I Missed His Greatest Advice On Making Mozzarella...


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  • Hope For the Planet
    Hope For the Planet 4 days ago

    I think it's the powdered milk....one..it's heated and processed..so no longer raw , may have additives and the calcium content might be off .. Did your Italian friend not say that RAW , heavy fat creamy Milk is what's required ?? You can also make your OWN cream by allowing your milk to stand on the counter and the cream will eventually float to the top or borrow a cream separator ...or make butter from a litre of that jersey full fat milk...and add that to the mix..

  • luca bini
    luca bini 10 days ago

    Hi Alex! I'm a little bit late but check out the video of Chef barbato about homemade mozzarella

  • Baxter wilhelm
    Baxter wilhelm 19 days ago

    HAS THE MOZZARELLA HAPPENED YET?? It's currently January the twenty-ninth of two thousand and nineteen for me at eleven fifty-eight pm and I WORRY I HAVE MISSED IT or OUR MOZ HAS BEEN ABANDONED??

  • iwanabana
    iwanabana Month ago

    LOL at Benito spamming you!

  • jameskguy
    jameskguy Month ago

    Alex. Why did you not use the raw milk? That seems critical, and the Italian guy said to use raw milk. Also, perhaps, try dehydrating the milk until the fat concentration is 8.5% by weight. Hmmm... regardless, great videos.

  • Doc Hollowood
    Doc Hollowood Month ago

    11:23 Lady spies on reefer toker who is talking to himself....

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman Month ago

    @4:35 absolutely brilliant joke, I am reeling from how poignant it is right here. Explained below
    First, history lesson: So "Microwave's not dead" is a play on "Vaporwave's not dead," because it was dead for a while (kinda) until a song about flowers came along. The comeback is inherently comedic though, because Vaporwave is based a term "Vapor Ware," which is a company that sells nothing (i.e. scams). So now we have a the realization of a term that's based on "an product that doesn't exist." But hey it's got a comeback now, so it did exists and has even come back now. It's either nonsense or quantum (i.e. superposition), I prefer the latter lol.
    Application to Alex: "Microwave's not dead" is applicable here because of the mozzarella. The excellent mozzarella Alex wanted to product was this ephemeral thing that he could conceptualize, but not realize. Yes he made a bunch that were ok, but they didn't quite reach his goal.
    And thus the true objective of high quality mozzarella was a sort of Vapor Ware. It existed in words and concept only.
    Until Alex had... "The Realization."
    This, like that song about a shop, was the point at which Alex's MozzarellaWare went from staying dead to becoming realized. Hence, Microwave's Not Dead is a nod to a parallel circumstance of Vaporwave's Not Dead.
    Bonus: No real chef of science uses a microwave when there are so many other better options around. The microwave is a tool of convenience, not creation. So we have some more comedy here; the microwave will never be used, but it somehow is not dead.
    Of course we assume that Alex intended all of these meanings in one scene because he is the most brilliant chef/french/person/thing to have ever existed.

  • Danny William jacobsen

    If you stop the video at mark of 7:22 you will see those kids looking rather tough and quite judgmental.Damn.A guy is right on a crisis and all you can do is judge..😑

  • Yves Chevallier
    Yves Chevallier Month ago +1

    What's the piano music used at 3.30 minutes? I tried to click on both links redirecting to soundcloud and epidemic sound but it seems the music has been removed. Any help?

  • Vidar Odinson
    Vidar Odinson Month ago

    Loved the SMS chat gag

  • andrewaway
    andrewaway Month ago

    I think you should try doing an episode in a speedo.....just to see how it goes.

  • TheIchigo1324
    TheIchigo1324 Month ago

    No need to try to look smart using an equation solver, Engineers do it all the time tbh.

  • Bob Fish
    Bob Fish Month ago

    Still think you should just get someone to milk a Bison!

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    9:26 What pen are you using? It looks like it writes beautifully 😩

  • Ainmhithe
    Ainmhithe Month ago

    Your foodie evil geniusness is hawt.

