10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World!

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Top things Americans do that confuse everyone else! These are the confusing and weird customs of americans and things americans do that confuse the rest of the world!

    #5. “Hollywood Smile”-- Another place that foreigners think Americans are wasting water is at the Dentist’s office. While dental hygiene in other countries may not be as bad as it is stereotyped to be, like in England, they aren’t quite as obsessed with attaining or maintaining the perfect smile in the way that Americans have. Where Americans have been known to spend thousands of dollars on braces and whitening procedures in order to get a pearly white Hollywood grill many foreigners are content with crooked and discolored teeth as long as they aren’t falling out or making them look like Nosferatu. Most foreigners from first world nations care about their teeth, they just haven’t become indoctrinated with the intense beauty standards American society has made a part of its culture in regards to dental perfection. In many countries, having a brighter than normal smile that is unnaturally straight is viewed as superficial to the point of being unattractive or off-putting.

    #4. “Dining Out”-- Tipping your server and taking home leftover food. Two habits that are so ingrained in the American dining experience that they can be hard to kick, but rest assured if you try doing these outside of the US you are sure to draw confused looks and reveal your Stars and Stripes. In most Asian and European countries a service charge is either already included in your bill or it is not customary to leave a tip. In many places if you do try to tip you can offend your waiter, this is because a tip can be seen as a person having pity on their server or offering some sort of charity. In some countries giving good service is expected whereas in the United States the food industry has become a sort of meritocracy. Foreigners see this as absurd, why should a server be rewarded for something they should be doing in the first place? However, In places where tipping is insulting waitstaff aren’t ridiculously underpaid like they are in the U.S. The other habit that can draw the scoffs of onlookers at a restaurant outside the United States is asking for a ‘doggy bag’ or ‘to-go box’. In many countries, especially European ones the idea of saving a hot meal at a restaurant in order to reheat it and eat it at home is a disgusting prospect. Many dining cultures believe that the food is meant to be eaten exactly how it is prepared by the chef or cook at that moment, not to be consumed after the various sauces and meat juices congeal or have their perfect grilling or baking sullied by your microwave. A lot of the reason that Americans have developed this custom of bringing scraps home with them is due to portion sizes being generally much larger in the States than elsewhere. This may be a result of capitalist consumers becoming obsessed with getting their money’s worth causing restaurants to have slowly battled to stuff people’s gullets.

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    ISEE YOU 7 minutes ago

    Number 5... it shows.. lol.. sorry .. clean teeth makes you look good..

    ISEE YOU 17 minutes ago

    6.25 for US sales tax??? Since when? Its been 8.25 for a LONG time...

  • Bob Holland
    Bob Holland 48 minutes ago

    High School and college graduations are the bane of existence. Please let’s get rid of them. They are agonizing.

  • Fiona Goode
    Fiona Goode Hour ago

    Wow fuck us Americans for not being able to finish a meal and wanting to not waste it. Bringing it home is so ABSURD!!!!

  • Dangramo
    Dangramo Hour ago

    Number 3 is complete BS. In England we have ice all the time and you can easily get coffee on the go and it is completely normal

