A Peek Inside the World of Miles Sanders | Eagles Insider

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • In this Eagles Insider Podcast, rookie running back Miles Sanders dishes on the NFL game and the football fame he’s had since his childhood days, we talk Falcons with head coach Doug Pederson and former Eagles DE Hugh Douglas compares the football culture of Philadelphia and Atlanta.
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Comments • 32

  • Jonas Schmidt
    Jonas Schmidt 25 days ago

    Miss #30 on the field get carries

  • o-man thomas
    o-man thomas 29 days ago +1

    After watching two games of Miles play I can see why Saquon started before he did at Penn state

  • cut
    cut Month ago

    Have a great game Miles !!

  • helicopter weewee
    helicopter weewee Month ago

    If Miles Sanders can be 80% as good as Zeke, we've got a fuckin' winner!

  • Trevor Sanso
    Trevor Sanso Month ago

    This kid will be a star

  • Fisherman Freso
    Fisherman Freso Month ago +1

    Spadaro should be in the hall of fame man he the goat

  • JP Gunny
    JP Gunny Month ago +1

    Just the fact that he WANTS to learn how to protect. Dude is going to be special. Ball out Miles! #FlyEaglesFly

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom Month ago

    He's kinda built like McCoy. Hopefully he can pull off McCoy type numbers. I think we need to use Howard more though. Maybe use them as a double headed threat and keep Clement and Sproles for shovel passes and screen plays.... Anyhow, when it comes to Sanders I like the fact that we can occasionally take guys onto the team that are somewhat local. He may not be from the Philly area but he's P.A. and I like it when we can take guys from the tri-state area and start them like this.

  • Hiroader11 The Analysts

    No doubt Eagle's πŸ¦… new editions of Miles and Howard will be *clutch postseason* standouts.. (1st down & touchdown) Probowlers.

  • ed mcgradyyy
    ed mcgradyyy Month ago +1

    The coach that made him a offensive lineman Young is a genius πŸ˜‚. Made him a hell of a blocker

  • cedano80
    cedano80 Month ago +2

    Wait a minute, did Spadaro ask "in your opinion who's the greatest running back of all time", and you guy's post a graphic of Walter Payton and some dude in a raven's jersey?

    • Jayson Rivera
      Jayson Rivera Month ago

      Must’ve been really hard to find a Barry Sanders picture online πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • K Campbell
    K Campbell Month ago

    My guy right here..i drafted him on all 25 of my fantasy leagues

  • TK the 7th
    TK the 7th Month ago +1

    OLine give them kid a little daylight, that's all he need!

  • kitdacraze phillyphilly

    He's a steelers fan nice

  • Ray T
    Ray T Month ago +1

    Dont be rooting for no Steelers bro, you a Eagle now. Lol. We the new championship city in Pennsylvania.

  • renzi j
    renzi j Month ago +1

    Fly eagles fly πŸ¦… πŸ’―

  • Bradley Kiker
    Bradley Kiker Month ago

    Dave spudaro is a smacked ass and he's dumbass questions.

  • you still dem boys??
    you still dem boys?? Month ago +1

    Im getting his jersey for sure he a beast!!!!!

  • I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ??

    Dave ask the best questions in a genius type of way and i love how precise he is off the top and how buddy he becomes in his interviews, he's Mr. Eagle in my book. Incoming butterflies from Miles 12:57, oh but he doesn't get them yeah right because i had them a week before and im only a fan. πŸ˜‚ We love you and wish you nothing but the best let's go get that ring and Pennsylvania belongs to you 🍺?? PS. I can understand the love you have for the Steelers because i would feel the same about my #BIRDZ, LET'S GO !!! πŸ†πŸΆπŸ†

  • Chris Colbert
    Chris Colbert Month ago +4

    Looked great last Sunday. When he gets comfortable oh man. The quick cuts he makes are nasty, and the blocking was really helpful. You can tell this dude is just different. Howard needs more touches but I cant wait to see this man develop.

  • D S
    D S Month ago

    Yall need to leave theae guys alone and justlet them ball out. Fucken' el'

  • Call Me J. R.
    Call Me J. R. Month ago +2

    I can’t for the day he be the guy, everybody in the league will respect him, and he will one day, just stay patient. Lets go get that championship . 1-0 baby

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols Month ago +2

    Leave the coke alone Dave

  • N A
    N A Month ago +12

    He should of had 2 TDS.....

  • Kerry Ramler
    Kerry Ramler Month ago +5

    my Penn State bull

  • J Knitter
    J Knitter Month ago +10

    This kid gonna be a beast this season and in his career.

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown Month ago +19

    Lets go Miles put some miles on the field. Fly Eagles Fly

    • K Campbell
      K Campbell Month ago

      We have to give him the ball first

  • Damon Ingles
    Damon Ingles Month ago +4

    I’m happy he sounds knowledgeable when he speaks ! I like him!!

  • Freeman Lincoln Abernathy

    I like this kid, I think he's a great fit in philly. Expectating good things from 26

  • Dave Moss
    Dave Moss Month ago +7

    Great job, thanks as always Dave. Go Birds!!!