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Tucker: Trump calls Democrats' bluff on illegal immigrants

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • Trump administration considers relocating illegal immigrants at the border to sanctuary cities. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Comments • 11 334

  • mark komperda
    mark komperda 16 hours ago

    Until they are are all around your home terrorizing your family and get all free while you have no healthcare or job.

  • John Howard
    John Howard Day ago

    Am I the only one who was lost after seeing Gavin Newsom's kid with a pacifier?

  • Jason Andre
    Jason Andre Day ago

    The hypocrisy of the left is exposed daily, and the stupidity of the people that follow them...I think America and her reasonable, logical people are starting to wake up..

  • Chummy Wiggler
    Chummy Wiggler Day ago


  • jay j smitty
    jay j smitty 2 days ago

    Dude get these crazy mofos out of office and get more grown ups in problem solved get out and vote them out and anyone like them

  • King Foltest
    King Foltest 2 days ago

    Hammer. Nail. Done.

  • Ed
    Ed 3 days ago

    Lieing leftist socialist progressive worthless traitors need to be uprooted and tossed out of the country, or in prison. What about the countless homeless and hungry in democrat cities. TRATORS! Im tired of listening to this and no one does anything about it. The truth is, they are doing this because they are enabled to do it.

  • Zay
    Zay 3 days ago

    Why is he so red tho 😂😂

  • Alva Stewart
    Alva Stewart 4 days ago

    Gavin Newsome reminds you of Joel Owsteen

  • Aaron Uribe
    Aaron Uribe 4 days ago

    Speak to people in Oakland lol, You’ll find a decidedly anti immigrant sentiment among the non elites

  • Dustyluckyblond channel

    how about praying for that state and new york city even Nasty Politicians need god and pray for people that are there

  • Chris Ranz
    Chris Ranz 5 days ago

    Speaker of the House Pelosi let me ask you a question how would you feel if I came through your window so I can invite myself in your house how that's going to work out I. My. Get. Shot if you all agree with me give me a hoot and you all have a good evening

  • M Biance
    M Biance 6 days ago

    Well played Trump.

  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin 8 days ago

    Send all to California hey want them .they need American people are leaving for Texas

  • Jennifer coco
    Jennifer coco 8 days ago

    Families are struggling as it is , we are all living with our grown kids already, to feel for strangers plot who should have stayed in their own country. Maybe protest against their government instead of coming here for a handout to millions of uneducated, maybe uncivilized, giving their kids away to coyotes who do whatever they want to these kids , that there is the real tragedy, the Children !!! Send all back to their country !

  • Chris McInturff
    Chris McInturff 10 days ago

    Illegal is Illegal,what is the problem?

  • guruma kim
    guruma kim 10 days ago

    Democrats are just pissed that Trump made them look stupid. He should have not said anything and just done it. Then when they complain, he should have said thats what i though u wanted. Hahaha

  • guruma kim
    guruma kim 10 days ago

    Haha reminds me of of walking dead, terminus. Everybody is welcome and then they eat u.

  • josh Atienza
    josh Atienza 11 days ago


  • sal mangano
    sal mangano 11 days ago

    these commies need to put against a wall and shot !

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene 11 days ago

    Have you ever looked at the difference between how many people watch Tucker Carlson and how many people watch any of the fake news anchors on CNN . It's a staggering defeat every time . Poor dumb things

  • Legenden
    Legenden 12 days ago

    One of king Tucker's many masterpieces.

  • Bonnie Gordon
    Bonnie Gordon 12 days ago

    Maybe the democrats would start working with the President, all it would take is one or two city "dumps", near where a politician livess!!!

  • Bonnie Gordon
    Bonnie Gordon 12 days ago


  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark 13 days ago

    Your “Illegal!” Sounds just like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball

    • Legenden
      Legenden 13 days ago

      If i break the law, i'm illegal. Yes. What's so hard for you morons to understand? If someone enters the country illegally, then he is an illegal alien. As simple is that. I'm Swedish, and just like anyone else: if i came to America I would follow american law. It's really simple.

  • Daniel Tucker
    Daniel Tucker 13 days ago +1

    Here's what the Democrats do they call illegal immigrants undocumented immigrants. That's like saying a drug dealer on the street is like an unlicensed pharmacist. Dots are dumb the Democrats are they don't know the difference between illegal an legal. Oh my God what assholes they are.