  • lil miguel
    lil miguel Hour ago +1

    This video makes me wana go to Europe

  • Aussie Pom
    Aussie Pom 2 hours ago

    10. The price here includes a GST (goods and services tax) which is currently 10% the whole country over. Fresh food is GST free.
    9. We too drive great distances and many actually fly from one state to another. Yes we are spread out too except there's really nothing in our interior.
    8. Vacation days I get 44 fully paid vacation days a year. I can even increase them by not taking any vacation days for a few years and then I take a whole season off of 13-14 weeks fully paid either weekly or in advance. It's my choice. Even when I'm on vacation my vacation allowance is still accumulating. I also get two weeks long service leave every year. I currently have 22 weeks of long service leave and if I only take those at half pay that 22 weeks becomes 44 weeks.
    7. We eat far too much sugar too. It's in nearly everything you eat. Low fat food means high sugar content otherwise it would taste bland. Our butts and thighs are almost as big as Americans.
    6. Our lot too buy water when the water out of the tap is perfectly safe to drink. Water companies con people into thinking that their water is pure. It is. Pure filtered tap water.
    5. Our lot too go in for the whiter than white teeth. A good way to waste money. It's like buying a car for 30k and then spending another 100k on the car. That car is not now worth 130k.
    4. We don't tip because employers have to pay their employees a decent living wage or salary. It law and they can't get out of it and if they do they end up in prison. We don't have doggy bags either. If the portion sizes were reduced the US wouldn't need to have "food to go".
    3. Ice comes in drinks here and with Iced coffee it's good to stipulate NO ICE. With ice it's tastes foul.
    2. Our legal drinking age is 18 but I was introduced to alcohol at around 10 when I would get about 1cm of red wine in the bottom of a glass with lemonade filling the glass to full.
    1. When I went to school there was no such thing as high school graduations or prom night. There maybe now though as Australia is a colonial US state although Starbucks Coffee is very rare to see here now. It was expensive muck and better and cheaper coffee could be bought at Maccas.

  • afiq dagu
    afiq dagu 2 hours ago

    TVclip needs an option that is equivalent to both thumbs up, and thumbs down.

  • Mary Hutcheon
    Mary Hutcheon 2 hours ago

    This is VERY OUTDATED saying published 2018! A lot of this stuff is wrong about Europe. Really knows nothing about Europe which by the way is NOT the rest of the world

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle 3 hours ago

    Not that you actually eat cheese. What you call "cheese" is just tasteless yellow filth. Come to the Netherlands one day and taste some actual cheese.
    I went to America once and we had a very tough time finding regular bread. We had to go to Whole Foods to find it. All the bread we found at Walmart or anywhere else contained a ton of sugar, it was incredibly gross!
    Also, we do have coffee to go, Starbucks and other company's situated here sell coffee just like they do in America. We just don't have drive thru everywhere, because we don't drive as much.

  • Josip M
    Josip M 4 hours ago

    What a bs"

  • Tom Corwine
    Tom Corwine 4 hours ago

    At 2:02. Where is that car at? Obviously some museum, but which one?

    • Tom Corwine
      Tom Corwine 4 hours ago

      Oh, and everything this video says is rubbish.

  • queening
    queening 5 hours ago

    Yeah I'm never going to America. I find a lot of things about it weird.

  • Nether Lord
    Nether Lord 6 hours ago

    Serbia here lol
    I tried chocolate with salt, it tasted good.
    I like a bit of salt in sweet stuff sometimes, but I guess I wouldn't like so much lol
    Enjoy your life lol 😂😂😂

  • D Derksen
    D Derksen 6 hours ago

    None of the points are true regarding Europe...whoever put this video together is an ignorant idiot with no travelling around the world experience whatsoever!

  • Ruika
    Ruika 6 hours ago

    The number 1 is so trueee
    Wth is a prom dance/homecoming dance, and why is it so important that you graduate from school? Here in Latin America we celebrate when you get your degrees 😄
    Must be nice tho, having so many celebrations

  • Emma Williams
    Emma Williams 6 hours ago

    You. Don't. Need. Your. Passport. When. Traveling. In. Europe. (as European)

  • fix24311
    fix24311 7 hours ago

    my country is so hot, you'd be surprise and offended if the food joint you enter didn't serve iced drinks at all

  • Kamraxx
    Kamraxx 8 hours ago

    8:40 - I've never seen someone struggle so much to eat a single pasta

  • killerjhul
    killerjhul 9 hours ago

    Ice on drinks makes me *rage*

  • Amber Boles
    Amber Boles 9 hours ago

    Who tf eats apple pie and cheese

  • Jayda F
    Jayda F 10 hours ago

    Lol wrong
    #10: Canadians don’t put taxes in the price tag either...
    #9: Lol. Have you seen Canada.
    #8: Depends on the job. But we get days off on holidays. But idk. I’m 12.
    #7: lol maple syrup
    #6: lol we drink bottled water too. We’re just better than you.
    #5: XD explain why so many people I know have/had braces.
    #4: CANADA DOES THIS TO OH MY GOD (this made me hungry)
    #3: Lol we get drinks with ice too...
    #2: okay that’s not the same. We’re 18-19.
    #1: Yeah? Your point? We have bug celebrations too. They get their own parties.
    So many other wrong things. I’m just tired to think.

