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    REACT  9 days ago +530

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  • María Araceli Montalván Aranda

    Bueno. Por lo.menos les hicieron escuchar a BTS

  • Tomas Garcia Salazar
    Tomas Garcia Salazar 2 hours ago +1

    5:59 *gasps* my daughters gonna be so mad at me 😂😂😂😂

  • Evi Bezemer
    Evi Bezemer 3 hours ago

    I love Tyler's shirt

  • Hibaq
    Hibaq 3 hours ago +4

    React to god is a women by Ariana Grande!!!!!

  • madison
    madison 3 hours ago +1

    i love panic! at the disco so much

  • Lê Phong
    Lê Phong 3 hours ago

    React to Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, please!!!!!

  • I love BTS•Sofía
    I love BTS•Sofía 7 hours ago +4

    My boy Namjoon 💕💕💕💕

  • Yousef Siddiq
    Yousef Siddiq 7 hours ago

    Bye bts kpop

  • Janica Diwa
    Janica Diwa 8 hours ago +10

    I saw RM I clicked 😂✌

  • CarolinesConcertVids
    CarolinesConcertVids 9 hours ago +1

    Haha my dad always get confused between Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy as well

  • Flower Queen
    Flower Queen 11 hours ago +2

    " I don't mean to toot my own horn, but beep beep"

  • JP Eloff
    JP Eloff 11 hours ago

    Got all of them yay!

  • Ultimate Fangirl
    Ultimate Fangirl 11 hours ago

    Love this 💕

  • rap walker
    rap walker 12 hours ago +8

    I come her for my boy RM

  • Addi_84
    Addi_84 12 hours ago +1

    Do Why don’t We In the next video!!!

  • R3 // WhiteRoseWarrior
    R3 // WhiteRoseWarrior 12 hours ago +4

    Please add GOT7 in too in the next one

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 13 hours ago +17

    I see RM I click this

  • YoonMin Kim
    YoonMin Kim 13 hours ago +16

    Mom shookt! 😂😂 "MY DAUGHTER 'S GONNA BE MAD AT ME "

  • Ari Ziyro
    Ari Ziyro 13 hours ago +3

    I literally screamed when Panic! At The Disco came on

  • Awsome Kid
    Awsome Kid 13 hours ago +3

    Panic at the disco

  • min x yoongi
    min x yoongi 13 hours ago +7

    I saw RM sooooo here I am

  • Jerid Smith
    Jerid Smith 14 hours ago +2

    so many girl songs.

  • H Barton
    H Barton 15 hours ago +9

    I screamed outload when BTS played, no joke

  • Lily Brown
    Lily Brown 16 hours ago +1

    "Its Taytay" 😂😂😂

  • Noussa Nouss
    Noussa Nouss 18 hours ago +1

    I just figured out Maroon 5
    BTS and Taylor Swift 🤔

  • Noussa Nouss
    Noussa Nouss 18 hours ago +19

    I'm a simple girl i see RM i click 😂

  • Ezra Fisher
    Ezra Fisher 20 hours ago +2

    Do some country music

  • George Newsome
    George Newsome 20 hours ago +1

    Thinking Dua Lipa is Cardi B😂😂😭😭

  • moonlight
    moonlight 20 hours ago +14

    *my daughter gon’ be mad at me*

  • moonlight
    moonlight 20 hours ago +4


  • Gia Stokes
    Gia Stokes 20 hours ago +1

    MISS GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she works at my school😂)

  • Sophia Mancilla
    Sophia Mancilla 21 hour ago +26

    Who else saw RM and immediately clicked on it

  • Kayla Costin
    Kayla Costin 22 hours ago

    I knew all the songs except the Taylor swift one. I don’t listen to her music.

  • Hello PB
    Hello PB 22 hours ago +7

    I mean .... it sounds like Adam lAviN

  • Olanipekun Oladayo
    Olanipekun Oladayo 23 hours ago

    When are you going to have them react to Sit?

  • Stephen Ross
    Stephen Ross Day ago +6

    Brendan urie

    • SnezhY *
      SnezhY * 12 hours ago

      Stephen Ross brendon*

  • Christina Hsiung
    Christina Hsiung Day ago +15

    ADULTS REACT TO BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sagerscene
    sagerscene Day ago

    TAYLOR YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JordanPlays
    JordanPlays Day ago +9

    0:23 when a teacher passes out a test I forgot to study for

  • SnezhY *
    SnezhY * Day ago +18

    I'm still questioning how people mistake Panic! At The Disco and Fall out boy😂😂😂Brendon's and Patrick's voices are not really similar🤔🤔

