Kids are dumb.

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
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  • Eliana Eliana
    Eliana Eliana 2 hours ago

    Pewds starts makeing fun of kids afraid of dogs
    Me having been bitten on my neck by a dog when I was 10
    I feel attacked

  • Angel From 666
    Angel From 666 2 hours ago

    Just wait till you have kids felix

  • quinnamon
    quinnamon 2 hours ago +1

    coloured myself in black to be jack the skeleton

    hes white

  • Infamous Donkey
    Infamous Donkey 3 hours ago


  • Paige Wearing
    Paige Wearing 3 hours ago

    I was always told "and still am" that its illegal to drive with the inside lights turned on

  • jagboi gameing
    jagboi gameing 3 hours ago

    PewDiePie I'm nine and I know I'm dumb I got a big head when I was three I hit my head on a toilet bowl.

    Edit: my teacher lied that im smart because of my head when I was six my bully's helped me understand but my bois are smarter

  • TayterTots ASMR
    TayterTots ASMR 3 hours ago

    The island???? More like send them to the RANCH

  • mushroompuff
    mushroompuff 4 hours ago

    His glasses

  • Falcon Productions
    Falcon Productions 4 hours ago

    Send the kids to the ranch

  • Moonbow Sparkles
    Moonbow Sparkles 4 hours ago

    0:41 kids stupid are freaking

  • Amplified
    Amplified 5 hours ago +1

    My dumb kid moment was when I was 10 ( I’m 16 now) and I watched a PewDiePie video and heard him swear. I was offended and felt obligated to become a keyboard warrior and started typing away in the comments section about how “ little children watch TVclip and you shouldn’t swear” and “you are really mean” Years later I watch PewDiePie on a daily basis. :)

  • Remi Boi
    Remi Boi 5 hours ago

    My parents told me the vegetables in my dinner were seasoning :(

  • Pandora Gazich
    Pandora Gazich 5 hours ago

    I support the ranch

  • Justin Davies
    Justin Davies 6 hours ago

    How do you like Canada

  • Bobthepizza Joethepazookie


  • Emily Monahan
    Emily Monahan 6 hours ago

    That poor rabbit is being screamed at by children for existing. Do _NOT_ get your young and obviously incapable children a rabbit. They are extremely delicate and fragile and yes, they can die of fright.

  • Guillermo Monti
    Guillermo Monti 6 hours ago

    When I was 5 years old, my brother (who was 15) told me that he had gone to Elementary school with Pete Sampras and that it had been him who had taught Pete how to play Tennis. And we live in fkg ARGENTINA.

  • Alex
    Alex 8 hours ago

    Chicken 🍗

  • Katarina Adele
    Katarina Adele 8 hours ago

    omg but honestly pewdiepie as president will fix so many problems

  • DrewH2
    DrewH2 10 hours ago

    15:39 maybe you providing that experience in teaching is all you need to do

  • DrewH2
    DrewH2 10 hours ago

    14:52 whose gonna teach them all?

  • DrewH2
    DrewH2 10 hours ago

    7:42 you didn't pay your attention and you still dont

  • Adriana Norwood
    Adriana Norwood 10 hours ago

    I believed driving with the cabin light on in your car was illegal until I was 20. I'm 21....

  • PickleNikBeatYou
    PickleNikBeatYou 11 hours ago

    The first sighting of the pewdiepie stairs:

  • Christina Makryllos
    Christina Makryllos 11 hours ago

    I was told you cant wake up people when they’re sleeping, cuz they would die

  • TABC the amazing blue crocodile

    Once I went to a baseball game and I was on my DS because I was like 6 so I didn’t care and the ball hit me on the head and I was so into the animal crossing game I was playing I didn’t notice and my dad thought his child was dead

  • TABC the amazing blue crocodile

    2:25 but they all are kids that’s why it seems so cruel like have you even seen the Hunger Games

  • TABC the amazing blue crocodile

    That poor blind person who got tainted that they can’t see anything

  • This Guy Is Under Your Bed

    I know an anime that kills children, The Promised Neverland Its actually really good. Not the killing part the plot is amazing.

