News Now Stream Part 2 - 12/10/19

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
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  • John Doe
    John Doe 15 days ago

    this disgusting NV you allow this disgusting pig to show up?

  • Tam Thai
    Tam Thai Month ago

    Vietnam brethren please support the vote for Mr Donald Trump thanks because he did it right refugees in the us should support Donald trump

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Month ago +1

    The jews "some very bad people". Who is behind the impeachment? Some very bad people.

  • Vincent Strother
    Vincent Strother Month ago

    NOTHING BUT A nazi RALLY !!!!!!! SAD

  • Danny Jouchaud Du Plessix

    Trumpinator 2020👊🏻

  • Lynda Rucker
    Lynda Rucker Month ago

    My feelings do not get hurt by what he says, it embarrasses me to hear the things that spews from his mouth. I would just love to see what you would think if some other President talked the way this man does. Especially the last one we had. He would have been run out of office and probably hung. I know his record. I know his record before he took office and while he is in office and I am NOT impressed. SO why don't you tell me all the wonderful things he has done for this country and ALL of the citizens in it. I think he is a terrible example of a human being. I do believe in the golden rule. To promote disrespect and divisiveness is not a good thing for anyone. It amazes me how the dihard lovers of Trump will stand by him no matter what he does or says and allow the deteriation of a country.

  • Lynda Rucker
    Lynda Rucker Month ago

    No. I feel you are sad when you accept the number 1 human in all the world who should be setting examples and not dividing the country. You love him but I think he is dispikable. Putin uses Trump and I do not know how you and others think it is okay for foreign powers to meddle into our affairs. If you think harm is not occuring...keep supporting this person who is NO LEADER and REPRESENTATIVE for ALL AMERICANS a person who has NO leadership skills. I cannot believe you people like the things he says at his "GEt MY FIX, MY FEEL GOOD, TO STROKE MY EGO rallies". He wastes and wastes the tax payers money for his own personal gain. Keep him in office and please do not try and blame the Democrats, OBAMA, or Hillary Clinton, when AMERICA GOES into it's next resession. He does not support me in any way. He has worked against me both as a human being, in retirement and in taxes. I have not been one to benefit from this president.

  • Q Tē
    Q Tē Month ago +1

    two bits & two 💩💩
    only people seeking power think like that😡

  • Q Tē
    Q Tē Month ago +1

    No more of Bill & Hitlearly's
    Bogus Adventures😏

  • Q Tē
    Q Tē Month ago

    DEMONIC🐀🐀 should be impressed, no one really wants to vacation in the blue💩holes of America🙈

  • bella
    bella Month ago +1

    God is with you MR. POTUS because you are a GOOD man.A Very good man. God bless.

  • B List
    B List Month ago +2

    If this was a biden rally it would be 5 people with which biden were trying to fight

  • Marcus
    Marcus Month ago

    How is Trump draining the swamp??
    What happened to Hillary Clinton?
    What happened to Bill Clinton?
    What happened to James Comey?
    What happened to John Brennan?
    What happened to Andrew McCabe?
    What happened to Peter Strzok?
    What happened to Lisa Page?
    What happened to Bruce Ohr?
    What happened to Nellie Ohr?
    They’re all still walking free.

  • Leon Thorson
    Leon Thorson Month ago

    nuke the place.

  • David Goeken
    David Goeken Month ago +1

    Ok I tried to make a comment and I was sensored!

  • Barbara H
    Barbara H Month ago

    GOP cult is going to pay a high price for their greed and public humiliation of their voters. There making a fool of them by feeding propaganda. Americans are not going to sit tight much longer, the kettle is boiling.

  • kordzaE Ram
    kordzaE Ram Month ago +1

    4 more yrs for trump then 8 yrs for ivanka the first woman president woohoo I was the first to say it long ago remember me ivanka I love you god bless you and the 'DON'ald 💯

  • Thanh Ho
    Thanh Ho Month ago +3

    Trump 4 years more

  • D W
    D W Month ago

    There's two types of Republicans;
    1. The smart millionaire republicans that can sit back and take advantage of Trumps tax cuts.
    2. The dumb republicans, the guys bustin their ass to make a measly 50k annually paying taxes for the rich and the poor.

  • Dan Zan
    Dan Zan Month ago


  • Ray stewart
    Ray stewart Month ago

    I'm from Scotland, and a Trump supporter, the president tells it like it is and they dont like the Truth, I've got my MAGA HAT.

  • Jakob Jakobi
    Jakob Jakobi Month ago

    Donald Trump is the best President in the world!

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller Month ago +11

    I'm Singaporean and I love this president so much, he's everything people want to be... super charismatic and humorous too!

