Apple Card Review: Should You Get it?

  • Got to and get 20% off their annual Premium subscription!
    Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to roll out the Apple Card to iPhone owners in the U.S. It’s been available to Apple employees to test out for a few months, invitation-only to customers for a few weeks, and has now gone wide for everyone.
    So, should you get it?
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  • jorrge muniz
    jorrge muniz Month ago +1

    Your application has been reviewed.
    Thanks for your interest in Apple Card. Goldman Sachs Bank USA has reviewed your application, and it was not approved at this time because:
    You have applied a number of times so we cannot verify the information you have provided at this time
    If you believe this decision was made in error, please re-attempt the application:
    Ensure your personal information (legal name, SSN, birth date) is accurate and matches your ID, if provided
    If you were asked to verify your identity with your Driver's license or State-issued Photo ID, make sure:
    You are capturing the image clearly
    You position your Driver's license or State-issued Photo ID in the frame, place it on a dark surface, and make sure lighting is adequate with no glare
    Your ID hasn't expired

  • Curating Indigeneity
    Curating Indigeneity 2 months ago

    Does it pull away from your credit score by using the card for purchases like chase or other cards? I find that to be my issue is not having a problem paying but the take away from the score from use.

  • Dom
    Dom 4 months ago

    Looks like a good card with the exception of a web interface... I’ll wait until I can access from Windows...

  • Ant Cv
    Ant Cv 5 months ago

    The card is nice if you can get it to work. Customer Service is trash, so just be aware. Customer service representatives from Goldman Sachs, and from Apple are just horrible. But again, once you get your card to work, it's great because you don't have to deal with their customer service.

  • Fearlessly Underrated
    Fearlessly Underrated 6 months ago

    Who plans on paying interest anyway.

  • Alvin Brock
    Alvin Brock 6 months ago

    Is the Apple Card available in Canada yet?

  • Alvin Brock
    Alvin Brock 6 months ago

    I like seeing how much I am getting back, every day. I use it mainly for Apple services, and purchases.

  • Alvin Brock
    Alvin Brock 6 months ago

    Use your Costco Anywhere Visa Card for restaurants, fast food, or Starbucks. Auto 3%

  • Bill LeBlanc
    Bill LeBlanc 6 months ago

    Great review Rene!

  • Dan Becker
    Dan Becker 6 months ago

    Whatever you do people, don’t go into credit card debt. It’s nothing but a financial anchor around your neck.

  • URS
    URS 7 months ago

  • HypeBeast Dad
    HypeBeast Dad 7 months ago

    24. % interest

  • D_oneverythangilove
    D_oneverythangilove 7 months ago +1

    the apple cards works in the apple watch with out needing the phone i left my phone at home and was able to use my apple watch and there is no lte service on my watch

  • Lazaro Estenoz
    Lazaro Estenoz 7 months ago +1

    Don’t forget when you get the apple card you are waiving your right to a lawsuit unless you reply within 90 days, you can do it over apple massage.

  • Durian Durian
    Durian Durian 7 months ago

    Have Apple no shame.You can't claim to be ethical company if you get into bed with Goldman Sachs.This is the company that was involved in one of the biggest financial scandals in history with IMDB sovereign wealth fund in Malaysia.Goldman Sach executives have been convicted of money laundering for this by U S courts .

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore 7 months ago

    I didn’t know Rene was Canadian. Wow! So many of us Canadians here in TVclip.
    Also can’t wait for it to come to Canada but it’s definitely going to be a while and I wonder want Company would partner with them.

  • Charly Pico
    Charly Pico 7 months ago +1

    Damn I love this channel.

  • Anton Walker
    Anton Walker 7 months ago

    Also any incite into when Apple Card coming to Canada?

    • Bryn McDougald
      Bryn McDougald 7 months ago

      Anton Walker they’ll probably have to partner with a bank here

  • scarecrow66ab
    scarecrow66ab 7 months ago

    Just a reminder if you carry a balance the rewards mean nothing

  • Anton Walker
    Anton Walker 7 months ago +2

    Your Canadian? Awesome! :)

  • fred flintstone
    fred flintstone 7 months ago

    What about ATM access to get cash or foreign currency when abroad?

  • Greg Keelen
    Greg Keelen 7 months ago

    I have no credit and I can't get accepted for the card :/

    • David Wagoner
      David Wagoner 7 months ago +1

      Greg Keelen I didn’t have a credit score either but I got approved. There was an option to have them reconsider, and you share your apple purchase history with them and they take that into consideration lol

  • Sheku Sheriff
    Sheku Sheriff 7 months ago

    Hope Samsung has this for Galaxy fans.