    • SnezhY *
      SnezhY * 12 hours ago +1

      Noussa Nouss well that's something new😂

    • Noussa Nouss
      Noussa Nouss 18 hours ago +1

      SnezhY * i mistook them for foo fighters 🤔

    YEA BOI Day ago +18


  • ana ucta
    ana ucta Day ago +11

    5:18 MY BABIEEEEEEES ;-;

  • ana ucta
    ana ucta Day ago +4

    1:48 MY BABY BEEEBOOOOOOO ;-;-;-;;-;-;-;-;;-;-;-;-;-;;-;-;

  • ana ucta
    ana ucta Day ago +11


  • Hobi Hope
    Hobi Hope Day ago +8

    Wow Brendon Bey and BTS, the triple B’s that rule the world rn 😍

  • Jayzalee
    Jayzalee Day ago +10

    5:18 Thank me later🙂

  • Irene Seokjin
    Irene Seokjin Day ago +16

    i was so sad that no one knew bts,ARMY WHERE YOU AT?💕

    • Papi Chulo
      Papi Chulo 19 hours ago

      Well Faith knows them

    • Sophia Mancilla
      Sophia Mancilla 21 hour ago

      RIGHT HERE 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

    • Jayzalee
      Jayzalee Day ago +1

      Irene Sivan KAKSJSSJ AYEE

    • Irene Seokjin
      Irene Seokjin Day ago

      Jayzalee YAS💕💕

    • Jayzalee
      Jayzalee Day ago +1

      Irene Sivan RIGHT HERE🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • KaiGirl2
    KaiGirl2 Day ago +2

    Taylor swift!!!

  • GrEthan Dolan
    GrEthan Dolan Day ago +8

    I'm mad that there wasn't even 1 song of Shawn Mendes

    • Ada Kocillari
      Ada Kocillari 11 hours ago +1

      GrEthan Dolan same but ur username and pfp made my day

    • Stephen Ross
      Stephen Ross Day ago +1

      GrEthan Dolan I know right

  • Ada FG
    Ada FG Day ago +22

    When i saw namjoon...😍😍😍

  • Dageé Dageé
    Dageé Dageé Day ago +7

    The song is called "I like it" not "I like it like that".

  • Erika M
    Erika M Day ago +1

    I love me some Tay-Tay too, no shame! xD

  • IdkhowSophia
    IdkhowSophia Day ago +15

    Clickbaiting me with Brendon Urie

  • *multifunctional questionmark*

    edgy teenagers saying they didn't recognise most of the songs in the comments

  • Tooba Kazi
    Tooba Kazi Day ago +16

    BTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Collaborator
    Collaborator Day ago +11

    That bts song was absolute crap. You could tell almost everyone was like uhhh..

    • Jacky Hii
      Jacky Hii 12 hours ago +1


    • My Galaxy
      My Galaxy 19 hours ago

      Annie Brassfield she was correcting her.

    • Annie Brassfield
      Annie Brassfield Day ago +2

      hi its angelena actually no it’s not all English... did u even listen....? Most of it is

  • Missy Vollmer
    Missy Vollmer Day ago +11

    I see Brendon, I click

  • UnfrendlyBlackHottie™

    "My daughters gonna be mad at me" 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army Day ago +8

    Aw my babies do so well😍😍

  • TheMinifigMaker
    TheMinifigMaker Day ago +8

    Ok I’m 14 ad I did not get a single one right

  • Isela Flores
    Isela Flores Day ago +7

    Only picked cuz I saw Brenden urie

  • Kayla Mata
    Kayla Mata Day ago +10

    My babies BTS❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  • shook like jungkook A.R.M.Y

    I knew everything some how

  • Jessica Fernandez
    Jessica Fernandez Day ago +20

    I pressed so fast bcz saw RM omg ❤

  • Alia _STM
    Alia _STM Day ago +18

    I saw RM so :)

  • Pretty Dizzy Diamonds*

    I'm a teen and I haven't a heard 80% of these songs

  • Kirstyn Loftus
    Kirstyn Loftus Day ago +1

    I knew three- maroon 5, p!atd, and taylor- and I'm 15.

  • Fabby Louis
    Fabby Louis Day ago +1

    Burh when they played Cardi B i was cuttin up

  • -spaceprincess-
    -spaceprincess- Day ago +5

    please have any of them (preferably teens) react to stray kids!!!

