ABBA - Arrival

  • Published on Jan 25, 2011
  • The beautiful title track from the "Arrival" album. Enjoy!
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    RAVISANKAR 15 hours ago

    அமேசான் primeஐ ஒரு tabல் ஓபன் செய்து வைத்தும் அதைப் பார்க்க மனமே இல்லாமல் abba பாட்டுகளையே கேட்டுக் கொண்டு இருக்கிறேன்.

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 5 days ago

    I'm all SOUND cloud stream this century and forevermore

  • Luis Fernando Yavar
    Luis Fernando Yavar 5 days ago


  • Marina B.
    Marina B. 7 days ago

    This track is so Swedish! ❤️🇸🇪 It is one of my favorite songs by Abba. Benny Andersson is also composing traditional Swedish folk music, not only pop. You should listen to Benny Andersson: öppna alla grindar ❤️. Another track is Chess from the musical Chess. I love this instrumental piece of music: Another master piece from the musical is this song I love the Swedish version most. This singer is Tommy Körberg. His voice is stunning ❤️ Of course Benny is playing the piano. BTW Benny is one of the most talented Swedish composer.

  • Lisa Mazzuccato
    Lisa Mazzuccato 7 days ago +1

  • Ines Raab
    Ines Raab 10 days ago


  • Bo Nilsson
    Bo Nilsson 10 days ago

    Agnetha Ekerö ❤

  • zoubek 69
    zoubek 69 11 days ago

    Magnifique, c'est beau et bien joué . ...

  • james197091
    james197091 12 days ago

    Still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye!!

  • Cam
    Cam 13 days ago

    Mike Oldfield's QE2 brought me here.

  • Carsten Ziemer
    Carsten Ziemer 17 days ago +3

    Kenne ich auch von Mike Oldfield.


  • Andrew Zarins
    Andrew Zarins 23 days ago +6

    Perfect, glorious, grand, dreamy - just beautiful!

  • Maria de Fátima Freire dos santos Freire

    Maravilha de video bom

  • Petur Kirke
    Petur Kirke 26 days ago

    This is one of their very best

  • Symphonyofflowers
    Symphonyofflowers  27 days ago

    This video has now reached 5 million views! Thank you very much to everyone!

  • Velithia TV
    Velithia TV 27 days ago

    Abba amour
    Légende musicale

  • manfred palla
    manfred palla 28 days ago +5

    Happy New Year 2020!

  • Ferenc Cseh jr.
    Ferenc Cseh jr. 28 days ago

    Thanks for sharing
    Happy new year

  • Commander Kruge
    Commander Kruge 28 days ago +4

    All the years I thought this was a Mike Oldfield Original. Damn! :D This version is sweet as well! :)

    • rolli riß
      rolli riß 19 days ago

      So I did... Just have known it as an Oldfield-track.

  • C Wakely
    C Wakely 29 days ago +2

    Did you know: The Darkness use this a lot for their walk on music. Awesome to hear prior to a live rock concert (The Darkness Chicago)

  • Pilatus 02
    Pilatus 02 Month ago

    Bonjour; SUBLIME morceau de musique, que j' ADORE .
    Hello; SUBLIME piece of music, which I LOVE

  • Beat Zbinden
    Beat Zbinden Month ago

    Ich liebe diese Melodie! Alerdings höre ich sie hier zum ersten Mal im Kontext von ABBA.
    Kennen gelernt habe ich das Stück in einem Album von Mike Oldfield. Von wem stammt die
    Komposition also wirklich... ? Eigenartig.

    • zaggy3110
      zaggy3110 Month ago +1

      Das Original ist von ABBA aus 1976.Die Coverversion ist von Mike Oldfield aus 1980

  • Robo Tron
    Robo Tron Month ago +5

    I've tears of joy in my eyes

    • Bramble Bop
      Bramble Bop Month ago

      Yeah... sounds of rapture. When I die I hope to float into this.

  • Vipanchi Vishwanath
    Vipanchi Vishwanath Month ago +3

    Just imaging 100 backpipers playing.

    • Bramble Bop
      Bramble Bop Month ago

      Yeah. Bagpipe sound, drones and all.

  • Richard D
    Richard D Month ago +8

    We used this at our wedding to walk down the aisle to

  • kizituu osaretin
    kizituu osaretin Month ago +6

    I just hope this music would be played in heaven cos its our final home

  • João Batista
    João Batista Month ago

    Nunca mais vai editor um grupo igual ao Abba podem até emitar mais cantar afi adi igual ao Abba e dificil

  • Jose Alfredo Olivo
    Jose Alfredo Olivo Month ago +4


  • Олег Котишевский

    Слушаю и плачу-это феноменально!!!

