Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie review

  • Published on Dec 17, 2015
  • The next chapter in the Star Wars saga is here! Now sit back and enjoy this very Spoiler FREE review of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"!
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  • Ugo Supiot
    Ugo Supiot 8 days ago +1

    THIS MOVIE IS AWSOME 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Donnie Campbell
    Donnie Campbell 13 days ago

    Lol this is so sad to watch now

    • Donnie Campbell
      Donnie Campbell 8 days ago

      Ugo Supiot 😂😂😂

    • Ugo Supiot
      Ugo Supiot 8 days ago

      Donnie Campbell oh a wild fanboy where are my pokeballs?

  • nizakat iqbal
    nizakat iqbal 16 days ago

    Same dude who just killed off terminator dark fate because it copied T1 and T2 🤦

    • Ugo Supiot
      Ugo Supiot 8 days ago

      Rent My Ego they are both good. I mean it isn't star wars holidays and Genesys who are both cancer of each saga.

    • Rent My Ego
      Rent My Ego 14 days ago

      nizakat iqbal because force awakens is a good movie, unlike dark fate

  • Christian McCann
    Christian McCann 20 days ago +1

    I remember being so excited .. And then disappointed when seeing it .. Disney have ruined Star Wars ..

    • Ugo Supiot
      Ugo Supiot 8 days ago

      Christian McCann you seem to not have learn from the prequels hater.

  • ToeTag Tegarty
    ToeTag Tegarty 22 days ago

    Do you still love it tho!? Your opinion has seemed to change I believe

  • Philipp Niemann
    Philipp Niemann 24 days ago

    did you watch another good version of that incoherent crap then I did?

  • Jaxson Burke
    Jaxson Burke Month ago +2

    The Last Jedi>>>>>>>>The Force Awakens

    • Jaxson Burke
      Jaxson Burke 29 days ago

      @kembo white I have plenty of hype. Stop letting internet hysteria dictate your enthusiasm for Star Wars. Believe me, that's exactly what's going on. And for fuck's sake, don't blame Disney. Lucasfilm is in charge, Disney just distributes it. Nobody blames Disney when a Marvel movie sucks yet when 'our precious childhood' is 'ruined' fanboys wanna blame the big mouse? Dafuq?

    • kembo white
      kembo white 29 days ago

      @Jaxson Burke I might not see your point of view, but I know something we can agree on. We both have no hype for TROS

    • Jaxson Burke
      Jaxson Burke 29 days ago

      @kembo white It's true. All of it.

    • kembo white
      kembo white 29 days ago

      ewww what an awful opinion

  • Greg Wise
    Greg Wise Month ago +3

    Absolute worst Star Wars film ever. Why on earth did they have to have it be the original 1977 film all over again. That is not how you make a sequel.

  • Grant Wearne
    Grant Wearne Month ago +3

    I want him to review force awakens ! I want him to explain why he lost his love for this movie .

    • Josue Peña
      Josue Peña 23 days ago

      Grant Wearne this movie just felt like it promised something great on the horizon and then the last jedi happened. Now watching it again just leaves a crappy feeling in my gut.

    YOUR GOD Month ago

    I mean... I just like Star Wars, man

  • UltraTinyGamer
    UltraTinyGamer Month ago +5

    Jeremy kinda hates this movie now... Good.

    • UltraTinyGamer
      UltraTinyGamer Month ago

      @Aaron Levine He just made a video about Disney screwing over George Lucas.
      I highly suggest watching it.

    • Aaron Levine
      Aaron Levine Month ago


  • Joshua Nelson
    Joshua Nelson Month ago +12

    Oh, Jeremy, you were so innocent back then...

  • everything is awesome
    everything is awesome Month ago +23

    *Who else came straight right here after Jeremy's 'George felt betrayed' video?* 😌

    • KillerFox Bro
      KillerFox Bro Month ago

      I know that it's sad how Lucas felt betrayed for not using his ideas for TFA Disney may actually wanted something new to SW like it was never seen before then TLJ happens for some reason Lucas actually like that movie for me every SW movie is gold i love every trilogy i wanted to enjoy the movies i don't care if there are critics that trying to stop me just let me enjoy these movies i am really excited for TROS and the best of all Lucas helped JJ making the movie.