  • Roy Moulton
    Roy Moulton Month ago +6

    Hi , Hope you dont mind me, " CHIPPING IN ". I am from The UK- ENGLAND.!!, In the past,,From about the VIETNAM WAR. era. I have NOT HAD a Great deal of RESPECT for AMERICA. !!!! BUT, after following the,VILE TREATMENT,that DJT, HAS/IS, having to endure, from a Bunch of, " So called " AMERICAN PATRIOTS. !!!!! ????????. All I can say, IS, This CHAP is the BEST THING, since,Fish & Chips.....The ammount of SHITE, ! that Schiff, Pelosi, Warren, et al, are throwing about. Just amazes ME.....I stayed up last night, and watched most of the RALLY, from Hershey ! ( don't know where it actually is, in your Country. And I was Blown away what this man has achieved for HIS, COUNTRYMEN..To me, He.s THE BEE's KNEES. ....SO PLEASE!!!! DO YOUR UTMOST TO KEEP THIS MAN, at the Head of YOUR COUNTRY. " WE2 in the UK, NEED !!!! SOMEONE LIKE HIM. And He sure knows HOW to,address His Countrymen/and WOMEN. I was MESMERISED.!!!... Inthe words of what seems to be. A Popular, " RALLYING CRY, " DRAIN THAT F.....g SWAMP... Hope i have NOT offended anyone. Best of luck to ALL HIS VOTERS. Thanks.. ROY.

  • A J
    A J Month ago

    Keep in mind the Democrats only have been the majority in Congress for one year the Mueller report started three years ago it wasn't the Democrats who started it although all the Republicans would have you believe it and everybody involved in the investigations have been Republicans the fascists would have you believe that the Democrats have been trying to get Trump out from the beginning they had no power up until a year ago like everything else Trump supporters claim it just doesn't make any sense the facts don't fit

  • Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez

    TRUMP is good man president only one forever 2020_

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    I definitely won't be buying my typical Hershey candy bars/peanut butter cups now that Trump stunk your town up ! I'll choose other snacks.

  • Deborah Ellzey
    Deborah Ellzey Month ago

    God guns and trump!! Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead

  • Buck Nasty
    Buck Nasty Month ago +3

    Trump 2020

  • Forever Joy
    Forever Joy Month ago +6

    4 more years so TRUMP can DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! 💯🥳❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nemesis1ism
    Nemesis1ism Month ago +9

    Warren had 100 people at her Nevada rally lol.

    • Sweety D
      Sweety D 8 hours ago

      & most of them were reporters! 😁

  • Joe Publico
    Joe Publico Month ago +1

    Anyone who is a Trump supporter right now is a brainwashed fool. That's what Trump wants - to dumb down and brainwash his followers. He said he could shoot people and still get followers. That's how sad his supporters have become. Brainwashed puppets. So sorry to see this. And by the way I am an Independent, I am not a huge fan of either party - just saying this before you attack me as a liberal. I am not.

  • Newsfeed Political
    Newsfeed Political Month ago

    I dont understand why the congressmen were shuffled on and off the stage quickly. Opposite from other rallies. Some didnt even shake hands. Soneone pls explain what happened. Is the rep party state leader not supporting its local candidates?

  • Juanita Crain
    Juanita Crain Month ago +1

    Latinos for President Trump 2020! We know that you demon crates hate us too and only want our votes. We are not amused by your lies. Shame on you Democrats saying “build the wall” then changing your mind because the president is doing it. We know your hearts are really saying build the wall, take away rights, censor the people, and don’t let them defend themselves. The demon play book is so obvious. Latinos for Trump 2020 because we are enjoying our lowest unemployment ever and because the demons report news based on wickedly contrived rumors with no facts. You don’t care about us Latinos and we know it. 🇺🇸🇵🇷🇺🇸 . You won’t deceive us into voting for your corrupt ways. Trump 2020!

  • redrob
    redrob Month ago +9

    POTUS Rocks God bless the Trumps and Patriots

  • 7NoSaint
    7NoSaint Month ago +3

    Long LIVE Trump!! We got 'em on the run and they know it. Its such a beautiful thing, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. An elected president who puts America first, is there any wonder the criminal deep state who's been running the country since 1963 HATE HIM. Peace, love and appreciation.

  • Truthhouse Productions

    Fox 10 is great!!! Be sure to subscribe! I love these guys. They are real news unlike CNN and MSLSD

  • Ernest Miller
    Ernest Miller Month ago +2

    Are they selling those shirts at the door, or are these "trump supporters " on a secret mailing list?

  • Truthhouse Productions

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 imagine how much would get done if the do nothing democrats actually worked with this president instead of trying to derail his office

    • D W
      D W Month ago

      @Truthhouse Productions Why do you support a draft dodger. Learn to respect our Military

    • Truthhouse Productions
      Truthhouse Productions Month ago +2

      Michael Williams you should proof read your comments before posing. I assure you sir, everything that the democrats have accused Donald Trump of it is they who are guilty. That is a fact. Don’t fall for the bias left wing propaganda. Educate yourself on the facts and then make a hypothesis. Don’t regurgitate and believe what cnn, msnbc, abc etc... report. There is a reason why their ratings are lower than ever before. It is because Americans are wise to what is happening. How can someone argue with the results of this president? He has done more in 3 years than any other president has done in 8. The criminals are in the left. You don’t have to like Trump, but at least recognize the truth. God Bless

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams Month ago

      You want to dems to work with a criminal in charge

  • ellin l larsen
    ellin l larsen Month ago

    The ignorance of illiterate people who blame others for their lot, racist at their core, homophobic and just plan
    DUMB, attend trump’s rally! Stand Your Ground and vote this travesty, liar & buffoon out!! The whole world laughs
    at him....

