• Published on Oct 22, 2017
    A cool and fun card trick involving a pumpkin!
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Comments • 396

  • victorsilva5150
    victorsilva5150 8 months ago

    No policeman will ever sit down at any time for anyone they do not know!

    B BULLWITS 9 months ago

    Love it!! I'm dyin' to try these...but not on the police! haha Happy New Year, Mr. Murray! - Blaise

  • Trubin 561
    Trubin 561 9 months ago

    Have u noticed they always choose the 2 of spades??

  • Manish Jain
    Manish Jain 10 months ago

    you r a good magician

  • Oliver Panuncialman
    Oliver Panuncialman 10 months ago

    I know this trick too

  • Angel Andrade
    Angel Andrade Year ago

    All those zoom in and zoom out make you look like a noob magician.


    Whats that music he always puts at the end when he masters his tricks?

  • Patricia Hopey
    Patricia Hopey Year ago

    Aces I like the Los Vegas bottle disappearing trick in front of the policeman and then it reappeared as you were walking away really really decent thank you cheers from Canada

  • George Jetson
    George Jetson Year ago

    flirting with disaster... Cops are notorious for startling easy ans shooting

  • Radio Man
    Radio Man Year ago

    That is a good trick. Wish I new how to do that

  • Spiro climb
    Spiro climb Year ago

    Haha. “Thanks for being part of it”.

  • roger johnson
    roger johnson Year ago

    Magic Murray has foolishly sold his soul for riches and fame. He is literally demon possessed. He is doing his magic by demonic spirits. WOE UNTO HIM IF HE DOESN'T REPENT AND STANDS BEFORE JESUS HIS CREATOR AND JUDGE. WHAT IS IT TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND TO LOSE YOUR SOUL?

  • So Ra
    So Ra Year ago

    I can see your trick

  • Travis
    Travis Year ago

    WAIT go back and pick your cards up.

  • Mitchell Lane
    Mitchell Lane Year ago

    Thats cool

  • bob bob
    bob bob Year ago

    was this setup? cause of the knife???

  • Katherine Phillips

    666k views oh my god!!!

  • AJOJO1 Globalfriends

    cops prank i like it magic murray

  • AJOJO1 Globalfriends

    cops prank i like it magic murray

  • AJOJO1 Globalfriends

    cops prank i like it magic murray

  • London Scammer
    London Scammer Year ago

    you should focus more on p ranking instead of doing tricks

  • Marnix van den Berg

    Damn that’s amazing

  • pontus Qvist
    pontus Qvist Year ago

    Your the best!

  • Black Burn
    Black Burn Year ago

    You should go to fool us and fool penn and teller

  • Chef Chris
    Chef Chris Year ago

    no shoulder patches

  • Snowy Heart
    Snowy Heart Year ago

    The audio is messed up, only the left channel has voices and the right audio track only has music

  • Karim Armani
    Karim Armani Year ago

    How can you be allowed to have a knife on you in public and also the police cut the pumpkin with and did not say a single word.........?????

  • Nuno Rebelo
    Nuno Rebelo Year ago


  • Brayden Mullet
    Brayden Mullet Year ago

    I can do that trick

  • invited Sammy
    invited Sammy Year ago

    Sub to me

  • Isabell Earnhart 4 Solberga

    I un sub to u lol

  • Night-san
    Night-san Year ago

    Left i hear the voice and on the right i hear only the music that sucks

  • SakieE 007
    SakieE 007 Year ago

    man u used pinky break and put it inside ua pocket

  • Nebojša Vuković

    What's the outro ?

  • Dakota Santos
    Dakota Santos Year ago

    My left ear liked the video

  • DANIEL 805
    DANIEL 805 Year ago

    Nice palming

  • ej the dj
    ej the dj Year ago +1

    Hi =)

  • dwalters98
    dwalters98 Year ago

    The real trick was randomly pulling a knife out on a cop without warning without being shot XD

  • Ethan Gross
    Ethan Gross Year ago

    I seen the pinkie break right before the "Shuffle"

  • Melons Videos
    Melons Videos Year ago

    my leeeft eaaar

  • Calvin drostbo Hinze

    you know its scripted. first its a guy wating to go into a building, then he goes all magic on this cop and out of nowhere a camaraman shows up and the cop does not even question the guy filming. Its just so clear to see

  • Isaiah Hahn
    Isaiah Hahn Year ago

    Gotta wonder how many times he has been arrested for his other tricks

  • Malia Alofi
    Malia Alofi Year ago

    while I was watching this I was like WAT DA HECK!

  • Supper Nightcore
    Supper Nightcore Year ago +1

    no wonder i didnt hear what they where saying just music.. Because im deaf in my leaf ear.. the video voice audio is on the left..

  • CobraArtsFilms
    CobraArtsFilms Year ago +1

    if you wearing earphones, left side you hear voices, right side only music haha

  • Joshua Hoover
    Joshua Hoover Year ago

    He put it in the pumpkin
    There is a hole

  • Izzy G
    Izzy G Year ago

    Why don't you do it on a real cop?

  • Agent U
    Agent U Year ago

    Saw the card get palmed before he gave the deck to the officer ............

  • Always From Darkness

    There was a slit on the pumpkin where myrrh was so when he threw the cards there was only 51 klcards in the deck not 52 meanwhile the other card was sneaky put behind the pumpkin and snuck in through the slit while Murray was holding the pumpkin

  • Max Shi
    Max Shi Year ago

    Is that ok having a knife out in front a cop ?

  • Tyler M
    Tyler M Year ago

    This was probly done with good slight of hands and im guessing the pumpkin already had a slither somewhere on it hard to see and must of forced his card through it

  • LemonBreezy1
    LemonBreezy1 Year ago

    that was cool

  • Raccoon Ruler Ricky

    Y does the policeman look like mr. Lahey, from trailer park boys

  • Amanda Nukke
    Amanda Nukke Year ago

    Juu aar saveits

    JUZZtheBEAST Year ago


    JUZZtheBEAST Year ago


  • Looney Tunes
    Looney Tunes Year ago

    Haha the medici apartments on bixel st we used pool hop there when I was younger

  • Jessica Ramo
    Jessica Ramo Year ago +1

    HE is good at magic I am a boy but it looks like I am a girl

  • brandon farrell
    brandon farrell Year ago

    I saw the dude when you gave the cards back to the guy to shuffle you took the card and placed in your pocket and when you picked up the pumpkin you slip it in from the bottom

  • MythicrMcSavage 15

    It’s funny how he has a knife and the cop doesn’t care just cuts the pumpkin and hands it back 😂