    • saviox8197
      saviox8197 Month ago

      @Antônio Couto Giannini Well sir thats just your opinion, and as for me i dont care that he got 4 billion for it, he still was betrayed, it doesnt make it okay.

      And some of us do genuily like George's ideas.

    • saviox8197
      saviox8197 Month ago

      @Antônio Couto Giannini I think the video "George felt betrayed" from Jeremy speaks for itself, i am sure he might still like The Force Awakens but its obvious he does feels bad about the state Star Wars is in right now.

    • saviox8197
      saviox8197 Month ago

      I did and I bet Jeremy feels awful.

    • Aaron Levine
      Aaron Levine Month ago

      No one.... 😆😃

  • Dragon Rex
    Dragon Rex Month ago +15

    Who's here after his George Lucas Apology Video?

  • Super Super Hero
    Super Super Hero Month ago +19

    God look at Baby Jeremy

    He had no idea what was waiting for him
    Poor bastard

    • Shawn Shaw
      Shawn Shaw Month ago

      Let's hug that Poor bastard, and baptize him in the Jedi order.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson Month ago +15

    You’re a great reviewer, don’t get me wrong. But this didn’t age well at all.
    After watching your Bob Iger video this morning, I can’t watch this review unironically anymore 😂. Disney admitted they went behind George Lucas’ back, lied to his face, and threw out his outline.

    • Joshua Tyler
      Joshua Tyler Month ago

      Idk if they lied to his face. We'd have to see the contact first. It is messed up what they did but hes a millionaire and has had an amazing life outside of what disney and star wars fans did to him.

  • Chris V
    Chris V Month ago +3

    Anybody else traveling through time watching these reviews in the post apocalyptic year of 2019? Star Wars is a radiated wasteland and the man who once championed this movie now sees it for what it is. It’s sad to see the hope and love for this franchise wither away, but what can you expect when corporate shills are in control of this story and run the world. I’m sorry Jeremy.

  • Joshua T
    Joshua T Month ago +5

    2015 Jeremy 😁 🤯 to 2019 Jeremy 😞🤦🏽‍♂️😢
    55% of star war fans:🤦🏽‍♂️😢🤬

    • filipinowhiteboy
      filipinowhiteboy Month ago

      @SicParvisMagna123 haha Yeah, I'm sure those number in the hundreds of millions.

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 Month ago

      @V a l k The only one that got less views is Solo, and this is just taking into account TVclip as a platform. You can't measure the number of views *outside* of TVclip.

    • V a l k
      V a l k Month ago +1

      Deadshot 500 Is that why each Star Wars trailer released from the main movies gets less and less views that even the Joker movie got more?

    • Deadshot 500
      Deadshot 500 Month ago +2

      Nope majority of fans still love star wars and are hyped

  • ComicBook Ninja
    ComicBook Ninja Month ago +22

    Who's here after Jeremy's rant on Bob Iger?

  • Joseph Honora
    Joseph Honora Month ago +7

    Happier times....

  • Maximum Volume
    Maximum Volume Month ago +60

    This didn't age well.
    Welcome to to 2019.
    It's ugly...

  • MericanJoe
    MericanJoe Month ago +1

    Ah I remember being happy to see a new star wars movie. I miss those days

  • Dumb and Harmless
    Dumb and Harmless Month ago +1

    Why the hell do people like The new characters in TFA and then when TLJ released people started calling them bad not just in TLJ, but in TFA as well. Like, WUT?

