Kids are dumb. /r/kidsarestupid top all reddit #52 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
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Comments • 45 213

  • Connor Milkey
    Connor Milkey 30 minutes ago

    Pewdiepie has reached peak sexiness

  • Marshmellow Da Lamacorn
    Marshmellow Da Lamacorn 36 minutes ago +1

    Once my little sister got mad at me and said “a** you” XD

  • emo gay hoe
    emo gay hoe 2 hours ago

    when i was seven year old i thought that flash disks got heavier when i uploaded something in it

    TOCKRELL MAN 3 hours ago

    So, pewds believes in Eugenics?😂

  • keepfaithbaby
    keepfaithbaby 4 hours ago

    My mom would tell me that if I drank cow milk I would turn into a calf -.- SMH Why couldn't she just tell me I was allergic? P.S. I didn't believe her.

    Also, when I was three years old, there was a singer, called Azis and he was on TV, dressed up as a woman and apparently, my three-year-old self has been able to recognize that it was actually a man.

    And when my grandma died, my mom didn't tell me it was cancer before I was old enough and at one point I believed they had lied to me (because they had told me that my grandma's leg was hurt and when I learned my grandma was dead, I was confused because I had been told that her leg had been hurt) but the truth is that they hadn't know it had been cancer either.

  • Malachi Norton
    Malachi Norton 9 hours ago

    At 6 My mother told me worms would come out of my nails if I bit them

    Haven't gotten my nails since

  • danny devito
    danny devito 12 hours ago

    Felix: kids are dumb and weak

    Also Felix: **has 9 year old army**

  • 1000yd staremaster
    1000yd staremaster 13 hours ago

    Hey pewds. Too bad Jeffery Eppstien got killed before he finished making your island.

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams 13 hours ago

    6:27 what on earth is that meme above the one being discussed

  • Jimmyis cool
    Jimmyis cool 13 hours ago

    His kids are gonna grow up as psycopaths

  • Alex Zem
    Alex Zem 15 hours ago

    when i was a kid i thought china was a different planet and all other countries in Asia didnt actually exist XD i still dont know how im in advanced classes since i was such a retarded kid

  • Um Hello
    Um Hello 16 hours ago

    Name is pringels

  • Um Hello
    Um Hello 16 hours ago

    i have a duck 🦆

  • eddiegaming 613
    eddiegaming 613 17 hours ago

    I do know what a caste player is

  • K Warren
    K Warren 19 hours ago

    9 year olds: yes yes I agree

  • Dr wecken privat
    Dr wecken privat 20 hours ago +1

    Its 2020
    Mr President

  • leia
    leia Day ago

    hey pewds you should read the battle royale manga, I think you'd really like it.

  • Jinil Desai
    Jinil Desai Day ago

    I was taught that if I swear
    The land will f*ckin open up
    N suck me in right to the flippin devil 😜🤙🏼

  • Mr_BeanyBOI_24
    Mr_BeanyBOI_24 Day ago

    Call it the ranch

  • Meera Grayson
    Meera Grayson Day ago

    Eating a shit ton of salami, drinking a shit ton on water (rip bladder) and watching pewdiepie vids at 1am. What a day this will be

  • Yhanyhan Conde
    Yhanyhan Conde Day ago

    I was told when I was a kid that my dad died bcz he was stepped by a dinosaur

    GAME CHANGER Day ago

    It's 2020 pewds.
    Run for president!
    You said it multiple times, I want that orange assface gone goddamnit!

  • Krystopher Blankenship

    edgar is soo old its so cute.

  • NuggetYaBoi
    NuggetYaBoi Day ago

    The dislikes are the kids who took the title too seriously

  • Sleepy Beats
    Sleepy Beats Day ago

    My parents lied to me about gays, I didn't know it was possible for boys to kiss boys till I was 10 and found out who Freddie Mercury was. Not sure what I thought would happen if two boys or girls kissed, I guess I just thought it didn't happen?

  • kukan56
    kukan56 Day ago

    Mhm your old versiyon kid?

  • Kendra Casbolt
    Kendra Casbolt Day ago

    if all the kids go through the hunger games
    we're just gonna end up with all the psycho ones

  • Walter and Ron 556


  • Walter and Ron 556

    TO:pew die pie your crazy and i love ot

  • Cherry Himee
    Cherry Himee Day ago

    2:30 7 Seeds...its a good manga

  • The intellectual Mole.

