10 More FREE Games On Nintendo Switch!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  Month ago +330

    DAUNTLESS IS REALLY FUN AND YOU SHOULD PLAY IT! 🔥 playdauntless.com/r/beatemups 🔥 Follow me on Twitter @beatemupswood
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    • Tomato God
      Tomato God 12 days ago

      BeatEmUps Dauntless is made by Phoenix labs but it’s sold on the epic games store

    • T E M D A B E S T
      T E M D A B E S T 14 days ago

      I already have! It’s so good!!

    • Vince Castor
      Vince Castor 25 days ago

      Btw I stopped playing dauntless for a whole day because I had no more patrol chests(I hate this part of the game).

    • Vince Castor
      Vince Castor 25 days ago

      I also like asphalt 9

    • Vince Castor
      Vince Castor 25 days ago

      My favorite is also Dauntless becausd its so hard/challenging thats why I like it and I just got to the radiant behemoths

  • Narendra Lau
    Narendra Lau 12 hours ago

    Pretty sure its onigiri

  • Ryan Hudson
    Ryan Hudson Day ago

    Can we be friends on dauntless

  • Jorgi Vanhees
    Jorgi Vanhees 2 days ago

    Im a long time player of DCUO and ive played it for a long time on the pc and i totally agree with the fact that so many fun stuff is locked for free to play player, nonetheless free to play player do get long enough play time to finish the main story and get max level AFTER that you can still join raids and events, and by that time the actual game starts and if by that time you are hooked you get the membership for just a month so you cqn check out all the other things and power and if your still hooked after that you wont give a sht how repetitive the quests are, because there is so much more to it! And for a gale from 2011 it holds up pretty good imo on the switch

  • Nishi Das
    Nishi Das 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does this guy look like jacksepticye

  • Leh Astronaut
    Leh Astronaut 2 days ago

    Yo I’m so addicted to dauntless now

  • Mate De
    Mate De 4 days ago

    Realm royale is a copy of a copy

  • Noah Reyes
    Noah Reyes 4 days ago

    aren’t these technically $300 games

  • Dimitriy Dzyuba
    Dimitriy Dzyuba 5 days ago

    This Angry Bunnies crap heap is an insult to Angry Birds, which is nostalgia for me and so many other people

  • Sammy Presser
    Sammy Presser 5 days ago

    Is magic the gathering on the switch

  • Danny Ocrela
    Danny Ocrela 6 days ago

    Can one use the Satisfy grip with the Switch lite flip cover from nintendo??

  • jeffry Pestaño
    jeffry Pestaño 6 days ago

    I wish, i have nintendo switch 😣😔

  • jeffry Pestaño
    jeffry Pestaño 6 days ago

    I love nintendo switch😍😍

  • Saul Gudino
    Saul Gudino 8 days ago

    You forgot to mention that asphalt 9 legends is a mobile game too

  • Joslin Johnson
    Joslin Johnson 8 days ago

    thank you for talking bout the grip

  • Tyler Presco
    Tyler Presco 8 days ago +2

    When he said “there’s something wrong with my switch” I thought he was gonna turn on dark mode

  • Mikachu HD
    Mikachu HD 8 days ago

    Idk what's wrong with my switch but if I want to start a Match in realm royal, Paladins or smite it goes to the title screen of the game

  • christ douanla
    christ douanla 9 days ago

    I don't know Dauntless I know easy dark souls

  • 404 Triggerhappyshot

    Gems of war is just budget PAD. lame.

  • Angus ferguson
    Angus ferguson 9 days ago

    This guy has such a punchable face,

  • TheMinecrafter2
    TheMinecrafter2 10 days ago

    Asphalt 9 got me so mad I broke my switch screen

  • Subnautical Explorer
    Subnautical Explorer 11 days ago

    OniGiri is a Weeaboo Virgins paradise lol

  • jack11770
    jack11770 12 days ago

    Lol yea I like onigiri on xbox XD

  • jack11770
    jack11770 12 days ago

    Hmm asphault 9 seems like burnout

  • Th3Hav0c PZ5
    Th3Hav0c PZ5 12 days ago

    It’s pronounced ah nee gee ree, it’s spelled onigiri

  • Julio Lizardo
    Julio Lizardo 13 days ago

    666k views ok imma head out

  • Ryan van der Pal
    Ryan van der Pal 13 days ago

    You put baby Yoda in the damn DC part even though baby Yoda is a star wars characters which is owned by Disney just like Marvel. Baby Yoda is Not part of DC

