fuckboi" era we've gone.

  • Metal Magic
    Metal Magic 18 hours ago

    *And we both know that you earned it...
    *Yeah, your life is so fuckin' hard...
    *It must be so stressful living on your daddies...credit card(s)

  • Raffi nator
    Raffi nator 18 hours ago

    Who the fuck sells a Lamborghini Muira

  • breathe and squeeze
    breathe and squeeze 18 hours ago

    what was it that they felt they had to be $2 lower than the rounded price? too much wear on the tires, can't give him 200 grand, give him $2 less.

    G4YL0RDSUPR3MO 18 hours ago

    Why would you hate on him he’s rich yeah but he’s worked for what he has so he can brag all he wants

    • Abraham Ford
      Abraham Ford 14 hours ago

      No he hasn't. He says in his other video that this car belongs to his father. You can see him driving it in THIS video.

  • misko
    misko 19 hours ago

    Stop with cancer music

  • Yellow Fellow
    Yellow Fellow 19 hours ago


  • Dominique Battle
    Dominique Battle 19 hours ago

    Fuck CarMax

  • Chris Offutt
    Chris Offutt 19 hours ago

    TIL: It's possible to make a video about something that can be summed up in a single photo. Save yourself some time and know that they offered this jackwagon a bit under 200k(skip to 7:47 so you don't have to listen to anybody flapping their gums). @hp_overload do us all a favor and make some actual worthwhile content instead of worthless clickbait.