• Published on Jul 8, 2017
    I tried lol. OMG SO TODAY I decided to do the FULL FACE using makeup products that I HATE challenge for you. I am literally so shocked at just HOW BAD my face looks lmfao. My skin looks SO DRY and literally NOTHING is blended.
    Products Used:
    Benefit Porefessional Primer
    Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation
    NYX Concealer Pot
    Make Up Forever HD Powder
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Pencil
    Morphe 06PW Palette for contour
    Morphe G7 Brush
    Essence Soo Glow Highlighter
    NYX Lip Lingerie
    NYX Eyelashes
    F A C E B O O K
    I N S T A G R A M
    T W I T T E R
    P I N T E R E S T
    S N A P C H A T
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    Song: Disfigure - Blank - NCS Release
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  • RawBeautyKristi
    RawBeautyKristi  Year ago +7560


  • loor door3
    loor door3 10 hours ago

    “Is it just my skin?”
    Music perfectly timed “yeah” 😂😂😂

  • Sarah Kilcline Vlogs
    Sarah Kilcline Vlogs 19 hours ago

    The wet and wild foundation is complete trash! I don't understand why everyone loved it 🤦🏼

  • True2Live
    True2Live Day ago +1

    Wow...And of course this makeup I actually like and have used...especially the benefit porefessional and wet n wild foundation. Both were my holy grail a couple years ago...

  • charlotte clarkyhtdfg

    When you said is it just my skin the song went yeah I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Candy Jones
    Candy Jones 2 days ago +1

    Kristi: is it just me; can I not blend?
    Background music: YEAH!!!

  • E OM
    E OM 2 days ago

    had me at "bag of dicks" lmaoo

  • Girl Rogue
    Girl Rogue 2 days ago

    NYX Lingerie Lips or whatever is hands down the worst. I wore it on a date and it embarrassed tf out of me.

  • Min Kyung
    Min Kyung 2 days ago

    soft ivory is orange on me :/

  • Tiggy
    Tiggy 2 days ago


  • Christina Nicks
    Christina Nicks 3 days ago

    Omg I laughed out loud when she said “pure garbage” and re-watched it like 5 times. Gotta subscribe now. Lady, you’re fan-fucking-tastic!!!!!!

  • bts loves army only!!

    Im uncomfortable...

  • Emily Kennedy
    Emily Kennedy 4 days ago

    The wet n wild foundation also smells like crayola paint

  • Robin Fenn
    Robin Fenn 4 days ago

    I totally want to hang out with you!!! I love your videos and your sense of humor...okay, little fan girl going on!

  • Jekaterina R
    Jekaterina R 4 days ago

    The hd powder is to set the foundation,meaning the whole face. The face becomes a cocaine addict just from applying too much of the powder. The HD powder is commonly used for studio news anchors

  • Madeline 7
    Madeline 7 5 days ago

    This video triggered my anxiety and literally made me angry. Especially the baking part of it. Horrifying.

  • Mandy K
    Mandy K 5 days ago

    When i was in school the girls convinced me I needed the naked palette. I never use it.

  • Laura A
    Laura A 6 days ago

    I came to say « I’ve fallen back in love with the original naked. There are things I love about some of the shadows » then I saw your introduction and thought « ok. No. Looks like shit !!! » 🤣🤣🤣
    I have to admit that look was NOT good

  • Brenda Eden
    Brenda Eden 7 days ago

    You said you gave your sister the palette years ago. Every makeup have a timeline before they stop working properly. It had the timeline on the bottom of the product

  • Tricia Lake
    Tricia Lake 7 days ago

    Also for the naked palette do the mattes turn super cool toned on anyone else?

  • Gloria Drummer
    Gloria Drummer 7 days ago

    Dude, i fucking love your humor!!

  • Maggie Robertson
    Maggie Robertson 8 days ago

    I can't get through this. That foundation color is so far off it make it impossible to tell if everything else is that bad or it's just that color.

