ABBA - Arrival

  • Published on Jan 25, 2011
  • The beautiful title track from the "Arrival" album. Enjoy!
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  • ysaac wichmann
    ysaac wichmann Day ago +1

    Very best and beautiful music , country and peoples !!!!

  • Thomas Lasch
    Thomas Lasch 2 days ago

    They lost each other. They list their band. But, OH! HOW BEAUTIFULLY THEY SHONE!

  • Nikolay Skvotsov
    Nikolay Skvotsov 7 days ago

    Doesnt deserve attention.

  • Máximo Alfonso Ruiz- Díaz

    Nice composition, Great job ABBA

  • Nokola Kostov
    Nokola Kostov 8 days ago +1

    I knew this tune from my childhood, but then I didn't know it was ABBA. It reminds me of my family, the care of my parents ,who are gone!!

  • Bob Sch
    Bob Sch 9 days ago


  • Sonia Augusto
    Sonia Augusto 10 days ago +1

    ABBA pra sempre ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

  • Samik Novick
    Samik Novick 10 days ago

    Immortal Abba! Wonderful music! Wonderful songs!

  • Jamey Harrelson
    Jamey Harrelson 12 days ago

    You have got to be an idiot to give this a thumbs down

  • otto meyer
    otto meyer 13 days ago

    out of this world

  • Juan Marino Medina Arrocha

    Gran grupo y gran música del maestro

  • Daniela Reiche
    Daniela Reiche 14 days ago

    Ähm und wo ist da bitte der Text?

  • Zdzichu S.
    Zdzichu S. 14 days ago

    It is a shiny little pearl in the middle of a lotos flower... It's a light of the rising sun, and the light of the moon in zenith...

  • Kerbel 4
    Kerbel 4 18 days ago

    Danke ABBA 👍

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow 25 days ago +1

    Real Scottish vibes.

  • Barry Cole
    Barry Cole 26 days ago +3

    Goose bumps all over, I hope this is playing at the gates of heaven. I would know where I was instantly

  • Thomas Lasch
    Thomas Lasch 26 days ago +2

    You can play this one at my funeral.

  • Jussi Tarponen
    Jussi Tarponen 26 days ago

    wonderful pop- albumequal to the ELO album A New World Recordboth released in 1976

  • littlenige
    littlenige 29 days ago +2

    I cry when I hear this piece of music. So incredibly beautiful.

  • Dragan Milenkovic
    Dragan Milenkovic Month ago +4

    This should be the new anthem of the Republic of Sweden!

  • Isa Diamond
    Isa Diamond Month ago

    Grandiosos recuerdos, eternamente Abba😍

  • Steve Pettersen
    Steve Pettersen Month ago

    Good grief! What was Bjorn thinking wearing those platform shoes?

  • Jean-Marie Champion

    Somptueux !!!!!

  • Janett Grady
    Janett Grady Month ago

    I know little about Sweden. but if I had any say in the matter, I'd nominate this ABBA video song, Arrival, to be Sweden's National Anthem. Like I said, I know practically nothing about Sweden, and I do not speak the language, but based on what I do know about ABBA, which is quite a bit, I'd in some way honor ABBA as if they were Swedish Royalty...and I'd do it now while they're still alive. Waiting until they start dying off would be an insult to ABBA fans everywhere...and their fans are world wide!!!

  • Stanislaw Skraba
    Stanislaw Skraba Month ago

    I love svenska

  • Blanaru Dumbravioara

    - Ionele, tu mai ai incredere in cantare? - Iar te-a pacalit vanzatorul? - Nu, nici vorba. Dar am constatat ca nu mai sunt cum am fot odata... M-am cantarit in urma cu 5 ani si aveam mai putin cu 20 de kilograme. - Am ajuns la concluzia ca intotdeauna e mai bine sa dai decat sa primesti. - Esti un filantrop! - Nu, Boxer.