    • Legenden
      Legenden 5 days ago

      @Dustyluckyblond channel abortion, 4 billion genders, open borders, feminism etc. Just see for yourself and come back. And put away your lunatic hat for a while.

    • Dustyluckyblond channel
      Dustyluckyblond channel 5 days ago

      @Legenden good point

    • Legenden
      Legenden 5 days ago

      @Dustyluckyblond channel But it's obvious to anyone which side is wrong. The day you admit that to yourself is the day you will become happy.

    • Dustyluckyblond channel
      Dustyluckyblond channel 5 days ago

      I'm so glad I don't trust either side but how they treat their state is just plain wrong

    • Legenden
      Legenden 13 days ago


  • Ryan Napier
    Ryan Napier 14 days ago

    A bit of friendly advice for my west-coast, leftist friends... If California isn't part of the United States, they won't have to contend with federal law. We also won't feel shame for having California.

    • Dustyluckyblond channel
      Dustyluckyblond channel 5 days ago +1

      the Pelicans choose to be that way how they treat their State is Awful they can't blame Trump for that

  • Lou Benvignati
    Lou Benvignati 14 days ago

    Way to go Mr President. Send thousands to Pelosi’s state. She wants them all allowed to come in Well naughty Nancy here you go.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 15 days ago

    Why can't these people differentiate between Illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and legal immigrants? I don't get it. They all have a pretty good grasp of the English language. It's bizzare.

  • Mike Kaila
    Mike Kaila 15 days ago

    That kid is like three years old. Why does he still have a pacifier?

  • Happy 2 Trigger You
    Happy 2 Trigger You 16 days ago

    Any illegal immigrant is welcomed to stay at my home said no liberals/leftist ever.
    ofc-They like Vegans. preaches about the taste of plants based diet and it's nutritional value, hates Meat but want their food to taste EXACTLY like meat products. Make ur fukin mind up !

  • KingJacobElijah hajilEbocaJgniK

    They are SAYING that the government is deterring them and others from this idea. The president is supposedly putting a bunch of immigrants in Oklahoma cities, to aggravate the politicians. They refer to the president transferring the people as, "dumping immigrants" because the president is acting like they are trash and pick em up from all around the country. Then he dumps them there and the politicians have no choice but to make a statement. It isn't hypocrisy. They're trying to show us the hidden racist agenda against outsiders.

  • Uncle Jack's
    Uncle Jack's 18 days ago

    “We need more illegal immigrants!” - just, not in MY city, everywhere else because illegal immigrants are the solution, just not in any major democratic cities. - this is why the Democratic Party is lost, losing and may never recover like CNN

  • Bill Colello
    Bill Colello 19 days ago

    Gillibrand,libby schaff, etc. and Democrats are an extinct breed.

  • Gamer500012
    Gamer500012 19 days ago

    If your okay with them being in sanctuary cities in America then just let them in America quit picking and choosing if they are allowed

    NOISEMAZE 20 days ago

    Poor immigrants go to San Francisco & catch bubonic plague or typhoid.

  • jon deme
    jon deme 21 day ago

    Democrats always CONFLATE legal and illegal immigrants together. We love them...the legal ones...

  • David Brown
    David Brown 22 days ago

    The USA military needs to invade Mexico and clean it up. Druglords, cartels and their cooperatives, murdering gangs...all deservedly dead. Bye bye. Then innocent Mexicans can have their country.

  • TIGER 50
    TIGER 50 22 days ago

    Hey Governor Newsom, how about the safety of your bastard child???

  • NPC S/N 1579325
    NPC S/N 1579325 24 days ago

    ... Ok... This is just brilliant! Give them what they want.

  • Brandon Laviolette
    Brandon Laviolette 26 days ago

    Why the crazy left acts like the trump and his supporters do want immigrants is beyond me ???? We just don't want them here illegally ......... come to our country in a legal way and you are welcome to come !!!! The left turns wanting peopleto come here legally into an anti-immigration racial War ............ WHY & WTF ARE THEY THINKING

  • dave no
    dave no 26 days ago

    I live in California..............God i wish i didn't. Please don't do this..........

