Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)


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  • Dark Megumin
    Dark Megumin 14 days ago +6749

    Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...

  • Flaahgra the Plant
    Flaahgra the Plant 10 hours ago

    Oh god I did NOT miss your scratchy voice.

  • Ali Saud
    Ali Saud 10 hours ago

    Thats a possibility but it could also be because of the material the rackets made of since you assumed that they are made of these three elements only.

  • Anthony Napier
    Anthony Napier 12 hours ago

    Honey needs to get on phone browsers

    UPWINDCLUB_PRO 1 15 hours ago

    Australians, we love oursleves some tennis.

  • Dont try the Anonymous
    Dont try the Anonymous 15 hours ago

    Wait A BILLION ZAR?!

  • TJ Marx
    TJ Marx 17 hours ago

    Really sucks that Honey is available for suck a limited geographical market. That should at least be mentioned in a bigger way in your adroll

  • Olgjard
    Olgjard 19 hours ago

    Are you going to make a We Happy Few theory video? I mean, it's packed with all sorts of serid crap!

  • Sean-key Kong
    Sean-key Kong 19 hours ago

    AT time 10:16 the Mario's racket is Wilson letter upside down, who is exited about Luigi's Mansion 3? And don't forget about the splat fest on now.

  • TM Bat Cat
    TM Bat Cat 20 hours ago

    Mat... there's someting happening with college humor ... they post mores code vids. Can u help ! And i found a website named

  • Lol_Lakitu
    Lol_Lakitu 20 hours ago


  • Hardcore Gamers
    Hardcore Gamers 21 hour ago

    Miner (Clash Royale Pun)

  • Craigs Craig
    Craigs Craig 22 hours ago

    What other horrific things BALLS could do....

  • Jake the Gaming Wolf
    Jake the Gaming Wolf 23 hours ago

    Game Theory you need to watch my newest video because my sister found a secret Toy Bonnie voice line and we need your help!

  • yoenny the gamer
    yoenny the gamer 23 hours ago

    Save us game theory new Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Toadette becomes into Princess Peach

  • Can we get 1 Million subscribers?

    1 Like = 1 Prayer for Wario

  • Zavier Hahn
    Zavier Hahn Day ago

    Waluigi is in a super smash Bros game. It's called super smash Bros crusade

  • quindao
    quindao Day ago +1

    You hate Mario don't you?

  • Thuy Hong
    Thuy Hong Day ago

    The deadliest wepon is toads annoying noises and uh… just being annoying????

  • Mason A
    Mason A Day ago

    This should have been a “The Science” episode

  • BeastSlayerEX
    BeastSlayerEX Day ago

    I saved $200 dollars in the first day I got honey XD

  • LermAsour Videos

    Please do something with Baldi's Basics

  • IareBrainDead
    IareBrainDead Day ago

    10:40 you said cubic instead of square 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Bradley Carlson
    Bradley Carlson Day ago

    we need a theory on virtual virtual reality

  • Phoenix Darkfire

    Hey Matpat had a issue with Honey for whatever reason it didnt work for me idk if its my browser or what

  • Frederik Mathisen

    We actually watched a game theory in class

  • Urnusse Lemage
    Urnusse Lemage Day ago

    Being a plumber, a doctor, a tennis player etc, what is Mario's total salary? And hus friends?

  • TheCandyCat Gaming

    Am i the only one who kept smacking my computer to the tune of the intro? yes? ok....

  • Doge Prince
    Doge Prince Day ago

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  • Dreamgirl87100
    Dreamgirl87100 Day ago

    can you do a theory of peachette!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • magneto1992
    magneto1992 Day ago

    If I were to guess is that if all the rackets break from the same point then it probably is a manufacturing error. So that they are likely to break.

  • Kevin Austin
    Kevin Austin Day ago

    Can I just say explaining the math is something that’s been missing.
    I really like how the physics is explained.
    Thanks Mat Pat.

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker Day ago

    Does Star wars battlefront 2 answer the question of Rey's parents?

  • Alex Boucher
    Alex Boucher 2 days ago

    why isn't this a "The SCIENCE" video

  • Adin Jennings
    Adin Jennings 2 days ago +1

    Matpat someone else actually did the math on something similar as a tennis ball traveling that fast. It was with a baseball traveling 90% the speed of light. It’s part of a really interesting and funny book called What if? It’s really cool. In this case the results might be slightly less severe, but it’s still pretty cool

  • Azzarinne
    Azzarinne 2 days ago

    7:10 I actually made this same change at work when calculating shipping cost on huge orders over the Summer, because a) our scale maxes out at 25lb., and b) ounces suck to multiply.
    It will be forever burned into my memory that our calendars are 0.27KG each...

  • Lord Of Deception
    Lord Of Deception 2 days ago

    C'mon Mat! DHMIS is back! Yroo Xrxsvi Girzmtov! Theory!!!!