  • This Guy Is Under Your Bed

    My brother told me milk was made out of cows piss. I didn't drink milk for two years my mom would scream and whoop my ass trying to get me to drink milk but I straight up refused. I searched it up when I was 10 on my phone and it said it wasn't true. Now I'm really short due to lack of calcium. Siblings are assholes. 😐😐😒😔👊

  • satan-i-guess
    satan-i-guess 13 hours ago

    I once looked at a picture of a baby chicken and said "Mommy! That's where chicken nuggets come from!" and I'm still teased about it 18 years later T-T

  • The 12 Hokage
    The 12 Hokage 14 hours ago

    This a movie you know

  • zycane
    zycane 14 hours ago

    That is one scary Dog....

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 15 hours ago

    So Pewds idea is just the movie Battle Royale

  • Ribka Agustin
    Ribka Agustin 16 hours ago

    my mom used to tell me that she was friends with the moon. every night we'd go to the backyard and look up to communicate with it through her. i feel dumb af

  • Dexter Straw
    Dexter Straw 16 hours ago

    So down

  • 혛몇햐•PUFFİE UwU

    DUH ;-; 😐

  • Jenna Kuhrt
    Jenna Kuhrt 16 hours ago

    Holding up Edgar
    "Look at this stupid thing"
    Really showing the live today Felix

  • Andaman Production
    Andaman Production 16 hours ago +2

    4:30 my friend when he was 7 did the exact same thing 😂 he’s told me about it multiple times

  • Deadwolf3
    Deadwolf3 17 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: “Just imagine the hunger games but with children instead”
    That’s... just.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Vlad Pavlenko
    Vlad Pavlenko 17 hours ago

    6:07 santa isn’t real ?!

  • Maddymaehey
    Maddymaehey 17 hours ago +1

    One time in like 3rd or 4th grade someone asked if anyone knew what BC ment (but I didn’t know because we haven’t learned that yet) and I said yea and thought about it and decided that it meant “before color” because TVs didn’t use to have color. 😂

  • Noah Fondevilla
    Noah Fondevilla 18 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: *says kids are f**king dumb
    Me while seeing pewds use a mic for another mic:say sike right now

  • Samuel Nilsson
    Samuel Nilsson 18 hours ago

    The whole thing about making sure your stairs are safe is true, at least in Sweden. If it's your property you're accountable for any foreseeable consequences that may come from your lack of care.

  • Neo
    Neo 20 hours ago

    2:17 could get you mixed with the wrong kinds of people pewds

  • Mousepie17
    Mousepie17 21 hour ago

    you were in canada? damn

  • Ivanov Arina
    Ivanov Arina 21 hour ago

    when will he understand that he was a kid😂😂😂

    • Ivanov Arina
      Ivanov Arina 21 hour ago

      "i thought that everything is chicken.."

    CANAL MAN 21 hour ago

    make some more of these Mr. Felix

  • Swagger Kidz1020
    Swagger Kidz1020 21 hour ago

    Pewdiepie... remeber when you play Minecraft for the first time... I play it since I was 1 year old after it was published ar 2008.
    Also you sleep at nether 10/10

  • moonglow630
    moonglow630 22 hours ago

    1) Have you never heard of Lord of the Flies??
    2) Sorry, you weren’t born in the US. You can never be President.

  • Meow Princess
    Meow Princess 22 hours ago +1

    i used to paint the fence with water, but i knew i wouldnt get anywhere, i just wanted to “make the fence wet”

  • Jack Biondo
    Jack Biondo Day ago

    Edgar tho. Floofy boi in da hood.

  • this snake in a suit

    What am I watching on?
    A. Chicken
    B. 🍗
    C. *C H I C K E N*

  • pieces of dog food

    wait.. santa isn’t real?

  • Lapis
    Lapis Day ago


  • Edgar Alonzo
    Edgar Alonzo Day ago +1

    When I was a kid my parents made me believe that turning on the light in a car was illegal

  • Madeline Favro
    Madeline Favro Day ago +1


  • Tommy Guzman
    Tommy Guzman Day ago

    Wait santa isn't real? What do you mean.

  • ICYB
    ICYB Day ago

    Thanos for kids