Diving Platform Alley Oop | How Ridiculous


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  • eeveeboy 11234
    eeveeboy 11234 12 days ago +2

    So your on Disney XD now?

  • Kid Trix
    Kid Trix 23 days ago

    I so want to do that

  • Gaming For A Day
    Gaming For A Day Month ago +2

    I don't know how to watch Disney XD back😢I'm live in Malaysia but I'm not promoting to Malaysian that I'm live in Malaysia

  • tomonkysinatree
    tomonkysinatree Month ago

    They probably got good experience from working with Disney, but I like their format better. It's just not the same without a commtest!

  • wriggling winston
    wriggling winston 2 months ago

    Fridge vs rc cars

  • wriggling winston
    wriggling winston 2 months ago

    No commtest

  • Sophie Rajakariar
    Sophie Rajakariar 2 months ago

    Binge watching all the videos I forgot to watch. So insane how good you guys are. So underrated.

  • Stephen Whittaker
    Stephen Whittaker 3 months ago

    They made you guys sound like robots didn't they!!? I'm gonna go find my tin hat.

  • Aaron Fleshner
    Aaron Fleshner 4 months ago

    Being a diver this is awesome! I always love y'all's videos and to find one that incorporates what I love to do. Its just amazing. Thank you guys so much for throwing this in one for your videos. If you all are ever I think the states and wanna go even bigger let me know and I'll see what I can do with to help y'all out!

  • Eli Reid
    Eli Reid 5 months ago

    I thought you Aussie boys were in to budgie smugglers?

  • Jack Blades
    Jack Blades 5 months ago

    Every now and then I notice you guys sound like you have a gun to your head and then I realize it's one of your Disney videos.

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen 6 months ago

    I can’t swim and I’m a bit scared of heights, so don’t worry...I won’t try this anywhere.

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 6 months ago

    Your down in Tassie!

  • bioLarzen
    bioLarzen 6 months ago

    Pure luck I've just sold my diving tower - now I sure can't try this at home!

  • Jake's Channel
    Jake's Channel 7 months ago

    2018 anyone

  • Maz Vlogs
    Maz Vlogs 7 months ago +1

    Uhhhh what the heck was this... I mean dope, but this isn't the kind of videos you make, you pretty much just put your commercial on your channel lmao

  • Olav
    Olav 7 months ago +1

    3:21 So genuine! LOL

  • JigsawFlix 123
    JigsawFlix 123 7 months ago

    He says don’t try this at home

    Me: oops too late

  • Joy 11
    Joy 11 7 months ago

    A little cringy but really cool!

  • Lily Pickford
    Lily Pickford 8 months ago

    It makes me smile to see you boys so happy and relived!! That’s amazing

  • Rebecca Bevan
    Rebecca Bevan 8 months ago

    to bad it was short

  • Rebecca Bevan
    Rebecca Bevan 8 months ago


  • silly chipmunk
    silly chipmunk 9 months ago

    Wow like I have a 2 meet at pool at home with basketball hoop

  • Coolest Jackson Of All
    Coolest Jackson Of All 9 months ago

    Where was this?

  • Kemal Çaput
    Kemal Çaput 9 months ago


  • aaah tex
    aaah tex 9 months ago

    How many peeps have a Diving Platform setup like that to try it @ home???

  • Campbell  Froude
    Campbell Froude 9 months ago

    This is HBF stadium do you guys live in perth

  • David Waters
    David Waters 9 months ago

    Derek was still on the platform when he caught the ball!

  • Roger Dinarte
    Roger Dinarte 9 months ago

    Nice...yall must have been tired after going up on them stairs

  • Jake Heathcock
    Jake Heathcock 10 months ago

    Now try for a swish

  • 328am
    328am 10 months ago

    Anyone know the outro song?

  • Sam sam
    Sam sam 10 months ago

    I want chocolate

  • Savage Squad
    Savage Squad 10 months ago

    I hate the child stuff

  • theo sidoruk
    theo sidoruk Year ago +3


  • Jezzamanu
    Jezzamanu Year ago

    383 shots made

  • red pollard
    red pollard Year ago +15

    did Disney edit this? doesn't feel like the normal how ridiculous

  • samadamn morphett
    samadamn morphett Year ago +4

    Urgh the Disney XD videos are so shit

  • Quinn Mulcahy18
    Quinn Mulcahy18 Year ago

    For all the idiots out there. These guys are British

  • Aaron Kuusela
    Aaron Kuusela Year ago +5

    score review.
    Judges call is Derek didnt jump of when he grabed ball.
    After review he did not jump in time.
    Boys, re-do the trick.

  • Will White
    Will White Year ago

    Why can’t we try this at home

  • PrinceBejita
    PrinceBejita Year ago

    doesnt count you should all jump at the same time

  • Shaun
    Shaun Year ago

    well done chaps

  • Brandon Cutler
    Brandon Cutler Year ago

    Collab with dude perfect!

  • plasticfrank
    plasticfrank Year ago

    66% Habsburg Jaw. Is TVclip now just a place for the aristocracy to show off?

    JAXON BEARE Year ago

    Do not try this at home ya because we all have a big ass swimming pool in are backyard

  • Kelsey Savage
    Kelsey Savage Year ago

    Can I try it at a friends place instead?