    • Bryan Steele
      Bryan Steele Month ago +3

      because no one hates star wars more than star wars fans. thats why

    • AsSeenOnTV
      AsSeenOnTV Month ago +3

      Because none of them did fucking anything during TLJ, which ruined their entire setups

  • concavenator corcovatus
    concavenator corcovatus 2 months ago +3

    The funny thing is that the fanboys "amazing" prequels are the reason the force awakens couldn't be more original. The force awakens is better though than the first two prequels combined. ( I like revenge of the sith )

  • Luis Villasenor
    Luis Villasenor 3 months ago +4

    Man watching this post last Jed is tough. You were talking about how we have so many unanswered questions. Well we still do.

  • Shady Killaz
    Shady Killaz 3 months ago

    It’s more of a non-canon revival. I loved the Original Trilogy and the Prequels but this was good but The Last Jedi just didn’t have the same magic that this film had. I would have to rewatch it again to see. Let’s see how Episode IX goes it might capture the magic of the Original Trilogy and this film

  • Leonardo Bautista
    Leonardo Bautista 4 months ago +2

    Spoiler alert it didn't hold up and neither have the rest.

  • JonnyCashh
    JonnyCashh 7 months ago +1

    I thought the pacing was slow ...
    Rogue One so far is the best

  • Alexander Kennedy
    Alexander Kennedy 7 months ago +1

    Who's here after the Episode IX trailer?

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake 9 months ago +4

    A friend of mine HATED this movie all because he didn't like the characters. But I loved it 9.7/10

  • Funnypenguin18
    Funnypenguin18 10 months ago +1

    This video is fucking pathetic and sad. How people consider him a valid critic boggles my mind. Do I even need to bring up Suicide Squad XD

    • BigBoy
      BigBoy 4 months ago +4

      Jeremy johns: has an opinion
      Funnypenguin18: “fucking pathetic”

    • MG3
      MG3 4 months ago +4

      get over it it's called an opinion

  • Jennifer's Own Voice
    Jennifer's Own Voice 10 months ago +2

    Finn and Poe where funny in the movie

  • skekSo the Emperor
    skekSo the Emperor 10 months ago +1

    Honestly speaking 4 years later and I've come around to admitting this film isn't as good as I thought. Even ignoring how much it borrows from a New Hope, it does a poor job establishing anything. Who and how did the First Order rise from power? Why is the New Republic so inept? Why does Leia lead a separate faction known as the Resistance instead of just teaming up with the Republic's forces, especially since the Republic supports the movement. Why is Rey so damn powerful with no required training like Luke had? Why is Han's character development from the previous movies been completely reversed to get him back where he was in the original film? What exactly is the point of Finn's character exactly? I honestly was willing to forgive these issues if the next film addressed these issues, cause despite many problems TFA had I will admit it did have some interesting set up. Instead we got Rian Johnson's Last Jedi which pretty much gave us nothing but cringe worthy humor. A cowardly pathetic Luke Skywalker. A nonsensical cat and mouse chase in space. A purple haired c**t. A worthless subplot on a casino world. Lore breaking plot holes. Killing off your big bad guy in the most underwhelming way with no explanation or expansion of his character or end goals. Still keeping Rey a Mary-Sue that still has no struggles or hardships. And Mary Poppins Leia. All under his deluded illusion that subverting the audiences expectations was the new unexpected. I kind of jumped off Star Wars due to the toxicity of the fan-base that made me feel it was no longer worth the time to invest in, but given just how fast things have nose-dived with the franchise with the Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Bomb, jumping ship was probably the best thing I could have ever done. At this point I am now of the opinion that Star Wars would have been better off if it had just died after 1983. Everything to come out of it since (excluding a few decent cartoon shows and some other outside material) has been complete and utterly donkey shit. The franchise is utterly and completely dead to me at this point. It is now nothing more but an empty corporate shell used to generate money and nothing else.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 5 months ago

      Darkseid prequels are good

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 10 months ago +2

    This film was a stinking pile of horse shit . One of the worst films i ever watched.

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan Reynolds 10 months ago +3

    It should be the goal of every Star Wars movie to make Jeremy want to wear his Star Wars blanket cape.

