Nerd Crew Live!!! Star Wars News!!!

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • The gang is back with a live stream featuring all the latest Rise of Skywalker news!! Watch till the end to bid on a live auction for charity!!!
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  • Blake Riley
    Blake Riley 7 hours ago

    why is rich always starting fires lol

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price 8 hours ago

    These are the guys that are level 900 palpatines in bf2

  • AmountStax
    AmountStax 13 hours ago

    Just looking at the channel.. only 1.12 mil subs but every video seems to get 500k - 2mil views. Is that like the best ratio for subs to views?

    THE1NONLY1 2 days ago +1

    Damn, that part from 15:17-15:23 was so accurate. The fake, "concern" for an audience they fleece the fuck out of.

    THE1NONLY1 2 days ago

    I love the part around 6:30 where Rich is nodding furiously and the bobblehead is doing the same.

  • Jake A.
    Jake A. 2 days ago +1

    "I feel safe and secure" that got me XD

  • Luiz Silva
    Luiz Silva 3 days ago

    *Cut The Cameras*

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones 3 days ago

    I would kill to see an actual live stream of The Nerd Crew.

  • Joseph Fiori
    Joseph Fiori 4 days ago

    18:28 I am so glad that someone has finally called out how STUPID the character names are in the new trilogy, and how stupid people sound talking about them seriously.

  • babajingo dude
    babajingo dude 5 days ago

    I wanted to bid but all I got was great customer service by a reliable and friendly corporation!

  • First Last
    First Last 6 days ago

    that goddamn phone number though

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 7 days ago

    They fly now? THEY FLY NOW!!

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 7 days ago

    The phone number is Disney+ customer serviced.

  • joeyjojojunior1794
    joeyjojojunior1794 8 days ago

    20:31 Me too, brother.

  • joeyjojojunior1794
    joeyjojojunior1794 8 days ago +1

    1:33 I love this reaction. The discomfort Everyman feels talking about bloody twats.

  • GD D
    GD D 8 days ago

    My Spectre 135 has a soft opening


    "Soft opening premiere"

  • Rucks
    Rucks 10 days ago

    I just want Mr. Plinkett's VCR fixed so he can watch Nightcourt before be dies of AIDDDDDDSSSSS.

  • Daddy DREET
    Daddy DREET 12 days ago +1

    best of the worst episode watching SQUIRM, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, and other random weird animals that are creatures.

  • Daddy DREET
    Daddy DREET 12 days ago +2

    Luke Skywalker is known to have said on several occasions (in the star wars novels timeline) that he doesn't know what race Yoda was. there is no known record of his race and no others have ever been seen. last novel in the timeline takes place 45 years after the first death star blew up. all that time and no one knows anything and now all of a sudden Disney knows it all. DISNEY ruined star wars canon.

  • Ryan Parker Mullis
    Ryan Parker Mullis 12 days ago

    Look at these Disney Shills clinging on to this dead franchise. Get a life you losers.

  • Brian Hopkins
    Brian Hopkins 12 days ago

    Now that Red Letter Media totally destroyed Collider ... who’s next ? Who’s lives are they going to ruin now?

    MCDLXXXVIII 12 days ago

    Is experiencial a real word?

  • Billy McNeil
    Billy McNeil 12 days ago

    This is the best thing they have ever done

  • Rbo SMF
    Rbo SMF 13 days ago +2

    Can’t wait for *”The Rise of Plinkett”* review!
    “The Rise of Skywalker sucks my balls! It ruined everything, and not just Star Wars movies, but everything! I know I ranked Star Trek: Generations as the worst movie ever made, but the Rise of...of...suckwalker? No, schillwalker? No. Fuck it. It’s probably worse than that movie now, but that ain’t saying much folks.”

  • Clous von
    Clous von 13 days ago

    When he started hitting the toaster with the sith trooper, I lost it

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.
    Dr.FragensteinM.D. 13 days ago +1

    RoS 53% critic review, with steady fluctuations from the start. The audience score has stayed at a highly improbable 86% the entire time. The odds of that not changing once from the first review to the nearly 90k are nearly impossible, the record shows the trend is a flatline at 86%. Isn't that criminal in some way?

  • EconosPhylos
    EconosPhylos 13 days ago

    cried with toaster bit

  • Sklaverey
    Sklaverey 13 days ago

    I'm going to run "soft opening" into the ground, it's such a perfect definition of sneak peeks.

