Yemenis in Djibouti | April 10, 2019 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • The Not-A-Muslim-Ban-Muslim-Ban continues to strand families across the globe but you can help by staying in your air conditioned office and writing even one article about it. Produced by Razan Ghalayini with Julie Levitsky. Edited by Andrew Mendelson.
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Comments • 382

  • artroom151
    artroom151 24 days ago

    Diala Shamas is a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

  • Charlie Montero
    Charlie Montero Month ago

    Very sad how people are discriminated

  • EmmaYaBasta
    EmmaYaBasta Month ago

    Well worth noting that some of these people are climate refugees. And the U.S.A currently offers no Green New Deal....

  • TheGrandy123
    TheGrandy123 2 months ago

    What happens since then please?
    May Allah help her 🤲

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar 4 months ago

    My heart breaks for our Yemeni brothers and sisters, and for all refugees suffering around the world. God bless you for spreading awareness of their plight.

  • mangoesaspa
    mangoesaspa 4 months ago

    I hope that the next time Sam goes to Djibouti, which I’m sure will be never, that she will report from the tiny, relatively young and small country’s potential for economic growth. Djibouti does the best they can to provide for its immigrants. Wish all my Yemeni brothers and sisters the best of luck

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 5 months ago

    Do you know the between Finite and infinite. Lets ask the constant influx of illegal immigrants coming to the US each year. Are central and south American people racist? This is the same country that is trying to help other countries, and then.

  • Walidose Wayne
    Walidose Wayne 5 months ago

    Call Djibouti a Disaster was uncalled for i bet the yemenite wouldnt have done the same for Djiboutian instead of being ungrateful....Show some decency we all know as well they shady smuggling business you run from yemen to Djibouti !!

  • Mohamed Oumar Mahamoud
    Mohamed Oumar Mahamoud 5 months ago

    I think those people might need to show respect for Djibouti the country that gives them safety and security while their fellow Arabs are bombing them and starving them. The weather is pretty same bettwen Djibouti and Yemen so get use to.. otherwise get outta here and go back to starve in Yemen.

  • IzzOfoSho
    IzzOfoSho 5 months ago

    Thanks for covering this Sam! Love your show, keep it up!

  • Kim Katrel
    Kim Katrel 6 months ago

    SamB. Is rapidly becoming my favorite

  • Crunch
    Crunch 6 months ago

    Check out djibouti

  • Sheila Bush
    Sheila Bush 6 months ago

    This is 2019 I can’t understand why this is still happening. Trump has ruined the United States.

  • barry clarke
    barry clarke 6 months ago

    She's great, nothings outa bounds 4 her, really goes 4 the jugular, well done .

  • Tiina Niinikoski
    Tiina Niinikoski 6 months ago

    What's with that kid at 3:43? Ò____Ò

  • Sitti Ahmed
    Sitti Ahmed 6 months ago +1

    So ungrateful. At least Djibouti opened its doors for these people. We didn't have to do that but we did it because of our humanity and kindness. We provided safe haven, away from the war, leaving in peace and that's how they talk? We may be "poor" but we are 100% richer in humanity than those who bomb you and their allies. Let's see what they will do for the Yemenis. So ungrateful.

  • unun septium
    unun septium 6 months ago

    A comedian is doing a much better job than all of the news outlets, except for Democracy Now! It's too bad DN isn't accessible to everyone in America.

  • Richard
    Richard 6 months ago

    Let’s just bring everyone from every country and put em in the US. Yea!!!

  • Tequila D'killa
    Tequila D'killa 6 months ago

    You bet your Djibouti!!

  • alex taws
    alex taws 6 months ago

    why don't more people watch this show?... i don't get it.

  • darth geekboy
    darth geekboy 6 months ago

    blame that fascist bigoted pr****ck steph0n miller.

  • American Outside
    American Outside 6 months ago

    I was in DJIBOUTI when the crisis started in 2014. People who could then, fled to
    Hotels and family members. All ignored.

  • Cue 1st Amend
    Cue 1st Amend 6 months ago

    Why are those women completely covered in black? Isn't that technically erasing them?

  • Su A.
    Su A. 6 months ago

    Such a unique slam dunk of a story. Sam rocks. Period.

  • Doc Atheist
    Doc Atheist 6 months ago

    Sam, how about a U.S. Embassy that keeps Americans out of the U.S. by stealing -- get this, and I'm not joking -- their legal names! Contact me for proof, plus the laws and rules they're breaking. Or, come overseas and meet me, to see.

  • Neeraja Balachander
    Neeraja Balachander 6 months ago

    Great piece Sam B! Such a heartbreaking segment and yet somehow funny. Thank you for shedding light on this

  • fineagain
    fineagain 6 months ago

    Less than 30% of Muslim population live in Middle Eastern and surrounding countries but they contribute 100% to bad reputation of Muslims. Why do you hate each other so much? Why can't you ask your neighbor Saudi to stop bombing? I get it you will play Israel card. Not only Israel but any country will use this to their advantage as long as long as you don't get along. Indonesia, Malaysia get along with rest of the world . Poor Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. India has bigger population than many of the middle east countries combined. They are doing well. I don't agree with US meddling but even If US stops supplying weapon that still is not going to solve your problem. Russia or black market will fill the vacuum.. I am not American or European. I hate war but the spill over of middle east problem is affecting people all over the world in general and Muslims even more.