  • YUMO
    YUMO Year ago


  • Uncooked Toast
    Uncooked Toast Year ago

    Don't try this at home
    OK i will just do it at the community pool

  • der Boss
    der Boss Year ago

    They shoulda dunked it this was kinda lame

  • Blaize Parrish
    Blaize Parrish Year ago

    You can tell they had lines worst actors yet

  • Insan Camel
    Insan Camel Year ago

    Was that filmed in melbourne?

  • Jacob Andrew Productions

    Don't try this at home ok I will just try it my public pool

  • boubaker hedyaoui
    boubaker hedyaoui Year ago +1

    haha after effect :)

  • Jkou Files
    Jkou Files Year ago

    I tried it at home and it worked

  • Brooke Kerr
    Brooke Kerr Year ago

    so good 😍😍

  • Squirt Cheeze
    Squirt Cheeze Year ago

    soooo copying dude perfect

  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas Year ago

    that shot was awesome

  • jack lp
    jack lp Year ago

    i dont have such a big pool like that at home :D

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes Year ago

    Okay I won't do this at home I'll do it at the pools

  • Ruskilaxi
    Ruskilaxi Year ago

    this channel is very lame

  • OO the golden boy

    The real trickshot is that they all got matching swim siuts

  • Take 1 Take 2
    Take 1 Take 2 Year ago

    Great attempt..!! But Unfortunately, Last Catch at 2:30 you were still touching platform as you caught the ball. due to this you cannot call it an alley oop and is a fail... but great effort anyway... FAIL

  • Aviad Goldstein-ago45

    I won't try it at home ill try it at the county club pool

  • Random Utuber
    Random Utuber Year ago +2

    Crap, that's deep pool
    Also my fellow Aussies were you at

  • WubstepUK
    WubstepUK Year ago

    Shhh guitars, shh

  • Mh4Productions
    Mh4Productions Year ago

    You can really tell this is Disney xd because the editing and script are absolute shit

  • Darby Culver
    Darby Culver Year ago

    its illegal to have those in your back yard so...

  • Just_ollam Yas
    Just_ollam Yas Year ago

    Who can even do that at home. i don't think many people have diving boards and a big pool in their home. But maybe :D

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Year ago

    Thats where we have our swimming carnivals

  • TeirnanH07
    TeirnanH07 Year ago

    Plz subscribe to me

  • HTX Lemarc
    HTX Lemarc Year ago

    "Please don't try this at home"
    Okay I'll try it at the pool

  • Kobweb
    Kobweb Year ago

    The shot is at 2:25

  • 6IU
    6IU Year ago

    He didn't catch ball mid air though

  • Lifire Yusup
    Lifire Yusup Year ago +1

    Hey guys! You just got a TV show on Disney XD? That's great😀😀😀

  • Thedarkstriker 101

    Is it a coincidence I'm going to the exact same aquatics center next week? I am very proud.

  • faster 99
    faster 99 Year ago

    man that is awesome 👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀

  • Ugandianknukles 101

    Goes in at 2:29

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear Year ago

    this has to be the gayest thing I've ever seen

  • Armando Rodriguez

    Wooowww that looked so difficult(sarcasm)

  • Random guy
    Random guy Year ago

    I don't know anyone that has this at home

  • XxMoonlight MaddiexX

    When it's higher it takes longer to fall it's scary

  • KEK 700
    KEK 700 Year ago

    Yup I have a pool at my house

  • Andy ThePerson
    Andy ThePerson Year ago

    Never try this at a pool or anywhearelse because too shallow or too dangerous

  • Puget Sound Transit Blog

    "don't try this at home". Good idea! I'll try it at somewhere that actually HAS a pool!

  • Messi Monster
    Messi Monster Year ago

    of course we will not try this at home we will do it at the local swimming pool

  • Ivana Buttafava
    Ivana Buttafava Year ago

    Good videooooo

  • unlokia
    unlokia 2 years ago

    Australians are so.... awkward.

  • HectorSanchezFTP
    HectorSanchezFTP 2 years ago

    imma try this from my kitchen sink

  • Tatar 21
    Tatar 21 2 years ago

    This is cringey as fuck with the Disney editing.

  • Ethan Topham
    Ethan Topham 2 years ago


  • FartInYourFace234
    FartInYourFace234 2 years ago

    what the fuck is disney XD on youtube for

  • Luis List
    Luis List 2 years ago

    Wow they just need a leather jacket and they are the coolest kids on Disney channel

  • Its Vybe
    Its Vybe 2 years ago

    How would I try this at home it's like like I'm a millionaire or somthing

  • Julien Veerapen
    Julien Veerapen 2 years ago

    don't try this at home or don't try this at the pool?😄

  • antoine serry
    antoine serry 2 years ago +6

    "please don't try this at home if you have an Olympic swimming pool in your house " 😂😂

    • Puget Sound Transit Blog
      Puget Sound Transit Blog Year ago

      Have Micheal Phelps, LeBron James, and Tom Brady do it for you. Micheal will have the pool, LeBron will have the ball and hoop, and Brady will have the air pump!

  • Nathan Pickles
    Nathan Pickles 2 years ago +16

    you should collab with Dude Perfect and do a battle or something.

    • samual foote
      samual foote 2 years ago

      Nathan Pickles which ones are going over seas tho

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman 2 years ago +2

    Who are these guys? A British dude perfect?

  • Masocisa7538
    Masocisa7538 2 years ago +1

    Oh shit I've been there

  • Battlefield player
    Battlefield player 2 years ago +9

    I'm gonna try this at home

  • JonathonPybus
    JonathonPybus 2 years ago

    I dont think that last pass was an alley oop. Nice try tho ;)