  • Freedoms_glory
    Freedoms_glory 10 months ago +2

    Things that didn’t age well=this video

  • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
    TheAwesomeDarkNinja 11 months ago +5

    It's hilarious seeing this comment section now turning into haters. This movie was beloved when it first came out. Don't kid yourselves.

    • Anon
      Anon 2 months ago

      @monojuice Gee, it's almost like the prequels, with it's gazillion plotlines, spin-offs, characters, planets and creatures, have the greater amount of content to chose from compared to the relatively smaller scale films that were the original trilogy, with it's limited cast and settings

    • monojuice
      monojuice 2 months ago

      Anon nah, look at battlefront 2 for example. Fans are tired of all the original trilogy and sequel and the game’s been updating with nothing but pure prequel era content for a year and has got nothing but positive feedback and a new wave of gamers to the game. Actually this month there will be a new update adding Felucia as a map and a Clone Commando. Let’s also not forget the huge uprise in bringing back the Clone Wars, trust me the prequels are the most beloved

    • Anon
      Anon 2 months ago

      ​@monojuice >things that never happen

    • monojuice
      monojuice 2 months ago

      Anon fast forward 10+ years later and people love the prequels more than the original trilogy now so what are you talking about

    • Anon
      Anon 4 months ago

      "This movie was beloved when it first came out"
      So did the prequels
      People can just think clearly after the blinding hype surrounding the films wears off

  • TheNewVendetta
    TheNewVendetta 11 months ago +1

    I smiled through the whole movie

  • John W Reed
    John W Reed Year ago +1

    Farce awakens was trash.

  • Nicholas Maslennikov

    Now I know you didn't say good time if you're drunk, but honestly this movie is pretty fuckin awesome when you're drunk. Still a good time while sober buy when you're drunk. holy shit.

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor Year ago +2

    The force is strong with this one.

  • Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy Year ago +3

    Star Wars Awesometacular
    Empire Strikes Back Awesometacular
    Return of the Jedi buy it on Blu-ray
    Force of awakens
    Rogue one buy it on Blu-ray
    The Last Jedi Awesometacular

    • Greg B
      Greg B Year ago

      HISHE prequels rule

  • Ty Queen
    Ty Queen Year ago

    wrong, this movie was terrible just like The Last Jedi

  • TaxiDriver 101
    TaxiDriver 101 Year ago +3

    Man, I remember when this movie was the shit. Everyone loved it when it came out. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who still likes thos movie....

  • emil engen
    emil engen Year ago +3

    It is awesometacular!!! I'm not a hardcore star wars fan but i have to say that it is that good, maybe se won't enjoy it as much as us but that's not relevant.

  • Luiz Palombini
    Luiz Palombini Year ago

    Just found 2 plot holes in force awakens
    1. Woudn´t Rey´s boss be a little upset that she stole the falcon, destroyed a good ship, destroyed everything arround AND brought the first order there? Wouldn´t he sell her out to the first order? She could never go back there.
    2. When Rey arrives at the alien bar cantina ripoff she is going through the refusal of the calling for the adventure. She says no to joining the resistance and wants to go back to Jaku and wait for her family. JJ forgot that once the adventure starts there is no turning back... thats is the whole point of the - Threshold Guardians. Its the *point of no return.* The adventure already started once she stoled the falcon. Joseph Campbell must be turning on his grave.

  • Renato Sousa
    Renato Sousa Year ago +2

    This film is awesome and Fury road is worth buying of DVD? Man...honestly go back to school. YOu are like a fan critic talking. cant be taken serious!!!

    YOUR GOD Year ago +2

    I actually screamed when Han Solo showed up and when he died my dad cried his eyes out

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Year ago

    Indeed the WORST MOVIE EVER

    • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
      TheAwesomeDarkNinja Year ago +2

      Brandon Taylor Learn to think for yourself, kid. Movie's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    What I don't get is in the last storyline Vader and the Emperor are killed and the Republic is back in power with everyone celebrating. In this movie the Republic is back in a hidden base and this new First Order is in charge. Where did this new evil outfit come from? That is one big gap in the story timeline. Good movie but just seems to not fit in the story flow.