  • Jason Cox
    Jason Cox Month ago

    Go on kid! Smash that mozzarella

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel Month ago

    Your plans for global domination are a bit late. The germans already control most of europe through an anti democratic government system.

    LABUSTO 2 months ago

    You really are an inspiration to life. I do about everything "Homemade", but I always seem to learn not only another way, but a better way when watching you.

  • Jason Kimes
    Jason Kimes 2 months ago

    You forgot to pee in it.

  • aikuaic ;
    aikuaic ; 2 months ago

    "...and then i will think about global domination."

  • Iswhars
    Iswhars 2 months ago

    what pen is that

  • Land lord Hack
    Land lord Hack 3 months ago

    Why not just ship some milk from Italy

  • fettucinibaby
    fettucinibaby 3 months ago

    at the beginning of this series I was thinking it might be possible for me to make my own wonderful mozzarella.
    now I just,

  • RadicalErin
    RadicalErin 3 months ago

    Blessed are the cheesemakers

  • all things gumball
    all things gumball 4 months ago

    why don't you fix that stupid clock on the wall?

  • eli govea
    eli govea 4 months ago

    Stop bitchin about the clock 😂😂😂😂

  • Banjo Jo
    Banjo Jo 4 months ago +1

    I'm a new subscriber, for few days now.
    You're a great character, I love your quality of content!
    Keep up the beautiful interesting videos, Alex. :)

  • -Naex- 114
    -Naex- 114 4 months ago

    L’accent français même plus caché j’adore xD

  • Blazin asian
    Blazin asian 4 months ago

    Use a wood container like they said the last video wood is very important

  • Joker Says
    Joker Says 5 months ago

    I'm curious what Benito kept texting Alex 🤔

  • Shay moneym101
    Shay moneym101 5 months ago

    Hi alex, as always love your video. Ok i can't seem to see the problem here, u wr able to make a curd first and also able to stretch it so that means u got the right ph. 1/for the color as long as you use cows milk its gonna be creamy yellowish kinda unlike buffalo milk that s always white because they don’t store beta carotene the way cows do. Instead, they convert it to vitamin A, which is colourless. So there for all product products made by buffalo's is white, 2/ if u don't like the texture of ur cheese then don't stretch it as much , from my experience the more you stretch it the more rubbery it get, and the way you do also can change the texture, so try not use that long flat tec as much instead treat it like a bread Dow, keep stretching the top surface and tuck itin the bottom and in the ball of cheese, and continue in this motion till it gets shiny, but don't over do it so it doesn't dry out. All and all i think uv done a marvelous job, am not an expert but i've been making cheese for some time now , in the beginning i had problems like you did now,but as long as u like making cheese u will get it, just use culture instead of acid, and master ur stretching . Thanx. And i hope i was able to help. Sara

  • Giuseppe Germanà
    Giuseppe Germanà 5 months ago

    Make the tests the master told you and wait till it gets to the right point?

  • Nathalie Keilman
    Nathalie Keilman 5 months ago

    mais t es sur qu ils coupent just le curd et drain the stuff? je pensait quil fallait le faire tourner sur un stick. le curd avant de l egoutter tu le laisse et forme la pellicula de fromaggio enfin bref regarde une video comment faire de la mozza

  • iVenom
    iVenom 5 months ago

    ju suis petite buegette.

  • Makarov Fox
    Makarov Fox 5 months ago

    global domination HA HA HA HA

  • Pickle Wrecked
    Pickle Wrecked 5 months ago

    Try using less (Just an idea don't trust it)

  • Adam Miner
    Adam Miner 5 months ago

    What kind of writing pen are you using? Enjoying your channel in Texas!

  • bluebrooklyn1
    bluebrooklyn1 6 months ago

    I just love your videos so much that I enjoy listening/watching anything you say/do. Like I will never make mozzarella from scratch lol but you're awesome Alex!

