How Do They Do It? - Airplane Recycling

  • Published on Aug 16, 2009
  • How airplanes are recycled. Hate to see those poor planes get torn up. I'd give 'em a good home.

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  • DianI Aristya
    DianI Aristya 5 days ago


  • Ayush Kumar Pandey
    Ayush Kumar Pandey 6 days ago +1

    It takes nearly 10 to 12 years to create a prototype of a single air craft that too many improvement are done in that prototype and finally after 20 years a single air craft comes and this man takes 14 min to destroy it so pitty

  • Eduardo Beltran
    Eduardo Beltran Month ago

    Megustaria conprar uno cuanto

  • Lashawna Madden
    Lashawna Madden Month ago


  • Piyush Attri
    Piyush Attri Month ago my phone has US AirForce mean I am also working for US Air Force.....!!!!

  • ca karwek
    ca karwek 2 months ago +1


  • jimpurnama
    jimpurnama 2 months ago


  • Akmal Shah
    Akmal Shah 2 months ago

    Why are they using flumpool's song at 3.12 ??

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 2 months ago

    Cannibalize spare parts and use to make repairs to other planes.

  • uh roblox uhh
    uh roblox uhh 3 months ago


  • Cookie LPS CZ Idk
    Cookie LPS CZ Idk 3 months ago

    The other Planes were told to look away

  • Apex #1
    Apex #1 3 months ago

    lucky planes they get recycled into something new and back to life but human body dosent :(

  • Adrian Hidalgo
    Adrian Hidalgo 3 months ago


  • Dian Yunita Sari
    Dian Yunita Sari 3 months ago

    Airport grand thef auto sa he

  • Yorkville Hose
    Yorkville Hose 3 months ago +1

    So this phone is a airplane

  • mr t
    mr t 4 months ago


  • yong lau
    yong lau 4 months ago +2

    SO if my phone is made of plane components then why can't it fly when it's on airplane mode !!!???

  • yong lau
    yong lau 4 months ago

    2:09 WTF Plane blood !!!!!

    JK It's just oil but still gross

  • omkar jaywar
    omkar jaywar 4 months ago


  • flutter shy
    flutter shy 4 months ago


  • isaak reda
    isaak reda 5 months ago

    destroy is easy than to build

  • Larry Easton
    Larry Easton 5 months ago

    c 141, adios.

  • moon of sky
    moon of sky 5 months ago

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  • William Martinez
    William Martinez 5 months ago

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  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 5 months ago

    Maganda yan gawing bahay

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 5 months ago

    Maganda yan gawing bahay

  • fw1421
    fw1421 5 months ago

    Get rid of this narrator! Can’t pronounce names correctly!

  • caught you in another lie


  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 5 months ago


  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 5 months ago

    Poor Star-Liphtah

  • faisal khan cricket vlog

    but they should remove the country flag first its some thing for honer .

  • shahran
    shahran 5 months ago

    I can't watch this

  • Samuel Mwangi
    Samuel Mwangi 6 months ago

    Turning a huge aircraft into a small house hold item.

  • yilmaz yasak
    yilmaz yasak 6 months ago


  • Jeremy Daniel
    Jeremy Daniel 6 months ago

    an car whaatttt?

  • Jeremy Daniel
    Jeremy Daniel 6 months ago

    wait wait so my laptop is a plane part whattt????

  • mark k
    mark k 6 months ago

    martinez is regular pendecho.

  • Twister
    Twister 6 months ago +1

    2:09 is that blood from the airplane engine? What the freak?

    • Mr MEMé
      Mr MEMé 5 months ago

      The Gaming Channel. Yes last Pulse

  • wlfrdtrrz
    wlfrdtrrz 6 months ago +2

    2:38 It looks like a fly devouring a corpse

  • 400km Perigee
    400km Perigee 6 months ago

    2:10 is this a kind of blood?

  • Jim Conrad Gobot
    Jim Conrad Gobot 7 months ago

    Don't waste them give those planes for childrens in schools

  • Bebox Frias
    Bebox Frias 7 months ago

    oh no

  • Bebox Frias
    Bebox Frias 7 months ago


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  • Morgan Fishers ROBLOX gaming channel

    I know what can fix this flex tape

  • JungleYT
    JungleYT 7 months ago

    NOTE: It's pronounced, "Davis MONN-THANN", NOT "Davis MON-TON"! I was stationed there in the mid-1980s...

  • JungleYT
    JungleYT 7 months ago

    I just wonder if the C-141 that took me to the Philippines is there?

  • mp auto
    mp auto 7 months ago

    See learn from india in every state capital city have the HAL museum ( the which makes flight for indian air force

  • Anson Li
    Anson Li 7 months ago

    I’m thanking planes for helping the birth of meh Ipad

  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 7 months ago +1

    The recycled metal should be useful for making the thousands of medals for the medalists in the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, France, the 2026 Winter and Paralympic Games, to be determined, and/or the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles, California.

