10 Most Dangerous World Records


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  • Livin' Like Larry
    Livin' Like Larry 5 months ago +257

    I haven’t been on this channel in a while and now there’s 6 million subs!! Way to go Matthew. It’s well deserved for your hard work 👏 Proud of you man.

    • The gamers stop
      The gamers stop 19 days ago

      Livin' Like Larry same here

    • MatthewSantoro
      MatthewSantoro  4 months ago +5

      Welcome back!!

    • Narsia Bueno
      Narsia Bueno 4 months ago +1

      Livin' Like Larry

    • Raghav Mehta
      Raghav Mehta 5 months ago +4

      Livin' Like Larry I resumed his videos again a few weeks ago, after pausing it when he was at 50K

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry 2 days ago

    Eating an aeroplane!!! No kidding 😱😱😱😱😂😂

  • Bonnie Anne
    Bonnie Anne 12 days ago

    Humans are NOT better than animals. In fact, they're worse.

  • Shxne Brxght
    Shxne Brxght 20 days ago


  • Buttercupkat Productions


  • Roman Dietrich
    Roman Dietrich 26 days ago


  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 27 days ago

    no thankths i choose life.

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 27 days ago

    i jumped from a cliff a few times when i was a preteen. i was very scared for the first couple of visits to the cliff but i eventually jumped and jumped and jumped. i couldn't stop jumping, it was exhilarating. i kept jumping until i was too exhausted to climb the cliff anymore. then i just relaxed in the creek.

  • A normal peep
    A normal peep 28 days ago

    *I was going to make an interesting comment, but i'm out of ideas.*

  • roey bronstein
    roey bronstein Month ago

    Michelle, not Michael

  • Benjamin Weisinger
    Benjamin Weisinger Month ago

    Ali -A

    LORENZO ADAMS Month ago


    MATTWASHERE1998 Month ago

    Matt your channel has to be my favorite channel on TVclip. The fact that we have the same first name helps too.

  • Rochelle Botica
    Rochelle Botica Month ago

    The guy who attempted to jump the buses died on my 10th birthday.

  • Rochelle Botica
    Rochelle Botica Month ago

    The guy who attempted to jump the buses died on my 10th birthday.

  • UnderTube
    UnderTube Month ago

    9:48 4 year old?

  • Susana Lauerman
    Susana Lauerman Month ago

    Your record now should be the best TVclipr

  • Shannon Ruder
    Shannon Ruder Month ago

    You make the best vids!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • splat nour plays games

    I have phobias of world record can you plz give me a like

  • OogityBoogity Stuff

    lol i can't even go near a rattle snake

  • Mr. Cringe
    Mr. Cringe Month ago

    I haven't watched the video yet, but the record for sitting on a pole for the longest time must be in there

  • Ana, Minecraft, Avakin Life Si mai mult

    A baby got in the world records because of water-skiing

  • tyriq pate
    tyriq pate Month ago

    I hope the 4 year old Swiss girl in #2 was just a typo

  • Leaftiger12
    Leaftiger12 2 months ago +1

    when you said raise your hand if your afraid of hights, I raised my hand, and when I looked around, my family raised their hands bc they listened to what I was listening to XD it was the funniest thing I saw from my family!

  • Sasuke the evil Saiyan Uchiha

    What are people thinking?

  • glen tv
    glen tv 2 months ago

    Mathew santorow: how dose something dying become famous
    Me:ask Logan Paul

  • Fardosa Ahmed
    Fardosa Ahmed 2 months ago

    Did anybody take a minute to note is that he sounds like shawn Donson

  • An13a [animation maker]

    Oh yeah Australia rules.

  • Jason Osorio
    Jason Osorio 2 months ago

    You called one of the scuba divers 4 year olds the second one

  • Morganfuntimevideos watts
    Morganfuntimevideos watts 2 months ago +1

    I don’t think bello nock died

  • claire jablonski
    claire jablonski 2 months ago

    Bello Knock when on americas got talent

  • smittywerbenyeagermanjensen

    I saw the Parachute Jump live... in 2014. It was really cool to see!

  • Zachary Kim
    Zachary Kim 2 months ago

    Don’t try this at home

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 2 months ago

    Sooooo they do realize that water when jumped into from 250 feet (76 metres) or more has a 95% or higher fatality rate and can become equal to jumping on to concrete?

  • Charmayne Eustaquio
    Charmayne Eustaquio 2 months ago

    Dude, A car on my head?? I can't even open a freaking pickle jar!!!

  • Jenny Zuniga
    Jenny Zuniga 2 months ago


  • DanYEET
    DanYEET 2 months ago

    Evel kneval is a awesome name

  • DanYEET
    DanYEET 2 months ago

    Dont try them at home. Try them at the grocery store our your local church

  • Trickzter Animations
    Trickzter Animations 3 months ago

    "7 year old English man" I might have heard that wrong but still 😂

  • Katelyn Carson
    Katelyn Carson 3 months ago


  • The Mystic Silverfish
    The Mystic Silverfish 3 months ago

    Bello nock was in agt and was eliminated, then came back

  • The Mystic Silverfish
    The Mystic Silverfish 3 months ago

    The moments when number 10 is balancing a 356 killograms piece of metal

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 3 months ago

    For the gentleman that ate the plane, does he have a hard time using the bathroom?

  • Yeah Boiii
    Yeah Boiii 3 months ago

    And 95% of these people have never been heard of.....

  • lalisas bangs
    lalisas bangs 3 months ago

    humans are very interesting

  • snowkitten 324
    snowkitten 324 3 months ago

    **sniff** just trying to set the record for the creepiest intro

  • Legacy Amen
    Legacy Amen 3 months ago

    Raise hand.

