• Published on Dec 6, 2019
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    Join us for the live weigh-in prior to Andy Ruiz Jr & Anthony Joshua's heavyweight rematch tomorrow night.
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  • Sky Sports Boxing
    Sky Sports Boxing  Month ago +21

    ► If you have Sky: ◄
    ► If you DON'T have Sky, stream it here: ◄

    • Positive Man
      Positive Man Month ago

      @GABRIEL DEBRAH My one kept getting cut off ahhhhhhhh but who cares about 2 blokes fighting lol

    • Positive Man
      Positive Man Month ago

      @Anthony Khallouf Streaming shitt more like or taking it ??

    • Positive Man
      Positive Man Month ago

      @qristopher quwah £25 instead of waiting a couple of hours to here about the school fight ? No thanks 👍

    • qristopher quwah
      qristopher quwah Month ago

      Sky Sports Boxing

    • Positive Man
      Positive Man Month ago

      Respect to A.J. and Ruiz 💚👊👍

  • John Buell
    John Buell 11 days ago

    You guys are covering international events here. Talking about weight in stones, like a domestic UK fight, is plain stupid. Adapt, ffs. The rest of the world don’t understand what you’re saying.

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 27 days ago +1

    At 30:14

  • Chatschik Bidd
    Chatschik Bidd Month ago

    30:16 KSI MADE IT

  • You’ll See
    You’ll See Month ago

    Tyan booth’s gonna have a field day with this one...anyway that’ll do yeah


    Fixed fight

  • ACH Gaming
    ACH Gaming Month ago

    29:46 down like that❤️

  • Aanshul U
    Aanshul U Month ago

    29:45 ksi down like that

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy Month ago

    29:45 Ksi’s song 😂😂😂

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy Month ago

    30:16 Ksi’s song 😂😂😂

  • Prof.
    Prof. Month ago

    AJ don't have chance with Wilder, sad but true.

  • prolotherapy
    prolotherapy Month ago

    We’ve got all these nice up an coming heavyweights and then we have the cowardice chicken leg Windmill who’s holding the WBC belt hostage by cherry pick Uber drivers for opponents. Till this day.

  • Twistyyy
    Twistyyy Month ago +1

    Is no one gonna comment about how they played Down like that during the weigh in?

  • [BHD]_ Atomic
    [BHD]_ Atomic Month ago

    “Ruiz always has a smile on his face.”
    *when he is eating*

  • Abdullah Ch
    Abdullah Ch Month ago +2

    ksi's song down like that playing in the back

  • motasm -,-
    motasm -,- Month ago

    30:28 KSI SONG

  • jack burrage
    jack burrage Month ago

    Does anyone know the song which was played the one where the beat was trophies from a drake song???

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      Time stamp?

  • Sachin T
    Sachin T Month ago

    30:00 they played KSIs music

  • All black All black and morr

    Ruiz 287lbs🎂🍰🧁🥧🍦🥮🍢🍡🍧🍕🍟🍔🌭🥙🌮🌯🥗🍖🍗🥩🥓🥖🥨

  • • Devz •
    • Devz • Month ago

    30:45 Down Like That KSI Fast Rap

  • Jason Peng
    Jason Peng Month ago +1

    30:17 Down like that

  • Oliver sobhi Zakhary
    Oliver sobhi Zakhary Month ago +1

    Andy Ruiz 283lbs

    I gained too much weight

    Me: ya think so?

  • Ultrx Instxnct
    Ultrx Instxnct Month ago

    Ksi’s song getting played 👏

  • Samy N
    Samy N Month ago

    40lB? I feel sad for his heart! Wtf! Wilder taller than AJ with 227lB!

  • Fight 4 Freedom
    Fight 4 Freedom Month ago

    Fake ass Joshua won by running!Boxing is hit and don’t be hit not hit and run!!!!

  • Mark Walsh
    Mark Walsh Month ago

    all it was it was for money

  • Mark Walsh
    Mark Walsh Month ago

    whatced the fight its a fix

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      You're dumb as fuck. Just because AJ won it was fixed? The fat shit barely threw a punch

  • Gill Nala
    Gill Nala Month ago

    If u can run and hug.. U can box like AJ.

  • zeeshan lilani
    zeeshan lilani Month ago

    Who is watching this after aj victory

  • My names Jeff
    My names Jeff Month ago

    Can that guy shut up and stop talking over Michael buffer

  • david ifeanyi
    david ifeanyi Month ago

    AJ won the fight hurray

  • andy mcgee
    andy mcgee Month ago

    AJ is a ledgend, kicked taco boy into a new boxing lesson, one hit wonder 😁😁😁do us all a favour taco boy ermmmm retire and eat pies

  • geoffrey fury
    geoffrey fury Month ago +1

    Ruiz and joshua are two bums .absolutely useless god help either one of them if they ever get in with wilder or Tyson Fury

    • geoffrey fury
      geoffrey fury 29 days ago

      @SHAIT i can be a fan of who i want to you useless dosser bastard

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      You don't deserve to be a boxing fan

  • Tei Boi
    Tei Boi Month ago

    Hahahah sorry to all the Ruiz supporters no lucky punch today 😂😂

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      Lmao and they complaining that it was rigged. They support a one hit wonder

  • EpicBruhMoment2644
    EpicBruhMoment2644 Month ago +1

    Who's here after AJ has won?

