Game Grumps: Restaurant Stories

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • In this compilation, Dan and Arin share some of their stories from eating at the best and not so best restaurants around. Also Merry Christmas!
    @ 0:05
    Super Mario Bros. 3: Go Go Go - PART 7 (7:43)
    @ 2:11
    Zelda A Link to the Past: Keep Falling - PART 27 (9:20)
    @ 5:09
    Mario Golf Toadstool Tour: Stuffed Birdies - PART 3 (0:23, 2:01)
    @ 6:58
    Sonic Boom: Tread Carefully - PART 30 (4:48)
    @ 12:21
    Super Mario Sunshine: Doot Doot Doot - PART 26 (4:47)
    @ 15:18
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Dropping Deuces - PART 19 (0:19)
    @ 16:57
    Dark Souls III: Soul Spoiled - PART 5 (2:41)
    @ 18:49
    Dark Souls III - Giant Rats of Death - PART 10 (11:11)
    @ 21:29
    Ivy the Kiwi (21:47)
    @ 25:13
    Super Mario Bros. 3: Time to Spare - PART 24 (4:42)
    @ 26:33
    Bloodborne: Super Jacked - PART 67 (5:07)
    @ 28:05
    Stardew Valley: Raising the Roof - PART 2 (9:55)
    @ 31:53
    Zelda A Link Between Worlds: Rock Blocked - PART 9 (1:07, 8:00)
    @ 34:11
    Super Mario Maker: Making It Rain - PART 47 (0:05)
    @ 35:35
    Super Mario Galaxy - Pancakes of Love - PART 72 (8:46)
    @ 37:31
    BurgerTime (3:52)
    @ 38:36
    Bloodborne: The Purge - PART 2 (3:04)
    @ 39:43
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Stairway to Nowhere - PART 2 (5:07)
    @ 41:34
    Spongebob Squarepants The Battle for Bikini Bottom: Hostile Jellyfish - PART 2 (5:42)
    @ 44:16
    Bloodborne: Come at Me, Beast! - PART 1 (5:32)
    @ 45:01
    Zelda The Wand of Gamelon: Zelda VS Crab - PART 4 (0:43)
    @ 46:05
    Distance (13:08)
    @ 47:04
    Sonic Unleashed: Reading Some Fan Fiction - PART 3 (11:25)
    @ 47:47
    Cook, Serve, Delicious: Meat, Bacon, Cheese, Go! - PART 2 (3:23)
    @ 49:00
    Super Mario 64: Head Fungus - PART 39 (3:37)
    @ 50:30
    Finding Teddy II: Ross'd in Translation - PART 1 (5:10)
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  • 97 music lover97 Hippy stoner

    Fuck buffalo go Seahawks

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar 21 hour ago +1


  • DeadShots 5511
    DeadShots 5511 21 hour ago


  • SeaLavender1
    SeaLavender1 22 hours ago

    God damn the subway bit always makes me want subway

  • fettt yorah
    fettt yorah Day ago

    Anyone else look up like all these restaurants when they’re mentioned

  • Damian Rodriguez
    Damian Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    There's no Japanese Restraunts where i live, but theres alot of Chinese restraunts with names, but not limited to, China wall, China buffet wall, Grand China Restraunt, and The Great Wall of China Buffet.

  • 360 Yeetscope
    360 Yeetscope 3 days ago

    The intro gets me every time XD

  • Sara Wayne
    Sara Wayne 4 days ago +1

    It's WHATaburger not Waterburger!
    Get it right or get out, Arin!!!!!

  • Dizz2K7
    Dizz2K7 5 days ago

    Arin comes off as kinda douchey when it comes to things he's not much of a fan of. If he likes it, it's great. If GE doesn't like it, but you do, it's like "the fuck is wrong with you? That shits terrible and gross.".

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 6 days ago +3

    “Sweet tea so sweet you cough”
    A FAT MOOD. Kansas is the opposite. Tea so mediocre you want to die. Our McDonalds sprite hits different though.

  • Carly Mara
    Carly Mara 6 days ago

    ... I'm hungry now .3. Excuse me. 🍉🍎🍊🍕🌭🍖🍗🍔🧀🌽🍡🍦🍰🍫🍿🍩🍪🍳🍝

  • kingsudo
    kingsudo 7 days ago

    I worked for Olive Garden for 3 years. Everything they make there is cooked fresh except for their Gluten Free pasta dish. That's the only thing that's just heated and served.

    TAHEPICDUCK123 7 days ago

    35:36 the most prominent one in Seattle at least is ihop, but the best pancakes are in hole in the wall places.

