Something Smells Fishy with Colin O'Leary: RuPaul's DragCon NYC 2019

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Backwards mermaid Colin O'Leary swims among the super fishy fans to talk all things DragCon!
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 49

  • Mutha Mucka
    Mutha Mucka Month ago +1

    Go for it Collin! Loved your fish creation, it's very Pee Wee & Seth Bogart. For those being ever so critical, the guys young & trying stuff out, let him find his wings.

  • Ky S
    Ky S Month ago

    What in the absolute fuckery was this.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +1

    Just NO.

  • Wifi Of
    Wifi Of Month ago

    Hello everyone. This is Colin o Leary and I am annoying lol

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Aww he look like he was having a lot of fun thats so lovely. Keep at it miss fishy!

  • call me skinnie
    call me skinnie Month ago +5

    omg I was one of the people interviewed and I was so uncomfortable I wanted to leave so badly, he literally made us do a conga line 😣

  • S Khan
    S Khan Month ago +1

    So Ongina is on all stars. I’m excited but wow need to calm down trying to make money every second !

  • Nicholas Low
    Nicholas Low Month ago

    I spy MEATBALL

  • Jules dk
    Jules dk Month ago


  • Bee BzZ
    Bee BzZ Month ago +1

    Cute guy

  • 05yolo05
    05yolo05 Month ago +1

    Just saying, who?

  • Alex Valdez ASMR
    Alex Valdez ASMR Month ago

    All I could think of was Fishy and Stankey stankey and fishy

  • Tevin
    Tevin Month ago


  • Colin O'Leary
    Colin O'Leary Month ago +10

    Thanks guys so much for the love!!! And please remember this is purely a fun video and a joke! Try not to take life or a fish with legs so seriously :) it was amazing getting to talk to so many people and seeing the world of DragCon! ❤️🧜🏻‍♂️

    • Human
      Human Month ago

      There was an attempt...

  • Ruki Alvarez
    Ruki Alvarez Month ago +1

    nice legs, whats on the menu

  • abnormallyfunny
    abnormallyfunny Month ago

    Never felt such anger and disappointment.

  • Lindz Marie
    Lindz Marie Month ago +12

    Okay I was getting the plant from little shop of horrors more than fish....

    • Colin O'Leary
      Colin O'Leary Month ago +3

      She’s vers. Audrey II doesn’t have eyes or fins, that being said She will probably be used as the plant for community theatre production sometime in the future. She makes her debut as Audrey II in my 2nd car video! :)

  • Lane Weir
    Lane Weir Month ago +1

    This was hilarious. He's a natural, great job mate!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +12

    Whoever commissions this crud at wow needs to not be commissioning this crud at wow. Thank yew.

  • Apple
    Apple Month ago


  • Cale Lambert
    Cale Lambert Month ago +4


  • Theo Chaney
    Theo Chaney Month ago +1

    Where do they even get these people???

  • Piotr Lachendro
    Piotr Lachendro Month ago

    I love this.

  • J V
    J V Month ago +29

    mama, you posted cringe

  • Br D
    Br D Month ago +1


  • Ma Si
    Ma Si Month ago +17

    *Hollow Eve rant in 3... 2... 1...*

  • Melanie Faber
    Melanie Faber Month ago

    Das gefällt mir nicht . Das ist mir zu Grenzwertig.

  • Florence Flowers
    Florence Flowers Month ago +3

    Trinity fishy?? I don't see it for her but ok

  • Brent M.
    Brent M. Month ago +7

    So you’re telling me she wins Season 12

  • Betsy Wendt
    Betsy Wendt Month ago +2


  • sheeppusher
    sheeppusher Month ago +22

    Literally who is this dude lol

    • Colin O'Leary
      Colin O'Leary Month ago +6

      Just a little ol' Backwards Mermaid!!!

  • Linda Buck
    Linda Buck Month ago +6

    NOW THATS FISH!!!!! Awesome job! You’re so in tune with the people, great interviews!!! Do it AGAIN!!! Everyone you can attend!!! FILM AT 11vengendary!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eduardo CL
    Eduardo CL Month ago


  • Cadet TaoTao
    Cadet TaoTao Month ago +7

    omg i remember seeing that fabulous fish swimming around at DragCon! XD lol so awesome, set it offf cyster.

  • Mathias
    Mathias Month ago +4

    omg this was so random

  • Kathy Buhler
    Kathy Buhler Month ago +73

    Did his mom drop him off at dragcon with a fish costume in the car

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago +2

    How fun! 😸❤❤

    NOBODY ASKED Month ago +4


  • snowy
    snowy Month ago +1

    *serving fish* 😍

  • Tiff Selbzzz
    Tiff Selbzzz Month ago +6

    Idk what this is but I love it 😂

  • Michele Dolgetta
    Michele Dolgetta Month ago +1


  • Adrian Mellon
    Adrian Mellon Month ago +46

    What even was this lmfao