I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......


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  • Marc Law
    Marc Law 40 minutes ago

    Of course they would not buy it,waste of time taking it.

  • ItsJoeMayer
    ItsJoeMayer 8 hours ago

    The kid is enjoying Life!
    Keep living life Man enjoy every moment

  • Max Gonzalez
    Max Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    Someone take a bugatti to carmax

  • Toskudo 86
    Toskudo 86 14 hours ago

    The zl1 grill looks like uncooked ramen soup 🍜

  • Mr0Justice
    Mr0Justice 15 hours ago

    SoFLo Antonio's brother

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave 16 hours ago

    You sound stupid!

  • Emperor Binks
    Emperor Binks 16 hours ago

    Wait is this car really worth 2.5millions , and they offered 200k ??? Wtf is this Gamestop?

  • Erasmo Hernandez
    Erasmo Hernandez 22 hours ago

    Quit wasting peoples time at CarMax with these dumbass purchases that we all know you are not going to take the offer. As far as I know the highest end they used to take was a Porsche. Grow the fuck up, also did your dad get mad when he saw you took his car out.

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy Day ago

    what are those blue boxes on the car windows...?

  • felixthemaster1
    felixthemaster1 Day ago

    Shame you couldn't get the 5 thousand likes you wanted :p

  • Michael Barnhouse

    I want to know what he does for a damn living

  • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47

    200K for a 3 million dollar Lambo? Hmm that's real fair of them. No wonder why Carmax's business is doing so well

  • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47

    Carmax is so nice because of all the profit they make from porking people out of $$$

  • Doom Punk
    Doom Punk Day ago

    That Lambo has to be the most Beautiful body style in my opinion, thanks for sharing.

  • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47

    Umm bro, you could buy A LOT of GT350's or GT 500's buy selling your Lambo

  • sensei danku
    sensei danku Day ago

    y tho

  • Imperial Drift
    Imperial Drift Day ago

    What exactly makes this car worth 3 mil? did he do some typa mod or something

  • Ameet Baliga
    Ameet Baliga Day ago

    8:10 - 200,000 $

  • Tane Rollins
    Tane Rollins Day ago

    Not even worth close to 3 mil. You're high.

    • Tane Rollins
      Tane Rollins Day ago

      I have a one-of-a-kind 1980 Rolls Royce Daddybought Cuckboy V12. I'm claiming it's worth, based on cherry picked crap that I say, is 14 BILLION dollars (13.9 billion dollar auction fee). And then I'm going to prove that it's it's worth 14 billion by claiming that you don't own one. Jesus, man. Have your parents made you earn anything in your life, or do you just drive around the streets of Burbank pretending you're independently wealthy? Kids like you are so transparent. *zooms off in his 1980 Cuckboy V12 to try and see a vagina*

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  Day ago

      Ok genius where’s your Miura?

  • Tony Caira
    Tony Caira Day ago

    did you not know that car max was going to low ball you anyway?? I don't see the point other than showing off

  • KDKlive
    KDKlive 2 days ago

    What a Douche

  • Josh Kramer
    Josh Kramer 2 days ago

    I would've kept the muria because of how iconic it is

  • svenmega10022
    svenmega10022 2 days ago

    $199,00.00 for a 3 million dollar car? Insanity!

  • M
    M 2 days ago

    Fucken loser

  • Choukair Gaming
    Choukair Gaming 2 days ago

    that shit aint worth 3mill you nerd looking fucker

  • ituneyou 12
    ituneyou 12 2 days ago

    So whats up with the gray alfa

  • Chai T. Rex
    Chai T. Rex 2 days ago

    I don't get the pricing. When you're selling, you end things with a bunch of 9s so that the first digits are smaller and the price looks smaller. Why wouldn't they go up to $200,000 for buying something to make it look bigger?

  • Mark Ferguson - InvestFourMore

    I also have a Diablo Alpine Edition!!

  • Michael Teehan
    Michael Teehan 2 days ago

    5000 likes??? Huh

  • Duder Lebowski
    Duder Lebowski 2 days ago +1

    Why does he need to keep pointing the camera at himself and his boyfriend? Point it at the cars....