  • Christina Rimmer
    Christina Rimmer 7 days ago

    Was in corpus christi and ate at a restaurant near the ocean and there was a Russian man in the middle of the floor yellong on the phone sitting in a desk went to the bathroom and cockroaches all over the bathroom and looked around and they were behind the fish tank I about died

  • Christina Rimmer
    Christina Rimmer 7 days ago

    Omg we have famous Dave's here

  • The Red Specter
    The Red Specter 10 days ago


  • David Heath
    David Heath 10 days ago +3

    (You're Welcome)
    0:05 - Japanese Restaurants
    2:12 - Subway
    5:10 - Young Dong
    6:59 - Sonic (game and restaurant)
    7:36 - Famous Dave's
    9:37 - Applebee's
    12:22 - Union Plaza Diner
    13:23 - Sloan's
    15:19 - Whataburger
    16:58 - Waffle House
    18:50 - Burger King
    20:48 - Olive Garden
    20:57 - Denny's
    21:30 - Bennigans
    25:13 - Wendy's/White Castle (Dan wasn't sure)
    26:34 - Some pizza place (No name given, but indian accent used)
    28:05 - Restaurant in Japan (Again, no name)
    31:54 - KFC
    34:11 - Kabob Restaurant (No Name)
    35:36 - The Griddle
    37:31 - Burger Express
    38:36 - (No Specific Place, Just Talking About Pizza)
    39:43 - Cracker Barrel
    40:00 - Home Country Buffet
    40:27 - McDonald's
    41:35 - Islands
    42:09 - IHOP
    43:08 - Chili's (BTW these guys have killer texas cheese fries)
    43:38 - Red Robin's/Umami Burger/Slater's
    44:17 - Chipotle
    45:01 - Samurai
    46:05 - Sonic (Again)/Wienerschnitzel
    47:04 - McDonald's and Wendy's (Again) (Also Shake Shack)
    47:47 - Godiva
    49:00 - KFC (Again) and Wendy's (Again)
    50:07 - Taco Bell
    53:14 - Little Tokyo (Featuring a JonTron mention)

  • Geek Wolf
    Geek Wolf 14 days ago

    The only fast food breakfast place I’ve ever been to is Waffle House it’s delicious and then I hear one of them say “THE MOST MURDERS HAPPEN AT WAFFLE HOUSE!”

  • Dafeaz
    Dafeaz 14 days ago +1

    I really like Famous Dave's :(

  • Nasim S
    Nasim S 14 days ago

    At the first next time to game grumps screen I actually was about to go watch another video

  • Yumi You will never know!

    I love these videos

  • LeEdgyMemeKing
    LeEdgyMemeKing 14 days ago +1

    Arin and I eat the same subway sandwich (:

  • Buddymmx :3
    Buddymmx :3 15 days ago +1

    Omg the first subway story was hilarious

  • By Azura
    By Azura 15 days ago +1

    This is why ross is my favorite grump even with shit in his pants he'll still take a picture with you

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 16 days ago +1

    More onion please!

  • Blarrgiambrony
    Blarrgiambrony 17 days ago +1

    Man Arin and Dan shit on lots of resturants

  • Just Here
    Just Here 18 days ago

    You know I didn’t believe dan didn’t like mc Donald’s Big Mac burger but then my family visited my aunt in the U.S and the difference was absurd from a Canadian one. Here it tastes like a neat handy sandwich but there it was like a mess of grease transformed and took the beefs spot. I felt so full in the sick kind of way.

    Just a food complaint rant carry on!

  • Zoë Purdy
    Zoë Purdy 18 days ago

    Thanks for complimenting me and me people at 18:42

  • Nathan Santanio
    Nathan Santanio 20 days ago

    Famous Dave’s is definitely not the shit. We also thought super highly of it and wanted to go there for so fucking long aaaaaaaaand then we went and even tho I was high as FUCK!!!! It still tasted like unwashed masturbation dick. I’m joking it wasn’t that bad but it was far from what was expected

  • Sian Mcnevin
    Sian Mcnevin 20 days ago


  • King Noctis
    King Noctis 22 days ago

    The grumps are just so great

  • Maxwell Fuster
    Maxwell Fuster 23 days ago

    As a resident of Buffalo I can proudly say that we do in fact, have an Applebee’s

  • FlipperDoigt703
    FlipperDoigt703 23 days ago

    *🅱️uh-scuuuuuuuuse me?*

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos 23 days ago


  • Novakiel
    Novakiel 24 days ago

    The Burger King chicken tenders were heaven but now they've gone and changed them and now they're gross.

