5 Interesting Facts about Russian Girls | Listening Practice

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • Russian Listening Practice: 5 interesting facts about Russian (and other eastern Slavic) girls and women.
    From this video, you will find out who is "хозяйка" and why Russian girls are so good in this; what is more important for Russian women: career or love, family and relationships; what kind of men are attractive to Russian women; are Russian girls good in English; and the most important, why are Russian girls so beautiful!
    You will learn a few secrets about Russian women and will be able to understand them better!
    🔹The video is in Russian (normal speed). You can use Russian or English subtitles. Please feel free to correct English CC if you have found a mistake or to add CC in other languages, I will appreciate it a lot!
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Comments • 50

  • CuzaAliño
    CuzaAliño Month ago

    Those things that you said are the very reasons why I'm loving Russians. And I've heard those things as well, a lot of times, from other videos about Russians. Well you (all of you) have my respect. I've been learning to speak your language for almost two years now and I must say I have learned to love it. Just can't wait to set my foot there in your country. Even your culture I research about it. English is the 2nd language that I speak but my goal is to make it the 3rd because I'd like to be more fluent in Russian. Btw, I subscribed to your channel. You have very informative videos. You are now one of my many Russian teachers. Thank you!

  • jan J
    jan J 3 months ago

    Thanks good information

  • jehad abu al-rrub
    jehad abu al-rrub 4 months ago

    Спасибо за важные информации... я жил в городе Донецка и согласен с тобой; Украинские женщины и русские также очень хорошие хозяйки и очень красивые

  • shiwadaay07
    shiwadaay07 4 months ago

    Это очень интересное и замечательное видео. Тоже хорошо узнать о славянских женщинах и девушках. Я счастливо бы любил , чтобы у меня была русская или славянская жена к настоящему времени. Я никогда не был женат в жизни в США. Спасибо большое.

  • Catttanzarese Giuseppina

    once upon a time ago...

  • Kevin Yusuf
    Kevin Yusuf 6 months ago

    😚..... I'm sorry what were we talking about?

  • 11th Planet Agent 47
    11th Planet Agent 47 6 months ago

    never mind i cant learn one thing wow its hard how you pronounce the word

  • 11th Planet Agent 47
    11th Planet Agent 47 6 months ago

    yea but when i get us i start using google translate and i learned speaking english

  • Mos Nicolae
    Mos Nicolae 7 months ago

    Too bad you are already married :(

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold 7 months ago

    Good job

  • Gilles Suel
    Gilles Suel 7 months ago

    Hello Nika ! Thank you for this very nice video. Do you think you could send us the text of it in Russian with the translation in English ? It would help me a lot, if it is possible. Here, in France, the weather is fantastic : hot and sunny, like in summertime ! Have a nice sunday and I thank you in advance. Blanche.

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago +2

      Here is one of the options: downsub.com/
      You just need to put there link to my video :)

    • Gilles Suel
      Gilles Suel 7 months ago

      Hello Nika. thank you for your answer. I do not know how to do it. I'll ask. Take care, Blanche.

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago

      Hello, Gilles, I don't have the full text, but I am sure that there are servicess that allow you to download subtitles from any youtube video, you can use them to receive the script :)

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson 7 months ago

    Вау! Ника, это очень хорошее и интересное видео :) Это очень информативно и просто круто смотреть и слушать! Молодцы и спасибо!👌🙌🏼

  • eriktube
    eriktube 7 months ago

    This video is epic.

  • Lorenzo Miro
    Lorenzo Miro 7 months ago

    Tank you, very interesting!!

  • Francis Srečko Fabian
    Francis Srečko Fabian 7 months ago +1

    Definiely interesting. My mother is a good example of what you are talking about (her paternal Grand father was Russian). Кстати, Я знаю, как очистить картофель! 😁🍠

  • Gary Prince
    Gary Prince 7 months ago +1

    Hi Nika )))) Wow, this is a great video! I just love having the Russian subtitles to really learn everything you are saying and also tear it apart and figure out the grammar! So thank you very much! And by the way... you are very beautiful ! ))))

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago +1

      Gary Prince I am glad that you like the format! Thank you for the comment a lot :)

  • the viking
    the viking 7 months ago +17

    Once you go Russian, you never go back.

