Overwatch Cosplay Battle, Europe - Behind the Scenes

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • “Cosplay is a journey.”
    More than a competition, the Overwatch Cosplay Battle is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and teamwork. Over the course of three months, six teams of three cosplayers showcased their skills by creating truly amazing representations of some of your favorite Overwatch heroes.
    A Grand Prize winner has been chosen by an official jury made up of Blizzard artists and cosplay professionals, and fans have selected their Community Favorite.
    Learn more about the first-ever Overwatch Cosplay Battle: blizz.ly/OWCosplayBattleEU
    See photos of all the finals cosplays:
    Team France, Magni Torbjörn: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/france
    Team Russia, Classic D.Va: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/russia
    Team United Kingdom, Forest Spirit Orisa: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/uk
    Team Italy, Blackwatch Genji: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/italy
    Team Germany, Dragon Symmetra: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/germany
    Team Spain, Baihu Genji: cosplaybattle.playoverwatch.com/team/spain
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Comments • 811

  • _Yaseen_
    _Yaseen_ 19 days ago +1

    Fortnite sucks
    Overwatch and smash bros is cool

  • Леонид Волченков

    Сестра, мы за тебя!

  • Xenon Saint
    Xenon Saint Month ago


    J SEEKER 2 months ago +1

    INCREDIBLE!!!! The amount of work and effort put into the cosplays really do pay off 😍🔥

  • Liams Clan
    Liams Clan 2 months ago +1

    Magni nah toblerone magni

  • CoolMorning
    CoolMorning 2 months ago

    Russia is hooooooooooot

  • The Dubes
    The Dubes 2 months ago

    I think DVA should win or Orisa

  • CoolKCRoyale
    CoolKCRoyale 3 months ago +1

    How did Team Russia make that mech? I also wish they showed her moving around in the mech if it can move

    RJRB is II RACHE 3 months ago +1

    0:58 wow her eyes are soo pretty 😍

  • Bryan Calderon
    Bryan Calderon 3 months ago +1

    The voice actors doing the cosplay for their hero and making a movie will be great!

  • Articumo786
    Articumo786 3 months ago

    whats the name of the song @5:28 ?

  • Carmen Babilonia
    Carmen Babilonia 4 months ago

    I love the Spirit Forest Orisa one 🤩

  • FFT100bv
    FFT100bv 4 months ago


  • Mohammed Masoud
    Mohammed Masoud 4 months ago +1

    0:58 Her eyes, almost red.

  • Mohammed Masoud
    Mohammed Masoud 4 months ago

    So how won ?

  • Mohammed Masoud
    Mohammed Masoud 4 months ago

    "Cosplay is a JOURNEY"

  • Victor Sabras
    Victor Sabras 4 months ago

    worst game in my life

    • Meme Lord
      Meme Lord 11 days ago

      what game do you like instead

  • Breep6
    Breep6 4 months ago

    If you wanna cosplay, where do you start and how?

  • Amélie
    Amélie 4 months ago


  • Trinity Da one
    Trinity Da one 4 months ago +1

    I'm jealous of this and I wish I had a mercy costume ( );^;) )

  • Angus
    Angus 5 months ago

    Look's like they stepped right out of the screen.

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 5 months ago

    I love these episode please do more

  • Magnolia
    Magnolia 5 months ago +1


  • Magnolia
    Magnolia 5 months ago +3


    JUNKOKUMA! 5 months ago

    tireddd offf dva

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster 5 months ago

    L'accent du francais 😂😂😂😂

  • E l i t e
    E l i t e 5 months ago

    Can you just please make Genji the face of overwatch!

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 5 months ago


  • Mattybot 3000
    Mattybot 3000 5 months ago +1

    Umm, all of these competing countries aren't cosplaying their country hero counterparts. Cultural appropriation.

  • Dr Ninja
    Dr Ninja 5 months ago

    Cosplay is a journey for the biggest virgins to follow

  • Trixy 200
    Trixy 200 5 months ago

    Please someone TELL me the song!! Can't find it to save my life!!

  • Ji Linguo
    Ji Linguo 5 months ago +3

    5:33, the controllers of dva mech look like middle fingers

  • Hi I'm a troll
    Hi I'm a troll 5 months ago +1

    I really like the cosplay of team Italy because it's so cool and they actually did it so good

  • Raven 2
    Raven 2 5 months ago

    Russians as a Korean
    *Wait a sec-*

  • Mr.Slate Gamer
    Mr.Slate Gamer 5 months ago


  • Gaben Newwel
    Gaben Newwel 5 months ago

    Залупа. У меня все, а ваши косплеи на диву меня еще в инсте пол года назад заебали

  • Jacob New
    Jacob New 5 months ago


  • Ray Martinez
    Ray Martinez 5 months ago


  • npc 432
    npc 432 5 months ago

    Honk! 👌🏻

  • Commander Greed
    Commander Greed 5 months ago


  • WigglyDiggly Who
    WigglyDiggly Who 5 months ago

    Did he just say half robot? Scrub, it's called omnic.

  • devil with a pencil
    devil with a pencil 5 months ago

    i was hoping for a reaper one but atleast the genji was good

  • Shadow Cruz
    Shadow Cruz 5 months ago


  • Maximilian Bobrin
    Maximilian Bobrin 5 months ago +1

    Song name 5:20?

  • emsea
    emsea 5 months ago


  • Jesse Collin
    Jesse Collin 5 months ago

    lol I got 5 players banned in 3 days by "abusing" the report system. Get your act together blizzard or you wont have any players left.

  • Baubaz
    Baubaz 5 months ago +1


  • klob
    klob 5 months ago

    I like the D.va one the most :)

  • Sammy Fiction
    Sammy Fiction 5 months ago +1

    It's 👌 to be white

  • Reinhardt Wilhelm
    Reinhardt Wilhelm 5 months ago

    See? This game is giving so many people such inspirations and hard work to be put into things like Costumes, graffiti, creations, etc. And people keep saying that it's dying. The Overwatch provides you heroes to play as and fight for the future. Now, the Overwatch is asking you all to be heroes and fight for its future. We can't get back up without your support. Will you help the Overwatch get back up?

    • Meme Lord
      Meme Lord 11 days ago

      well good news its alive again

  • Krenity
    Krenity 5 months ago

    0:54 look bambi is still alive

  • Sergey Shaforostov
    Sergey Shaforostov 5 months ago +1

    What is the song playing at 5:20 to 7:30???
    Что за песня на 5:20?

  • Becausewhynot Sollenu
    Becausewhynot Sollenu 5 months ago

    Leon Chiro is so handsome!😭😍

  • Aby for Derpy
    Aby for Derpy 5 months ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 5 months ago

    5:32 Mecha giving both middle fingers for the audience.

  • I Skyfire I
    I Skyfire I 5 months ago

    You guys should try Transformers Fall of Cybertron on Xbox 360 if you're looking for competitiveness similar to Overwatch. A lot of skill is needed to play FoC I recommend watching Sir Alpha YT if you wanna see a gist of just how competitive it used to be

  • iwatchvideos
    iwatchvideos 5 months ago

    That widow is terrible lol.

  • iwatchvideos
    iwatchvideos 5 months ago

    Balance your heroes, fuckheads.

  • Jordan Lamb
    Jordan Lamb 5 months ago

    The orisa

  • Immortal Reaver
    Immortal Reaver 5 months ago

    The team working on D.VA is full of themselves. Working with fiberglass and metal is not anything out of the ordinary.