  • Urban Kitsune
    Urban Kitsune 25 days ago

    I can barely stand semi-sweet tea let alone southern sugar plant water. I prefer unsweetened plant water

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 25 days ago

    I have a famous daves in my city and that's funny me and my family thought the same thing about it

  • editsfromamy
    editsfromamy 28 days ago

    *let’s go eat some youngdong!*

  • Elisabeth Roldan
    Elisabeth Roldan 29 days ago

    I feel like everyone has that same experience at Subway. Every fucking time.

  • 97 music lover97 Hippy stoner

    How don’t u like green tea 😤

  • Le Bean
    Le Bean Month ago

    Try Subcity instead of Subway.

  • rayne benson
    rayne benson Month ago

    How does dan not know that famous Dave's is a chain and they are really good

  • The Hamburgalar
    The Hamburgalar Month ago

    It’s gonna open with the subway story
    It’s gonna open with the subway story
    It’s gonna open with the subway story


  • wb wam
    wb wam Month ago

    I didn't realize that knuckles said today is not a cardio day so I just thought Dan had gotten back into weed

  • Haley
    Haley Month ago

    I’d like a hot plate of DONG please, young and rare! 🤣😏

  • Jesse Pare
    Jesse Pare Month ago

    I had once gotten a whopper at burger king and when i took a bite i had found that the entire sandwich with everything on it (lettuce mayonnaise pickles ect.) had been microwaved, it was one of the grossest things i ever bit into.

    • jacob hargiss
      jacob hargiss 28 days ago +1

      Ya know what the sad thing is, id bet it wasnt even microwaved. I bet it was just made with shitty old ingredients. You have no idea the sort of shit that goes on with burger king.

  • Ex0Sk3l
    Ex0Sk3l Month ago

    "I'm just serving icecream then *WHOOPS* theres vagina"
    This is my new favorite quote

  • Ishipit com
    Ishipit com Month ago

    *woops theres vagina*

  • Emily Seashells
    Emily Seashells Month ago +1


  • sleepngdemon
    sleepngdemon Month ago

    Famous Dave's is great in Michigan D:

  • Hirols Gamer
    Hirols Gamer Month ago

    *glances at the 1 hour video thing*
    OOOwie time for some popcorn!

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem Month ago

    Wendy's is the worst fucking garbage you could ever eat. Aids in a bun. Fuck Wendy's.

  • Dand
    Dand Month ago

    Arin's Subway story is completly true

  • Zer0-212
    Zer0-212 Month ago


  • Anthony Dark
    Anthony Dark Month ago

    Ok, gotta appreciate the subtle yet clever cut to spongebob after Danny said chumbucket.

  • Michael St. Germain

    I'm just serving ice cream and _whoops there's vagina_

  • ApatheticJokester
    ApatheticJokester Month ago +1

    30:30 OOf

  • Auzy 809
    Auzy 809 Month ago +1

    I just commented

  • Griffin Rice
    Griffin Rice Month ago

    holy shit i worked at a famous dave’s in new jersey!!! food’s fine

  • Doggo Dom
    Doggo Dom Month ago +1

    Who the *fuck* eats at Applebee’s

  • abby rose
    abby rose Month ago

    dan likes applebees but not waffle house. is he okay

  • SoftHeart_ElectricSoul

    35:34 yogurt soda is actually the shit lol everyone thinks it tastes like ass but not me I'm a fucken weirdo

  • Time for Memes
    Time for Memes Month ago

    Famous Dave's is actually pretty good.

  • Maroon_ROSE
    Maroon_ROSE Month ago

    Okay so I don’t know if anyone reading this lives in North Carolina because I don’t, but I vacation there every summer, and I know this place down by the coast called “Kate’s Pancake House” and omfg they have the best pancakes EVER! So if Aaron ever reads this please please PLEASE take my advice and try their pancakes because they are amazing in my opinion!
    And also there is this other place called “The Lazy Pirate” and my god is it terrible. It’s just down the road from the pancake house and my family was eating there and I kept seeing these roaches skittering across the panel floor. It freaked me out and we have never been there since.

  • Paul Copley
    Paul Copley Month ago

    Jesus ross cant tell a fucking story inside of a year

  • The Game Corner
    The Game Corner Month ago +1

    Dan is like a half made human being, like he was born 8 months early.
    -Disfuntioning sweat glands
    -Problematic digestive system
    -Freaky thumbs

  • Étienne-senpai
    Étienne-senpai Month ago

    "I'd get a chum bucket..." _switches to Spongebob_
    Now that's how you do a transition

  • Chase Wynkoop
    Chase Wynkoop Month ago

    Ross and holly really didn’t match together so them getting a divorce wasn’t shocking at all to me

  • Faith :/
    Faith :/ Month ago

    “Oh no I’m gonna get a divorce”

  • Nighthawk7x20
    Nighthawk7x20 Month ago +1

    Arin: "We went to applebees and we were both looking at each other like..."
    Game: "how do we get outta here?"