  • Danymite hazard
    Danymite hazard Year ago

    JOHN boyega is a bad actor

  • Dazzler Vlogs
    Dazzler Vlogs Year ago


  • Leo
    Leo Year ago +6

    This is probably the most recent movie I've seen that made me go "noooo give me more!" When the credits rolled.

    • Metal Head
      Metal Head 7 months ago

      I wanted more too, but only because I felt like I was cheated out of my money because it was so boring that I fell asleep during the movie.

  • William Mills
    William Mills Year ago

    Movie is a complete copy and paste from a new hope , and ruins the lore . Storm troopers are latino , not black and not female.

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 Year ago +3

      William Mills Shows what you know. Not all Stormtroopers are clones from the prequel trilogy. The Empire recruited across the galaxy and enlisted millions upon millions of humans etc.

  • adam wedgwood
    adam wedgwood Year ago +1

    Terrible movie

    • Bournefort
      Bournefort Year ago +5

      Why? I can understand it being too similar to A New Hope and Rey being too overpowered, but that is about it. Compared to The Last Jedi, this film is phenomenal.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Year ago

    I watched this movie in the worst way ever, I watched it expecting originality, Good action, Jokes that made sense and ok acting. No more than I expected of any movie to be honest. But that was not what I got, I got a new hope with elements of The Empire strikes back. Hell if I look hard enough I could get stuff from the prequel movies. Is that really what constitutes a good movie ? Something that borrows and takes from other movies ? With so so acting ? Don't get me wrong Po BB8 Han were all great, Rey was ok, But Finn and Ren were generic. Why is Ren wearing a helmet ? Vader did it to stay alive. Ren has it to keep his hair good ? Finn's i'm with the resistance ? Was it me or could a blind child tell he was bull shitting ? See the jokes only funny when set up right, Overacting it just comes off as stupid and treats us like we have the sense of humour of a 10 year old. Such a thing as being subtle because its not like they don't have a ton of jokes just like it in the movie, How about we have one or two for grown ups ? Who don't sit in storm trooper outfits please. I'm a big fan of the movies so when I say something don't fit or is just stupid then you can trust that. Was the movie all bad ? No, But was it awesome ? Oh god no, Not even close. You have a plot that makes no sense, Do you know why it makes no sense ? Because they don't gie you dots to follow, You need to assume everything, Or buy a book because fuck you, How dare you try to get us to tell a complete story without milking you for more money, We will leave out IMPORTANT plot elements so your rich ass can by a book. Not much of a reader ? TOO BAD. This movie was a cluster fuck of stupid and everyone took shrapnel. The plot is stupid, The 3 main villains are underwhelming and just disappointing rip offs, Or at least they are trying to be. The hero's are pretty much generic with small exceptions and the best guy in it Po is not in it all that much, Han dies and BB8 seems to fade in and out of the story. This was the main problem though, Was the story. You have tons of legends stuff you can pick and choose from and this is the direction you went ? To say that most people who think this was a great Star Wars movie, Or even a great movie at all lost a ton of IQ points, I am not smart at all, But I can see bull shit. Given the second movie came out recently and was unexpectedly worse than this piece of shit says something for the morons who praised this and let dumb asses continue to rip the Star Wars story down. I have little more to say other than just because you want something to be good don't mean you lie and ignore the huge problems in the story. Because when you do that your telling people its ok to keep making shit and we the consumer will keep eating it up because were stupid, No please don't try and actually make a movie that's its own movie, Keep raping movies that stood on there own. People who support that disgust me, Not just because you help destroy movies, But your helping to destroy everything, Where does it end ? How do we get it to end if people let it get too far ? A movie is a movie, But should we watch shit or good movies ? If its good be honest and call it out don't node because it was acceptable to a degree {0,0}