  • Mr. Showers
    Mr. Showers Month ago +2

    I can not get enough Trump rallys!

  • anoniem always
    anoniem always Month ago +11

    Trump educated corrupt politicians on all front. An He"s Not Even a Politician.

    • Gary Smith
      Gary Smith Month ago +1

      Learn the names people. Klein, Stein, Berg, Gold, Man. We are in a war as Christians. This is real, not fake.

    PRIME MOVER Month ago +3


  • Mr. Showers
    Mr. Showers Month ago

    Mr President Donald Trump has to kick out the current freeloading tenants in his GITMO Hotel, to make room for the new session of traitors...
    Yes I hear, many people have been concerned about over crowding, but trust us and Q, we have planned, and know the potential risk of suites being shared, we at GITMO will do our best to eliminate the problem before you stay with us. As many of our welcome guests will be US citizens and therefore subject to quick military capital punishments the rooms should rotate smoothly.
    So as to be at the front of the cue, as is your privilege, so we may quicken your booking:
    Please present your unsealed indictment voucher at the prestigious GITMO hotel and resort, for a free life time stay, our friendly staff are here to help. Please be aware due to current high demand, lifetime stays will be limited to 3 months, but we will consider extending your stay if you invite friends, family and colleagues. We will cherish your business colleagues and here at GITMO Hotel and resort, we will make you proud.
    We at the Pesidental GITMO Hotel and Resort, guarantee peace of mind after your stay, there will be nothing in you mind.
    Thank you and may you have a charged free day. For all other hopefuls - catch you later...

  • Mr. Showers
    Mr. Showers Month ago +8

    I'm now a big Trump fan. Watching him brings tears of joy to me. I hated politicians all my life, they all speak word salad and lies. President Trump is NOT a politician (or as some say correctly, not a career politician), but a businessman with common sense who loves his country. Career politicians HATE that. He can not be bribed or puppetted and manipulated. The rest of the world is seeing his advantages over the entrenched corrupted alternatives.
    Love to President Trump, his family, inner circle and awesome policies. And the mighty USA.
    Cheers from Australia
    Mr. Showers.

  • anoniem always
    anoniem always Month ago

    We blacks are Good at alot of things, but o boi blacks an politics Bad combination.
    Watch iT all over the globe,its aMess. They choose the wrong blacks like Al Green.

  • Ok
    Ok Month ago +8

    Love my President 🤣✌️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    NUNNA URBIZNEZ Month ago

    Fox, where's your coverage of traitor Trump hosting Russian Foriegn Minister privately in the Oval office? Thanks for not covering the real story you traitors!!

  • Fidelis Obi
    Fidelis Obi Month ago +4

    I don't know if I ever loved any man like this man. He has an ancient wisdom and greatness. It looks like God is with him.

  • Fidelis Obi
    Fidelis Obi Month ago

    Working my ass off wow! Smartest president ever!! I love this man and I'm black. Trump 2020, hope for life.

  • Silent Meditation
    Silent Meditation Month ago

    Salute Trump.. God's political prophet...

  • Jessica Pleasant
    Jessica Pleasant Month ago +3

    There was a point when he started walking back to the podium and thanked the people with a swipe to his heart that I saw him get choked up. I loved that because as a veteran that song makes me cry with pride.

  • Diamond in the Stone by River Blue- Read it

    I would not want to be this Presidents enemy just now, the gloves are off, watch out Swamp creatures!

  • anoniem always
    anoniem always Month ago +7


  • Diamond in the Stone by River Blue- Read it

    I think you now have a President who has had enough of the swamp creatures, it's now his turn!

  • anoniem always
    anoniem always Month ago

    Take the House, Take the Senate an Trump Kept the Peoples Promises.
    The Leftest Democratic party claim the MCA deal, thats a Big Lie again.

  • percy hajee
    percy hajee Month ago

    I am from south africa and watched many videos of trump and I am not a supporter of him, but I must say I enjoy listening to him, very open and honest. Calls a spade a spade. Compare to all the past Presidents of America he stands out.

  • Diamond in the Stone by River Blue- Read it

    Watching listening from the UK with support for a great President enjoying the show wwgowga

  • Gab Wiest
    Gab Wiest Month ago +7

    I am amaze he really good president. Even im not american but i trump really good

    • Billie Zotos
      Billie Zotos Month ago

      Gab Wiest Just so you know, do not be afraid! You can be a great person to join us! God Bless You M

    • Billie Zotos
      Billie Zotos Month ago +1

      Gab Wiest Hi Gab! It is quite easy to become an American! Learn the Language, check with the places that represent you, on how to become an American,citizen, there must be lots of places to get this information.
      God Bless You, Gab!

  • Goyz R Us
    Goyz R Us Month ago

    JEWSA JEWSA! lol nice crowd!