  • Audrey ASMR
    Audrey ASMR 9 days ago

    late to the video buuuuuuut FINALLY someone doesn't like that wet n' wild foundation! lol it does the same thing to my skin as it does to yours 😭

  • opium queen
    opium queen 9 days ago

    They make new palette of this one I think UD ! Make up revolution translucide poudre is good one but not for baking ! For sur 😂

  • deadgirl82
    deadgirl82 10 days ago

    The Ita brush has way longer bristles, so doesn't put down the product as densely

  • Kiki Terhune
    Kiki Terhune 10 days ago

    I don't mind the Wet N' Wild foundation on me... granted it shows most of my pimples and redness but I have changed foundations. Thank GOD I'm not the only one who hates UD Naked pallet! EVERYONE was raving about it but it just didn't work for me (my sister gave me it after it didn't work for her)

  • Yimin Chen
    Yimin Chen 11 days ago

    Urgh so many of those raved products are really shit. Goes to show how fake some beauty youtuber are.


    That Nyx lip is sooo dry and strait up awful and some of the lighter shades look gorgeous in the tube but it is hella orange

  • rn1005018
    rn1005018 11 days ago

    I just found you and I subscribed immediately. I am your twin. I have your eyes, thin lips and the chin to a T. LOL! I have never seen anyone with "our" look do make-up. This is so great! Laughing like crazy at the "butthole" lips. Thank you for being here for me!!!

  • Light
    Light 15 days ago +1

    This is a late comment but I just found you the other night-I’m binge watching & Loving you❤️❤️
    You should have millions & millions of subscribers
    & you should be a $millionaire $
    for sure! Some of these influencers are soooo boring I can’t watch. I love to laugh & seeing you have fun makes it so awesome for me! So thanks again Kristi 🐾🐱

  • Gaileen Kern
    Gaileen Kern 16 days ago

    Lol! Love your videos! ❤❤❤ I hated the wet n wild photo focus foundation too. It was too drying and brought out wrinkles I didn't know I had.

  • Haley Kenworthy
    Haley Kenworthy 17 days ago

    Everyone loves that wet n wild foundation and it looks so awful on me too. I don't get the hype around that stuff

  • Wahzoozoo
    Wahzoozoo 20 days ago

    New subscriber here so I've been watching all of your older videos! I just wanted to mention that alot of the products you disliked in this video I use pretty on the regular, and I enjoyed seeing the perspective of someone who dislikes the product! It was nice understanding why you disliked them and appreciated what you had to say :)

  • Kara Pelletier
    Kara Pelletier 21 day ago

    I know when I get a lip product I want it to make my lips look like a butthole.

  • MzNoemi
    MzNoemi 22 days ago

    Her face @5:09. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vassi Bieber
    Vassi Bieber 24 days ago

    This was amazing!!!

  • fobluv2011
    fobluv2011 26 days ago

    I have that same foundation and it does the same thing! I thought I was the only one lol

  • Yuri Rivera
    Yuri Rivera 27 days ago +1

    There are different shades on the foundation

  • Miranda Judd
    Miranda Judd 28 days ago +1

    "Is it just my skin?"
    "Yeah" (song)

  • charlotte x
    charlotte x 29 days ago

    you know those baking powders that feel plastically?

  • Night Frost
    Night Frost 29 days ago +1

    i find the lighter shades of lip lingerie are shit but the darker shades are usually pretty good

  • NerualYam
    NerualYam Month ago

    The patchiness with the UD naked palettes isn’t just you. My cousin can wear em just fine, but when I do the exact same thing, they’re horrid. I just blamed my combination AF skin.

  • Sydney Nicole
    Sydney Nicole Month ago +1

    3:10 flashback Mary had arrived

  • StellaBella〈3〈3〈3

    Naked palettes just remind me so much of that 2001 pencil eyeliner on your waterline, blue sparsely glittery eyeshadow, and uneven side bangs, and low rise jeans, look that I want to go away 😂

  • Person
    Person Month ago

    I've heard so many good reviews on the lip lingerie but honestly, it's great to finally see someone else finally agree that the formula is terrible.