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl Year ago

      @TheAwesomeDarkNinja. Your question to me was already made mute by the comment your responding to, I assume you read it ? That had all the answers you needed in it, Guess why now know why you liked this movie. This movie, No, These 2 movies have many things wrong with them. If you watched the original movies you would know Han loved the Falcon like it was family. You see his face at the end of return of the Jedi at the thought something may happen to it, Even though a good close friend and original owner is the one taking care of it, There is no way that is believable to have the Falcon stolen from him, He would have found it way before then, He was a smuggler after all, He knows the players. He was and should still be a General in the Rebel alliance or Resistance that should be the now New Republic, So would have ample people and resources to find it. No matter how you cut it, It was fucking stupid. Also a lazy way to tie in Han Solo, Who they just kill off anyway, Because fuck it, Who liked Han Solo ? He was totally the guy we all wanted to see die right ? This is what we all thought Han was going to go out, Not in a blaze of glory, But as an old man getting stabbed by his son, Good job guys, Nailed it. No one wanted to see that, No one wanted the cheapness of his death to be like that, It was insulting. Also made no sense here at all. As the son who stabbed him had no reason to turn to the dark side. Kylo was gifted in the force, But what made him turn to the dark side ? Seeing Luke stand over him with his lightsaber in hand ? No, Because he was already deeply connected to the dark side that's why he ignited his lightsaber. Kylo has 0 reasons for his turn sure his parents sent him to his uncle to live and train, But its his uncle, Its not like they did not visit him, Its not like he was abandoned, He was with family and a master in the force. Kylo is always talking about being like Vader who he must know is his grandfather who turned FROM the dark side to the light for his FAMILY like WTF ? This character can't be stupidly written more if you had a child do it. He had the love of his family, Was being trained by the strongest force user around who was also his uncle, The son of the man he idolized for whatever reason. Also he must have missed that Vader turned to the dark side not for lust of power, But for the power to save someone he loved. Kylo is such an idiotic character I could rip him apart so much that it seem like an art form, The writer had no imagination with him, They wanted someone powerful and connected to the Skywalker line to be the Villon still ripping off the originals lol Even worse, The prequels. Luke Skywalker would never have tried to kill Kylo Ren, Or Ben Solo. Not only was he family, The son of his sister and best friend he was also just a boy, Luke threw away his lightsaber because he would not kill his own father who was responsible for killing 100s of Jedi, Even younglings. You think he is going to peek into Kylo and be all FUCK THAT SHIT DIE BITCH ? Its so out of character that it don't make sense, People change, But Luke had no reason to at this point is what i'm getting at. There was no tragedy, He was rebuilding and had love of friends and family ad the Empire was all but defeated, It was his faith that saw him through, Belief in people the good in people. He had no reason to act the way he did, Even the movie tries to see you it was only a moment but that's not true to character stated by the guy who plays Luke lol Who knows him better than some random guy. There is a lot more I could go onto here but fairly sure I made my point. Rey as in the name is just fucking stupid, Why give a woman a guys name ? Max, Sam, Lou and some others I can understand, But Rey ? Look Sally if I started calling guys by woman's names and women by guys names would that make sense to you ? I mean Pollyanna we have a Star Trek woman called Michael, Does that make sense to you Susan ? It don't make much sense to me. Ripley is a unisex name and given to a bad ass women, Why not do that ? See doing something without a reason makes stuff stupid, Draws focus onto it, Like how they kept her birth a mystery just to say she is no one, Like it was never being built up to be someone. Funny part is people would have been fine with it if they never spent so much time on so they could say, What a twist eh ? I personally was like and ? So ? I mean you spent ages on this plot to go no where but whatever, Obi Wan was not a Skywalker he held his own against Anakin, Count Dakouu Took Anakin's arm away in there fight. The Emperor was turning Luke into a crispy critter