  • Mickleloaf \m/
    Mickleloaf \m/ 10 hours ago

    Americans don't just do these things, so do a good portion of the world do to things called internet, traveling, and sharing our customs with other countries. Sure, not everybody but still

  • Chris Jarkovsky
    Chris Jarkovsky 10 hours ago

    Americans are known for frying food. Frying candy is one of the things that I don't understand. Candy to me should be enjoyed the way it was meant to be, not be enclosed in breading.

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 8 hours ago

      I'm American and we fry some foods but I never heard of fried candy.

  • Rosie OhDonald
    Rosie OhDonald 10 hours ago

    Point of this video : Bad Bad Americans , so funny

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      And not true.

  • BrokenNail
    BrokenNail 11 hours ago

    lol clearly has never been to Australia.

  • roy camburn
    roy camburn 11 hours ago

    Ooh....Pfas….maybe I will stick to bottled water.

  • Xoctiel Devasque
    Xoctiel Devasque 11 hours ago

    Europeans have always been afraid of water..for bathing and hygiene..ick ick

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 11 hours ago

    When he talks slow so he can make the video longer and squeeze more adds in

  • Katja Merlung
    Katja Merlung 12 hours ago

    Dogi bags is a thing in Denmark. But! You need to go to a pizza restaurant that is a private business. Don't go to dominoes or other places like that. If you want to have your leftovers. If the restaurant is fancy or not a small private restaurant. You can't take the left overs with you.
    And we do put ice in our drinks. In Scandinavian. We also have refill on drinks in some places. And you can get a coffee on the go. We do have Starbucks xD every gas station have coffee to go. A specialty the once on the most popular roads.
    This is the first time that i ever have seen a video that takes it just a tiny bit errors about the most important details xD but who cares

  • Oprah Williams
    Oprah Williams 12 hours ago

    I'm from the Caribbean and we do everything Americans do....

  • MrExillion
    MrExillion 12 hours ago +1

    TRUMP... is deffinitely the strangest thing you are known for!

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago


  • BLACKgts5230
    BLACKgts5230 12 hours ago

    Here in germany, i've never heard or seen outlets with switches installed in walls.
    Tipping the waiter is normal here too, but just small amounts (mostly under 5€).
    Doggy bags are okay here, too. (But maybe not as common).
    Ice in drinks can happen, but are uncommon (exept for mcdonalds).
    Coffe to go is a normal thing here.
    No complains about the drinking age part.
    We normaly have a Party if we end shool, but not gigantic ones like Americans i guess.

  • Joey Jamison
    Joey Jamison 13 hours ago +1

    After visiting Europe 9 times, Asia and Central America twice each and Africa once, I've seen enough of life to know that I'll take life right here in the USA. And I don't care what foreigners think. We're different to them. They're different to us!

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown 13 hours ago

    Attention all: it's The United STATES. So we are different. Visit, be weirded out, and depart befuddled. But ENJOY. never forget who kept everybody from speaking German!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  • MaryStewart
    MaryStewart 13 hours ago

    you make euro sound gay! america bashers are weird! are you canadian?

  • Phoenix Roberts
    Phoenix Roberts 14 hours ago

    My great-grandfather built the first ice factory in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in the 1860s. The Europeans found this a great idea, as they could enjoy their alcohol "on the rocks". They also found it a healthier practice.

  • Panera Bread
    Panera Bread 15 hours ago

    8.25% for caifornia sales tax?? Nahhh more like 10.50%

  • Margaret Gust
    Margaret Gust 15 hours ago

    Actually, some of the European nations are now fatter than the US. I drink tap water - not all Americans are idiots and fall for the bottled water fable. It is all right with me that "they" don't understood us or look down on us - just shows their arrogance. And they drink coffee and tea on the go in ALL European countries.

  • Ano Bayan
    Ano Bayan 15 hours ago

    Whoever made this video has never left their basement.