  • Amber Gaugler
    Amber Gaugler Month ago

    Who else is watching this hilarity in 2019?

  • Andrea Cumiford
    Andrea Cumiford Month ago

    Cracky butthole lips.....You are seriously my favorite influencer to watch!

  • Kalma
    Kalma Month ago

    10:47 "is it just my skin?" background "yeah!" :DD

  • Klay Exterior
    Klay Exterior Month ago

    10:48 The background audio said yeah

  • Noémie Bilodeau-Fortin

    OMG I have the same nyx lingerie lipstick and I also HATE it so much 😅 Thank god I'm not the only one

  • The Q
    The Q Month ago

    Maybe the essence thing is for the highlight on bare skin thing or for when you just want to wear a little bb cream.

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    The professional is shit, I just don’t get it either. That foundation is crap too 😂

  • Diana tmbrl
    Diana tmbrl Month ago

    *song*: YeE

  • TarantuLady
    TarantuLady Month ago

    Cracky butthole...subbed! 🤣👍

  • Jaime Sablitz
    Jaime Sablitz Month ago

    10:49 "is it just my skin?" Music "yeah" 😂

  • adyson
    adyson Month ago

    Naked is my favorite pallet, but mine doesn’t do what your doing. (sorry if my English bad)

  • Diana Berlin
    Diana Berlin Month ago

    Best Of Intros Kristiiiii! Do it! 😂😂😂

  • Gypsy Lex
    Gypsy Lex Month ago

    Dude i get that same texture between my eyes with cream/liquid highlights, i look like I'm made of concrete

  • presley
    presley Month ago +1

    I love how you don't clickbait

  • Crystal Price
    Crystal Price Month ago +3

    Sweetie, I think you’re absolutely beautiful and it pains me to say this, if something you recognized as giving you a migraine, don’t use it even for a video. You and I both have migraines and I must admit with this particular bad make up video this is what a migraine looks like. Keep up the great work.

  • Grace Harlan
    Grace Harlan Month ago

    i had the same issues with the naked palette! they blend so horribly, and once they blend out nicely, all the pigment is gone!

  • Aylin Akmyradova
    Aylin Akmyradova Month ago +1

    That intro is...gold

  • Aleksandra Rosser
    Aleksandra Rosser Month ago

    that crusty lip intro made me laugh so muchhhh

  • McKinsie Griffin
    McKinsie Griffin Month ago

    I feel as if the essence hilighter may work for me because I don’t wear foundation most of the time.

  • SadSausage somwhereUnderTheSea

    10:48 to 10:50 ur music answered lol

  • KWMakeup Winkler
    KWMakeup Winkler Month ago

    When I use ANY primer, my face looks TERRIBLEEEE! My theory is because maybe my skin is so dry. Idk. That makes no sense but that's my theory haha

  • Hannah Belle
    Hannah Belle Month ago

    You took butthole lips to a whole nother level😂😂 I also loved the narcissistic montage

  • libby
    libby Month ago


  • kyiecutie
    kyiecutie Month ago +3

    I love that essence highlight but it ONLY works on bare skin. It’s useless for anything else

  • Hannah Melger
    Hannah Melger Month ago

    The intro is GOLD.

  • Queen E
    Queen E Month ago

    That MUFE powder is absolute TRASH. it’s literally chalk!

  • Madeline Jane S
    Madeline Jane S Month ago

    honestly this makeup looks horrible and ashy af and that’s saying a lot bc ur makeup normally looks great, i would prob hate them too

  • Cecelia Howell
    Cecelia Howell Month ago +1

    okay 90% of the girls in my highschool who wore makeup looked like this lol

  • Sahara Holguin
    Sahara Holguin Month ago

    Everyone raves about the wet n wild foundation and it makes my skin look like yours I don’t get it I even prime and use moisturizer

  • Miranda Fitch
    Miranda Fitch Month ago

    Lord almighty I thought I was the only one that hated that wet and wild foundation ... it’s SO Cakey on my dry skin. It’s awful!!!

