Robbie Robertson - Remembrance

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Album : Sinematic 2019

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  • Meg Meg
    Meg Meg 12 days ago


  • My PC
    My PC Month ago +2

    "Whispers" told me to bomb this place

    _ not the whispers the other whispers !

  • Rasheed Khan
    Rasheed Khan Month ago

    It is what it is.

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones Month ago +2

    This song woke me up out my sleep, after falling asleep during the film, this track was sent to me from the gods.... IWTPG

  • Ahmed Elsonbaty
    Ahmed Elsonbaty Month ago +2

    this harmonica is freakin' awesome ❤✨

  • Waleed Ahmed
    Waleed Ahmed Month ago

    Frank Brought Me Here.

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis Month ago +4

    Irshman One of the best movies ever.

  • Omar Dagaev
    Omar Dagaev Month ago +1

    Потрясающе.. тяжело подобрать слова их нет... Огромное спасибо за эту вещь! Скорцезе великий , еще раз доказал.. но вот мне интересно, почему он спрятал эту вещь ??

  • tomaso
    tomaso Month ago +1

    non riesco vivere adesso senza questa musica. This is fuc...... amazing

  • Fabio Guardino
    Fabio Guardino Month ago +1

    Expression of a fantastic and melancholy emotions with music 🎼.....TOP

  • Matthew Todd
    Matthew Todd Month ago

    Brilliant cd ,love it

  • billy bons
    billy bons Month ago


  • Nodis
    Nodis Month ago +13

    I hope De Niro will win an oscar for this emotive,realistic and expressful acting,he took us all along the movie .

    • Fooks Lee Ho
      Fooks Lee Ho 12 days ago

      Wrong movie stunk big time

    • Nodis
      Nodis Month ago

      @Andualem Wondafrash There is one tho,Joaquin Phenix's Joker and oh my god what a performance as well both deserve it.

    • Andualem Wondafrash
      Andualem Wondafrash Month ago

      Nodis I think he will. I don’t really see any one who can challenge him for it.

  • Penny Reda
    Penny Reda Month ago +1

    Thank you....excellent.

  • Francisco Paz Castillo

    Vi la película y no me imagine nunca ( menos mal que no me desconecte apenas termino) que esta canción me iba a deleitar tanto como la película o mas ... tremendo complemento, me recuerda otra película llamada Youth donde la música también es tremendo complemento.

    • Pepino Kusillo
      Pepino Kusillo Month ago

      tienes razón una de las mejores películas del año qué digo yo de la historia del cine y este soundtrack le queda como anillo al dedo

  • shafiq shahari
    shafiq shahari Month ago +8

    3:43 When that beat hits

  • Hussien Kuwairi
    Hussien Kuwairi Month ago +2

    irishman amazing ending

  • Bharat Behl
    Bharat Behl Month ago +1

    Why this makes me cry specially when he talked to his Daughter at the end and she cried

  • shafiq shahari
    shafiq shahari Month ago +23

    Thumbs up if you're here after you watched The Irishman. It is what it is.

  • badreaxion
    badreaxion Month ago +5

    An amazing piece and a beautiful surprise at the end of a great movie. I seriously thought it was Mark Knopfler at first when I heard the guitar work. So much of a Dire Straits feel to it.

  • VladimirApleev
    VladimirApleev Month ago +2

    самый офигенный саундтрек!!!

  • B-rizz
    B-rizz Month ago +2

    Irishman brought me here. so rad.

  • Reniery Jimenez
    Reniery Jimenez Month ago +2

    I, I loved that car brought me here... The Irishman

  • Dave Morgang
    Dave Morgang Month ago +6

    So well mixed!

  • Scott Ormston
    Scott Ormston Month ago +9

    Sounds like David Gilmour from Pink Floyd

    • bl4nkd4hli4
      bl4nkd4hli4 Month ago

      Made me think of Clapton at first.

    • Pierotti Clément
      Pierotti Clément Month ago +1

      Exactly, it has the division bell's sound, remind me the time Richard Wright was here

    • Craig Love
      Craig Love Month ago +1

      Or Roy Buchanan. Masterpiece!

  • Omar Ashraf
    Omar Ashraf Month ago +2

    Jimmy Hofa has summoned me

  • Christina Boyle
    Christina Boyle Month ago

    Me too

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin Month ago +2

    I thought it was Jeff Beck. Had to Google to get here. Beautiful guitar work.

  • J Davis
    J Davis Month ago

    Thought it was some kind of version of 'Hotel California'.

  • Constantine Kharlamov
    Constantine Kharlamov 2 months ago +5

    Потрясающе, это просто невероятно!

  • Keval Arora
    Keval Arora 2 months ago +5

    What a lovely track!

  • Jennifer Stokes
    Jennifer Stokes 2 months ago +12

    Derek Trucks’ slide guitar. Outstanding. As always.

    • davemaclfc41
      davemaclfc41 Month ago

      Was this derek trucks on guitar? so far all i have seen is robbie robertson for the guitar piece, would like to know if this was derek as he is without a shadow of a doubt the best guitarist(slide) in the world...let us know jennier..cheers

  • M Goodings
    M Goodings 2 months ago +40

    Irishman End Credits brought me here... Amazing song.

  • Mohammad Ishaq
    Mohammad Ishaq 2 months ago +9

    I heard you paint houses

  • Snou Martin
    Snou Martin 2 months ago +12

    a beautiful song for a masterpiece film

  • Fooks Lee Ho
    Fooks Lee Ho 2 months ago +4

    The Irishman sucked this song is great

    • It's ENZO
      It's ENZO 12 days ago


    • Fooks Lee Ho
      Fooks Lee Ho 12 days ago +1

      It's ENZO ohh and The Departed stunk too

    • It's ENZO
      It's ENZO 13 days ago

      Bro do you know what you said, you'll receive a ton of pisses, shiiiiet man !

  • Bartt88
    Bartt88 2 months ago +62

    Jimmy Hoffa brought me here