  • Delbert Perkins
    Delbert Perkins 15 hours ago

    Did you just say that water is... free

  • Hannah Clydedale
    Hannah Clydedale 16 hours ago

    Okay I live in the UK and worry not Americans you can get ice. As strange as it may seem we have discovered frozen water.

  • Patricia Williams
    Patricia Williams 16 hours ago

    The strangest thing to me is the English and I’m American lol

  • Zhargida Beoulve
    Zhargida Beoulve 16 hours ago

    Can we have any more bullshit, stereotypical generalizations in this video? Maybe.

  • Luca Nogara
    Luca Nogara 16 hours ago

    Seeing all of this made me proud not to be American...
    1° In Europe, there are also separate taxes between the states (which you could easily compare to the american ones because they're quite small) and we don't make a fuss about it. And there are also different taxes for different products (food, alcohol, cigarettes, cars,...).
    2° Even if we use public transports way much than in the US, I don't know that many people that go very far with them. They're more for small trips. Come and take a look in Europe in the summer and y'all see that we use the car way more that you descibed.
    3° No vacation benefit is slavery basically.
    4° Even if we drink more tap water, we also have bottle water at home. Have you ever seen tap sparkling water? ...
    5° Yes, Europeans also go to the dentists...
    6° I take a doggybag nearly everytime I go to the restaurant because there is still food on my plate and that doesn't shock anybody.
    7° This one is the funnier for me... everywhere you'll find ice in a drink, in every soda, water, cocktails,...
    8° Free refills also exists in the fast-food here in Europe.

    • Luca Nogara
      Luca Nogara 6 hours ago

      This discussion is not supposed to be offensive so no haters in here please :)

    • Luca Nogara
      Luca Nogara 6 hours ago

      Well if your video us there to change my mind, it really doesn't do the trick...
      It shows me how lots of Americans don't know the world they live in...
      And an other thing that actually bothers me is that we now are forced to speak english everywhere but I never see an American on those kind comments speaking an other language than his...

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 8 hours ago

      America Is Superior | Change My Mind tvclip.biz/video/uArcUvVSjbw/video.html

  • lazy Fingers
    lazy Fingers 17 hours ago +1

    Calling the USA, America
    America is a continent NOT a country , a person in Uruguay is an American, a person in Peru is an American . shows how self-righteous, Ignorant and self-indulgent we are as a society .
    The fact that most PPl just speak one language, that's extremely ignorant .

    • Butch Adriatic
      Butch Adriatic 4 hours ago

      I disagree in that using one language is unifing, and that is truely smart for advancement of civilization. (differing language is a nice cultural defense though)
      Knowing other languages is only needed to reach beyond borders, our former isolationist nature negated it, frowned on it in favor of unity. That has been changing but for the average US citizen learning multiple languages, though always somewhat impressive, is often a redundant task, especially if new citizens actully attempt to conform to their new culture vs wing it or in attempt to change the host's ways.
      Lack of use has lead to the loss of my speaking French, German, some Flemish and Algonquin /Ojibwe I once knew. There is just not much use for it here outside of nostalgia or speaking with elders that resist change.
      Brilliantly smart would be a global attempt at use of say German, or English, as both are wide spread, fairly easy to grab hold of the basics to read and write, and have more abundant use in presently developing technologies. (there are other options, but I think the use of more traditional lettering is key)

    • lazy Fingers
      lazy Fingers 9 hours ago

      Jon R. I Kno . Still tho . We have taken ownership of the word tho

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      America is short for United States of America.

  • Joshua The Science god
    Joshua The Science god 17 hours ago

    In the usa, Tap water does not smell the same as bottled water. Tap water smells like chemicals while bottled water smells fresh. That's why alot of americans are drinking from bottled waters.

  • yesloow
    yesloow 18 hours ago +1

    The crew at 2:20 are clearly road tripping outside of the USA.

  • Vince Vega
    Vince Vega 18 hours ago

    The EU is garbage. That's why we left that shithole.

  • System Error Message
    System Error Message 19 hours ago

    many sockets in germany dont have switches on their electrical sockets. Lots of countries in asia and around the equator serve their drinks with ice. Europe spends only 1/8 of time a year hot, so most of the time ice is just counter productive.
    Coffee around the world is ordered to go too. That lunch/break time is very limited.

