• Published on May 21, 2019
  • Hi Phan Club!!!
    Today I’m eating Red Robbin. I have the Banzai Burger, Onions Rings, Fries and Mozzarella Sticks. I was so sad when I saw that the mic cord was unplugged. Biggest rookie mistake when filming LOL. The food was super crunchy too!!! Can you guys still hear it?? It’s pretty crazy what a difference a Mic does to your audio. I hope you guys still enjoyed my fail video LOL. LOVE YOU!!!
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  • ASMR Phan
    ASMR Phan  Month ago +121

    Man I have the best Phan Club ever!!! Even though I totally forgot to plug my mic in I’m glad you guys still found it enjoyable!! Thank you guys so much for all the positive comments. I’m currently editing another burger video since I felt like I needed to redeem myself for this one 😂. I think I’m just not meant to do burger videos or just do them at the wrong time 😆. I love you guys!!!!! See you tomorrow!

  • Salma Aouadi
    Salma Aouadi 9 hours ago


  • kody ;-;??
    kody ;-;?? 7 days ago

    Moom I'm hungry
    Hun we don't have food just watch this

  • top music
    top music 9 days ago

    Failed video. Me:best video!

  • Sy TRon
    Sy TRon 12 days ago

    Now I’m craving mozzarella sticks and tomato basil 😋

  • 1000 subscribers without any video

    So crungeee

  • ام خدود
    ام خدود 17 days ago

    خليييي كنينس بيدج مداج

  • African Queen
    African Queen 19 days ago

    why can't you show you're face.

  • African Queen
    African Queen 19 days ago

    why do you make some videos of food and eat so slow.

  • African Queen
    African Queen 19 days ago +1

    I also looks delicious

  • African Queen
    African Queen 19 days ago +1

    why are you so greedy.

  • Eni Yusnita
    Eni Yusnita 22 days ago


  • asmr asmr
    asmr asmr 24 days ago

    What kind of microphones are used?????

  • Viper
    Viper 25 days ago

    Me : *watches random asmr video of a person eating delicious food*
    Also me : *eats depressingly hard gummies that are expired*

  • Strawberry Queen
    Strawberry Queen 25 days ago

    why do you never show your face???????

  • Le Le
    Le Le 25 days ago

    I‘m so hungry😂🙄😕

  • Crystal Potato
    Crystal Potato 25 days ago

    I always LOVE these ASMR videos, especially from you, Phan!

  • زهوره شان
    زهوره شان 25 days ago

    When I was watching the video like I want to eat what is she eating iam starving right now iam watching the video in Ramadan and iam eygptian

  • yücel 002
    yücel 002 25 days ago

    türk ve oruçlu olablar +1

  • Mary Therese Balor
    Mary Therese Balor 26 days ago

    Can you show your fase

  • pi cal
    pi cal 26 days ago +1

    banada ver

  • Quitting AJ
    Quitting AJ 27 days ago +1

    No Fail. :)

  • person person
    person person 27 days ago

    It doesn't help me watching this since I'm on a diet, but I don't mind😥😥😥

  • вилен абдукадиров

    Я тоже хочу

  • evelyn castro astudillo castro

    🖒 i love video

  • Phoebe Martin
    Phoebe Martin 28 days ago

    great video!!!♥️

  • Anum Baig
    Anum Baig 28 days ago

    Mouth watering in roza

  • Kitchen Practical
    Kitchen Practical 29 days ago

    Simply just needed to mention Now i am thrilled I came upon your video!

  • Emine Şengün
    Emine Şengün 29 days ago

    Oruç tut pezevenk

  • Riyang Ayu
    Riyang Ayu 29 days ago +1

    Yang Orang indonesia like

    ANKA KUŞU 29 days ago

    No l dont

  • yara ibrahim
    yara ibrahim 29 days ago

    i am shook how can you still not have a million subscribers your the best

  • lj u
    lj u Month ago

    WHY I always watch this When Im hungry

  • Rodatudo #negosilva#

    Que boca linda 😍

  • Sara Assi
    Sara Assi Month ago


  • Bilgisayar Dersleri

    şerefsiz oruçlu oruçlu yemek yiyor

  • Affu shaikh
    Affu shaikh Month ago +1

    Exact time 4:00... you smile & looking soo cuteeee😍😍😍😘😘

  • Amandianti A
    Amandianti A Month ago

    How can a failed mic makes a good sound 😥
    And that burger was so juicy tough?😍?💞
    Btw what lipstick do you wear? It looks good and didn't even smear 😮

  • KoalaBey
    KoalaBey Month ago

    Kahvaltı yapmadım ve şuan çok açım bu video varyaaa offf

  • Amra Omerovic
    Amra Omerovic Month ago

    U have 2 mics,or?

  • curiouscancer92
    curiouscancer92 Month ago

    This is such an amazing channel!

