#LEC Looking back - Rift Rivals

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • After competing at #RiftRivals2019, the #LEC teams are back in action! Tune in this week on Friday and Saturday.
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  • Jake Scheirer
    Jake Scheirer Month ago

    :P I'm bad too, it's fine~

  • Kaiet
    Kaiet Month ago +1

    U NOW THE GAME!!??
    3-Kaiet (Yo)

  • Hans Maulwurf
    Hans Maulwurf Month ago

    Well done.

  • joelout
    joelout Month ago

    Why host it in a Library tho?

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago +1

    When you stomp na the first day so you decide to troll the other days but you still manage to win easily x)

  • Ribombee Teacher
    Ribombee Teacher Month ago +1

    nothing like some good old EU witty banter

  • FeelsGoodMan
    FeelsGoodMan Month ago +3

    Laure : What do you think you can learn from the NA team ?
    Bwipo : *No*

  • FireSnake
    FireSnake Month ago

    i mean if anyone expected this to end differently they're delusional, but it did yield a few fun moments

  • DstEdd D
    DstEdd D Month ago +3

    Shoutout to lec content creators...you guys are great!

  • Mkano
    Mkano Month ago

    3 shoujins are too much

  • Osmar Montesinos
    Osmar Montesinos Month ago +4

    Best thing NA: Ovilee cosplaying Lauree Value

  • Obosi
    Obosi Month ago +1

    It just never gets old 🤣

  • Tyler Samuels
    Tyler Samuels Month ago +1

    LEC production is on another level. That Pyke clip XD

  • Prain 94
    Prain 94 Month ago

    14 Dislikes from NA

  • Jan Prochazka
    Jan Prochazka Month ago

    Hmmm, I have good feelings after this video :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Azzuly
    Azzuly Month ago

    Killing them on the rift killing them in content department it really is nice to live in a day and age where everything in eu is better than NA

  • Rıdvan Bilgiç
    Rıdvan Bilgiç Month ago +1

    0:53 OMG Bwipooooooooooooo xD

  • Eyal hl
    Eyal hl Month ago +2

    that pyke build in 1:09 tho

  • Tuan Anh Nguyen
    Tuan Anh Nguyen Month ago +7

    That jankos pyke almost killed me XD

  • Quitch
    Quitch Month ago

    Godlike editing!

  • haldir88
    haldir88 Month ago

    Funny you didnt show any LEC losses ^^

    • haldir88
      haldir88 Month ago

      @Shark. Jo No I am too european I just find it funny

    • Shark. Jo
      Shark. Jo Month ago +4


  • Kenan Kuzgun
    Kenan Kuzgun Month ago +8

    3 shojin Pyke OP

  • crondungable
    crondungable Month ago +65

    EU production is challenger level, while NA production is hardstuck bronze

  • Lord Jaximus
    Lord Jaximus Month ago

    Funny as f XD

  • Dare Echo
    Dare Echo Month ago +101

    Jankos with 3 spears of Shojin xD

  • KrisxPro
    KrisxPro Month ago +45

    Did anyone notice pyke build? :D

  • jorgelenny47
    jorgelenny47 Month ago +9

    I mean, nobody was actually waiting for it, because we all knew how it would end. But yeah, it was pretty funny

  • Lyn Scrap
    Lyn Scrap Month ago +3

    Come on why you do Jankos like that

    • This is De Wae
      This is De Wae Month ago

      @Vakeesan Thayaladevan Since when did NA become any better?

    • Vakeesan Thayaladevan
      Vakeesan Thayaladevan Month ago

      We can afford it to let him look like that because NA played so bad.

  • FC Soutien
    FC Soutien Month ago +5


  • SwtorRo Gaming
    SwtorRo Gaming Month ago +62

    EU>>>>NA as usual .....0:56 Learning from NA teams??Error 404 learning not found LUL

    • Mikkel Højbak
      Mikkel Højbak Month ago

      It was so funny to watch because you could see that he really wanted to give a good answer and pay some respect, but nothing came up. He tried to be the nice guy but came up short, and could only laugh about it. Great guy, Bwipo. 😁

  • Seralvalg Goörky
    Seralvalg Goörky Month ago

    Oh ! U where here NA ? didnt notice u ...

  • dream meme
    dream meme Month ago +11

    EU > NA

  • Linards Žagats
    Linards Žagats Month ago +19

    The end was so trueee It is truth how much greater EU is then NA

    • alanjr96
      alanjr96 Month ago

      @Daniel Campos this didn't turn out well for you.

    • Diptesh Rai
      Diptesh Rai Month ago

      @Alex Mora us*

    • Alex Mora
      Alex Mora Month ago

      Daniel Campos you*

    • Alex Mora
      Alex Mora Month ago +2

      Daniel Campos okay* please* your* is*

    • Daniel Campos
      Daniel Campos Month ago

      ok pls correct ur grammar then u have bragging rights to say EU>NA it’s true

  • RDMC
    RDMC Month ago +1

    at least we still have ovilee rather than that french chick. so thats something... i guess

    • Kederen
      Kederen Month ago

      Just be glad you have anyone, you ungrateful shart.

    • Lina
      Lina Month ago +2

      @RDMC ovilee wasnt the best interviewer last year, but man oh man how she has grown! Asks some really good questions and has great chemistry with every na player 😆

    • Pure Shqiptar
      Pure Shqiptar Month ago

      @RDMC She is good when she talks her native language. I think she can talk multiple languages.

    • Tabulith
      Tabulith Month ago

      Don't bully Bulii please, she's the best

    • nancy
      nancy Month ago +14

      She'll get better, i think everyone won't be great at what they're doing immidiately. It's the process and persistance that help people grow, learn, and be better in what they're doing :))

  • Mili
    Mili Month ago +1

    0:38-0:44 PogChamp

  • Mili
    Mili Month ago +5

    Start of video = The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  • Goldstar F
    Goldstar F Month ago +306

    TSM TSM TSM TS... (Silence)

  • maciej ulman
    maciej ulman Month ago +321

    Omg, that Jankos' Pyke highlight is golden XDDD

    • nevrankroaton
      nevrankroaton Month ago

      The reference to their amazing previous video with the pyke kill streak just make it SO funny.

    • maciej ulman
      maciej ulman Month ago +14

      also that TFT reference in his build. Jesus LEC production is incredible

  • N C Aravindan
    N C Aravindan Month ago +2

    GenG beat Grf 😲🤯

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Month ago +2

      Why'd u spoil that on an LEC recap? Ty dude… glad I didn't have to find out myself by, I dunno, maybe watching the game...

  • Trevv
    Trevv Month ago +24

    1:05 when expectations met reality 1:09

  • Goldstar F
    Goldstar F Month ago +283

    Some good EU production makes the day better

  • GldZ
    GldZ Month ago +61

    1:09 Solo Que Pyke in a nutshell

    • AnotherAcrux
      AnotherAcrux Month ago +5

      at the bottom you can see his build of TFT

  • SAlut Aurevoir
    SAlut Aurevoir Month ago +1


  • OrBiT
    OrBiT Month ago +167

    0:56 this is the best moment here

  • Falsican
    Falsican Month ago


  • Nhật Huy Phạm
    Nhật Huy Phạm Month ago +1

    First cmt