  • Mason Thompson
    Mason Thompson 19 hours ago

    The way you do a half second pause in the middle of every sentence is killing me.

    ASHIKO HANNOE 19 hours ago

    Again, another video made by an American who has never travelled abroad!

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      The video wasn't made by Americans.

  • Nekomon
    Nekomon 20 hours ago

    I feel like people should just get a water filter at home xD there's so many people I know that I have quite a few packs of big bottles at home.. like why? Get a filter at home and an on-the-go steel or plastic bottle that you can refill and re-use all the time and put the filtered water in it and go out with it. Saves money, time and space in your home + less pollution or shall I say less work for the people that gather everything and then recycle it. I guess you could buy a small bottle of water if you finish the one you brought from home or something.

  • Jeffrey Pret
    Jeffrey Pret 20 hours ago +1

    This video is soo full of sh*t wrong facts... Jezus I never thought people could be this stupid!

  • Sue3DDesigns
    Sue3DDesigns 20 hours ago

    Wow. Last of these I will bother with. Do you even travel, Bro?
    This is so 'last-century.' In the UK, we have been tipping servers for at least 40 years - you might not want to do it in a McDonalds-level food-conveyer-belt or a really expensive restaurant, but anywhere inbetween is OK. The difference is that in the UK (and most other places in Europe), the servers don't expect it or get upset with you when you don't. And no, being a server is not well paid in most places over here either.
    As for the rest - travel more. You would not be as confused as you seem to make out, I know I was not the last time I travelled to America..!

      ASHIKO HANNOE 19 hours ago

      Actually tipping was invented in England and was given before a meal To Insure Promptness!

  • JHopeRuinedMyBiasList
    JHopeRuinedMyBiasList 21 hour ago

    The biggest problem with this video seems to be that Europe is not a country but rather and entire continent devised of smaller countries with different cultures. You can't generalise "Europe" the same way you can generalise "America" since we don't even speak the same languages. I'm Dutch and we do drink tap water cuz our tap water tastes about as good as bottled water, but when I went on vacation in other countries in Europe, I didn't like the tapwater as much and ended up drinking a lot of bottled water. Coffee-to-go is really a big city thing. Where I live you can't go into a restaurant or a café asking for a coffee-to-go but you can do that in bigger cities if I'm correct since caffeine addicted college/uni students and workers exist. Legal drinking age here is 18 but cross the border 30 minutes away into Germany and the legal age's 16. Also, went on a schooltrip to Rome and although the legal age there seems to be 18 as well if I'm correct, I got offered the alcohol menu and some woman in a store tried to sell us a bottle of limoncello and I was like 15 and 5"2 with a baby face. Also, the legal drinking age here used to be 16, and despite it being changed to 18, a lot of parents let their kids drink anyway, and if they don't they'll just ask their 18 yo friends to buy it for them lmao.

  • Yesenia H
    Yesenia H 21 hour ago

    In Europe, I believe it is against the law not to have taxes included in the shelf price tag. The free refills thingy exists in a few places in Europe, but it promotes food waste and we kind of wanna fight against that.

  • MsVanorak
    MsVanorak 21 hour ago

    We (UK) drink our tap water (a.k.a slang - Council pop), bottled water is for on the go. We have ice in drinks, usually the server asks if it is required. Object to American fast food outlets though who serve huge soft drinks but it is mostly ice = rip off. And stop trying to inflict us with the unnecessary expense of the trashy 'prom' event! Foisting Halloween on us was bad enough when we were quite happy with 'remember, remember the 5th November'! :) Eating sweet and savoury things together - that's just plain autism - we don't have it and we don't need to be diagnosed with it.

  • Dear Universe
    Dear Universe 22 hours ago

    ......these are not "facts"

  • Ashi & Ally
    Ashi & Ally 22 hours ago

    South Africa also gives ice without you having to asking... we also do free refills at some, not most restaurants. And you can take your coffee to go! We have a Starbucks lol

  • Ashi & Ally
    Ashi & Ally 22 hours ago

    In South Africa #4 is cool. Take your food away and tip your waitrons

  • Whiskers likes Fish
    Whiskers likes Fish 22 hours ago

    The public transportation bit was a little bit disengenuous. The usa doesn't fund public tansportation for SHIT and there are large countries that do not have the same transportation problems we do. For some reason, Americans allows auto manufacturers to buy politicians that then vote to defund public transportation. America is a capitalist shithole that doesn't take care of its citizens needs and lets private industry walk all over us.