    YES kids should not be scared of dogs
    we had a young friend who did that even though the dog was on the other side of the fence so annoying

  • HonduDan
    HonduDan Day ago

    When I was 9, I watched the movie "Dutch". I remember my mom making me look away at one point because Dutch had a deck of naked lady cards. I snuck a look anyway and saw boobies. The first opportunity I got, I slammed that VHS in the VCR and tried to fast forward to the tits. Long story short, the VCR froze on the boob scene and I couldn't get it to do anything. I was so embarrassed I unplugged the VCR, took it out to the back yard and shot it a billion times with my bb gun in hopes of hiding what I had tried to do. When my mom discovered the dinged up VCR, I said it fell off of the tv set thingy and the carpet put the bb dimples on it. I was a fucking moron.

  • Ethan Gayle
    Ethan Gayle 2 days ago

    Its 2020 felix where you at ?

  • frisch ausm gully
    frisch ausm gully 2 days ago

    Just a month ago i figured out that looking too much at a screen wont make your eyes quadrangular

  • Emme Seeley
    Emme Seeley 2 days ago +1

    One of my little sister’s friends came over one time and my mom started vacuuming. The girl started sobbing and my mom was like wtf. Later when the girl was being picked up her mom told my mom she is scared of the vacuum and her mom never vacuums around her so she is not used to it.

  • Kristína Krištánová

    2020 is her boyzzzzzzzz. Vote 4 PewDiePie ❤️

  • Pie2406
    Pie2406 2 days ago

    Still waiting

  • ak.98
    ak.98 2 days ago

    Does anyone ever pause the video to quickly read the posts that Felix scrolls past but doesn't read?

  • Sullonaut
    Sullonaut 2 days ago

    Kids are stupid, but that’s the best part about kids. They do stupid things, and they learn.

  • Norman Zhong
    Norman Zhong 2 days ago

    Replay button

  • Marco Pena
    Marco Pena 2 days ago

    I personally accept pewdipie's offer to a fist fight, though I may be slain I shall pass with the satisfaction that I risen up against the head of the boomer gang

  • Aj Tusk
    Aj Tusk 2 days ago

    There was once a blue paint splat at a local Lowe’s and my mom told me it was a smurf that wasn’t careful and got ran over. I was always sure to look both ways when my mom reminded me of the smurf.

  • Anirudth mouli
    Anirudth mouli 2 days ago

    8:09 that would be a cool anime/ movie, maybe with Seth Rogen as the island referee/ master :P xD

  • qwerty 20o
    qwerty 20o 2 days ago +2

    Felix: I hate when kids are scared of dogs

    Me: *thats a rabbit*

  • Anirudth mouli
    Anirudth mouli 2 days ago

    6:00 xD

  • Gaming Gator
    Gaming Gator 2 days ago

    Pewds says he didn’t eat carrots then realizing why he has glasses: (•o•)

  • Gaming Gator
    Gaming Gator 2 days ago

    All the nine year old hearing pewds say that he wants the hunger games but for kids: guess I’ll die

  • Squish Scribbles
    Squish Scribbles 2 days ago

    If I ever have kids I'm gonna keep them in line with stories of Darwin's Island

  • drunk dave
    drunk dave 2 days ago

    Pugs look like they have been hit in the face with a can

  • Skittle Barf
    Skittle Barf 3 days ago

    I was a really picky eater, so my parents would make up what it was to make it more interesting. Like mashed potatoes were clouds and broccoli were tiny trees. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Arda Merih
    Arda Merih 3 days ago

    The children should fight it out in pee pee island.

  • hanabira anee-chan
    hanabira anee-chan 3 days ago +1

    When I was younger, I tried to tell my parents that I knew everything. They asked me, “What’s the capital of Montana?”
    Like the ignorant child I was, I answered, “M!” in the snobbiest “duh” sounding voice I could because I didn’t know what a state capital was and I thought they meant the letter that’s capitalized in Montana.

  • hanabira anee-chan
    hanabira anee-chan 3 days ago

    The kid was asking if she could have an apple. She didn’t ask if the object she was trying to get is an apple. The parent should’ve explained that that was not an apple.

  • Distinct [GD]
    Distinct [GD] 3 days ago

    felix literally wants to recreate lord of the flies

  • j00fus 173
    j00fus 173 3 days ago

    pewdiepie: i wanna have my own kid so i can terrorise it *looks at marzia*

  • Pedro Gabardo
    Pedro Gabardo 3 days ago

    My Friends will say that he has a potato face

  • ben wagemaker
    ben wagemaker 3 days ago

    my brother told i was adopted and i believed it for 4 years

  • Jocelyn Jones
    Jocelyn Jones 3 days ago

    It is called batt

  • Fabrizio Lungo
    Fabrizio Lungo 3 days ago

    I can't believe Santa Claus is not a chicken.

  • Mega Yandere9
    Mega Yandere9 3 days ago

    Every clip with stupid kids sets me apart from deciding to own such little shit XD