10 Most Dangerous World Records


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  • Livin' Like Larry
    Livin' Like Larry 10 months ago +352

    I haven’t been on this channel in a while and now there’s 6 million subs!! Way to go Matthew. It’s well deserved for your hard work 👏 Proud of you man.

  • unicornbellagaming girl
    unicornbellagaming girl 45 minutes ago

    Is number 5 where we got " husten we have a problom " lol.....
    But rrally is it

  • unicornbellagaming girl
    unicornbellagaming girl 49 minutes ago

    My birthday is may 14 😯😯😯😯😯😯😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Cameron Miller
    Cameron Miller 4 days ago

    0:57 how can a seven year old do that?

  • cody Maher
    cody Maher 8 days ago

    0:56 he don't look 7 to me Matthew

  • Retiarybrick143 `
    Retiarybrick143 ` 11 days ago

    Planes are healthy

  • Koley Turner
    Koley Turner 12 days ago

    Lol bro I love your videos but you should really ease up on trying to be funny

  • Wolfie Snipe
    Wolfie Snipe 12 days ago

    Ummmm you forgot something

    You said a 7 year old had balanced a car on his head so you forgot a 0

  • Gammer Broz
    Gammer Broz 13 days ago +1

    I've broke a record for the longest time doing nothing!! 😑😑😑

  • Shea Goff
    Shea Goff 15 days ago

    Why the different music tho

  • itz chong
    itz chong 18 days ago

    I think i break the record of watching the most cringy videos

  • Michaelflash123s stuff

    Here's one, shortest lifetime

  • Rettichgemüse m
    Rettichgemüse m 20 days ago

    6:22 Felix Baumgartner is from Austia not Australia 🤫

  • Vedant Tripathi
    Vedant Tripathi 20 days ago

    The 7 year old man

    Oh 70

  • Whatever Gaming/Vlogs
    Whatever Gaming/Vlogs 22 days ago

    Good job for the boldest person award lol😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Cassandra Alls
    Cassandra Alls 23 days ago

    Matt’s graphics are so good! Love his animated comments too!

  • King Jacob
    King Jacob 23 days ago

    I broke the world record for The most Xbox controllers broken by Rage

  • Bendy Brofit
    Bendy Brofit 27 days ago

    Matter eater lad

  • Gamerz Bro
    Gamerz Bro 27 days ago +1

    I nlvlllllllkejdudu8jddhdeiwifuhf 8e38 broke r3leĺĺl3

  • EnDr1 CnR
    EnDr1 CnR Month ago

    I was watching one of your videos and then an ad popped up called Bid wars:Storage and in the ad there was a bald guy who looked just like you!!!

  • 横糸
    横糸 Month ago

    This is what happens when you leave a bored child alone.

  • Rusty Wheels
    Rusty Wheels Month ago +1

    Finally a channel that’s thumbnails don’t click bait:)

  • Fresh Peppers
    Fresh Peppers Month ago

    The most dangerous eWorld record is getting more likes than the world record egg on instagram

  • Chain
    Chain Month ago

    Is their a record for doing nothing?

  • Muikku Moi
    Muikku Moi Month ago

    Bet no one Will like This comment

  • Masked Man
    Masked Man Month ago

    *4 year old Swiss diver*

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy Month ago

    7 year old?

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose Month ago


  • Mr. PugBow
    Mr. PugBow Month ago

    Are you brave wilderness's brother

  • MuchChunkiness
    MuchChunkiness Month ago

    2:34 that’s the back of the snake, where they poop

  • Mythiczz Monica
    Mythiczz Monica Month ago

    Those are super humans😂

  • Dustycat
    Dustycat Month ago

    9:41 0k did I just hear 4 yr old

  • Nigel Hood
    Nigel Hood Month ago

    If you had a hat on, you would look like coyote peterson from breaking trail

  • broboy 870
    broboy 870 Month ago

    U said 4 year old

  • As Sh
    As Sh Month ago +1


  • As Sh
    As Sh Month ago +1

    0k I won't try this at home I will try this at school and in the park‼️

    • As Sh
      As Sh Month ago +1


    • As Sh
      As Sh Month ago +1


    • As Sh
      As Sh Month ago +1


  • Rock rhino
    Rock rhino Month ago

    Idk why but whenever I pause he has a weird face if you’re reading it pause the video

  • loki rex
    loki rex Month ago

    Bro this guy is funny

  • BekfistBoi
    BekfistBoi Month ago

    When balancing a car on your head is at 10 you know stuff is about to go down

  • Katherine Schultz
    Katherine Schultz Month ago +1

    When Matthew said "Baldest Person," I immediately thought of Mr. Clean...

  • Aeromexico 18
    Aeromexico 18 Month ago

    Rip Cessna

  • Michael van Zon
    Michael van Zon Month ago

    he crashed in the 13th bus.
    he doesnt have luck

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman Month ago

    With every one of these I've literally screamed...huh?!

  • Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling Month ago

    I am a very experienced walker, have been doing it for 40+ years without injury from walking that is :p

  • DasEducator
    DasEducator Month ago


  • Troy Adler
    Troy Adler Month ago

    felix baumgartner is the og, alan bought his way up

  • Re ez
    Re ez Month ago +1

    10:25 RAINBOWS🌈🌈🌈

  • King racer X
    King racer X Month ago

    My dad is related to evil Knievel

  • Danielle Wolf
    Danielle Wolf Month ago

    Im in love with your videos :D

  • Aistis Povilaitis
    Aistis Povilaitis Month ago

    Stan Lee is dead

  • Ded_Inside123_ Ded_Inside123_

    Rip stan lee

  • TTV BLUE Fluffy
    TTV BLUE Fluffy 2 months ago

    He broken the record for the baldest head

  • Pivot pictures
    Pivot pictures 2 months ago +1

    weird stanley dead

  • Ceridwen Nytewell
    Ceridwen Nytewell 2 months ago

    Motorcycle jump.. bus,bus,bus ooooopppppps

  • Ceridwen Nytewell
    Ceridwen Nytewell 2 months ago

    You so creepy lol

  • Samuel Moss
    Samuel Moss 2 months ago

    Number 7 sounds gross and I eat metal

  • wawa Elias
    wawa Elias 2 months ago

    I'll take my air plane medium rare please

  • Laura peterson
    Laura peterson 2 months ago

    11:05 I raised my hand in real life. I’m scared of climbing up a rock wall with a bunch of gear such as helmets, and all that stuff. I can’t climb a tree yet I still try. I’m scared to go on Ferris Wheels. My fear of hights will never go away.

  • seriously Man
    seriously Man 2 months ago +1

    R.I.P. stan lee 😭

  • Aya Jones
    Aya Jones 2 months ago

    Eating a plane...


  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan 2 months ago

    2:04 hmmmm ORUCHIMARU

    BANANA BANANA 3 months ago

    0:01 that's not creepy, Its funny! 😂

  • Lily Carter
    Lily Carter 3 months ago

    Stan Lee is dead

  • Midnight Hourglass
    Midnight Hourglass 3 months ago

    How do people get these ideas?!

  • Animallovertooyou Jz
    Animallovertooyou Jz 3 months ago

    I would not do any of these stunts. 😕

  • Angela Cowie
    Angela Cowie 4 months ago

    Go word records 😇

  • Derek Ellis
    Derek Ellis 4 months ago

    I can explain how dieing makes stuff popular.


  • Derek Ellis
    Derek Ellis 4 months ago


    Please make a secrets apple is hiding from us.

  • Soul Destroyer
    Soul Destroyer 4 months ago

    #8 i’m from Vancouver!!

  • Violet Valentine
    Violet Valentine 4 months ago

    He broke the world record for cutest smile 😃

  • Alexander Griehsler
    Alexander Griehsler 4 months ago

    felix baumgartner is austrian not australian -.-

  • EternityMTC
    EternityMTC 4 months ago

    I’m proud of you Matthew

  • KayDee
    KayDee 4 months ago

    how strong would your teeth have to be in order to eat freakin metal??? I would like to know this guy's dentist!!!

  • Stefan Stankovic
    Stefan Stankovic 5 months ago

    He comes from Austria, not from Australia......

  • carsonmcdowell5
    carsonmcdowell5 5 months ago

    Hey, someone jumped 15 buses a couple of months ago on Evel Live in August.

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry 5 months ago

    Eating an aeroplane!!! No kidding 😱😱😱😱😂😂

  • Bonnie Anne
    Bonnie Anne 5 months ago

    Humans are NOT better than animals. In fact, they're worse.

  • MoonyChris Editing
    MoonyChris Editing 5 months ago


  • Buttercupkat Productions


  • Roman Dietrich
    Roman Dietrich 5 months ago


  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 6 months ago

    no thankths i choose life.

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 6 months ago

    i jumped from a cliff a few times when i was a preteen. i was very scared for the first couple of visits to the cliff but i eventually jumped and jumped and jumped. i couldn't stop jumping, it was exhilarating. i kept jumping until i was too exhausted to climb the cliff anymore. then i just relaxed in the creek.

  • A AA
    A AA 6 months ago

    *I was going to make an interesting comment, but i'm out of ideas.*

  • roey bronstein
    roey bronstein 6 months ago

    Michelle, not Michael

    LORENZO ADAMS 6 months ago


    MATTWASHERE1998 6 months ago

    Matt your channel has to be my favorite channel on TVclip. The fact that we have the same first name helps too.

  • Rochelle Botica
    Rochelle Botica 6 months ago

    The guy who attempted to jump the buses died on my 10th birthday.

  • Rochelle Botica
    Rochelle Botica 6 months ago

    The guy who attempted to jump the buses died on my 10th birthday.

  • UnderTube
    UnderTube 6 months ago

    9:48 4 year old?

  • Susana Lauerman
    Susana Lauerman 6 months ago

    Your record now should be the best TVclipr

  • Shannon Ruder
    Shannon Ruder 6 months ago

    You make the best vids!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • splatoon nour
    splatoon nour 6 months ago

    I have phobias of world record can you plz give me a like

  • ToothPaste Bread
    ToothPaste Bread 6 months ago

    lol i can't even go near a rattle snake

  • Mr. Cringe
    Mr. Cringe 6 months ago

    I haven't watched the video yet, but the record for sitting on a pole for the longest time must be in there

  • Ana, Minecraft, Avakin Life Si mai mult

    A baby got in the world records because of water-skiing

  • tyriq pate
    tyriq pate 7 months ago

    I hope the 4 year old Swiss girl in #2 was just a typo

  • Leaftiger12
    Leaftiger12 7 months ago +1

    when you said raise your hand if your afraid of hights, I raised my hand, and when I looked around, my family raised their hands bc they listened to what I was listening to XD it was the funniest thing I saw from my family!

  • Autumn Willison
    Autumn Willison 7 months ago

    What are people thinking?

  • glen tv
    glen tv 7 months ago

    Mathew santorow: how dose something dying become famous
    Me:ask Logan Paul

  • Cosmic Gaming
    Cosmic Gaming 7 months ago

    Did anybody take a minute to note is that he sounds like shawn Donson