  • Bill Z
    Bill Z 26 days ago

    That kid had a pacifier at like 15 years old.....

  • 123dantheman78
    123dantheman78 26 days ago

    50-100 years from now, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be laughing at us on how we let these people in office.

  • 123dantheman78
    123dantheman78 26 days ago

    Put your money where your mouth is Leftest, and practice what you preach.. See how well that goes.

  • srakooky17
    srakooky17 27 days ago


  • Hell Knight
    Hell Knight 27 days ago


  • NH Woodsman
    NH Woodsman 27 days ago


  • OMG Girl
    OMG Girl 27 days ago

    Come to think of it, why isn't the rich Saudi Arabia,UEA, Qatar and other rich middle eastern Islamic countries not taking in millions of refugees from Yemen Syria ect. Strange isn't it?

  • Mr Sister
    Mr Sister 27 days ago

    Lol it's not racist

  • James Drudge
    James Drudge 27 days ago

    Immigrants are fine. There is a long standing process that most Americans can trace their roots through. Refugees are are issue. Immigrants want to be part of their destination. Refugees just want to escape their current home, without concern of the destination.

  • Ross
    Ross 27 days ago

    Have I died, and waken up to this lunacy?

  • Das
    Das 28 days ago


  • DrakotheHusky
    DrakotheHusky 28 days ago

    do a story in the city on how many civilians actually want illegal immigrants id bet its no more then 3 people

  • Steve Carlson
    Steve Carlson 28 days ago

    How stipid this all is. People act like white peoole dont like salsa and Mexicans dont use Ketchup. What a stupid segment!

  • Raymond J
    Raymond J 29 days ago


  • Sara Morehead
    Sara Morehead Month ago

    According to Lauren Southern the migrant problem in Europe is really a human trafficking ring with the “refugees” and Europeans both being lied to by the “help” aka traffickers and even Doctors Without Borders taking bribes all along the Moroccan and Turkish borders. $2000-4000 gets you passage to Europe rather they sneak you in or go in publicly for a fake medical reason.

  • Lil' Diesel
    Lil' Diesel Month ago

    I hope they all get what they asked for 😂😂

    BUG 'S LIFE Month ago

    The only way to rid the left is a civil war!

  • Bassmaster86
    Bassmaster86 Month ago

    Beacon Hill deserves to be first in line...

  • DopeBangin Junt
    DopeBangin Junt Month ago

    The left: If trump doesn't allow illegal immigrants in our city we will sue
    Also the Left: If trump Allows illegal immigrants in our city we will sue

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    Ahh your boy still has a binky

  • JJ McWeaver
    JJ McWeaver Month ago

    This whole thing is so hilarious!!! I love it!!!

  • Scottlen Miller
    Scottlen Miller Month ago

    Another comment I just want to say that this is possibly my favorite move by President Trump and my favorite video as far as all of these have gone so far

  • Scottlen Miller
    Scottlen Miller Month ago

    Try to cross the border the other way with that bull crap idealism that you Proclaim

  • Jason vorhez
    Jason vorhez Month ago

    When the country was being built the motivation to come here was not what the government could give them for free, now it is. That's the difference between immigration then and immigration now. I think that if immigrants wanna come here it should be a Mandatory minimum of 2 years in the armed forces. Prove you wanna be part of this country.

  • ButtonDeity
    ButtonDeity Month ago

    let princess cupcake itches have political power and this is the nonsense you get.

  • Anzy Faubion
    Anzy Faubion Month ago

    The only science that these kids "learn" about seems to be the "science" of climate change. Scary.

  • doom7ish
    doom7ish Month ago

    Democrats are Insane crazy babies.

  • Albert van Wyk
    Albert van Wyk Month ago

    The reality is there are so many immigrants they are all trying to poll their votes in the hope they will win...

  • Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke Month ago

    Love the idea - but N.I.M.B.Y
    "Not In My Back Yard"

  • Joseph Rodrigo
    Joseph Rodrigo Month ago

    Laughable. When the sanctuary cities open their cities to the Border Patrol to house all illegal immigrants coming, then we'll talk.