    • Eva saucedo
      Eva saucedo Day ago


  • Jesus Saldana
    Jesus Saldana Day ago +2

    I have been subcibed to this channel for 3 years and now im thinking of unsubcribing beacuse they put Fudging BTS

    • Eva saucedo
      Eva saucedo Day ago +1

      And what is wrong with BTS and also find out what this means 엿 먹어라 btw it’s in Korean

  • Astryn Antayiss
    Astryn Antayiss Day ago +13

    I see Brendon I click

    • Katflips
      Katflips Day ago

      Thats the only one I got lol

    • tess
      tess Day ago

      Astryn Antayiss sAmE

  • agenda .jenny
    agenda .jenny Day ago +8


  • lala R
    lala R Day ago +3

    I only knew 2 songs, and only recognized like 3 artists.... but I'm 13 :') well, apparently I don't hear new pop music :') btw sorry my english.

  • Jay West
    Jay West Day ago +1

    So are these parents like my age? I'm 34 and still feel like a kid myself lol. I knew these songs but couldn't think of the names of the singers for the life of me.

    • lukeyluke444
      lukeyluke444 Day ago

      Jay West I think the oldest is 58, and the youngest is like 33

  • Anastacia Allan
    Anastacia Allan Day ago +22

    NAMJOON....BEYONCE....P!ATD. Wow the day has finally come where my weird variations of music are all in one video

    • Eppmpurimu
      Eppmpurimu Day ago +1

      When I saw the video I was like, "NAMJOON BRENDON LEZ GO!"

  • Nat A
    Nat A Day ago +19

    My boys BTS👏🏼

  • Jungkook Oppa
    Jungkook Oppa Day ago +16

    bts RM 💕💕when i saw RM i click it 💕💕

  • Lewlav Abra
    Lewlav Abra Day ago +20

    2:07 i swear to god EVERY TIME they play pa!td there's always at least ONE person who's gonna say it's fall out boy how even--

    • Nini Kukhalashvili
      Nini Kukhalashvili Day ago

      Lewlav Abra ikrrrr like in every single videooo peopleee get it riiight

  • twenty-øne dragons at the disco

    i see brendan, i click

    • Evaled
      Evaled Day ago

      twenty-øne dragons at the disco *brendon 😬

  • Mary Sieu
    Mary Sieu Day ago +14

    BTS ARMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor Day ago +22

    I see Brendon Urie and Kim Namjoon...
    I click immediately 😂😂😂

  • JiMiN iS aDoRabLe
    JiMiN iS aDoRabLe Day ago +18

    See namjoons face I click.

  • Wolfe Rainbow
    Wolfe Rainbow Day ago +13

    I saw rap monster and have never clicked so fast on a video. Jesus Christ I need to calm down 😂👌

  • Lydia Mathis
    Lydia Mathis Day ago +1

    i knew every single song

  • rhome
    rhome Day ago +3

    Why no ariana grande song

    SEBASTIAN : Day ago +5

    Of course the white guy doesn’t like apeshit lmao

  • Glucose Jams
    Glucose Jams Day ago +6

    I see Namjoon, Bey, and Brendon I click sooo fast and hard, I dropped my phone and received a new crack on my screen 💀💀💀

  • Noelia H Mendes
    Noelia H Mendes Day ago +22

    I'm a simple girl, I see Namjoon I click.

  • They call me ARMY
    They call me ARMY Day ago +20

    *ARMYs* : 5:16

  • Little Plays
    Little Plays Day ago +3

    You guys better run the bee hive is coming for you


    I saw Brendon, I Clicked😂👏

  • LittleGurlMe
    LittleGurlMe Day ago +15

    As soon as I saw Rap Mon, I clicked

    • LittleGurlMe
      LittleGurlMe Day ago

      Ahhh ok ;) anything for Rm

    • t j v
      t j v Day ago

      LittleGurlMe Namjoon's stage name is now RM(Real Me) he doesn't like being called Rap Mon or Rap Monster anymore ^^

    • LittleGurlMe
      LittleGurlMe Day ago

      Yeh, Rap Mon = Rm

    • Dpr Live
      Dpr Live Day ago +2

      LittleGurlMe rap mon who? I only know rm

  • maddie M
    maddie M Day ago +8

    *brendon urie thats all I have to say*

  • Min YoonGaia
    Min YoonGaia Day ago +11

    came here for brendon urie and namjoon, my boyss

    • Holly Taylor
      Holly Taylor Day ago

      Min YoonGaia So relatable 😂😂 I’ve never clicked on a video so fast

  • Tahira khan
    Tahira khan Day ago +5

    I see Brendon, I click.

  • Claire Parisius
    Claire Parisius 2 days ago +1

    Oop react to Video edits !!

  • Faith Thomas
    Faith Thomas 2 days ago +6

    6:00 that’s LITRLY my friends and mum if she got it wrong bc they know

  • s ahsan
    s ahsan 2 days ago +17

    came here for Kim Namjoon