before Vader got involved, Hell, The Emperor probably could have whooped Luke using just the Lightsaber. The younglings, Yoda, Mual my point is there have been tons of powerful force users, Kyle Katarn anyone ? Who were capable, This movie I trying to pull a fast one like the one before it did. Hey look at me this is what you have all been waiting for, Star Wars we are back baby... Wait.. Am I watching A new hope ? Tehehehehe gotcha. This one you don't need to be someone special to use the force, Well actually that's not really true or everyone could use the force, Like super powers it can happen to anyone but not everyone the person generally is special more so to the plot of the criteria you in. But again the message is lost in this movie, We have had so many games and movies that show random people develop powers and become strong in the force so to pull the trick in this, The second movie was just stupid, Do it in the first and get it out of the way with all the other stupid rehashed shit. The fighting in this was good ? When ? What fighting ? You mean the short brawl with the who cares dark lords men ? Woopdy fucking doo, 8 knights who did not seem to have force powers against 2 of the most powerful force wielders in all of the galaxy... Yea, Your right, How did they 2 ever make it out, I mean Kylo got hit by Finn who got his ass whooped by a random storm trooper, Also got his ass kicked by Rey, Both finn and Kylo.. Yea sorry totally overlooked how useless Kylo was your right 8 was clearly to many for her to take alone with her you know beig thrown around the room by Snoke. I can see what you mean, This movie is gold mate, That fight was shit, Duel of fates playing with Mual fighting 2 Jedi was better. Anakin and Obi Wan was much better. The fight between Luke and Vader much better and I mean both fights there was context and lighting that this movie wishes it had. But its a rip off and could not even do that right. The chase was idiotic and pointless as it amounts to nothing, It seemed like it was Mad Max fury road without tention speed or anyone to care about, The casino world that teaches us not to be bad to animals.. Is that still a thing ? I mean do we need to be told that in this day an age ? Weapon profiteering is bad, Unless you sell to the right side ? Umm ok ? Like what the fuck man, I don't know about you, I was looking for you know Star Wars in my Star Wars movie lol Wake me up when it gets here the boring ass shit here I already know in real life not to do is making me sleepy. But keep me asleep while Leia fly's back to the ship.. I mean wow, Just fucking wow. Bye Akbar, I'll never forge it was a trap buddy lol It was so worth killing him off just to put a woman in his place right ? Because Alien men are like human men, We are weak, Corrupt, Stupid and anything else you want to throw in there. Why the resistance and New Republic are not one in the same I don't know, Seems smart to pull resources but that's just me lol Lets disband our army even though there are still threats out there, Good idea right ? We wont answer the resistance call for aid because even though they defeated the Empire as the Rebels and took out the 3rd death start we have lost hope lol Like you can't see why this is not just a bad movie, But a fucking stupid movie ? Really ? I worry about you Hailie, Well at least this name can be a guys name too. See unisex mate it works. {0,0}

    • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
      TheAwesomeDarkNinja Year ago

      Night Owl Jeremy Jahns liked this movie. Why is that so hard to grasp? I love this movie too, with its characters and epic music and solid action. The only claims I hear why the movie sucks is because of OP Rey or the New Hope rip off. Believe it or not, before everyone became sheep, most people adored this movie.

  • TK Imagine Studio
    TK Imagine Studio Year ago +18

    And then TLJ happened...

    • Magnus Karlsson
      Magnus Karlsson Year ago

      Thats correct, well done

    • Seth Draven
      Seth Draven Year ago +2

      I didn’t like it as much as I loved the others. But it’s nowhere near as bad as people say it is

    • Nir Yovel Studios
      Nir Yovel Studios Year ago +2

      TK Imagine Studio and it was amazing

  • BP Rokosz
    BP Rokosz Year ago

    After the three smiles I had in Last Jedi, I had to watch fa bunch and of course that means rewatching these.

  • Vulgar Viewer
    Vulgar Viewer Year ago +1

    Here’s my unbias rating
    Force Awakens is a good time no alcohol required.
    But you’re not gonna remember the Last Jedi in T minus one day

  • Anton A.
    Anton A. Year ago +1

    It was better than any Marvel movie, at least.