  • Emily Mercer
    Emily Mercer 2 days ago

    This was a boring episode

  • Angelina Mahata
    Angelina Mahata 2 days ago

    Tutor me , this vedio already helped me pass my physics unit test

  • Kevin Hues
    Kevin Hues 2 days ago

    Mat’s obsession with infomercials really shows at the end 😂

  • Hunter Rickert
    Hunter Rickert 2 days ago

    OK so this is going to be EXTREMELY OFF TOPIC but I think a good theory can come out of one of the games that just went V1.0. In other words, the game "DISTANCE". I thinks a theory is there for what actually happened to the city they portray in game. and yeah its far fetched that mat pat and game theory will even see this but if they need a new theory to look into, I think "What happened to the city in DISTANCE" would be a good one. here's hoping for my comment not to drown in the flooding inbox of game theory. here's hoping.

    • Hunter Rickert
      Hunter Rickert 2 days ago

      this is here because this is last theory they have done as of 9/20/2018. this comment will not be Ctrl-C Ctrl-V-ed on any other theory on behalf and respect of Game Theory, and will not take up space from otherwise more whitey and thought out comments. It is a simple request and suggestion and is meant to be nothing more. This is not a threat or "YOU DO THIS OR SPAM COMMENT" but merely a fan wishing for more entertaining content and wishing he could give input to the "Theory Jar". if there are more direct ways of contact to Game theory so I could help get this to them it would be appreciated by me. If you have such answers just Reply under this comment. Thank you if you read this and a Big thank you if any of the Theorists read this. I hope you all have a fantastic day.

  • Gianna the Pixie
    Gianna the Pixie 2 days ago

    Tell me, have you ever considered becoming a teacher all? Maybe when you decide you're done with TVclip? Because you'd make a good physics teacher.

  • Samuel Leal
    Samuel Leal 2 days ago

    It's the apocalypse at the Nintendo universe

  • 411 M4T3
    411 M4T3 2 days ago


  • PeffHus
    PeffHus 3 days ago

    its aluMINIum not aluMINum, america when will you join the rest of the world, in... everything, politics, measurements and grammar

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 3 days ago

    What if the rackets were made from wood? That would be the reason to why the rackets weren't hollow and why they break easier. Yes I know that it's not very professional but it's mario.

  • TheOne 41 Gaming
    TheOne 41 Gaming 3 days ago +1

    "Will smack it for a racket."


  • Maham Ali - Conestoga PS (1474)

    Hey make an episode about who’s more stronger
    Princess Daisy
    Princess Peach

  • Endy's adventures
    Endy's adventures 3 days ago

    Spoilers for the vid!

    An that, my friends, is how to create a nuclear explosion by playing tennis...

  • ThatOneSwordGuy :p
    ThatOneSwordGuy :p 3 days ago

    TI-83s? PSH. Get a TI-84 plus and then we’ll talk.

  • Yanay M Gomez
    Yanay M Gomez 3 days ago

    I will tell my math teacher about this.... and my science teacher because there’s science in there. I SAW IT! I know science! 8th grade science even though I’m in 7th grade. Ok I’ll stop saying that. Just please forget that.... plz

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green 3 days ago

    Thank for ruining that game. THANK

  • Nur Amira Syahira
    Nur Amira Syahira 3 days ago

    this is really awesome!

  • Drew Dukart
    Drew Dukart 3 days ago

    Have you ever thought about doing a Fire Emblem episode?

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person 3 days ago

    Matpat you are a legend! Like if you agree

  • Zihan Zia
    Zihan Zia 3 days ago

    I am legit doing physics homework while watching this. Matpat get out of my closet!

  • Mary Rachel
    Mary Rachel 4 days ago

    As an actual tennis player AND math/physics buff I’m shocked...

  • Nicholas Yarhouse
    Nicholas Yarhouse 4 days ago

    I will do you one better I have a TI 82

  • AikaPlays
    AikaPlays 4 days ago

    So what would the numbers be if said mario racquets were hollow instead of solid?

  • Lesty D
    Lesty D 4 days ago

    well i see SOMEONE aced PHYSICS

  • TytyJK Nightcore
    TytyJK Nightcore 4 days ago

    Thx MatPat, now I can laugh at my teacher for saying I’m a idiot

  • Hey There
    Hey There 4 days ago

    WAAAA!!!! My too favourite characters are healthy!

  • Luke Hodes
    Luke Hodes 4 days ago

    Discord server for ARG

  • Riley Gaming 3446
    Riley Gaming 3446 4 days ago


  • Sassy Eavalin
    Sassy Eavalin 4 days ago

    Omg love the intro song

  • Chrisis Gaming
    Chrisis Gaming 4 days ago


  • Grace Paisley
    Grace Paisley 4 days ago

    Considering im actually doing physics this year, these videos make so much more sense to me lol

  • Error The Internet Glitch

    now its our turn mat to give you a

  • silverdragon0000120
    silverdragon0000120 4 days ago

    Make a clash of clans theory. I saw the miner lol

  • Chi Hai Ha
    Chi Hai Ha 4 days ago


  • Myat Aung
    Myat Aung 4 days ago

    Find mat pat in 11:04

    BAM BAM 4 days ago

    *Who else keeps watching game theories and hears MatPat's computation and doesn't understand a single thing and doesn't care about the numbers but still enjoys watching and is always waiting for the conclusion of his theories? Only me? Oh. Okay..*

  • Feanix Vixen
    Feanix Vixen 4 days ago

    Holup. I gonna have to pause and come back later cuz I just woke up and I can’t do math rn TwT (I can’t do math. At all.)

