BEHIND THE SCENES McDavid at the Draft Video (Edmonton Oilers)

  • Published on Jul 2, 2015

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  • Jan Reno
    Jan Reno 3 months ago

    Make Belief fans still hurting big time over Mcdavid playing in Edmonton!!

    • Victoria Dixon
      Victoria Dixon 3 months ago

      Well we're actually a good team so..... no not really

  • IKEA Catalogue
    IKEA Catalogue 10 months ago +2

    It’s so cool to see all theese young mens biggest dreams become a reality. Think about it, their biggest dream just came true.

    • IKEA Catalogue
      IKEA Catalogue 10 months ago

      Kyle Tate how old are you bro?

    • Kyle Tate
      Kyle Tate 10 months ago

      I'm gonna try my hardest to play in the NHL just wait and see..

    • Kyle Tate
      Kyle Tate 10 months ago

      Slavbob Trackpants I'm gonna make my dream become reality too💯💯

  • stratplayer53
    stratplayer53 Year ago

    Whats not to like about this kid.He is a BEAST .I just wish he was a Bruin.There is allways hope though with Chiarella being the Oilers GM he loves trading great players.Sequin who?

    • queen mushii
      queen mushii 7 months ago

      stratplayer53 OOF. Your dreams got crushed. Chiarelli got fired.

  • 13CaptainPrice
    13CaptainPrice Year ago +1

    I forget which team it was, but one team cut out McDavid just saying cool to their team, and pretended that was the entirety of the clip

  • Jim Wade
    Jim Wade Year ago

    Best play sents bobby orr

  • Cory Becker
    Cory Becker Year ago +14

    Flames fans cry every time

  • Bob Meyer
    Bob Meyer Year ago +5

    2+ years later and they're wasting him just as everyone thought Edmonton would do. What a joke franchise.

    • Bob Meyer
      Bob Meyer 8 months ago

      @Gambl0r Hahaha. How's it going in Edmonton?

    • Martynas Treigys
      Martynas Treigys Year ago +4

      Gambl0r To be fair, Edmonton's cap situation is pretty bad.

  • tRitchie
    tRitchie Year ago +4

    Bet he wanted to go to Toronto

  • Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan 2 years ago +3

    is it just me or did anybody else notice it.... the way he hughed M.MARNER and said congrats man.... its like he was thinking man i wish if i was u marner right now

    • Brandon Head
      Brandon Head 11 months ago

      @Gambl0r what the fuck? How about treat people with some respect, if youre Canadian you should already be doing that.

    • Puru Mander
      Puru Mander Year ago

      +Gambl0r angry?

    • Gambl0r
      Gambl0r Year ago +5

      ok terrorist. stick to the mountains and stoning women. hockey no good for you

  • Brookes
    Brookes 3 years ago +3

    So professional, what a phenom

    • Bash Barti
      Bash Barti 2 years ago +1

      every player drafted in the first round does that lol

  • T sal
    T sal 3 years ago +1

    o man the salt

  • Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan 3 years ago +10

    Edmonton is despicable.

    • Gambl0r
      Gambl0r Year ago +4

      lol Calgary won't even have a team in 2 years. Get ready to put on that oilers jersey dipsh1t. Oilers birthed the greatest player to ever live, the greatest assembled team in NHL history, 5 Stanley cups and 9 Hall of Famers. fluke cup because the oilers scored on themselves, LOL. Flames franchise is probably the most forgotten franchise in Canada and filled with history of failure. Of course you retards are going to be super jealous and full of hate towards your far superior rival.
      Salt Lake City Flames 2020

    • Ben Duncan
      Ben Duncan 3 years ago +3

      How original, clever, and hilarious. Good for you.

    • Hammy1_4
      Hammy1_4 3 years ago +6

      Cool story man, you gonna tell that at a party or whaaa

  • MasonKiebala
    MasonKiebala 3 years ago

    most people have 15

    • Scott Ryan
      Scott Ryan 3 years ago +1

      +mc blasters "2015 draft". Its just cuz they were first overall they can put his number

  • Detroit Pistons
    Detroit Pistons 3 years ago

    he's a bust

    • Puru Mander
      Puru Mander Year ago

      Nice joke

    • 10_psi
      10_psi Year ago +3

      cdnbacon dude you are a legend

    • Scott Ryan
      Scott Ryan 3 years ago +1

      +Colin Desmond second best point a game average in the NHL, suck it

    • cdnbacon
      cdnbacon 3 years ago +52

      he busts on ur moms face

  • ThisIsAR19
    ThisIsAR19 4 years ago +20

    Dang not even a day after being drafted and he's already signed a ton of autographs

  • CAP
    CAP 4 years ago


    • Graffeetyy
      Graffeetyy 4 years ago +2

      The Wolf by Mumford and Sons

    • Mojiece
      Mojiece 4 years ago +2

      coming of age -- foster the people is the first song which is 1 of my favorites.
      no clue what the 2nd one was