  • Александр Заваров

    Если петр1 победил шведов,то АББА победила всюроссию

  • Nelu Bercea
    Nelu Bercea Month ago

    ABBA forever! Greetings from Romania!
    Thanks for posting!

    Vin, vin amintirile, vin urcând pe bolta albastră,
    Vin, vin, vin cântările, vin din tinerețea noastră.
    În alaiuri vin cântările, vin amintirile!
    Încă vin, vin!... Cât am vrea să vină
    Anii noștri de lumină!

  • 成實勲
    成實勲 Month ago +2


  • Deano Deano
    Deano Deano Month ago +17

    Wow there's something unexpectedly emotive about this piece of music. So bloody under rated..its absolutely stunning

    • Dean Godin
      Dean Godin Month ago +2

      I agree. I recall letting it overwhelm me on my Walkman in Aug 1987. It evoked some feature lingering from something in its original season, 76-77. It still works!

    • Diemerstein
      Diemerstein Month ago +3

      You are correct, it instantly causes flashback memories to my childhood, running though Forrest and camping on castle grounds in the Rhineland, how I miss my Oma and Opa.
      Such an innocent life I had......ABBA forever.

    • Margriet Goorhuis
      Margriet Goorhuis Month ago

      Best song

  • Thomas Ritter
    Thomas Ritter Month ago +4

    2019 anyone?

  • Klaus Hoffmann
    Klaus Hoffmann Month ago +1

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Month ago +10

    This one is just music to my ears, simple the Best of the Best, ABBA played great songs and all with a peaceful touch, they still in the memories of millions of people for years to come, including myself , off course...BIG THANKS.

  • jaxxstraw
    jaxxstraw Month ago +3

    Arrival was an album everyone got for Christmas.

  • Wally Tverstol
    Wally Tverstol Month ago +1

    abba had many great songs. hard to say which is the best.

  • William Larson
    William Larson 2 months ago +3

    Never heard this until now. Lovely, and thanks!

  • Adam Smith.
    Adam Smith. 2 months ago +4

    An amazing grace by ABBA! God, it is amazing - as if listen to it and then you can die!

    • Janett Grady
      Janett Grady 10 days ago

      Adam Smith...Love your comment, one of the best I've seen in praise of a song. Your comment brightened up my day. I agree, it's an amazing song. Please don't bother to respond, here. I simply wanted to thank you for such a telling comment.

  • anibal cesar nishizk
    anibal cesar nishizk 2 months ago +3

    Sie waren,sind und werden toll sein.Ich mag sie seit ich ein Kinder war.

  • Famille Dias caneja
    Famille Dias caneja 2 months ago +2


  • Венелин Йотов
    Венелин Йотов 2 months ago +1

    Умни нации всичко могат но най вече музика създават еталон

  • Максим Архипов

    Наши есть?

  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith 2 months ago +1

    Something about this song bring tears of happiness for the great abba which have enriched all our lives

  • DownTheRabbitHole
    DownTheRabbitHole 2 months ago +4

    Beautiful photos of our country and a song reminding of Swedish folkmusic.

  • Aivo Pilt
    Aivo Pilt 2 months ago

    Only words I can say - no words!!! :o)

  • Lars Sjöberg
    Lars Sjöberg 2 months ago +1


  • Christopher Burfoot
    Christopher Burfoot 2 months ago

    That’s Mike Oldfield not ABBA!

    • Maik Teckert
      Maik Teckert Month ago

      thats abba,not mike olfield :-)

    • Symphonyofflowers
      Symphonyofflowers  2 months ago +1

      No. it's ABBA. This is the original. Mike Oldfield just covered it.

  • Cleuza Alves
    Cleuza Alves 2 months ago +1


  • Altenholz
    Altenholz 2 months ago +3

    Very very gifted musicians, still a class of its own!

  • Vladimir Andrijasevic
    Vladimir Andrijasevic 2 months ago +2


  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith 2 months ago +2

    not like an Abba song but wow its beautiful from the Arrival Album beautiful music

  • Frans van Berkel
    Frans van Berkel 2 months ago +3 music ..

  • Benedikt Morak
    Benedikt Morak 2 months ago +2

    still goose pimples every time. even after so many years!

  • Jaroslav Jedlička
    Jaroslav Jedlička 2 months ago

    Vzdelaný stratég toto navrhuje? Skúsime to zasa bez likvidáceie náckov vo "vláde Smer - SNS- ĽSNS"? Asi NIE

  • Jaroslav Jedlička
    Jaroslav Jedlička 2 months ago

    Azda treba denacifikáciu Slovenska jemne?

  • Erik Eriksen
    Erik Eriksen 2 months ago +22

    And we`re still listening to it in 2019. Beautiful music!

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 2 months ago

    Underrated and underplayed...