25 Marvel Movie Bloopers That Make The Movies Even Better

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive undertaking. When the superhero genre was jump-started in Hollywood by Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie, they filmed Superman 1 and Superman 2 back-to-back. That was considered a huge undertaking. And they didn’t even finish making the second movie at that time. In the decades since, we’ve seen sequels, trilogies and unending franchises, all leading toward the complex and profoundly entertaining MCU. And even when mistakes find their way onto the big screen or bloopers populate the special features of the latest MCU DVD release, we respect the quality and tone of these films so much, that we’re willing to go along with them even when they don’t take themselves too seriously. So join ScreenRant as we dig deep into the gag reels and deleted scenes to see which bloopers are so great, they make us love the MCU even more!
    There’s mistakes made by your favorite stars and characters: Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Vision, Rhodes, Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s mistaken props, incorrect pieces of data, lines that go blank, actors that trip and fall, and just about anything else that could possibly go wrong. Whether you love a good laugh or you take your superheroes seriously, ScreenRant will be here to give you the high-brow and low-brow takes on your favorite comic book adaptations. So go ahead, watch this video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for watching!
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Comments • 665

  • Chad Canadian
    Chad Canadian 12 hours ago

    Bloopers? Really? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Most were just mistakes not bloopers, get your sh*t together!!

  • mariam yahia
    mariam yahia Day ago

    I have the marvel video game

  • Kurt Haas
    Kurt Haas 5 days ago

    Ok, to the dip stick who made this, quit explaining the frigging joke and let us see the scene. By everything that is, you ruin the fun you elude to.

  • Joy Dellvon
    Joy Dellvon 6 days ago

    Can you just imagine that call to your insurance company?
    You- Hey, so yeah my car got destroyed.
    Agent- By what?
    You- Uh the Hulk- he kinda threw my car at an Allien, so does my insurance over it?
    What do you think they would say?

  • M L
    M L 7 days ago

    Just show the bloopers. I don't need voice-over, and you cut the bloopers so they're not even funny.

  • Weird Dancin dope Lovers

    A lot of them are mistakes not bloopers improve
    Some UK flags are hung upside down sometimes

  • Beric Harper
    Beric Harper 10 days ago

    For most of these, you just mentioned the bloopers and didn't really show them. For the ones you did show, you didn't show them correctly. You have to have proper video with full audio without anything interrupting or overlapping it...

  • Aaron Stone
    Aaron Stone 11 days ago

    Where are the bloopers? The title should be some bloke talking about bloopers

  • Coach Doreen
    Coach Doreen 11 days ago

    Define blooper. Most of those shown were nitpicking on the franchise 🤔

  • Zany Zachary
    Zany Zachary 15 days ago

    Actually its whatever plane the president is on so the window could of been weakened

  • Here's the Dealio
    Here's the Dealio 17 days ago +1

    Almost all of thease are mcu bloopers I only found one none mcu blooper

  • Jackson More
    Jackson More 19 days ago

    he talks to much

  • Johann Blom
    Johann Blom 21 day ago

    I have the movie

  • Chuck Hamilton
    Chuck Hamilton 26 days ago

    Not a blooper but a thought... spider man can climb walls with his hands, we all know that, but how does his hands and feet become adhesive to things when he wears the suit?

  • ShaunDonahueGaming SDG

    MICHONNE (Mish-own) not (mish-on) some doesnt watch the walking dead lol

  • Jim Lewis
    Jim Lewis Month ago

    Stop talking over the clips!

  • shawn naranz
    shawn naranz Month ago

    I bet if you make a movie bro it would be so called perfect

  • Pj Cabatbat
    Pj Cabatbat Month ago


  • Sparten Locke
    Sparten Locke Month ago

    6:48 rip iron man 7:08 rip again

  • severedproxy
    severedproxy Month ago

    i know im months late to the party but the "blooper"/mistake about caps shield during iron man 1 was from tonys father and he didnt even know what it was for so he used it to prop something up. iirc

  • L J
    L J Month ago

    I have some cassette tapes like that 😄 ( I know, I'm old😝)

  • No Reply
    No Reply Month ago

    I'm sorry, is this a bloopers real or giving your dumbass opinions on scientific bullshit no one cares about? I think you should test gravity by wrapping a rope around your neck, and see how long you can hang in the tree until you die. Please record data, and present in the form on a graph in a video when done. Thanks.

