Tucker: Trump calls Democrats' bluff on illegal immigrants

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • Trump administration considers relocating illegal immigrants at the border to sanctuary cities. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Comments • 12 300

  • Siedla czek
    Siedla czek 9 hours ago

    I really hope we are not gonna make the same mistake like UK did !!!

  • Maxwell Vindman
    Maxwell Vindman 14 hours ago

    2:20 you are absolutely right, I love immigrants my father is an immigrant. We agree entirely I love legal immigration build the wall

  • Nilo Chinilla
    Nilo Chinilla 20 hours ago

    Intellectual dishonesty. Hahahah

  • Nilo Chinilla
    Nilo Chinilla 20 hours ago


  • Joseph Cocchiola

    The left treats them as pawns on their political stage, just like they do unborn babies.

  • Andrew Kloak
    Andrew Kloak Day ago

    Tucker: A pony holy smokes amazing!!!

  • Bisco Who
    Bisco Who Day ago +1

    You think you're getting another pair of socks and there it is...A PONY tethered to your mailbox

  • deepesh giri
    deepesh giri Day ago

    Tucker is straight and simple
    Plain facts

  • ALxsa
    ALxsa 2 days ago

    🎵You don't have to go home but you can't stay here 🎶

  • Linda Billington
    Linda Billington 2 days ago

    They want to use immigrant's as the new slaves of the united states .

  • Stuart Soll
    Stuart Soll 2 days ago +1

    Unless you are 100 percent Native American? Then you are an immigrant. Where did your people come from?

  • TextSMS Master
    TextSMS Master 2 days ago

    I Never Get Tired Of Watching This Video .. Flip Flopping Dumborats Faces Were Melting .. Trump Pulls The Strings On The Dumborats and They Dance Like Fools

  • 4Foot Vlogs
    4Foot Vlogs 2 days ago

    tucker speaks facts

  • omegapointil
    omegapointil 2 days ago

    Funny " if a facial expression could have a name, Carlson's would be "Thud".

  • cc cav
    cc cav 2 days ago

    Put them in your house. I wouldn't want an MS13 living under my roof...

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 3 days ago

    For some time we have been told that ' immigrants are a great additon to our culture and should be wecomed with open arms because they are so wonderful , and remember 'THERE ARE NO ILLEGAL HUMANS', SO NOW PRESIDENT TRUMP KNOWS WHERE TO SEND THE FIRST BUSLOAD OF 'NONILLEGAL HUMAN IMMIGRANTS SEEKING FREEDOM, FOOD, SHELTER, EDUCATION, AND MEDICAL CARE, BUT WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK, AND $$$$$$$ GIVEN TO THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN.??
    Why did I have to get up and go to work all those years,and pay TAXES, I'm a human too???

  • Christian Walling
    Christian Walling 3 days ago

    Haha the Dems are clowns 🤡

  • Bob Desombre
    Bob Desombre 3 days ago

    Sir you are definitely my President. You are brilliant you have come up with the perfect solution to the entire problem. If we just send ten million to each sanctuary city we won't have to worry about this problem for a few years!

  • Dee Rosser
    Dee Rosser 3 days ago

    Go China. Give these Bastards what they gave the rest of the world. It’s crazy. You have an entire militant group that has been doing extra stuff to get you all off their territory and instead of leaving you all cause more war and chaos now you’re going for Iran. If Iran wants to handle things a certain way let them. Are they asking for your help? Are there a lot of Iranian immigrants coming to the states looking for handouts prior to your charades in their region? If not, move on. Leave them be. But instead, the bullies of the planet put on like they support Israel which is most like Askenazi and NO ONE else and may even been the foreigners that’s spoken of in the Bible. Let’s talk six day war. Happened decades ago yet the two parties are still at war with each other. The determining factor back in the day that it was over. The US. Sounds like a battle was over but the war continues to this day.

  • Dee Rosser
    Dee Rosser 3 days ago

    War thirsty hypocrites. The Caucus Mountain Range is that way.

  • Dee Rosser
    Dee Rosser 3 days ago

    How about you all stop performing Coups and let people determine their own values, sell their own resources coming from the land they live on, and stop killing those who do not comply to your bs.

  • Dee Rosser
    Dee Rosser 3 days ago +1

    Dear white hypocrites,
    FYI there are plenty of people who would leave this country, not come, and not turn to you for help if:
    A. They would be reassured that you all won’t show up on their newly found territory demanding compliance.
    B. They can establish communities on their own, sell their products themselves and not feel like they are at risk for doing so
    C. Not be forced to comply to your ludicrous ideas.
    But white people force themselves on others, use them for what they want, then play victims.

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 4 days ago

    Tucker. Our youg women are not turned off by men, only responsibility! If they were turned off by men, there wouldn't be millions of ABORTIONS! It's the responsibility of a child , and lack of and careful use of birth control! There is basically NO EXCUSE FOR THE NUMBER OF ABORTIONS IN THIS COUNTRY WHERE MULTIBLE FORMS OF BIRTH CONTTOL ARE EASILY AND CHEAPLY AVAILABLE!
    Nancy just declared a crisis with all the people coming across our borders, how about all the 'potential people', as babies, thrown in the trash every day??

  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 4 days ago

    Tucker Carlson..is a Caricature of himself! Look at him!