  • Marechan28 Gaming
    Marechan28 Gaming 7 months ago

    Is it for iPhone only? Or can I get it for iPad 2018?

    • woolywil10
      woolywil10 7 months ago +1

      Marechan28 Gaming all IOS devices

  • Karen Nancy
    Karen Nancy 7 months ago +1

    Your credit score likely went up after Apple Card because you added credit line that made your overall debt ratio lower.

  • thedarkknight1971
    thedarkknight1971 7 months ago

    Oh great. Something else for Apple to make masses of profits from their brainwashed masses. Also, something that "Everybody simply has to have" because it's fashionable, but ultimately another way for the public to get into debt!!! Jeeeeezus Christ!!! Wake up people!!!! 5,000psi face palm felt here!!!

  • JtheMan
    JtheMan 7 months ago

    This is a bad idea. Subprime lending is a trap because it gives people with no who haven't been good with credit more money to spend they don't have

  • Crookz 714
    Crookz 714 7 months ago


  • Nicolas Gargalakos
    Nicolas Gargalakos 7 months ago

    Too bad not coming to Australia

    • Joey Sok
      Joey Sok 6 months ago

      Come live here for awhile when you get the card you can go back to Australia.

  • Jeff Bollinger Jr
    Jeff Bollinger Jr 7 months ago +1

    Signing up for the Apple card is just as easy as any other credit card.

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett 7 months ago

    Is there an option to autopay off the balance immediately you buy something on the card or monthly so this functions like a debit card but still has the ‘cash back’ benefits or do you have to keep monitoring the App so you have to manually pay it off to avoid interest charges?

  • Sami Anttila
    Sami Anttila 7 months ago +1

    If you default on the payments, do they have the ability to brick your phone?

    • AG Systems120
      AG Systems120 7 months ago

      @Sami Anttila
      All collections and financial transactions are handled by Goldman Sachs which is the issuer bank

    • Sami Anttila
      Sami Anttila 7 months ago

      AG Systems120 from the standpoint of collections that’ll make lot of sense. Bricking the phone could be a bit harsh though. Maybe just freezing the Apple ID would be enough to encourage people to pay their Apple Card bills.

    • AG Systems120
      AG Systems120 7 months ago

      No - that makes no sense

  • suspicionofdeceit
    suspicionofdeceit 7 months ago +1

    Why would I want this card if I have other cards?

    • Christopher Cruse
      Christopher Cruse 7 months ago

      For me the appeal is the conveniences it has. Yes there other apps and services but this natively done.

  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean 7 months ago +1

    Here my question I live in Canada 🇨🇦 so how long until it comes too Canadian ?
    What I remember it was 2 years for Apple Pay. But I didn’t use it until the clip stop working on my debit card. Now have a new debit card but use Apple Pay instead 👍🏻

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins 7 months ago

    How do you get the 3% on your iPhone payments? Do you need the physical card to change that with Citizens Bank? Anyone have some info to help me out?

    • Chris Collins
      Chris Collins 7 months ago +1

      @Laurie Baker Thank you for responding. I figured that out earlier today and changed everything over. It made more sense when I got the physical card and it had no numbers. That made me poke around the app. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me.

    • Laurie Baker
      Laurie Baker 7 months ago

      You don’t need the physical card, but you do need the card information such as the number and expiry date. Al,l of these can be found in the wallet app by clicking on the Apple Card, then clicking on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner. This will take you to a screen that includes a link for card information. Use that information to update your payment option for your iPhone payment.

  • snaredrummer0123
    snaredrummer0123 7 months ago

    Ya the only fee is having to own an iPhone. LOL

  • K M
    K M 7 months ago

    If it has a magnetic strip on it how do you change the card number on that if you need to change the number?

    • i_Hackintosh
      i_Hackintosh 7 months ago

      From my understanding there is a smart chip inside that is activated when you tap the card to the iPhone. The chip is reprogrammable from the phone

    WiNDOGE MASTER 7 months ago

    imo, you should really only get it if the convenience and novelty is worth it to you. There are so many other credit cards that have *far* better perks and rewards. Graham Stephan made an excellent video about this.

  • LaFab US
    LaFab US 7 months ago

    For all Apple Card owners: you need one of these coming up in November

  • Loud Harley
    Loud Harley 7 months ago +4

    Hmm, credit to purchase their overpriced stuff, Goldman Sachs
    providing Sub Prime credit, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Namib Candy
    Namib Candy 7 months ago

    What Apple never told Imms is that it’s only available to iPhone users in the US

  • BlueRacer2007
    BlueRacer2007 7 months ago

    should mention that the apple card is also great for those entering college. it'll definitely help them build credit, especially since there's no late fee, they aren't going to have that extra stress of needing to pay on time, especially since it's their first credit card potentially. this card is really perfect for anyone looking to learn how to use a credit card and help build credit or even rebuild credit.