  • Burnt Nugget
    Burnt Nugget Month ago

    Anyone notice how aunt may in the earlier movies was old and in the newer spiderman movies she's a lot younger?

  • Big B
    Big B Month ago

    So you not going to show them?

  • TheGorby
    TheGorby Month ago

    This is the one. This is the one that made me stop watching Screen Rant videos.

  • Linzi Thirkell
    Linzi Thirkell Month ago

    My god Thor! You killed a Rock monster.Someone might be RANGRY.

  • Karli HOLLAND
    Karli HOLLAND Month ago

    1:42 in the trailer for Captain America peter does says “hey everyone” , it’s not just in his blog in Homecoming.

  • N0V4C043 24
    N0V4C043 24 Month ago

    You should do screen rant on screen rant

  • Brandon Hatfield
    Brandon Hatfield Month ago

    Thought this was a blooper video...😒

  • Alison Shih
    Alison Shih Month ago

    Nobody beats Screen Rant at not showing what they say they are showing

  • Anthonio 38
    Anthonio 38 Month ago +1


  • PopularAxis18
    PopularAxis18 Month ago

    9:19 his hair did move

    MEEMS Month ago


  • Kaitlyn Forever
    Kaitlyn Forever Month ago

    This is kind of just ruining the movies for me, these aren't even bloopers, they are little mistakes marvel made 😡🙄

  • Dr Leek225 GAMER•

    8:01 look at the bottom left

  • Isaac Hawksmoor
    Isaac Hawksmoor Month ago

    Y.... You should stop.

  • ThornOfHearts
    ThornOfHearts Month ago

    Show the bloopers.

  • SplurshxX
    SplurshxX Month ago

    12:56 who would of THUNK it is horrible grammar its thought it

  • Norman Victor
    Norman Victor Month ago

    wow that someone took the time to find all this is SAD in itself.

  • Michelle Sim
    Michelle Sim Month ago

    3:37 that goat is more famous than man

  • Ally Forester
    Ally Forester Month ago

    Show the bloopers and shut up.

    LAURA JONES Month ago

    1:59 I noticed that when I watched the movie.

  • TabibMaster
    TabibMaster Month ago

    90% of these aren’t bloopers

  • Daniela Milanez
    Daniela Milanez Month ago

    I think this is more of a mistakes video but I still enjoyed it...and so should you🙃

  • Scarlett Killian
    Scarlett Killian Month ago


  • TreVaughn
    TreVaughn Month ago

    Bloopers aren’t even funny at all so I don’t know why some people think they’re funny

  • Erftan57
    Erftan57 Month ago

    This video was a blooper

  • mpoumpis gr
    mpoumpis gr Month ago

    The shield blooper isn't a blooper but a easter for endgame

  • RedFuryPlayz
    RedFuryPlayz Month ago

    im confused where the heck are the flippin bloopers?!?!?!?!

  • Jonathan Bunce
    Jonathan Bunce 2 months ago

    Why does this just describe the bloopers without showing them?

  • MRbigKroweBar
    MRbigKroweBar 2 months ago

    by the way....Who in the hell would notice any of this!?

  • pigglet peporoni
    pigglet peporoni 2 months ago +1

    Just show the bloody bloopers!!!!!

  • NightmareWølfz X - X
    NightmareWølfz X - X 2 months ago

    You said Okoye wrong XD

  • Mancer99
    Mancer99 2 months ago

    This video succcs with 3 c's

  • A.field
    A.field 2 months ago

    Most of these aren’t bloopers there mistakes

  • Sara Cathcart
    Sara Cathcart 2 months ago

    4:41 is that Gordon Ramsay?

  • Aspen
    Aspen 2 months ago

    Most of these aren't bloopers, they're just mistakes.

  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez 2 months ago

    Ya my cusen Alex thinks that he knows everything in the wrold but he is in 2nd

  • Brian Sonntag
    Brian Sonntag 2 months ago

    You killed every funny thing.... like you made everything that could have been funny really dull. I couldn’t even finish this.

  • Abbie 15
    Abbie 15 2 months ago

    I want bloopers not criticism just saying