  • Emsizz
    Emsizz 13 days ago

    "I donated a dollar for the chance to massage Anthony Daniels' prostate"

  • Ododa
    Ododa 13 days ago +1

    I want that lego set goddamnit.

  • Sean DeMarco
    Sean DeMarco 13 days ago

    I haven't laughed so hard in ages for that long. Thanks guys.

  • darsirious
    darsirious 14 days ago +1

    i am so excited for the new nerd crew podcast after EP 9.

  • Aidan Mackenzie
    Aidan Mackenzie 14 days ago

    Mike in the star wars clothes is priceless

  • N Zimm
    N Zimm 15 days ago

    Rocco Botte

  • mawsk8er
    mawsk8er 15 days ago

    15:15 "we may have audience members sensitive to sound...I FUCKING LOVE STAR WARS!" This made my day, thanks LOL!

  • RGC2005
    RGC2005 15 days ago

    "and now, the end is near....."

  • Phi Nguyen
    Phi Nguyen 16 days ago +1

    I thought this series was one of RedLetterMedia’s weaker ones. Like a joke that went on too long. Funny how it all comes back around with recent events.

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. 16 days ago

    I really should have bid on that toaster that beat Rich.

  • Jeff Lantang
    Jeff Lantang 16 days ago

    "...the most successful film of all time" ...apparently Kanye West writes news articles now.

  • NinpoUK
    NinpoUK 17 days ago

    Fucking died at "take that Kenny Baker"

  • Maple James
    Maple James 17 days ago

    Perhaps we need Mack or Patton to visit the Nerd Crew, as a special guest. Perhaps.

  • Lazer Pancake
    Lazer Pancake 17 days ago

    The toaster part at the end was top tier.

  • nathones
    nathones 17 days ago

    I HAVE TO KEEP SMILING!! very cool

  • Tsukiru
    Tsukiru 18 days ago +2

    Yknow despite understanding the satire.
    The charity portion made me sad. Cmon, help some middle aged man die early got some fucking movie that people didn't end up liking

  • Keir Bourne
    Keir Bourne 18 days ago

    When Mike said "RIP Carrie Fisher she's such an inspiration" and starts chugging a bottle of whiskey... I fucking lost it 😁😭😂😂

  • RED Engineer
    RED Engineer 18 days ago

    So since collider gave them the axe does that mean nerd crew is the new jedi conceal?

  • Liam Hemmings
    Liam Hemmings 18 days ago +3

    Looking forward to seeing the Nerd Crew getting fired with an hour’s notice and for their former boss to make fun of their sackings on twitter.

  • CrimeComunismFagotry
    CrimeComunismFagotry 18 days ago

    This Just In: Collider has Cancelled several of it's movie review programs including 'The Nerd Crew'

  • casey pardue
    casey pardue 19 days ago

    i legit paused the video to look up the socks. they are real. then when i pressed play he said they are actual products lol I thought they were props specifically printed for the skit because the packaging looked kinda shit, but also seemd like alot of work for the skit lol

  • Gavin F
    Gavin F 19 days ago +5

    “He pissed on my face while saying take that Kenny Baker!” 🤣

  • Dave Stephenson
    Dave Stephenson 19 days ago +1

    Anyone disappointed at the collapse of collider can just watch these 😂

  • Nature Squad
    Nature Squad 19 days ago +1

    What an absolute triumph!

  • penny wisdom
    penny wisdom 19 days ago

    Endless Trash Compactors? What do they discuss?

  • Yoshi Maeshiro
    Yoshi Maeshiro 20 days ago +1

    Now that Collider commentary is gone, you will fill the void, nerdy boys.

  • VooDoo Rem
    VooDoo Rem 20 days ago

    I thought star wars was a family guy adventure movie

  • Greg C
    Greg C 20 days ago

    Now that collider is in the crapper, I hope these guys don't get fired too. Of course, this is the collider that is doing well lol.

  • dodopoopinpoop
    dodopoopinpoop 20 days ago

    I love how this show exposes just the out right lies told by the media.

  • sbowesuk
    sbowesuk 20 days ago

    This show feels more real than regular podcast lineups out there, because at least this is obvious satire. All those other shows take themselves 100% seriously, while unironically groveling to Disney for access. Little wonder Collider Live dwindled and died.

  • PaddyWacker Gaming
    PaddyWacker Gaming 20 days ago +2

    Veryyyyy COOL