  • Mariyana Makeup
    Mariyana Makeup Month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahaha i love you

  • Caterina Stella
    Caterina Stella Month ago

    10:51 “is it just my skin?”
    Music in the background: YEA

  • Sinomino
    Sinomino Month ago

    I was thinking about buying the naked palette. So glad to know it sucks, it was so expensive anyways :)

  • Lizz chan
    Lizz chan Month ago

    Lmao I died at the intro 😂🤣

  • Jordyn MacDonald
    Jordyn MacDonald Month ago

    After you said is it just my skin the song said yeah yeah😂😂😂

  • love u god
    love u god Month ago


  • Chelsea Burkey
    Chelsea Burkey Month ago

    This is my second video I have watched of yours and you are hilarious and super relatable! I just subscribed and can't wait to see more of your videos!

  • Laura Mannina
    Laura Mannina Month ago

    The intro is SO FREAKING GOOD😂😂😂

  • jax
    jax Month ago

    Fucking love you!! You're amazing

  • Slobs Burgers
    Slobs Burgers Month ago

    I just found ur channel and I laugh my ass off watching

  • Michelle Saindon
    Michelle Saindon Month ago +1

    Wow, a lot of beauty influencers will say, "This product doesn't work for me, if it works for you, that's great." I feel really bad the Wet n' Wild foundation doesn't work for you, it's one of the few I've used that I actually like. Hope you found something that works.

  • Courtney Rhodes
    Courtney Rhodes Month ago +1

    Waiting to go into labor, so I have been binge watching your videos after discovering your channel. I swear to God, I thought my water broke from laughing so hard watching this!! You're amazing!! Also, I hate the Naked palettes too. I kept buying them thinking they would get better, but I gave up after 3. Eventually gave them all away. They are terrible!!

    • Courtney Rhodes
      Courtney Rhodes 15 days ago

      +cannibal kitten aww thank you. My son and I are doing great! Ended up having him a few days after this comment.

    • cannibal kitten
      cannibal kitten 21 day ago +1

      Hope you and your little one(s) are doing well!

  • the.random.rissa
    the.random.rissa Month ago

    This was a suggested video today and the intro is gold. GOLD.

  • Torri B
    Torri B Month ago

    Wait..did you have a makeup brush in your hair?? Like a chopstick?

  • Victoria Stone
    Victoria Stone Month ago

    Yes yes it did

  • Chanel Charlotte
    Chanel Charlotte Month ago

    So, I've just found your channel and have been binge watching for the last few hours. Conclusion- Your videos make me genuinely laugh and are very entertaining. Absolutely love your channel and content. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort, I love you! 😘🥰 Hope you are doing well! 💝

  • Klarissa Perez
    Klarissa Perez Month ago

    I'm glade not only one that dont like the wet and photo focus foundation I got it cause every beauty icon was talking about how great it was. Ihated how it looked on my skin it look so textured and dry even tho I have normal/oil skin it make me look dry no matter how moisture my skin is before I apply it is the worst foundation I have ever tired.

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M Month ago

    I can’t get past the baking powder.

  • Persephone Rising
    Persephone Rising Month ago

    also i have the naked palette two and its fucking patchy and its not that pigmented

  • Persephone Rising
    Persephone Rising Month ago

    Im fucking dying

  • Emonade
    Emonade Month ago

    The way you speak and certain facial expressions you make remind me SO MUCH of Tina Fey. Favorite makeup channel right here!

  • Yea No
    Yea No Month ago

    Stress Level: 101%

  • Daniel Horvath
    Daniel Horvath Month ago

    hahaha ur so funny

    WIKKI Month ago

    Ok but why does the end result look like my good makeup day?😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Hamlin
    Jennifer Hamlin Month ago

    You are the first beauty guru that doesn't like Porefessinal, and I am happy. I HATE that damn primer.