  • ip man guydude
    ip man guydude 6 months ago

    Go on kid, smash that mozzarella

  • Crander
    Crander 6 months ago

    Dude I love your music choices. Groovin' to some cheese 😎

  • Dario De Stasio
    Dario De Stasio 6 months ago

    What about make a mozzarella with a human milk? Maybe a nice girl can help you!

  • Oui monsieur yo soy de rancho

    Can you make a video in french?

  • Sofia Cookiemonster
    Sofia Cookiemonster 6 months ago

    this is impressive wow 😨

  • DeerKoden
    DeerKoden 6 months ago

    Geez. You can't mimic a better product by filling the one you got with ingredients...

  • Tristan
    Tristan 6 months ago

    hey what kind of marker is that?

  • Michael Francoeur
    Michael Francoeur 6 months ago

    Love your videos and have been a fan before I went plant based, but would love to see more vegan recipes but I know you stay to the most authentic style you can. So up the level and make it most authentic while being planet conscious! Lots of love from Canada

  • Dawud Austin
    Dawud Austin 6 months ago

    Not a cow/milk/protein/fat/cheese expert, but i am a physicist, so take it for what its worth. Probably too late, and probably also already stated, but what about using a centrifuge. Reduce water content by ~63% by separating milk fat and protein and water via a centrifuge and you have what is close to buffalo milk fat and protein concentration, without additives.

  • LucifeL MartelL
    LucifeL MartelL 6 months ago

    All this is pointless if you can't find a local French Buffalo and milk it. At least if it works with buffalo milk you will know that jersey milk is the problem. why are you even bothering with cow's milk I don't understand, unless you are trying to make the best possible mozzarella with cows milk. :)

  • Jordan Roberts
    Jordan Roberts 6 months ago

    Alex. I have no advice. I love you.

  • Sumaia Alwan
    Sumaia Alwan 6 months ago

    Go on kid, smash that mozzarella!!

  • YassuoFelipe
    YassuoFelipe 6 months ago

    Hi Alex, i just started following this series and collected info from the comments within this video and personal tries. I think the main focus you need to start now is to establish common ingredients that are acessible easily to you and get a feeling the whole process from even the formation of the curd to the stretching part. Then you can start assembling the recipe to fulfill the needs of your taste. This is to simulate a more scientific trial and then minimize room for interference from other ways.
    As an example, homogenized milk makes a poor curd/stretch, since the process of homogenization breaks up the bigger molecules of fat contained in milk which the enzimes utilize to aggregate and form the proper cheese. One way around that is by using milk that had not been processed that way, which is really difficult since this process is used to make the product seem really better. Utilizing Calcium Chloride is one other way, since calcium is used to give the stretch to the product. (i really dont know if your product had been through this process, and we utilize Calcium Chloride in almost every production of ours to help on the process.)
    Your try to hack the milk was really smart but the possibility of contaminants that made your cheese go bad was really high, my suggestion you just getting a fatter milk or researching other methods on controlling the fat/protein content to your liking.
    For a conclusion on that, i think that you need to stick to a recipe and adapt it, and only changing it drastically if you commited a major flaw. (as benito said, its a recipe that follows generations on his family)
    Sorry if my english was not as its best. Best of luck

  • Chifrifreeze 5532
    Chifrifreeze 5532 6 months ago

    I believe in you,don’t give up!!!!

  • jesse Gomez
    jesse Gomez 6 months ago

    Milk a cow idiota

  • Eduardo gomez maqueo cerecer

    Hi alex, love your series, why don´t you try using acid casein. There are 2 kinds of protein in milk, the ones like casein, and the ones like whey protein. The ones that coagulate are the casein ones. Acid casein it is used to improve yield of cheeses also. It is a white powder that it is obtained by the same process as making cheese.

    • Eduardo gomez maqueo cerecer
      Eduardo gomez maqueo cerecer 7 months ago

      Also check calcium levels in cow milk and buffalo milk. The coagulation is formed by protein and calcium structures, and maybe there is a difference there. Calcium chloride is used in the cheese industry to adjust calcium levels

    • Eduardo gomez maqueo cerecer
      Eduardo gomez maqueo cerecer 7 months ago

      The thing is that maybe the protein from the dried milk doesn´t work because the temperature that it is put through in the drying process damages the properties of the casein to coagulate. That is why also it is unpasteurized milk the better one to make cheese.