  • theBellIsTolling
    theBellIsTolling 6 months ago +1

    the day we get rid of trump ppl all around the world will celebrate

  • Elora Joshua
    Elora Joshua 6 months ago

    I don't know how ads are sorted out on TVclip, but I was just treated to an attack ad against Representative Omar.

  • Mazinger and Minerva
    Mazinger and Minerva 6 months ago +3

    Those women all covered up like that in that heat 😔

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago

    I wonder why the Yemeni had to emigrate from Yemen in order to seek asylum in the US

  • nicole rubin
    nicole rubin 6 months ago

    It is all part of the slow fall into fascism.

  • Nicola Li
    Nicola Li 6 months ago

    I was in Djibouti in 2009 - looks about the same! At that time refugees were fleeing TO Yemen. Oh world.🙄

  • Maria Robles
    Maria Robles 6 months ago +2

    Samantha you are great. My admiration from Honduras

  • 賴志偉
    賴志偉 6 months ago +1

    Sam's not just funny, she has a big heart!

  • MJ Maccabee
    MJ Maccabee 6 months ago +2

    One of the best segments Sam has produced in a long time, a thoroughly excellent piece.

  • A Wolff
    A Wolff 6 months ago +2

    that women in the beginning being interviewed is beautiful she is like an Egyptian Mona Lisa

  • puddlemini
    puddlemini 6 months ago

    The cholera outbreak is one of the worst instances of bioterrorism. The level of emaciation, the skeleton-like bodies due to dehydration, it's heartbreaking to see and the fault lies directly in the hands of the US and Saudi Arabia.

  • Jules C
    Jules C 6 months ago

    They can g9 home to their wives who live in black clothed bags. Are you fuck8ng kidding me. You think talking to women in bags is normal??

  • Jules C
    Jules C 6 months ago

    Hey Sam why don’t you focus on the 100 real problems in America? We don’t need more people from all over the world to take our housing, resources, jobs. Illegals also pay no taxes. Yes we all pay sales tax, etc, but they get free education and pay no taxes.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 6 months ago

    less judges will obviously fix this problem.

  • Save TheZombies
    Save TheZombies 6 months ago

    I've never been there but those Djibouti Dubs videos are hilarious.

  • Joshua Crommie
    Joshua Crommie 6 months ago

    This is clearly not a Muslim ban this is clearly not racist. It bans barely 8% of Muslims if that. Using false and inflammatory language helps no one.That said, Yemeni people are literally the best people ever. My best friend is Yemeni. I think that they should be allowed to come here to flee the violence at home.

  • TheDark Nite
    TheDark Nite 6 months ago

    The same Trumptards that support discrimination against Muslims are the first to violently oppose ban on MAGA hats. They also demand Freedom of Speech but deny it to critics of Israel.
    The moral bankruptcy of hateful conservatives / righties cannot be ignored!

  • chuck1prillaman
    chuck1prillaman 6 months ago

    I like the heart but not the jokes.

  • B Sadi
    B Sadi 6 months ago +5

    Props to you for make the first decent report on this.

  • dabol five
    dabol five 6 months ago

    Thank you Sam

  • Super Mojo
    Super Mojo 6 months ago

    Marina and Hannah REALLY look alike....something in the eyes maybe...

  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes 6 months ago +5

    The US is participant of this war in Yemen, and at the same time punishing the people that want to flee the war....

  • Margaret Cross
    Margaret Cross 6 months ago +2

    Thank you. Thank you for telling us these stories.

  • acchaladka
    acchaladka 6 months ago +1

    Easy solution: bring them and their US based families to us in Canada. We love qualified immigrants and refugees. Also here in Montréal we actually do play some pétanque in summer.

  • Hamid Ibrahim
    Hamid Ibrahim 6 months ago +1

    There are many Yemeni brothers and sisters here in Somaliland as well. The job prospects are much better (many of them going into skilled trades, construction and opening restaurants.) There are also many high skill Syrian refugees as well (particularly in the healthcare sector). However, our nation has its own stability issues, Insha'Allah these people are able to reunite with family.

  • Mehrin Rashed
    Mehrin Rashed 6 months ago +1

    I cannot overstate how happy I was to see that this video had not been, in fact, ratio'd to oblivion. Thank you, Ms Bee! x

  • N Corp
    N Corp 6 months ago +1

    I hope those women's eyes were completely covered because they're trying to remain anonymous for the interview...otherwise, that is ridiculously misogynistic.

  • Fnu Lnu
    Fnu Lnu 6 months ago +1

    John Oliver would have done a "shake Djibouti" joke

  • Ivan2Jura
    Ivan2Jura 6 months ago

    Now I understand and agree that this policy is horrible and should be changed.
    But how exactly would those brothers be finishing high school in the US if they are not able to conduct an interview in English?

  • mahmod eissa
    mahmod eissa 6 months ago +2

    thanks a lot Sam . with love from middle east .

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 6 months ago

    I know it seems redundant to say that America is in the middle of serious problems, but when the host of a comedy show feels it necessary to ask the news media to do its job, you begin to despair.

  • cortezyvonne
    cortezyvonne 6 months ago +3

    "I went to Djibouti..hiiii" did n e one else think that was so cute i giggled lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ carry on back to video :p

  • VegasBabyKat aka The Lil’ Shtinker

    Trumps head is up his Djibouti