  • Venompool 1507
    Venompool 1507 13 days ago

    Dauntless is a rip-off of mhw

  • Danny Vicencio
    Danny Vicencio 14 days ago

    I prefer Realm Royal over Fortnite too 😃

  • Im_overwatching_you
    Im_overwatching_you 14 days ago

    This just looks like a big sponsor

  • Hazel XOXO
    Hazel XOXO 14 days ago

    My mom said downloading games on it can give it a virus 95% of me is like -.- no it cant WHAT and the other 5% of me is like can it tho? So does it give your switch a virus cus I need to know

  • KYCrusher1
    KYCrusher1 15 days ago

    It’s called Onigiri

  • Tim Carver
    Tim Carver 15 days ago

    "its angry birds"... you mean its "castle defense"

  • daniel fuentesd100
    daniel fuentesd100 16 days ago

    7:18 im a minecraft fan so i just saw you mention trash twice

  • Yuki Yamamoto
    Yuki Yamamoto 16 days ago

    Onigirl? I thought it reads Onigiri, LOL, played that game for awhile, actually you can use the touch screen to do the setting instead of joycon

  • Sarah xy
    Sarah xy 16 days ago

    I have Fortnite, Aspalt 9 (the free games I play the most) and some other free games I never play.

  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 16 days ago

    Oof I literally just got a case from amazon focusing on protection over having a handle (cause I always have a bag) but these travel cases look so much better

  • Vendy
    Vendy 17 days ago

    For dcuo, I prob wouldn’t call free because if you want to do more missions, you need to buy, they arent unlocked free

  • Anak Pines
    Anak Pines 17 days ago

    Im regretting for bought ps4 i should hav buy nintendo switch lite in the first place

  • Alfred Asp
    Alfred Asp 18 days ago

    I wish I had a switch

  • Poyraz
    Poyraz 19 days ago

    This video is sponsered by...

    Gems Of War

    • Poyraz
      Poyraz 19 days ago

      Cuz who the f**k play candy crush

  • Indoraptor JW
    Indoraptor JW 19 days ago

    I play dauntless on and off on my laptop but i'm thinking of getting a switch soon to play it. It runs super slow on my laptop as well so this is gonna be an upgrade

  • ignacio meteors
    ignacio meteors 20 days ago

    Kirby clash would be kind of a sensible thing for me because i am soo rusty at gaming. The second time i die at the first boss, i put game for a wait.

  • Stubby Stubbington
    Stubby Stubbington 20 days ago

    DC universe eats up your gigabytes

  • amit sabag lahat
    amit sabag lahat 20 days ago

    Yoda is not dc is disny

  • Kunekai
    Kunekai 20 days ago

    Why werent you allowed to talk about dauntless ive played it for a year now lol

  • Dat default Skin
    Dat default Skin 21 day ago

    Who had dauntless before this vid

  • SpectralEV
    SpectralEV 21 day ago

    Free, good games?!

    Asians Dream (I am Asian)

  • Aarav Patel
    Aarav Patel 22 days ago

    Why is baby yoda in dc universe

  • Alejandro Ojeda
    Alejandro Ojeda 22 days ago

    Do I need to buy the subscription to play the free games like dauntless, paladins or smite?

  • Conzie
    Conzie 22 days ago


  • Kes Brown
    Kes Brown 22 days ago

    Who a sat watching and then downloading em all

  • evil little kitty tyler

    One game it's funny because I just love to play it on my tablet and it has a kind of glitch where you can watch an ad and get more money on ads on the money that you just got not what it was originally I'm not correcting anything I'm using speech to text IDC

  • Spartan Guy
    Spartan Guy 23 days ago

    2:20 Don't just skip to it.
    16:50 Skips to it

  • Calvin S.
    Calvin S. 23 days ago +16

    I never spend a dollar for any of my games

    I am European

  • ViruZ Angel
    ViruZ Angel 23 days ago +1

    i love asphalt 9 even tho i have mario kart 8 deluxe

  • Elizabeth Africa
    Elizabeth Africa 23 days ago


  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 23 days ago

    are you infront of a green screen or is that a stash of everything>

  • Gaming With Lian And Bil

    Yep i got to lvl 42 in super kirby clash without paying so much grind..........

  • Azaan Toys & Gaming
    Azaan Toys & Gaming 24 days ago +1

    Asphalt 9