  • Caitlin Theron
    Caitlin Theron 22 hours ago

    Also Americans drive on the wrong side of the road

    • Caitlin Theron
      Caitlin Theron 7 hours ago

      Jon R. I think it's actually half half

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      I thought it was you guys doing it.

  • G-Fiti
    G-Fiti 22 hours ago

    So outdated lol

  • John Pinestead
    John Pinestead 22 hours ago

    I like how excited "others" get when the US makes stuff like this.

  • Christina O’Chops
    Christina O’Chops 23 hours ago

    We have coffee shops all over the U.K. lol. Costa, Starbucks etc. Our age limit for drinking is 18 and can be drinking with an adult much younger if parents are present. We also have American prom nights in the U.K, however a lot of people don’t go because it seems ridiculous.

  • Christina O’Chops
    Christina O’Chops 23 hours ago

    This information is wrong about the Europe. We often have doggy bags after a large meal. The food portion sizes are too big. We also always offer ice with soft drinks.

  • Dave Chaz
    Dave Chaz 23 hours ago

    is this whole thing just made up?

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 23 hours ago

    Good Video but you should title it: 10 things Factnomenal doesn't know about the planet he lives on.

  • Dave Chaz
    Dave Chaz 23 hours ago

    what is this ice thing he talks of?? never heard of it

  • abscoolguy
    abscoolguy 23 hours ago

    What I find frustrating about US is that they say "zee" and not "zed"

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 8 hours ago

      Where do we say zee and what the hell does that mean?

    RMKZER 23 hours ago

    As if stores in europe doesnt sell bottles of water. Also illogical to buy as tapwater is common all over, contains more minerals and is 2000% cheaper.
    No ice in our sodas?? Sometimes you have to beg on your knees not getting them, and yes you still get them.
    No coffee to go? Check out random train stations in holland please...
    Might want to come over to europe to factcheck before uploading a v ideo like this.

  • abscoolguy
    abscoolguy 23 hours ago

    Erm. My friend has a 14 week holiday who is in Texas and I'm in London and I only get 6

  • N Brown
    N Brown Day ago

    Many devices keep the time and do shit while you are asleep or away. Switches on every outlet can be done here just not seen as cost effective. Shut your pc power off and your battery on your motherboard goes dead quicker and many of you would have to pay for someone to replace it.

  • Loke Jonsson
    Loke Jonsson Day ago

    My issue with these videos and comments are that Europe is always treated like it's a country. There are many countries in Europe and we have very different cultures. It's just so baffling that these videos compare one country vs all of Europe which is over 40-50 countries depending on if you include those in the borders. It just annoys me that it's like Americans think Europe as a whole. Spain, Germany, France, Ukraine, Sweden and Greece all have different cultures but we're all being put together because of laziness.

  • Peter Mayer
    Peter Mayer Day ago

    You know nothing about Europe. ;-)

  • Shay Barfield
    Shay Barfield Day ago

    Can anyone even imagine what the country would be like if we gave 16 year olds permission to buy alcohol and drink in bars?
    OMG I would probably never leave the house..... for fear of my life.
    I would be satisfied if adolescents in America were only half as mature as those in any other country in the world.

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      Why is it a good idea to let underage kids drink while they're still growing?

  • Shay Barfield
    Shay Barfield Day ago

    Umm, I think he got it backwards......
    Only about 25% of American workers receive vacation days. I have worked around 20 different jobs since becoming old enough to work, and ONLY 1 of them ever gave paid vacation days.
    They must have only surveyed the upper class working force. I honestly only know maybe 2 or 3 employers (that are not salaried) that offer paid vacation days, in all of the country.

