Playing Acoustic Guitar for the First Time!

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • In this video I unbox and play my first ever acoustic guitar! Though I've been playing electric guitar for over 3 years now, I have never played acoustic guitar so I wanted to share the experience with all of you :).
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    I didn't have a great recording setup for the guitar for this video (new to recording acoustic guitar) and just used my camera audio. But will improve it for any future videos with the guitar :).
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  • Hoaf
    Hoaf 18 hours ago

    Oh another Ichka

  • storytime със gonaka 69

    what is the song from 6:56


    Can you not smile

  • Sergio Betancur
    Sergio Betancur Day ago

    You play with such passion that your face is transformed. And you have your own very original style. I congratulate you.

  • Ishmam Naveel
    Ishmam Naveel Day ago

    She looks 14 but sounds like she's 60 loool

  • Theodor Björkman

    boliward of broken dreams

  • Felipa Hansen
    Felipa Hansen 2 days ago

    Whats the riff called that you’re playing at 5:30? I want to learn that! Super cool, and keep up the good work!🤗

  • Ozzienuck
    Ozzienuck 3 days ago

    Bob Dylan songs are just made for the acoustic. First song I ever learned to finger pick was "Don't Think Twice ('Cause it's Alright)". Check out for almost every song ever written by everyone. PS - your enthusiasm makes me smile.

  • Matthew Burke
    Matthew Burke 4 days ago

    really you didn't start on acoustic guitar I thought that's what everyone starts with

  • Jim R
    Jim R 4 days ago

    Acoustic Suggestions for you:
    'Jane Says' will be a nice one to pound on the acoustic. Fun to play. R.E.M. 'Losing My Religion', Alice in Chains 'No Excuses', and of course SuperTramp's 'Give a Little Bit'.
    Zepplin has a few. 'Over the Hills and Far Away', 'Tangerine', 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomp' is a real hoot to play once you master the intro. ENJOY!!

    IM AVISHAE 6 days ago

    Ur a very great guitarist try BASS

  • Fino kustik
    Fino kustik 7 days ago

    6 : 05
    nice scale...👍

  • Fino kustik
    Fino kustik 7 days ago

  • Kaiyuan Li
    Kaiyuan Li 9 days ago

    Every song can be played on the acoustic except for metal

  • Tuna Ozden
    Tuna Ozden 10 days ago

    do stairway

  • diar sejdiu
    diar sejdiu 10 days ago

    Is she always smiling like this? even not recording?

  • ForWorld
    ForWorld 10 days ago

    I don't know if its me or what but does she sound very excited when she talks

  • jhun yt
    jhun yt 11 days ago

    song name at 6:45?

  • tristen goodstriker
    tristen goodstriker 12 days ago

    seven nation army is 7 7 10 7 5 3 2 the frits

  • SleaX
    SleaX 12 days ago

    Wish you were here :D

  • Luis Btw
    Luis Btw 12 days ago

    That’s not a acoustic guitar

  • Crimson Wine69
    Crimson Wine69 13 days ago

    Anyway, heres wonderwall

  • Анна Киреева

    У нее какие-то проблемы с мимикой
    и вообще фууу, ютуб, зачем ты мне ее рекомендуешь, мне тошно

  • yellow snow
    yellow snow 15 days ago +2

    i feel like the whole video is a joke cause of ur smiling, i almost feel uncomfortable

  • Woodworking Wannabe
    Woodworking Wannabe 15 days ago

    A standard of acoustics is Are you going to scarborough fair?