  • Cupid IssaDemon
    Cupid IssaDemon 7 months ago

    Would it be smart to make apple’s credit card your first credit card?

  • Linda Claudine
    Linda Claudine 7 months ago

    Does this card not have a grace period? I use credit cards for everything because I like the cash back AND the grace period. Plus, just want it to pay the statement balance, on the due date, automatically. Why nothing about how this works? Guess I’ll have to apply and read all that myself. This video was a waste of time.

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W 7 months ago +5

    I have an 800 credit score and they offered me 17.99%. I declined. I am getting 10% with my credit union

  • Debbie Bridygham
    Debbie Bridygham 7 months ago

    Lory’s Twitter handle is appaholik, not appaholic, the latter is not active (is there a story there?).

  • Jeff Terrell
    Jeff Terrell 7 months ago

    Lori’s a natural on video.

  • Emily Carpenter
    Emily Carpenter 7 months ago

    +1 for YNAB :-)

  • Rick Terscale
    Rick Terscale 7 months ago

    00:30 - who's the guy in drag?

  • iempirepro
    iempirepro 7 months ago

    RENE, Costco in NS is a MasterCard only house, not Visa.

  • Etizo Man
    Etizo Man 7 months ago

    Goldman Sachs is really good so it's a great mix of companies imo.

  • Tomi
    Tomi 7 months ago +4

    Are you guys really talking about how does it FEEL to use Apple Card? “
    “It’s it end of the world as we know it....”

  • ssscyborg1987
    ssscyborg1987 7 months ago

    Instead I should ask you Rene Ritchie ,why do u exist?

  • I3D
    I3D 7 months ago +5

    Calling Apple Card subprime lending is quite wrong. Subprime only happens when the issuing bank is subsidised by a third party, like the government. Then the bank is secured and won’t lose money. You’re not telling me Goldman Sachs wants to lose money giving lenders money they can’t pay back, are you?
    Goldman Sachs probably went through with internal research and found that when people see all their financial info and how much interest they’ll pay, they’re more likely to pay on time and more than the minimum, thus becoming more reliable lenders, aka closer to prime lenders.

    • i_Hackintosh
      i_Hackintosh 7 months ago +1

      Loud Harley Correct. If subprime lending was government back then all the subprime mortgages in the early 2ks would have never been chopped and packaged as assets to be sold all around Wall Street and they wouldn’t have been insured by AIG. That’s how it became a house of cards for the entire financial sector and why AIG was pretty much wiped clean over night.

    • Loud Harley
      Loud Harley 7 months ago +3

      Subprime has nothing to do with govt backing. It is lending to people that wouldn't qualify under normal criteria. Could be to low of a credit score, to low of income etc.. No they don't want to lose money, just the opposite, they want you to never pay it off and you become a credit slave to them for a lifetime.

  • Filip TM
    Filip TM 7 months ago

    A credit card that can't touch leather or denim and can be easily scratched by other credit cards 😹 FML Apple is losing it :D

  • ShaMana999
    ShaMana999 7 months ago

    Spend money you don't have on things you don't need.... get the apple card... its colorful in the app.

  • Jeff Bommarito
    Jeff Bommarito 7 months ago

    Screw the credit card bullies

  • DC OneFourSeven
    DC OneFourSeven 7 months ago

    It won't be a good way for people who don't have good credit to change their fortunes, because poorer people are going to be priced out of Apple's hardware. Privacy at a premium, that's the Apple way.

  • Originaldisplayname
    Originaldisplayname 7 months ago +17

    When I went to the US in January I was so surprised by how behind payment systems are. People still swipe and sign??

    • Bryn McDougald
      Bryn McDougald 7 months ago

      Christopher Cruse Canada has tap at 80% of places and the rest is insert, nowhere has swipe anymore

    • Christopher Cruse
      Christopher Cruse 7 months ago +1

      Angel Escamilla are you in the U.S or outside like UK ?

    • Ángel Escamilla
      Ángel Escamilla 7 months ago

      Who swipes nowadays? It’s all about inserting or tapping now. Most stores i can’t even swipe my card now

    • Christopher Cruse
      Christopher Cruse 7 months ago +1

      Uhhh people still insist on using checks.

  • vegangsta
    vegangsta 7 months ago

    Again another apple product aimed at Americans like no one else exist on the planet. Funny they do this yet expect rest of planet to buy their other products

  • VokalisKardus
    VokalisKardus 7 months ago

    Interest rate does not help

  • Lars Christoffersen
    Lars Christoffersen 7 months ago +7

    If interest rates of 13 to 17% is a good deal, you are getting screwed in the US!