  • Duane Bettger
    Duane Bettger 4 days ago

    Legal immagrents aren't dispicable......... ILLIGAL immagrents ARE.

  • Abdon Santella
    Abdon Santella 5 days ago

    Just remember Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!!!!

  • Jason Weiss
    Jason Weiss 5 days ago

    These people knowingly incurred these debts. Instead of forgiving the loan eliminate the interest or at the least reduce it,I would like my mortgage debt forgiven.

  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 5 days ago

    Tucker Carlson, DEFINES BAD HAIR! Or a Come-Over.

  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 5 days ago

    ...and with a BAD-HAIR WIG!

  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 5 days ago

    This Corporate-Fool, TUCKER CARLSON, gets paid to LIE! Do You?

  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 5 days ago

    Tucker Carlson, is a Corporate FOOL! Even he knows that!

  • Puna Valach
    Puna Valach 5 days ago

    Another amazing Trump move!!! Lol...

  • Susan White
    Susan White 5 days ago

    They should put them in the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, beside Nancy Pelosi and Schumer.

  • Susan White
    Susan White 5 days ago


  • Dave Wesley
    Dave Wesley 5 days ago

    Newsome the biggest hypocritical virtue signaler on the left.

  • Dave Wesley
    Dave Wesley 5 days ago +1

    This was the best Tucker segment ever!

  • Dave Wesley
    Dave Wesley 5 days ago +1

    E.Warren: “ Offer a home to these refugees that’s who we are “

    “ but just not my home”

  • South Texas Bass attack

    My great grandparents and my parent's all from Texas ..I'm 37 when I was 8 I was the only one Hispanic/white in school...now it's flooded

  • Gabe Games Alot
    Gabe Games Alot 6 days ago

    Donald Trump: We are gonna build a wall

    Mexicans: **makes hole in wall**

    Mexican people: just passing by

  • syovar1
    syovar1 6 days ago

    Best. Plan. Ever. President Trump gave the emotional people what they want. All legal immigrants who waited all this time were spit on, yes? I can't wait to start jumping the checkout lines in a grocery store!

  • Bruce Sanders
    Bruce Sanders 6 days ago


  • Donna Marney
    Donna Marney 6 days ago

    Oh so when it comes time for them to step up to the plate all of a sudden thier precious illegal immigrants are trash to be dumped you know where I think we should bus them to? right back across that border soon as they come across don't separate any families put them right on that bus take their asses right back across that border

  • Donna Marney
    Donna Marney 6 days ago +1

    I couldn't agree with that lady more immigrants are very vital part of American Life however there is legal process to do this and if you don't follow the legal process that makes you illegal by any definition of the word

  • Janet Krawiec
    Janet Krawiec 6 days ago

    Davied is not Max

  • Hel Li
    Hel Li 6 days ago

    Make it happen!!

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 7 days ago

    Yes , there is no such thing as an Ilegal human! Let's see, who was here before the indians, they had to come from someplace, then came the Vikings, but they were displaced by the ...............? How many people have been forced out of their homes
    , workplaces, or where they lived by a difference group as they moved in! HOW

  • hogtownhenry
    hogtownhenry 7 days ago

    I've got my Trump 2020 Cap ( and I'm an Aussie ) Have you ?

  • dWhisper2007
    dWhisper2007 7 days ago

    Some of the mayors and other government positions are now crying for help in these sanctuary states. Be careful what you ask for. I promise you 9 out of 10 will abuse you, take advantage, rob and just want more. They come here and see the beauty all over the country but there are the lower what I call 'slums', the sightseers aren't looking for that. They forget people worked hard to get that and keep it that way. Mexico believes women, in general, don't own things like cars, homes, etc. So they will take all you have to give. But, not before they abuse you. A "hit and run". They don't like Americans but they do want what money you give and what you own.
    Try driving down the tough area of Chicago. The south side of the highways and be very careful. Just saying.

  • Ruben Avila
    Ruben Avila 7 days ago

    The way i see it is The Dems want to spread out the illegal population all across the country and give them the right to vote. It gives them more of an area to collect votes. If you put them all just in their sanctuary cities the cluster of votes dont have as muchh power.

  • jim mueller
    jim mueller 7 days ago


  • wcvette56
    wcvette56 7 days ago

    Send them all to Nancy’s front door. Hypocrites

  • Marth OWolf
    Marth OWolf 7 days ago

    Wait....Is this not what they wanted?!

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 7 days ago


  • Cam Med
    Cam Med 7 days ago

    I love it, Beacon Hill. I live in MA and oh are they going to scream! Haha

  • Colleen Punt
    Colleen Punt 8 days ago

    Good for Tucker.....well said....Love hearing the sick democrats eat their own words.

  • Shirley Wise
    Shirley Wise 8 days ago

    We know they might want them the invasion is destroying our country they are draining this country

  • Patrick Kraemer
    Patrick Kraemer 8 days ago +1

    Yes it's dumping when delivered to Democrats...but it's not dumping when delivered to Republicans......yeah, right.

  • mycorona66
    mycorona66 8 days ago

    You liberal idiots are ureal. There's a HUGE difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien. The first comes here "legally" and the latter crosses the border "illegally".

  • Ray Blaze
    Ray Blaze 8 days ago

    Trumps gottem on the ropes now!😂😅😂

  • Neil Allen
    Neil Allen 9 days ago +1