  • Crazygamer1995
    Crazygamer1995 7 months ago

    You can beat the cheese

  • Liger-Zero
    Liger-Zero 7 months ago

    you use 1+, nice choice

  • Lexikon
    Lexikon 7 months ago

    And about the additives I cannot give you an advice... Why don't you ask your friend once more?

  • Lexikon
    Lexikon 7 months ago

    Hi Alex, it's me again.. I saw now all the 3 videos about mozzarella... I recommend you to go to a BAUERNHOF = farm to buy very fresh raw milk where the fat corresponds to the italien milk from your friend... Then try it again..

  • Leonard Waga
    Leonard Waga 7 months ago

    The Coffee is Fake!!!

  • Charlie Martinez Ledo
    Charlie Martinez Ledo 7 months ago

    Hey Alex, what do you think about Tastemade video for making Mozzarella? facebook.com/tastemade/videos/1943463225740835/

  • Filipe Ribeiro
    Filipe Ribeiro 7 months ago

    I think this article can help you. It has a lot of references and citations, so have a look and I hope you finally do that mozarella ahahah!!! docsdrive.com/pdfs/academicjournals/ijds/2011/199-226.pdf

  • Shovel
    Shovel 7 months ago +1

    Btw Italian food is all about the ingredients, they are grown from a specific territory, so you could either try to get chimically as similar as possible to buffalo milk or you could just buy buffalo milk, but if you want a mozzarella that tastes like a mozz campana you need buffalos from campania, cuz the specific wheater and grass and water that they eat/drink every day shape the taste of their milk in a certain way. Italian cuisine is all about semplicity and top quality local ingredients, thats why it is the easiest to emulate but the hardest to replicate

  • Shovel
    Shovel 7 months ago +1

    Dude just ask Benito, i would love to see him and you making homemade mozzarella together at your place!

  • Brenden Fullmer
    Brenden Fullmer 7 months ago

    Go on kid- smash that mozzarella!

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's Stuff 7 months ago

    "Alex milk" oh shit, I wouldn't taste that one!

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's Stuff 7 months ago

    Keep the metric system, Alex!

  • Safaa Jasim
    Safaa Jasim 7 months ago

    "perfection kills joy"

  • jomsart
    jomsart 7 months ago

    Find a way to draw water out of the milk until it’s fat and protein% is higher.

  • Mackena Lannes
    Mackena Lannes 7 months ago

    I raise Nigerian Dwarf milk goats here in California. I’ve made Moz with goat milk before. I know what you might be thinking, but if milked right, there is no pungent taste in the end result. I use 3 tbsp of milk powder, 1/4 cup of lemon juice per gallon and 7 drops of vegetable rennet. 110’F - I hope this helps?

  • Yihao Liu
    Yihao Liu 7 months ago

    whey protein seems to be hydrophilic, meaning it dissolve in water, so maybe adding whey protein isn’t doing anything to your Mozzarella cheese balls?

  • Leanne Tacke
    Leanne Tacke 7 months ago

    Alex! try watching buzzfeed's video on mozzarella, they use cow's milk as well and they used a vegetable rennet. the out come was super moist!

  • Sinan Isik
    Sinan Isik 7 months ago

    Maybe there are different bacteria variants to the same strain. Ones that changes the acidity more then others ...

  • Bmo Cola
    Bmo Cola 7 months ago

    The Tasty channel did a good job in making mozzarella

  • Daniel Dahlgren
    Daniel Dahlgren 7 months ago

    did I hear you say 110 degrees farenheit? That is too much, you must at all times keep it below 104. also there are pros and cons to making smaller or bigger pieces, but in my experience bigger pieces is easier to handle. Also using citric acid it not a good substitute, try using a bit of processed sour milk instead, that should give you a better curd.