  • Momma sherry Miles
    Momma sherry Miles 3 months ago

    I think u should get the world record for the whitest teeth

  • Genie Shular
    Genie Shular 3 months ago

    thats nothing to angel falls

  • KatieCat
    KatieCat 3 months ago

    I can eat a doughnut in 30 seconds, does that count.

  • UnlivedMoth20 L
    UnlivedMoth20 L 3 months ago

    “Can someone explain why someone dying makes something more popular”
    My answer: Logan Paul

  • Ronald Matovu
    Ronald Matovu 3 months ago

    You missed one , longest jump from plane without a parachute

  • Anthony Adeyeye
    Anthony Adeyeye 3 months ago

    this guy is vsauce

  • Maddison Schmidt
    Maddison Schmidt 3 months ago

    Why is this guy *THE FUNNIEST PERSON ON TVclip?!*
    Me: cause he is

  • Emmanuel Gomez
    Emmanuel Gomez 3 months ago

    He said "4 year old swiss diver"😂

  • Some Fox
    Some Fox 3 months ago

    Watch Benjamin Bennit he has the weirdest intro ever... it’s just starring in to the camera...starring...in...to...your...soul...😐

  • Skeleton Bros
    Skeleton Bros 3 months ago

    Tarrare should have been alive to eat a sky scraper....

  • the art of manga
    the art of manga 3 months ago

    Benedict cumberbach

  • The Home Experiments
    The Home Experiments 3 months ago

    The seven year old man that balances thing on his neck?

  • Trista Johnson
    Trista Johnson 3 months ago

    Idk whats in the corner of your room, but it freaked me out cause all i can see is a bit of black hair and part of a pale face

  • Juan jose lopez patiño

    7. eating an entire plane
    ME: *Vomits*

  • jäger-meister
    jäger-meister 4 months ago

    The 7 year old english man XD

  • Dorota Wojtowicz
    Dorota Wojtowicz 4 months ago

    i hte your scary vids

  • Hungry Time
    Hungry Time 4 months ago

    I’ll probably try this at school then

  • Raven feather
    Raven feather 4 months ago +1

    Can you post more creepy videos pls? Great job! (:

  • merged faggotsu half corrupted-san

    Im calling the cops on you. You illegaly are distracting me with that perfect *T H I C C* beard.

  • Avery Lang
    Avery Lang 4 months ago

    This was posted on my birthday. Aye

  • Lucas Zhu
    Lucas Zhu 4 months ago

    Bonjour! This is bilingual and it if for Canadians/canadiens.

  • Lucas Zhu
    Lucas Zhu 4 months ago

    You forgot teens, YOU are giving this message to everyone, including Canadians.

  • level 197 plat 1
    level 197 plat 1 4 months ago

    He said 7 year old

  • Insomniac7290
    Insomniac7290 4 months ago

    natural selection

  • Lunatic Son
    Lunatic Son 4 months ago

    What about highest bidge jumpers?

  • Stoutseb
    Stoutseb 4 months ago

    *S P O O K Y I N T R O*

  • Amy Bumala
    Amy Bumala 4 months ago

    HAHAHAH Funniest intro ever.

  • Yayuk Wiryawan
    Yayuk Wiryawan 4 months ago

    I did a world record

  • mohamed ali
    mohamed ali 4 months ago

    I've beated my meat 15 times in 1 hour is that a world record??

  • urdiary1344
    urdiary1344 4 months ago

    No the creepy's intro is one of Logan Paul's intro

  • JanaPlayz _YT
    JanaPlayz _YT 4 months ago

    My dad is a scuba diver but he's not popular scuba diving is his exsersize

  • Vanessa Torgler
    Vanessa Torgler 4 months ago

    Is there a world record for the most guineas world records?

    I'm going too far...

  • dude cx
    dude cx 4 months ago

    these dudes make me feel a little less loony. ☺

  • a person
    a person 4 months ago +1

    Ab the bed of nails the first guy had no shirt on the other did so that isn't fair

  • Uniwolf :3
    Uniwolf :3 4 months ago

    And the winner for creepiest intro goes to...

  • Princess Gracie
    Princess Gracie 4 months ago

    I used to nibble on a brick like substance but not netal...

  • Oindrila Chaudhury
    Oindrila Chaudhury 4 months ago


  • Mikurilla
    Mikurilla 4 months ago +1

    One thing though.. Felix was from Austria not Australia .-.

  • An t
    An t 4 months ago

    You're sooooooo funny

  • Neda Stojic
    Neda Stojic 4 months ago

    I subscribed to your channel! Please make Scariest Creepypasta story's 4 PLEASE PLEASE!

  • Brownie Brownie
    Brownie Brownie 4 months ago +1

    Don't Press read more!!

    This is just half way

    Ok I'm done

  • N English
    N English 4 months ago

    A list of people who should not breed.

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 4 months ago

    Bro what the f***

  • Kate Ten Houte
    Kate Ten Houte 4 months ago

    I have the world record of watching TVclip videos

  • NoOne InParticular
    NoOne InParticular 4 months ago

    Highest number of bones broken in a single lifetime anyone?

  • im not springtrap im bonnie


  • Animation Studios
    Animation Studios 4 months ago


  • PornHub is kool
    PornHub is kool 4 months ago

    (○▪○ )

  • Raheela Bilal
    Raheela Bilal 4 months ago

    This means that I win the most beatings taken from a mom😂🤣😂😂

  • For Age Restricted Videos

    I’m a wuss, I guess. I wanna stay safe.

  • Hannah Brown the pug lover

    Don't worry about your hair Matthew you have Microscopic Hairs on your head

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace 4 months ago

    You hold the record for "Worlds Most Perfect Teeth".

  • Mint and Icekin
    Mint and Icekin 4 months ago +1

    The real question is how did this started XD