  • Spiegelmann
    Spiegelmann Month ago

    Ruiz = Ugly, fat and too bad.

  • The Pathfinder
    The Pathfinder Month ago

    It always seems there is a little bit of tension when these two are together

  • me here
    me here Month ago

    How come ruiz do weigh in on tracksuits with Smartphones in his pocket, having a hood on his head? That's wrong, u can't get the right weight like that . He should have step on there with his shoes on as well to weigh 500😆😆😆😆😆. Cheat 🇺🇲🇺🇲

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      All that doesn't give you an extra 6 - 9kg. He's just a one hit wonder. Also you should learn grammar. Couldn't understand shit you wrote

  • Elstan24
    Elstan24 Month ago

    Who is dat attention seeking noob always trying to stay between them at face off?

  • Robert Ward
    Robert Ward Month ago +1

    Joshua seems he was asking his corner what to do, he never had no clue what to do, hope he don’t fight like that when there is the rematch, come on AJ 🇬🇧🇺🇸🥊🥊

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT Month ago

      I mean he won. Ruiz is a one hit wonder

  • Krimo K
    Krimo K Month ago

    I will stream it live on my instagram if someone want to watch it: K_kriimo

  • I Am Orange Juice
    I Am Orange Juice Month ago +1

    I’m hoping for Joshua to win!

  • The Flow
    The Flow Month ago

    50:58 face off starts

  • Dan Henley
    Dan Henley Month ago

    I wonder how much ruiz is beimg paid to throw the fight?

  • Jay Calvin
    Jay Calvin Month ago +1

    Andy Ruiz putting his phone in his pants pocket to get some more weight whaha...

  • MrPawello33
    MrPawello33 Month ago

    Andy all the way however his weight is a bit worrying. Styles make fights.AJ would need to adjust a lot to overcome all the negatives - its possible but very unlikely all works at the night. Come on RUIZ!

  • Fernando  De Dios
    Fernando De Dios Month ago +1

    Ruiz went to Burger King before the weight in 😋😋 he will win any way

    • SoftwareDev 101
      SoftwareDev 101 Month ago +1

      Sorry, you were saying? Haha

    • andy mcgee
      andy mcgee Month ago

      I think not, however he will be selling tacos as he is a slow boxer 😁😁AJ proved that half hour ago 💪💪👍👍

  • Gambarizing
    Gambarizing Month ago

    Anyone else think its kind of disrespectful to go up there with a giant Mexican flag after you've been invited to fight in another country? It don't look right. Like, I get that Mexicans are very proud of being Mexican, but there's a time and place for all that. I would say this if it were some arrogant American with a huge ass flag, too.

  • Diosito
    Diosito Month ago

    One punch and AJ will crumble

  • General Jemz
    General Jemz Month ago +1

    Ruiz is AJs kryptonite

  • David Cratt
    David Cratt Month ago

    I take it AJ is going to be running from Ruiz all night in the fight.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Month ago +1

    Ruiz all power no conditioning! Joshua got this!!

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Month ago

    Ruiz 283 pounds! His 15 mins of fame is UP!!!!

  • shyshotcaller27
    shyshotcaller27 Month ago

    Andy for the knockout!!!!💨💨💨

  • I am the Manager!
    I am the Manager! Month ago +1

    There's nothing the brits enjoy more that witnessing your downfall. Maybe that's why they lost their empire, they enjoyed watching it crumble a lot more than they did building it.

    • SoftwareDev 101
      SoftwareDev 101 Month ago

      Only the media to be fair mate. Our media and press are the gutter press/media of the world. I'm a rugby player and fan myself and they did they same to our England rugby world cup team this year as well, overly bigged them up too early on and then when they didn't win in the final the media slagged them off. The England fans however, as always lived and died alongside their team to the end...I mean Jesus they smashed the all blacks and got to the final and yet the media talked utter shit about them. They make me sick.
      Regarding the empire, Britain just built a second empire when the actual empire collapsed, the financial services empire with over 50% of the world's rich putting their wealth through the city of London and the UK providing over 40% of the world's financial services squirelling it away in the Cayman islands, Jersey etc, dwarfing the US 15% (think it was 15%). Watch this documentary on TVclip called "the spiders web" Britain's second empire. Frightening what Britain's rich elites get up to.
      But you're right about our press/media, they really love putting our own down. Wish someone would belt them

  • Thomas Kidwell
    Thomas Kidwell Month ago

    Mexican hat on? You mean sombrero? Lol

  • davidforde1973
    davidforde1973 Month ago

    AJ ko Ruiz 7th round
    anyone streaming?

  • Bobby Robby
    Bobby Robby Month ago

    I think Trump would have invited Andy Ruiz to the White House had Andy once said he was an American. Andy kept telling us that he is a Mexican, that he won because of this Mexican fighting spirit and when he won he kept giving praise to his Mexican heritage.
    I'm a Mexican/American and if I was the President, I would not invite him to the White House either. Andy just bought his first Mansion in America this week, it is not in Mexico. Andy and his family love the American life. Someday he might say he loves to live in the United States, we know his family does. I still hope Andy Ruiz wins today, I will be at the Sports Bar to cheer him on.

  • PhyFonistic
    PhyFonistic Month ago

    least they have respect for each other respect to them both for shaking hands

  • A X
    A X Month ago

    52:30 WEIGH IN