  • Dayga
    Dayga 2 days ago

    That Miura is fucking gorgeous. Love to see a guy that's loaded really enjoy his dough.

  • Jason Van damme
    Jason Van damme 3 days ago +1

    I Caught a Rabbi pedophile wanting to molest and mutilate then suck your babies genitals,

  • Oto Tanase
    Oto Tanase 3 days ago +1

    This guy looks so genuine unlike that ugly cunt from Dubai that shows of like his the only rich kid with his sister

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago


  • Dom RM
    Dom RM 3 days ago +1

    Gay bitch, it’s not worth 3 millions, maximum it worth 250.000$

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  3 days ago

      Do you have an education? Just wondering

  • Jay Baird
    Jay Baird 3 days ago

    What’s the black car next to it ?

  • Lopaka Volmer
    Lopaka Volmer 3 days ago

    "the ZL-1 looks huge next to it" shit's not funny, move on.
    you should have your penis removed and sewn in your ass.

  • PhilthyMr Basty
    PhilthyMr Basty 3 days ago


  • TheFrio937
    TheFrio937 3 days ago

    Stop Clickbait. They offered him $199,998

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 3 days ago

    TVclip all of a sudden is linking me old videos. WTH?
    Hey guys I have a 3 million dollar lambo let me take it to Car Max and show you the ridiculous low deal they are going to offer me because we already know that's their business model. ???
    But hey you got another click and that's what it's all about. $$

  • TheRealCritique
    TheRealCritique 4 days ago

    This is what happens when senile grandpa takes the family treasure to be old one day when he's pissed at the world.

  • Jeff Gazetti
    Jeff Gazetti 4 days ago

    Paul Finch is that you?

  • Brady Kirkpatrick
    Brady Kirkpatrick 4 days ago

    What's with the hate towards rich people in the comments? In most cases they earned their money by putting in the work. For those who inherited their money, why the hell should inheritance not be passed on through family? All the hard work of someone just disappears after they pass away? People should have a right to spend the money they earned on whatever the hell they feel like spending it on.

  • Austin Kowalewski
    Austin Kowalewski 5 days ago

    I'm not sure what your point is. Are you trying to make Carmax look foolish? Because you did'nt, in the scope of being foolish you may be the fool here. Bringing that car to Carmax is like trying to sell a case of beluga caviar to McDonalds. Its not that they cant afford it or that they don't understand the value in it, they just aren't in the exotic car business. They just aren't interested. 199k is probably the maximum pay out because they probably don't want to get involved. (They buy it) Ok great we have this cool car... that applies to no one in our demographic.. great. They are doing just fine selling regular cars to regular drivers. I don't know for sure but i'd bet my bottom dollar that carmax could buy every one of those cars that are available to purchase, spray paint their logo on the hood and sell them at a huge loss and still be doing well.

  • Dirty Rights👽
    Dirty Rights👽 5 days ago

    Carmax is Gamestop for cars.

  • Torg Borger
    Torg Borger 5 days ago

    Shut up oil drinking Persian, fashion victim

  • Sebastien Pollock
    Sebastien Pollock 5 days ago

    Just a heads up...grey is not a colour.

  • M Lucas
    M Lucas 5 days ago

    Ugly car, bùtt ugly color 😊. I'll give you $2k

  • jeddyhi
    jeddyhi 5 days ago

    Bored rich guys.

  • Garrett
    Garrett 5 days ago

    So you just wasted everyones time to show off your car

  • Robert Husk
    Robert Husk 5 days ago

    What a little douche bag.

  • fuckyou631993
    fuckyou631993 5 days ago

    Jason segal

  • robert myles
    robert myles 5 days ago

    $3M for Lamborghini Miura ? Only if they've got, a fool & his money are soon parted tattooed on their head. You can buy Miura for between £1M to £1.5M approx $2M to $2.3M , if it wasn't owned by someone famous you'll struggle to get more , also in a classic car auction you'll be in real trouble if there's more then 1 for sale especially if yours isn't "Show Car" condition basically 100% restored with original parts & you can prove providence of the parts & any restoration work.
    The guy in the video drove the car which means best it will get is a Good or Very Good condition so you can forget $3M. At auction on a bad day you might not clear $1.1M

  • Mathew Kim
    Mathew Kim 6 days ago

    Whats the point of this video??