  • Celebrity Signings

    Wow. For a video that only came out a month ago, this seems well out of date! No ice in drinks anywhere outside the US? Um ... ok!! And no disposable coffee cups and drive through coffee places? I think you need to go back and re-check your facts!!

  • Morgan Althouse
    Morgan Althouse Day ago

    okay wtf is apple pie with cheese on top

  • nathaniel williams

    what even?

  • nathaniel williams

    3:55 LOL never heard of any of those things dude.

  • Berry
    Berry Day ago

    Uhm. The pricetags is completely autistic. It's a marketing scheme to persuade people to buy more

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. 9 hours ago

      We know what the sales taxes are in our states. It isn't much more, like 7% or so, so a $10.00 item would only be $10.70. Sales taxes go up and down according to each state's tax needs which change. I don't see any problem with it.
      If other countries have electronic sales prices on their shelves that are easy to change, fine. In America, we use paper ones that don't wear out but would take hours to change..

    • Berry
      Berry 22 hours ago

      So what, even if they change, how should the customer know how much he is going to pay? Is he gonna have to carry a calculator with him? Claiming that a sales tax goes up and down is a bullshit excuse. They don't switch from day to day.
      It's simple.
      You see something cheap, you want it
      Ends up costing you like 20% more because autism
      *turns out it wasn't cheaper than the store 5 miles away in another state who had it priced higher*

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. Day ago

      Sales tax in U.S. states is added at the register because sales taxes go up and down. Saves stores lots of trouble. We know the price will be a little more.

  • Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant Day ago

    Just 10 things? America confuses the world full stop

  • Daniel Reid
    Daniel Reid Day ago

    @1:50 that's the driving scene from leprechaun 1993 movie😰

  • Clarence Tieties

    strangest thing is America is Donald Trump

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. Day ago


  • Matthew Cowley
    Matthew Cowley Day ago

    Half of this video is wrong i live in the uk and basically all the things said in this video are complete lies

  • Yoi Red
    Yoi Red Day ago

    I believe this video is being a little bit exaggerated and saying that some of those things are only practicing this country they’re not it it’s been exaggerated a little bit too much

  • Yoi Red
    Yoi Red Day ago

    Put in drinks on ice thing is kind of stupid that you’re saying only America does it because no they don’t my home country kind of sun all year around here no snow a thing so they do put ice a lot in their drinks

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson Day ago

    This narrator blows. But this is VERY interesting information. However, bottled water is WAY better than tap water. THAT is the truth.

  • crossbar2times2 crossbar2times2

    BEER-PONG - Nobody, and I mean nobody in any other country plays a fucking idiotic game at drinking parties, to NOT Drink. Americans are the only fools in the world that play a game at events that include alcohol, where the objective is to drink less, or not to drink at all. Nonsense

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. Day ago

      Where does this happen in America? Are you drunk?

  • Emma Zarrella
    Emma Zarrella Day ago

    is that brooklyn and bailey at 7:02


    The most inaccurate video on TVclip.

  • Peperilla Rios
    Peperilla Rios Day ago

    Here in summer you have to tell the waiter to NOT put ice in your drink to prevent getting a cold

  • A fokin faggot named Rawel Filemon

    the french and the swiss? HA we laugh about them the number one Cheese country is the netherlands we eat cheese basically everyday most time of the day

  • Justin Rivera
    Justin Rivera Day ago

    A lot of these comparisons are centered towards Europe.

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams Day ago

    Strangest thing Americans are known for: Donald Trump

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. Day ago


  • cold cuts
    cold cuts Day ago

    Its just a way of life.
    Next time you do a video try not to be so superficial and make the title, 10 things americans do the other countries find intuitive.
    And i might not sound like such a dick, if you didnt sound like such a dick in this video.

  • k'ie kie
    k'ie kie Day ago

    #10 didn't make any sense at all. The end price of the items are going to be different regardless so just put the tax in the shelf price in the first place. More work for the store owner? well welcome to operating a customer centric business.

    • Jon R.
      Jon R. Day ago

      Sales tax in U.S. states is added at the register because sales taxes go up and down. Saves stores lots of trouble. We know the price will be a little more.

  • knoxy
    knoxy Day ago

    Oh fuck off