  • martina mieres
    martina mieres Month ago

    que rico

  • Usman Yaseen
    Usman Yaseen Month ago

    I’m fasting 😂

  • FaZe sreeraam Lol
    FaZe sreeraam Lol Month ago


  • Agml Takciyat
    Agml Takciyat Month ago +1

    وكالة رمضان

  • رقيه مصطفئ

    Yes it was a

  • Menna Stars
    Menna Stars Month ago

    العربي يدوس لايك

  • Meryem Alirzayeva
    Meryem Alirzayeva Month ago


  • Sarah Xs_21
    Sarah Xs_21 Month ago

    6 more hours till iftar, rip me💀

  • Shker Shker
    Shker Shker Month ago


  • Zerfa Rayen
    Zerfa Rayen Month ago +5

    الله إني صيام😭ويلي بشوف هذا فديوفي رمضان يحط ليك👍😱

  • Little Princess
    Little Princess Month ago

    Thos mozzarella sticks I love like ur videos

  • steffy-rissey Rodriguez

    You will always be amazing queen amsr phan 💖

  • Shambria Loffer
    Shambria Loffer Month ago

    And you should do slipping stuff like soup

  • Shambria Loffer
    Shambria Loffer Month ago

    Watching max out on food made me hungry and claimed me down which is strange?? Hearing your muchie munchie makes me really happy 😍😊

  • VNM_ Maniac
    VNM_ Maniac Month ago +1

    "cheesy mozzarella sticks" damn i didn't knew mozzarella were cheesy at all thanks for clearing that up for me

  • EZZECIEL-Roblox
    EZZECIEL-Roblox Month ago +1


  • BiO Lincfer
    BiO Lincfer Month ago

    черт, и как я не додумалась раньше... просто есть на камеру и делать годный контент (просто нет слов)

  • Roman Carrizo
    Roman Carrizo Month ago

    Mmmm que rico mi pepino ono?

  • rose park
    rose park Month ago


  • Leonard Andrei
    Leonard Andrei Month ago +5

    Fries 😁
    Mozzarella sticks 😄
    Onion rings😆

  • Amy Littlefield
    Amy Littlefield Month ago


  • Bubblee :3
    Bubblee :3 Month ago +1

    those look bomb👌 you just earned a new sub

  • Norma Youhess
    Norma Youhess Month ago +1

    Your video was not a fail I heard all the crunch and by the way you have the best food choices for your videos above everybody else I think anyway love you much can't wait for the next video

  • Vard Kostanyan
    Vard Kostanyan Month ago

    I love you 💗💗💗💗
    Like 👍👍👍

  • Perla And Pamela
    Perla And Pamela Month ago +1


  • وردة جوري
    وردة جوري Month ago +1

    UgcxNoor ❤❤t

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  • Trâm Nguyễn
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  • Fatama Kabbary
    Fatama Kabbary Month ago

    I love you sooooooo much

  • RoyaleBright Star
    RoyaleBright Star Month ago

    I’m hungry now

  • Mayuri Ladha
    Mayuri Ladha Month ago

    Hi hun this is not a failed video dont worry. Can still hear the delicious crunch of the food. Xx

  • Evea Sherlock
    Evea Sherlock Month ago +1

    YUM!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Avram gamerul
    Avram gamerul Month ago


  • 海月umitsuki春haru

    Cheese stick Delicious(*ゝω・*)ノ💕

  • ryan&joshua gaming
    ryan&joshua gaming Month ago


  • ryan&joshua gaming
    ryan&joshua gaming Month ago

    Nice asmr looks good as well 😋

  • ASMR Bella 벨라
    ASMR Bella 벨라 Month ago

    It looks very delicious!!💕💕

  • Nathan Helaine
    Nathan Helaine Month ago

    Désoler mes ta grossi comparer a ya 5 moi

  • Mia Urban
    Mia Urban Month ago

    So my belly was growling so I thought it would be a good idea to watch food asmr

  • sans
    sans Month ago

    Loved every single part

  • My virtual World
    My virtual World Month ago

    I'm super hungry after watching you eat this 😁

  • Vera Eichhorn
    Vera Eichhorn Month ago +1

    Warum zeigst du dein Gesicht nicht, wenn du schon zeigst wie du schmatzend ist

  • Mariela Delgado
    Mariela Delgado Month ago

    Absolutely mouthwatering! ☺😍

  • Christa-leigh Johnson

    My first time watching her videos but I wish she would show her whole face...I'm just getting into same, thought it was ridiculous before. Good video 👍🏾😊

  • Nicolas Siladi
    Nicolas Siladi Month ago


  • Shine Animating
    Shine Animating Month ago

    She is eating all these frickin good foods and im on this FUCKING DIET

  • Jazmine Nelson
    Jazmine Nelson Month ago +3

    Yes!.. this is amazing not at all a fail in my book! 😍 ps. I just found your channel and I love it already!


    How did not that get 1M views

  • Khadidja Bib
    Khadidja Bib Month ago

    Iam so hangry

    İBRAHİM SEZER Month ago

    Oruçlular var lan

  • Marieé Azerï
    Marieé Azerï Month ago

    Omg the mozzarella stick cheese pulls were soo mouth-watering and good🤤🤩 the crunch of the onion rings and the juicy burger were soo good too😍 yummm! Wasn’t a fail to me, I loved it!!

    BLACKPINK FAN Month ago +1

    Oruç başıma vurdu yine burdayım😂😂

  • aj ann
    aj ann Month ago

    I would like to start my own ASRM channel
    But I need help to get the stuff
    Can you please tell me what I need to get?
    I love you videos

  • Lila Chan
    Lila Chan Month ago

    Me: GIVE MEH FOoooooooooooD

  • Golden Tillihilli .T

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    Vanessa Anne Month ago

    Mozzarella sticks and onion rings are my favorite 🤤🤤🤤

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    Boneless Wangs Month ago

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    Pwr_Girl FORTNITE Month ago


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    커피사랑 Month ago

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