  • Plaît-il ?
    Plaît-il ? 15 days ago

    Some Beatles songs are very fun to play, like Blackbird or Norwegian Wood. Songs from Life is Strange are great too, To all of you is my favorite. And I'm currently learning Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton 😊

  • Bearicorn
    Bearicorn 16 days ago

    Try something from Tenacious D, for example "Kickapoo", or "Across the Universe" or "Blackbird" from the Beatles, or check out the album "Uneasy Listening" by HIM

  • BTW Viktor
    BTW Viktor 16 days ago

    Try Metallica nothing else mattets, i think it actully sounds better on akustisk

  • epicslayer 0214
    epicslayer 0214 16 days ago

    Sweet home Alabama is a must

  • jluyh ñosep
    jluyh ñosep 16 days ago

    Play blackbird and here comes the sun

  • Bmgb
    Bmgb 17 days ago

    iwant e guitar but icant buy

  • Willy Taylor
    Willy Taylor 17 days ago

    Yesterday and day in life - beatles

  • Angel Reza
    Angel Reza 17 days ago +1

    Can someone please tell me what she played at 6:57 ?

  • Dirty-D JDM
    Dirty-D JDM 18 days ago

    play the house of the rising sun. finger picking :)

  • dibas shrestha
    dibas shrestha 18 days ago


  • Tanik
    Tanik 19 days ago

    Bro u look a lot like Sadie Sink

    VATSAL_ROX X 20 days ago +2

    The title should be “hermanli plays acoustic guitar “. That would get more views

  • bigredwave7
    bigredwave7 20 days ago +1

    Rachel, I want to suggest “Silver Wheels” by Nancy Wilson. It’s a fantastic acoustic piece.

  • bigredwave7
    bigredwave7 20 days ago

    Rachel, be sure to check out this video “Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar”.

  • bigredwave7
    bigredwave7 20 days ago

    Rachel, don’t forget, Acoustic includes steel string guitar. But, it also includes Nylon string Classical guitar. Some of the most incredible and amazing sounds I’ve heard, came from guitarists playing, Nylon string, Classical Guitar.

  • bigredwave7
    bigredwave7 20 days ago

    Hi Rachel. For playing acoustic, I want to suggest “Silver Wheels” by Nancy Wilson.

  • Clauz
    Clauz 21 day ago

    Wheres the pick guard?

  • ツTurtless
    ツTurtless 22 days ago

    Greta Thunbergs sister?

  • mr kitty
    mr kitty 24 days ago

    His voice like a man voice

  • Grzegorzu90
    Grzegorzu90 24 days ago

    what is son on 5:31

  • 444darrian
    444darrian 26 days ago

    Lol you're not used to pressing so hard on the strings so it's funny haha. Great video plz make a "my first classical guitar"

  • mrnashd
    mrnashd 26 days ago

    Depressed gang wya

    NİHAD GAMER HD 27 days ago


  • Crappyguitarcover Channel

    That is the problem when you start learning electric guitar first.

  • Dulanga Liyanapathirana
    Dulanga Liyanapathirana 28 days ago +2

    Watches a guitar video
    TVclip: *lets just drop in a simply PIANO ad*

  • FBI
    FBI 28 days ago

    She sound really a real metalhead with her voice

    • FBI
      FBI 28 days ago

      She is cute tho

  • John Lloyd
    John Lloyd 29 days ago

    Love of my life by Queen

  • sophiiawesome
    sophiiawesome 29 days ago

    03:58 what you came for

  • Amasacrator1
    Amasacrator1 29 days ago

    I have an advice for you and it is to press the strings harder, you're definitely not used to pressing the strings hard on each fret.

  • MrLeonJ
    MrLeonJ Month ago


  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez Month ago

    you act like someone is pushing you to do the video

  • Daiikons Spirit
    Daiikons Spirit Month ago +1

    And here i am still with a kids sized cheap classic guitar...... sucks to not be able to get a acoustic guitar :( it sounds awesome enjoy

    BYT_ MILKY Month ago

    Smiles so much 🤣

  • Rainbowbear123
    Rainbowbear123 Month ago

    Bit over dramatic. First time i played electric i enjoyed it but wasn’t that different

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt Month ago

    Nothing exposes your weaknesses like acoustic guitar.