  • VenaZ
    VenaZ Month ago

    OH NO! Those politicians I call them HYPOCRITES! That's the word, not dumping.
    The people sees it. U jus fooled urselves Democrats... We see u for who n WHAT U R...
    MAGA 2020

  • leanard flow
    leanard flow Month ago


  • leanard flow
    leanard flow Month ago

    Illegal immigrants use their children as shields to get into the UNITED STATES. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  • leanard flow
    leanard flow Month ago

    Gavin's son looks to be six years old and still has a pacifier in his mouth.

  • James Job
    James Job Month ago

    I think land mines should be placed at the border I would give some money. It's the best thing we can do . go through the port the legal way. Stay in Mexico

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan Month ago

    They are called Illegal Aliens.

  • Thomas Hurl Hi
    Thomas Hurl Hi Month ago

    What a farce

  • Uber Ready
    Uber Ready Month ago +1

    all idiots, get the homeless off the streets first

  • kolossarthas
    kolossarthas Month ago

    I would vote for Trump for the next 39.000 years if I could. No man other than Trump could lead the world in the 41st millenia.

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Month ago

    Democrats have shown no willingness to reform immigration law. That's because they think it will work for them, changing voter demographics in their favor forever. That's why they support open borders, sanctuary cities, and government benefits for illegal immigrants. They're recruiting their next generation of voters with your tax dollars and mine, and those of our children and grandchildren who will need to pay off the massive debt this generation of politicians is accumulating.

  • Pomana H
    Pomana H Month ago


  • new england patriot

    funny how all the brown, black and yellow people want to come to traditional caucasion countries and not the other way around! Interesting isn't it?

  • Longsnapper 53
    Longsnapper 53 Month ago

    This is beautiful. Trump is ,indeed, the master.

  • kyolym
    kyolym Month ago

    And dont forget to send busloads of em to The Hollywood hills and to all these saintly welcoming celebrity communities I am sure they will greet them with open arms of joyful ecstasy and have BBQs and huge picnic gathering for them on there properties

  • Matt Marzula
    Matt Marzula Month ago

    Hum... Not as welcomed as they claimed.

  • Corkscrew Life
    Corkscrew Life Month ago

    They should have them slumber at Pelosi house, Harris house and Cortez house. While Biden smells and french kisses each one coming to the cities as a greeting to America lmao.

  • Peter Leo
    Peter Leo Month ago

    What a baboon. Tucker’s career will be over soon. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

  • Moxxi !
    Moxxi ! Month ago

    Considering the majority of South Americans are Christians, mainly Catholic then you would think the Democrats are really just shooting themselves in the foot long term once these immigrants realize that the Democrats favourite past time is Christian bashing. Just an observation from a atheist European.

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera Month ago

    It is pelosi along with all her supporters who are despicable.

  • TheOkWoodsman
    TheOkWoodsman Month ago

    Hey Newsom ! California is not a separate nation state. You are breaking the LAW ! That means you are now a Criminal ! You and your ilk need to be arrested tried and convicted then hanged for your treason against the US of A. The Nation California is a part of.... Dumbass !

  • k
    k Month ago

    3:37 - Full-fledge busing out laughing out loud when the punchline was delivered

  • Master Hughes
    Master Hughes Month ago

    Democrats aiding and abetting criminal conduct , they refuse to change immigration policy to protect america, they want to flood the country with criminals that will vote democrat.

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane Month ago

    Go Donald.. That is a SUPER IDEA. He is such a SMART MAN.

  • Snakehead4
    Snakehead4 Month ago

    Sad thing is people will still vote for them

  • Ivory Towers
    Ivory Towers Month ago

    We must plan And Organize for 2024 we can not let these people back in the White House ever again.
    Never We need to start thinking about our future after President Trump.
    And he should finish laying the ground work for the transition to the next

  • Jaynome Roma
    Jaynome Roma Month ago

    A fairy tale lie, sometime you get what you wish for, hahahaha Gold !!! and they can afford it.

  • Lise-Anne Charbonneau

    Excellent, Tucker!

  • mary shaffer
    mary shaffer Month ago

    Theres no such thing as a criminal human right Bernie. But even Jesus hung beside two criminals one repentant who will spend eternity in paradise the other not therefore not deserving of life.