  • David Caster
    David Caster 6 days ago

    I am from the U.K. we don’t have a carmax but we do have we buy any car.com you only look in your early 20’s is that Lamborghini really your car? Bloody hell im 56 a Mechanical Engineer disabled trying to scrape enough money together to restore my beloved 1994 Jaguar XJ40, to see such a young man with such a beautiful array of awe inspiring cars is heartwarming, my very best wishes to you young man you are very inspirational well done..........well it looks like beans on toast tonight saving up to get my Jag done......keep up putting out great videos

  • R. Inkhaurt
    R. Inkhaurt 6 days ago

    This should easily fetch at least $1 Million in a Sotheby's auction.

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 6 days ago

    Not surprising. They tend to offer 10% of what a car is actually worth. Kind of a ripoff.

  • Zecto Mask
    Zecto Mask 6 days ago

    5k likes for a car that was only made 12 times BOI YOU STUPID at least 90k likes smh likes only put your video in higher on the chart and 5k not gonna make a big difference

  • David Palomino
    David Palomino 6 days ago

    Thank God I watched this video! Been laying here trying to fall asleep but couldn't, but this video bored me to sleep thanks!!!! 😪😪

  • AngelLps_2004
    AngelLps_2004 6 days ago

    $199,998 for anyone who is lazy like me and skipped half the video XD

  • shay dogz
    shay dogz 6 days ago

    Rick from pawn stars be like "I'll give ya a thousand bucks for it. I gotta pay to have it stored and redone. If you go to an auction there going to charge you fees. I gotta make money off this too man."

  • Feed Me
    Feed Me 6 days ago

    It’s all he totals the car right before he sets to carmax

  • SaltyDog Ronin
    SaltyDog Ronin 6 days ago


  • SaltyDog Ronin
    SaltyDog Ronin 6 days ago

    carmax sucks

  • SaltyDog Ronin
    SaltyDog Ronin 6 days ago

    How much anyone wants bid this dude is Armenian!!!?

  • Travis Sharon
    Travis Sharon 7 days ago

    isn't that your dad's car? I thought I saw it on another vid. with an older owner. in that same garage? you frontin bruh?!

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  7 days ago

      The only time this Miura has ever been shown to the public is on this channel so maybe rewatch the other video 🤣

  • Mickey Stewart
    Mickey Stewart 7 days ago

    Me sitting here with $1,800 looking for a clunker to get me back and forth to work like :|

  • Randall Timmons
    Randall Timmons 7 days ago

    I hate kids with parents money.

    • hp_overload
      hp_overload  6 days ago

      I hate people who like hating other people for no other reason than envy.

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas 7 days ago

    7:47. Yourwelcome

  • sumo
    sumo 7 days ago

    What did you expect, idiot.

  • TrionBulldog
    TrionBulldog 7 days ago +1

    Are these guys boyfriends? I feel like they put toy cars in each other's butts as foreplay.

  • Martin Castillo
    Martin Castillo 7 days ago


  • Jared
    Jared 8 days ago

    How did you start that car? They don't leave keys in all the cars anywhere lol

  • Quentin le pilote
    Quentin le pilote 8 days ago

    Im french and I dont understand why you sold a 3 000 000 $car for 200 000$

  • BoBo FrUt
    BoBo FrUt 8 days ago


  • GreenRanger
    GreenRanger 8 days ago

    So Carmax is basically the GameStop for cars

  • Fern Lasdon
    Fern Lasdon 8 days ago

    No today is the dat i saw this on my recomened

  • Andrew Love
    Andrew Love 8 days ago

    I want to see a video of him replacing brake pads, or changing the oil. Even changing the wipers. That would be entertaining! Why waste some poor guys time. Just to show everyone that you’re rich. The toughest men I know don’t tell people they are tough. The smartest people I know don’t go around telling everyone they are smarter than everyone. And so on. My guess is that this entitled little half wit didn’t make the money to pay for that car with hard work ingenuity and determination. Name one great thing that a spoiled rich kid has accomplished on his or her own. I feel bad for this guy. He’ll never get the satisfaction of punching out of Friday. Or getting that paycheck. Or actually buying something after you’ve budgeted and saved. He will never learn to use his hands to make create or serve his fellow man or woman. That is kind of a tragedy.