  • Lee Sardinha
    Lee Sardinha 7 months ago

    Is it just me, or does it seem that the more and more he strives for the perfect mozzarella, the farther and farther he gets away from what makes it special. Almost as if he is entering the realm of processed cheese. You know, something a large cheese manufacturer would do.

  • Tiana Nu
    Tiana Nu 7 months ago

    BuzzFeed tried it.

  • qurthobi
    qurthobi 7 months ago

    Actually, I am missing the old Alex who not obsessed with numbers, measurements, and sizes

  • Aarya ghimire
    Aarya ghimire 7 months ago

    I’d love to help but then again I watch your episodes while I am preparing packet noodles for dinner because it is the only thing I can cook.

  • Aryan Zaveri
    Aryan Zaveri 7 months ago +1

    Is buffalo milk not sold in France ?

  • Alessandro Scazzero
    Alessandro Scazzero 7 months ago

    Man this kind of subscriber interaction is the best- legitimate exchange with follow up content.
    very glad that ThisOldTony sent me by this way, top quality channel.

  • David Cross
    David Cross 7 months ago

    Did you squash it between your toes like grapes?

  • College Problems
    College Problems 7 months ago

    Why arent uou using unpasteurized milk instead??

  • Julieta Banegas
    Julieta Banegas 7 months ago

    you should see buzzfeed video

  • Kittymowmow
    Kittymowmow 7 months ago

    Buzzfeed/Tasty made some Mozzarella, maybe see what u can get from what they did. (i think they used less rennet) tvclip.biz/video/mxzrwk-qfxo/video.html

  • Rubén López
    Rubén López 7 months ago

    Try adding pure animal fat and emulsifying it with the milk, then add Gamma-caseins and Kappa-caseins into the milk, so you can rise the protein %! Otherwise, u can go to Italy and buy some bufalo d'acqua's milk haha! Good luck mon ami!

  • kevin geni
    kevin geni 7 months ago

    That french accentin your english is soo funny

  • Tom van Bergen
    Tom van Bergen 7 months ago

    Global domination!! XD

  • Jérémy Autran
    Jérémy Autran 7 months ago

    Not sure I understand why you are trying to boost the protein/fat content by adding new stuff instead of trying to reduce the water amount somewhat, which would add a level of difficulty (if you heat the milk to evaporate some of the water, will you ruin the milk?), but reduces the risk of introducing a plethora of unwanted elements that might be present in cream/powdered milk

  • Hussein Shibghotulloh
    Hussein Shibghotulloh 7 months ago

    In the beginning I already knew this series will be the most stressful series 😁
    Please don't stop!

  • Sushi Nakamoto
    Sushi Nakamoto 7 months ago

    Call +33 9 82 53 42 58. They could help you. Btw. I don't speak French, Google helped me out finding that number. ;)

  • Jim III
    Jim III 7 months ago

    You need a shirt that says, "You see a power drill, I see a pasta machine"

  • Eline Terneusen
    Eline Terneusen 7 months ago

    Keep going Alex! You will make it!

  • Elvin Atkins
    Elvin Atkins 7 months ago

    Don't use problem solvers solve your three variable systems of equations and use plug your answers into a simple ratio problem. Basic algebra mah dude.

  • bkaspe00
    bkaspe00 7 months ago

    I’m hungry

  • omegahunter9
    omegahunter9 7 months ago

    You might consider augmenting your milk with buttermilk. It adds wonderful flavor.

  • mr.jhouny
    mr.jhouny 7 months ago

    Change the temperature, distribute the heat evenly, don't use a whisk, and go in a circular motion, also let it rest for 25 minutes not 30 minutes.

  • Swag Wagg
    Swag Wagg 7 months ago

    Hey Alex just been watching the mozzarella series from the start. Think this should help keep me undated

  • Philip Tornelli
    Philip Tornelli 7 months ago

    Probably your best video to date. Really enjoyed it. Sorry I have no advice on cutting cheese.

  • Nerd Mysteria
    Nerd Mysteria 7 months ago

    You’re a food mad scientist, i love this channel