  • Marco Merker
    Marco Merker 7 months ago

    Привет Ника) Классное видео, как всегда)
    «Одеты во что попало» Пожалуйста объясни мне вот эту фразу.. мне в Украине говорили , что «шо попало!))» - это типа «ерунда какая-то» Спасибо тебе заранее)

    • Marco Merker
      Marco Merker 7 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB дякую :))

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago +2

      Marco Merker привет, спасибо большое 😊 ну, "что попало" это не всегда ерунда, это вариация фразы "что попало под руку", то есть, что у меня под рукой было (в удобном месте), то я быстро и взяла (или надела в данном случае). И это может быть любая вещь, даже которая выглядит плохо или нелепо :)

  • михаил лермонтов

    факт №6 - они любят денги (как везде).
    факт №7 - %70 порно и секс-индустрия формируется славянскими женщинами.
    с уважением..

  • Viki W
    Viki W 7 months ago +2

    В том, что школа действительно нам не может предоставить качественное обучение английскому языку, это точно. За последний год я продвинулась в английском намного больше, чем за 8 лет изучения его в школе)

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago

      Viki W да, к большому сожалению это так, наверное потому, что есть строгая программа, по которой самое главное хоть как-то сдать тестирование, а цели реально обучить учеников никто не ставит :( хотя есть потрясающие современные методики, которые очень пригодились бы в школе.

  • Will Price
    Will Price 7 months ago +5

    These "listening practice" videos are really helpful, thanks!

  • Muhammad Yasir
    Muhammad Yasir 7 months ago

    ich liebe dich ❤

  • James Bailes
    James Bailes 7 months ago +2

    The beauty of Russian girls is well known. You make them sound like dream girls :-) . On average, American girls are kinda selfish and career oriented. No disrespect to American girls, but many are like that.

    • James Bailes
      James Bailes 7 months ago +1

      relax, buddy. Again, no disrespect to American girls. We're all friends here (I hope)

    • Gabi24492
      Gabi24492 7 months ago +1

      Selfish uh? I never agreed with that "women have to take care of all the family" stuff. You probably act like those ladies you call "selfish". Everyone should have the right to decide what's important for them.

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago +1

      Of course not dream girls, everyone has own advantages and disadvantages, it depends on each girl or woman, of course. But in general it is true, we are family oriented, although can be successful in business or work, but only if we want it :)

  • Rexulub
    Rexulub 7 months ago

    я помню когда ты сказала мне почему у тебя были проблемы с изучением английского

    • Rexulub
      Rexulub 7 months ago

      мотивация очень важна для того чтобы учить разный язык, ты нашла её а ты же можешь говорить на английском очень хорошо

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago +1

      :) Да, мало мотивации, я никогда не думала, что буду действительно с кем-то общаться на английском))

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey 7 months ago +1

    PS You are of course both cool and a lovely charming person

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey 7 months ago +1

    I'm a very wicked person and so I ask, "Did you not get the instructions leaflet with your eyewear?"
    I'm particularly prone to put the same question to those who drape their sweater round the shoulders in order to look cool. What a sad anti-cool bastard I must be!

  • mert bussra
    mert bussra 7 months ago

    Отлично видео ника! Спасибо

      RU-LAND CLUB  7 months ago

      Спасибо за комментарий! :))))

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey 7 months ago

    Sorry to be a petrol head but what car is that? I presume not a Lada. Or is it? How do you translate the last sentence, please. It is a big feature of French, German and Catalan.

    • Егор Лаптев
      Егор Лаптев 5 months ago

      Stephen Robey oh I forgot to mention something. Lada is an Ancient Rus word and it has (or better yet had, since it's obviously no longer in use) two meanings: poetic form of mentioning or referring to your loved one, meaning woman and only woman, and Slavic goddess of love name.

    • Егор Лаптев
      Егор Лаптев 6 months ago +1

      Stephen Robey лада is not a verb, it has no infinitive. By the way, there are many ways to translate "or is it?", not only the one mentioned above.

    • Stephen Robey
      Stephen Robey 7 months ago

      What is the infinitive from which лада is derived?

    • Stephen Robey
      Stephen Robey 7 months ago

      The translation of лад in my Collins dictionary is harmony and Google translate is fret. This is where I need a human to offer a real life interpretation. Machine translation has some way to go to replace living speakers of any language. Еле лада?

    • Stephen Robey
      Stephen Robey 7 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB спасибо волшоы