  • Sydney Johnson
    Sydney Johnson Month ago

    Now I am going to feel so self conscious in Subway because apparently mayonnaise and sweet onion sauce is a crazy combination.

  • pastilda
    pastilda Month ago

    i work at applebee’s and it makes arin’s story so much better

  • Dragonborn539
    Dragonborn539 Month ago

    "I was serving ice cream and whoops there's vagina" god I love these guys

  • Smug
    Smug Month ago

    So famous daves is a chain but they are actually pretty good(and they specialize in ribs, not burgers, the burgers suck)

  • Karrocain
    Karrocain Month ago

    As a Swedish person I haven't even heard of like half of these fastfood chains but it's good cus now i now what to avoid when I eventually visit America.

  • Cyrilcynder
    Cyrilcynder Month ago

    Wow someone else who actually knows tlwhat famous Dave's is xD

    Yes it is pretty... Meh....

  • Vader 4311
    Vader 4311 Month ago

    I never go to subway because I live near Philadelphia so I go to WaWa

  • Adrian Tayag
    Adrian Tayag Month ago

    I’ve actually eaten at a young dong, it’s fuckin delicious

  • Godly Gamers
    Godly Gamers Month ago

    Hey, I would appreciate it if you checked out my friend and I’s channel, we have worked very hard on it the past few years and just need some motivation to get through, we take great inspiration from the grumps, thank you! Feedback is appreciated in any form

  • Darwingreen5
    Darwingreen5 Month ago

    11:25 that pretty much the only reason I ever went to applebee's. got a gift card from the family. Man the food is mediocre.

  • Marie's Real Husband

    41:28 "I'd need like a chum bucket."
    "A chum bucket?"
    "Yeah, you've never heard that term?"
    *Immediately cuts to Spongebob Gameplay.

  • Colin Webster
    Colin Webster Month ago

    I shit my pants yesterday and felt shame, now I feel solidarity with Ross. ✊🏻

  • Sgt Nutcracker
    Sgt Nutcracker Month ago

    Famous Dave’s is awesome the fuck Dan on about

  • Broski Blast
    Broski Blast Month ago +1

    Dude, that's exactly why I order the meatball sub from Subway, its a fucking simple sandwich. It's also why ordering for others without specifications on their sandwich fucking terrifies me.

  • Bee Mercury
    Bee Mercury Month ago

    Whenever Dan talks about Jersey I’m always suspicious that that he lived in my exact area and or my exact house

  • Zauger
    Zauger Month ago +1

    oh yeah yeah

  • Angela Squero
    Angela Squero Month ago

    I actually know where that place is on 22 in union

  • and peggy
    and peggy Month ago +1

    “Right..Next time on game grumpsssAAAAAGGGHHHHH”

  • juanoshigeru
    juanoshigeru Month ago

    30:32 little did he know

  • Ready Or Gormotti
    Ready Or Gormotti Month ago

    Danny: Yeah, chum bucket. Have you never heard that term?
    *video immediately cuts to Spongebob game*
    You clever boy

  • Daphne Leppek
    Daphne Leppek Month ago +1


  • Kami Lee
    Kami Lee Month ago

    Famous Dave's is a chain. There is (or was? Not 100% sure it's still there) one in Flint, Michigan. It's alright.

    • ThatWeirdGirl
      ThatWeirdGirl Month ago

      Kami Lee
      Was because it’s full of lead.
      *Guitar solo* 😎

  • Crab Apple
    Crab Apple Month ago +1

    I’m so offended how could Dan think Famous Dave’s sucks

  • Ethan Holmes
    Ethan Holmes Month ago +1

    41:29 that transition tho

  • Lazer D
    Lazer D Month ago

    Ive been to a famous Dave’s once or twice. But not three times

  • Ghguyrur7
    Ghguyrur7 Month ago

    30:20 oops

  • Game Corner Guy
    Game Corner Guy Month ago

    I'm not huge and green tea.



  • Mr. Johnson & The Juice Crew

    "I Fart, I Don't Fart, I Shart" -a tragedy in three acts by Ross O'Donovan

  • zegct1
    zegct1 Month ago

    the 'Young Dong' story reminds me of a pho place in the Seattle area called Pho King

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago

    Sweet onion sauce + mayo = God like