    • Ares Apollo
      Ares Apollo 7 months ago

      That’s typical percentage of any rewards card.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 7 months ago +2

      He knows it's bad , he knows there are better out there with lower interest but he's an Apple fanboy and will ignore that

    • Naej
      Naej 7 months ago +1

      Lars Christoffersen I don’t even understand what they are talking about

  • Joe Briscomb
    Joe Briscomb 7 months ago +1

    Apple sheep talking to Apple sheep 😂

  • Artur Mavlyuchenko
    Artur Mavlyuchenko 7 months ago

    is that an old nixelpixel?

  • 3D Touch Calibration
    3D Touch Calibration 7 months ago

    3% on Lego would be stellar! Perfect for the upcoming Liebherr

  • Zayd Abbas
    Zayd Abbas 7 months ago

    Apple: makes boring credit card
    Reviewers: It feels weird to swipe

  • Johan Krols
    Johan Krols 7 months ago

    Apple is planning on releasing this card in europe as well. I’m wondering how they will do that. Our credit cards don’t have an interest rate. It is a diverted payement of 1 month without cost. Where is the business for apple in this?

  • Chronic Town
    Chronic Town 7 months ago +2

    Wow. I must have really missed something here. Eleven years after a global financial crisis, Goldman Sacks arrives at the intersection of technology and the humanities. Seriously? Subprime lending. High interest rate. Goldman Sachs. What could possibly go wrong? The degree of marketing obfuscation here is appalling to me. This is not Apple’s latest and greatest anything. It’s not even an Apple credit card. This is a Goldman Sachs credit card and nothing but. A lot of well-meaning people get into trouble with credit cards, and plenty will get into trouble with this one. When they do, they’ll be no Genius Bar fix; and no AppleCare advisor to make it right. There’ll be the maw of Goldman Sacks, and it will swallow debtors’ futures whole, the same as any debt issuing bank. Why Is anyone surprised Goldman Sachs made a few concessions here? It’s going to make them a pile of money-and Apple too-by passing this off as something special. Titanium, privacy, useful interface, rapid transactions optimized for iPhone and transparency mean nothing if you don’t pay off the balance every month. The interest grows. And grows. And grows. It’s a credit card. Period. Whatever cash-back the user gets is nothing compared to that interest rate: Version 1.0, version 5.0.-It makes no difference. Shit happens-people will get into trouble.
    Shame on you, Apple. Manipulating user expectations by putting the company name to this card is a dangerous game. And targeting the more vulnerable subprime debtor by selling this as a way to better their credit standing? That’s called predatory lending.
    As a huge fan of Apple devices and happily nestled in the ecosystem, I made peace long ago with Apple’s continuous monetization of it’s user base. But this? This is a bridge too far.

  • NewWayRV Adventures
    NewWayRV Adventures 7 months ago

    Agreed. The category algorithms are off and should be editable. If I spend $36 at a Maverick gas station it should know this is a gas purchase (auto category) and not a food category.

  • Rob Navarro
    Rob Navarro 7 months ago

    Are your podcasts on Spotify, Rene?

  • Clifton Parchment
    Clifton Parchment 7 months ago

    Great informative video

  • Dejenny Pilipovic
    Dejenny Pilipovic 7 months ago

    That was an incredible statement, "I don't think I'll ever be without an iPhone....I feel the same way, I wonder who else is the same....

  • Dejenny Pilipovic
    Dejenny Pilipovic 7 months ago

    Crazy how this card will actually get updates and get better over time, game changer

  • Ian Joseph
    Ian Joseph 7 months ago

    does it give 3% for in app purchases on apps?

  • Alvin Brock
    Alvin Brock 7 months ago

    If you get rid of your iPhone just stop using it and make sure it gets paid off. You don’t have to cancel it

  • Dennis Kirschbaum
    Dennis Kirschbaum 7 months ago

    I got the Apple Card but the thing that will make me less likely to use it is the lack of integration with financial software, specifically Quicken. I can manually enter the transactions but it’s a pain. Still, I’ll use if for Apple products and perhaps for Apple Pay much of the time.

  • Jarrod Job
    Jarrod Job 7 months ago +2

    Dave Ramsay has entered the chat 💭

  • Matthew Allman
    Matthew Allman 7 months ago +1

    Can’t wait till it’s in Canada

  • Matthew Allman
    Matthew Allman 7 months ago

    Costco is MasterCard

    • Keyur Patel
      Keyur Patel 7 months ago

      It’s Visa in the US. I have a Costco membership and I know for a fact cus the only card that will work out of all my cards is my amazon prime Visa card.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  7 months ago

      In the US?

  • John Irvin
    John Irvin 7 months ago

    great video, thanks