  • potato_llama 101
    potato_llama 101 4 days ago

    honey is so sweet that it gives us money but cant download it though I dont waste money on consolse or whatever

  • Calvin Parker
    Calvin Parker 4 days ago

    Hey fellow Theorists! I have a theory of my own. In November, if you decide to get the new merch make sure to use Honey. If a coupon pops up, it probably contains a clue.

  • Blurry Face
    Blurry Face 4 days ago

    Why does Mario need a lot more money for the house and then she will get it started and I can get her to do it.

  • Machinegun 6997
    Machinegun 6997 4 days ago

    The beginning hahahaha “oh nooooo....”

  • Arlette Moreno
    Arlette Moreno 4 days ago

    Aaaaaa q video tan horribleeeee

  • Angel H
    Angel H 5 days ago

    pee is stored in the balls

  • MWSK_ Cobra
    MWSK_ Cobra 5 days ago

    -Quick maths-
    *Slow* Maths

  • Mr.Beefy Boi
    Mr.Beefy Boi 5 days ago

    *Ligma Ballz*

  • Noah Lanning
    Noah Lanning 5 days ago

    I'm taking high school physics

  • Just Yoshe
    Just Yoshe 5 days ago

    Peaches “OH NOOO” at the beginning is me being sarcastic

  • Kick Starter
    Kick Starter 5 days ago

    do a chain chomp biology video

  • Epic NoobSlayer
    Epic NoobSlayer 5 days ago

    Can you do an episode were you find out how many gates Bill Gates could buy?

  • midnight
    midnight 5 days ago

    XD the teacher who would put this on would be the best teacher ever!!

  • MistakingManx
    MistakingManx 5 days ago

    *CLICK 3:* Accept Download, I got it after the first time I saw it in your channel, I'd trust Game Theory with my computer. (and no one sees it.)

  • WhatTheFridge 1o1
    WhatTheFridge 1o1 5 days ago

    God damn terrifying!

  • EpicBrony L
    EpicBrony L 5 days ago

    Maybe the zone shot increases the ball's mass.

  • Logan Shirley
    Logan Shirley 5 days ago

    Or maybe, just here me out, the part of those rackets that breaks off each time, is made to break kind of easy so you could re-use it. I mean, those were abnormally clean break so i don't know about all of this.

  • TheBlueLink3
    TheBlueLink3 5 days ago

    I don't know why, but that end part of everybody dying had me cracking up. The absurdity was just too funny.

  • Kraton Wolf
    Kraton Wolf 5 days ago

    Yanno, this whole thing woulda made perfect sense, except for the fact that their design team clearly took the laze/easy route for designing the "broken racket" models. They thought about realism for everything else but for that they shrugged and said "meh, who cares?"
    Really, the most likely explanation is "it's not broken, the two magnets simply came apart."
    What magnets you ask? Well think about costs involved in making rackets. ESPECIALLY if the handles aren't hollow like in real life rackets. It would be more expensive to make them filled in like that than hollow (assuming they even aren't hollow at all. could just be capped on the top. you jumped to conclusion about that part and just glided past it as if it was 100% accurate with no chance of being incorrect, but with no proof you've literally proven nothing).
    More than likely, in the Mario world, tennis rackets are made with interchangeable racket heads, held on by really strong magnets, strong enough to hold the head in place in most normal situations, but not strong enough to hold it in place during those "final smash" tennis ball hits. Not only would this make replacing broken racket heads (if/when they break) as the handles could be interchangeable, BUT it would also make it easier for players to swap tensile strength of their racket by simply swapping heads, keeping the same racket handle firmly in their grip. It would make swapping heads easier than swapping clips in a common handgun. Pop off one magnetic head and place on the other, no screwing no snapping, quick and easy so they can continue their game.

  • Aesthetic Animations

    Guess what.....I WATCHED THIS IN SCHOOL. I guess someone got to it before me.

  • Paul Müller
    Paul Müller 5 days ago

    Who else is searching for clues :d

  • Noah Borromeo
    Noah Borromeo 5 days ago

    Can you do a theory on Rusty Lake Paradise? It’s a weird game that really needs explaining.

  • RoExpo Gaming
    RoExpo Gaming 5 days ago

    I actually got my physics teacher to watch it in class XD

  • Guy ultimatecyberdog

    Welcome to the circus of values!

  • Guy ultimatecyberdog

    I'm disappointed in you Matpat. You never mentioned that if you were hitting the ball with enough force to break the opponent's racket, then it would break yours as well, when you hit it.

  • KingPapa
    KingPapa 5 days ago

    WAIT if tennis balls in mario are deadly then wut about the impulse grenade in fortnite? :D