    FIKRI GAMERS 7 months ago +4

    Plane: nonono don't destroy me!
    Exavator: no talking i will destroy you! Hahaha!
    Plane: noooo
    Exavator: hahaha

    plane was slain by exavator

  • Rosie Policar
    Rosie Policar 8 months ago


    HAVEN KRISTEN 8 months ago

    I Dont Like Tour Video

  • Joao Victor Ribeiro
    Joao Victor Ribeiro 8 months ago +1


  • came5170 came5170
    came5170 came5170 8 months ago

    What year did they use the planes

  • Mohd Asim
    Mohd Asim 8 months ago

    airbass cting ke liye 9557833425

  • Clint Jeffery
    Clint Jeffery 8 months ago

    This makes me wanna cry.... what a rude man he is! Destroying planes! -_- 😠😡😭😟😫

  • Rezzie Libiran
    Rezzie Libiran 8 months ago

    This made me want to find a Starlifter plane papercraft

  • Rezzie Libiran
    Rezzie Libiran 8 months ago

    Oh! So you mean, my phone is an airplane then? But hopefully this airplane phone is not a Boeing 777-300Er
    Because i love that plane

  • Rezzie Libiran
    Rezzie Libiran 8 months ago

    Well..... Shouldn't make them into a home instead?

  • Rezzie Libiran
    Rezzie Libiran 8 months ago

    Watching planes get recycled is sad! Sniff... Sad to see you Starlifter girl go! Goodbye! 🙁😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Davi Evil
    Davi Evil 8 months ago


  • Ru Blox
    Ru Blox 9 months ago +1


  • nicholas Zhang
    nicholas Zhang 9 months ago

    Can't they sell it for the museum

    SHARFE ALAM 9 months ago


  • cdimmm
    cdimmm 9 months ago

    i like the way he ripped through those giant fuel tanks

  • Drake V
    Drake V 10 months ago

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  • Drake V
    Drake V 10 months ago


  • David Womacks
    David Womacks 10 months ago

    Im sure my father flew that C-141 he flew them for 23 years!

  • Soufiane Miss
    Soufiane Miss 10 months ago


  • weareone2012
    weareone2012 10 months ago

    where are the fuel tanks?

  • DanTDM Fan
    DanTDM Fan 10 months ago

    Who could do this

  • IBERIA  004
    IBERIA 004 11 months ago

    This is saddest than the concrde death :'v well may not

  • TJ Knight Researcher
    TJ Knight Researcher 11 months ago

    Its so sda to see this but if you deliver it in Philippines we will refurbish all of them because we are repairing capital in asia

  • Stale Potato
    Stale Potato 11 months ago

    kinda sad

  • Bumblebee Pogi
    Bumblebee Pogi Year ago

    Oh no the military jetsssss noooo its my favorite! :(

  • Hathoanh Soao
    Hathoanh Soao Year ago


  • Henricus Henricus

    why not put into the museum? because many memories and very historic

  • Nighthawk Gaming
    Nighthawk Gaming Year ago


  • Zayn Mooraby
    Zayn Mooraby Year ago


  • Sharen Gill
    Sharen Gill Year ago


  • Demir Gonçalves
    Demir Gonçalves Year ago

    O minda um avião desse pra mim mora nele caramba

  • OnlyAwesomely
    OnlyAwesomely Year ago

    Sooo I can throw my phone and it will fly?

  • Rab Shan
    Rab Shan Year ago

    Is he have a green card 😂

  • Channel NEWS BD16

    good one ..thanks for uploading this one

  • Da Ra
    Da Ra Year ago


  • DJ Thu Nguyễn
    DJ Thu Nguyễn Year ago

    Hello vỉe

  • Beingkabir
    Beingkabir Year ago

    Wow this really cool they destroyed old plane ✈️ and make mobile phones 📱 as well other products what a brilliant idea !

  • GalaxyLightning Ninja

    Woah that is cool!i did not know that!

  • Manju Natha
    Manju Natha Year ago

    How weird way they dismantle the used plane.can't they make it much more precisely d to retrieve the materials.

  • D C
    D C Year ago

    Who makes TVs in the US?

    NIBBA Year ago +2

    *F R E E P A R T S*

  • شآمخ كيآني لأني يمآني

    ليش كذ ياكفار😅

  • Nando Sherif
    Nando Sherif Year ago

    1:29 Martinez: hm.. how shall i fit this plane into the junkyard

  • مصطفى علي




  • super teck prince kumar

    thid is wrong

  • tired emma
    tired emma Year ago

    i first watched this in 2014, and back in 4 years, still satisfying!

  • Boy Silper
    Boy Silper Year ago

    That airplane looks like a plastic when destroy,

  • Mohd Mazim
    Mohd Mazim Year ago +1

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