  • chicken nugget goes huggen

    I no im late and if u still have it good if theirs only 12 in The world u should be proud that your one of the 12 people who have one and if u did sell it, come on dude why😡😡

  • wjhandy
    wjhandy 8 days ago

    He may have the only car on the lot that aren't losing value as they sit

  • Will Keyes
    Will Keyes 9 days ago

    I'm never going to take my car to Carmax. What a rip off.

  • Sydney Baker
    Sydney Baker 9 days ago

    How businesses usually work, you must PAY THEM to take it off your hands, and then they sell it for 300% higher than market value for a gigantic payday!

  • Anonymike
    Anonymike 9 days ago

    If this car actually is worth $3 mil, this guy is a buffoon. A garage with box store venetian blinds on the window is not security storage. I doubt an insurance company would insure it for full value without secure storage. Reminds me of all the rigmarole people say you are supposed to go through if you get the winning lottery ticket. No, you can't insure your ticket while you're visiting lawyers and creating your new secret identity. If you get a winning ticket, once you turn it in, it can't be lost, it can't be stolen and it's a hell of a lot harder for someone else to claim it is really theirs. All of this stuff is just smart aleck, typical American white guy bullcrap. If you have or inherit a high value collector vehicle and you can't insure the vehicle for its full value, sell it. Or take a partner who can afford to protect it. If someone who knows how wants it, it will gone in 60 seconds even on that lift.

  • KappaKev
    KappaKev 9 days ago

    The fluck you mean “proud of you guys” they just buy the cars people sell tf if you don’t sell they don’t buy they’ll buy any car like ...

  • LunarStrikes
    LunarStrikes 9 days ago

    Why do they offer 200k for a car that is worth millions?

  • King Cesar
    King Cesar 10 days ago

    Shitbait. 199k offered and he didn’t take the deal.

  • guywhosfly
    guywhosfly 10 days ago

    Your plates are expired ;)

  • Barney Kelly
    Barney Kelly 10 days ago

    "This is a beautiful car" - erm, don't you mean the Lambo, not the Mustang?...

  • DCMutE27
    DCMutE27 10 days ago

    Such a self-agrandising, dumber-than-shit idiot. "I knew they wouldn't buy it"... fuckstick

  • Mirthless
    Mirthless 10 days ago

    > *"let's aim for 5,000 likes"*
    > 100k

  • 6arcia
    6arcia 10 days ago


  • 6arcia
    6arcia 10 days ago

    Save your time @7:47 thank me later.

  • Tom Cat
    Tom Cat 10 days ago

    He walks like with a stick up his asssss

  • Nels Hammer
    Nels Hammer 10 days ago

    Is that a Kia?

  • McCoyVids
    McCoyVids 10 days ago

    200k????? Shitddd I would’ve took $1000 bucks lol

  • Elevation
    Elevation 10 days ago

    What is the point of this ridiculous attempt again? CarMax is not in the business of dealing in rare automobiles. So why even do this? This video reeks of attention seekers who've got nothing better to do. Before anyone asks, I saw this video on the sidebar and the short description looked so stupid that I had to click on it just to see how stupid this really is. You guys seem like nice people, but still, this exercise of bringing a Miura to a carmax is stupid. I do have to applaud you for driving the Miura instead of hiding it like a garage-queen for investment only purposes.

  • 2thebestsport
    2thebestsport 10 days ago

    Only a person that's a billionaire would pay 3mill for that insipid car.

  • 2thebestsport
    2thebestsport 10 days ago

    I don't get why those cars cost that much. Really? A Shelby cobra 1 or GTO classic is better than that Lambo.

  • justin koon
    justin koon 11 days ago

    Rich people need better things to do with there money....

    MGM SPORTS 11 days ago +1

    So this whole thing was basically like a prank on CarMax. Did you let them know that you were not going to actually sell the car to them beforehand ? Lol