  • Lenie Messemaker
    Lenie Messemaker Month ago


  • coskun Toktamis
    coskun Toktamis Month ago


  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Month ago

    ABBA por siempre saludos de overland parck kansas

  • Rafael Haminiuk
    Rafael Haminiuk Month ago

    Lembranças de outrora é uma recordação que nunca esquecemos!!!!!

    RENATO LECCE Month ago

    Abba insuperabili

  • Renzo Anzio
    Renzo Anzio 2 months ago

    Abba anche oltre la vita..... Mi porterò dietro un loro cd

  • zoligungoren
    zoligungoren 2 months ago

    Gyönyörűek vagytok, hoa felejtem el a dalotokat!

  • Jorphey Gabriel
    Jorphey Gabriel 2 months ago

    Thata Tha Tha....... Oh..... Oh... Oh... Ho. Ho... Ho

  • Filipe clemente Teixeira


  • Ad Lenders
    Ad Lenders 2 months ago +1

    I allways loved ABBA..... and Agnetha.....

  • pro ceed
    pro ceed 2 months ago

    Juhu, bin der mit dem 600sten Daumen nach unten °°

    • pro ceed
      pro ceed Month ago

      Ui, war der Kontakt mit dem Pfarrer in der Bibelstunde doch intensiver als erwartet?

  • Jim Driscoll
    Jim Driscoll 2 months ago

    Proud to have some Swedish in me!

  • Vas János
    Vas János 2 months ago

    The human white no black!!!

  • Jesse Marcus Di Campli San Vito


  • Tony Kaye
    Tony Kaye 2 months ago +1

    Thank you . This is up lifting .....

  • Mario Moreira
    Mario Moreira 2 months ago

    Abba foi e será sempre um grande show .

  • Diana Comparin
    Diana Comparin 2 months ago

    Abba siempre estaran en mi corazon.los amo y amare x el resto de mi vida.hermosa melodia.Argentina.

  • Kelly14UK
    Kelly14UK 2 months ago

    Us Scots and Irish can relate to the emotions invoked in this piece.

  • Armando Lattieri
    Armando Lattieri 2 months ago


  • neeraj kumar
    neeraj kumar 2 months ago

    I have seen ABBA The movie in the year of 1982*******

  • Ananda Jayasooriya
    Ananda Jayasooriya 3 months ago +1

    Don't know how much i addicted ABBA,thanks for the Sweden for giving us this lovely team for music, love you so much for your contribution for the music.

  • Alpha Beast
    Alpha Beast 3 months ago

    I Love Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Frid, Agneta, + ABBA. With all my Heart.

  • steven kerry
    steven kerry 3 months ago

    love abba love scotland love bagpipes enough said from an englishman .

  • jose vicente Adamo
    jose vicente Adamo 3 months ago


  • Michael Zopf
    Michael Zopf 3 months ago +1


  • Ananda Jayasooriya
    Ananda Jayasooriya 3 months ago +3

    Abba made me happy till my life time , love you ABBA ever. never forget you ever.

  • Jan Kodenko
    Jan Kodenko 3 months ago +2

    Superb, excelent music.

  • Lost Uncle
    Lost Uncle 3 months ago

    Wonderfull musik for two wonderfull voices!!

  • Situnadei
    Situnadei 3 months ago

    This is written in an old swedish folk tune, it is very special to us swedes, Reminds us of Dalecarlia and a lost world.

  • Vilasprabha Jadhav
    Vilasprabha Jadhav 3 months ago

    Great ... 🌹🌹🌹

  • Sergei Michalich
    Sergei Michalich 3 months ago

    Снежная,красивая Швеция, и такой огонь-АББА"-просто пиздец!

  • Андрей Дружинин

    abba - вас не хватает.

  • Marli Fogarone
    Marli Fogarone 3 months ago +4

    Uau! ABBA, Eternos! Obrigada por suas músicas. ❤

  • Plexpara
    Plexpara 3 months ago

    not many bands got the balls to make instumental song.real Music skills here from abba.