Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide


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  • Lama vid
    Lama vid Day ago

    Oh my god Ranma 😂😂😂

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 2 days ago

    Ohhh man that mochi ice cream is killing me.

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 2 days ago

    At 9 dollars, that's why parents usually say no !

  • Narutos Blood
    Narutos Blood 2 days ago

    Why tf is it moving

  • Xingyu Jiang
    Xingyu Jiang 2 days ago

    1:02 Me too !! and when my mom give me one I was too scare to eat that ball of goodness XD

  • Nicole Hermosa
    Nicole Hermosa 4 days ago

    Total cutie with the cotton candy 😍😍😍

  • Reece Clark
    Reece Clark 4 days ago

    I’m surprised at how much English text there is in Japan. I guess they want to make it really easy for English tourists

  • Abhi Pokhrel
    Abhi Pokhrel 5 days ago

    its not a good idea to watch this at midnight when youre starving

  • John Narciso
    John Narciso 5 days ago +1

    You remind me of Jackie Chan. More videos please! Thank you!

  • Michael Dunmore
    Michael Dunmore 5 days ago

    "Until we yeet again"

  • steve thompson
    steve thompson 7 days ago

    Man I get so hungry when I watch you come you don’t weigh 400 lbs

  • Dunno Gt
    Dunno Gt 8 days ago

    Im a vegetarian watching this in 2019...

  • Irtivas Ahtra
    Irtivas Ahtra 9 days ago

    I do love watching your video. Looking at those foods, made me hungry 😂😭

  • Christian Cunanan
    Christian Cunanan 9 days ago

    Jacky Chan's son adventure

  • Rudy Klobas
    Rudy Klobas 9 days ago

    How is this dude not obese??

  • yangkela12
    yangkela12 9 days ago

    1:35 the most relatable thing Mike has ever sad lmao

  • Benji King
    Benji King 9 days ago


  • N Ryan
    N Ryan 10 days ago

    i just wanna travel and eat with you

  • mynamesnotdan
    mynamesnotdan 10 days ago

    id love to go out there on an empty stomach and just graze all day long

  • crunchy eggs
    crunchy eggs 11 days ago

    am i the only person who despises green onion/scallions

  • Jenny And Alex
    Jenny And Alex 11 days ago +1

    YUM!!! Can't wait to follow in your footsteps 😋

  • Hafiz Bin
    Hafiz Bin 12 days ago

    15:31 subtitle - "I dont know what porn is, i'm going to find out"

  • Caine7ify
    Caine7ify 12 days ago

    Ukyo Kuonji approves

  • Wonder Queen 陳真善美

    omg!!! Thanks for telling food guidance

  • Juliet Capulet
    Juliet Capulet 14 days ago

    Love your blog and those bits of references! I totally thought about the Ranma 1/2 girl too lol

  • shehesheha
    shehesheha 15 days ago

    Hi Mike! If you remember, could you please share the name of the places you visited?

  • Calef Armenta
    Calef Armenta 16 days ago

    :D IG: Kaylove_0103 LA Foodie ;)

  • CrackedStar 99
    CrackedStar 99 17 days ago

    It's almost midnight here and my mouth watering like niagara fall... and I feel pathetic, thank you

  • Suparna Nandi
    Suparna Nandi 18 days ago

    Yes i watched Ranma 1/2 . And the girls name was Ukiyo if i remember it correctly and she claimed that she's Ranma's fiance

  • Jason Leaf
    Jason Leaf 18 days ago

    The melon pan with the green tea ice cream
    What flavor was the cookie crust

    • Jason Leaf
      Jason Leaf 3 days ago

      +MP B melon bread is a sweet bread with a cookie crust over it with a melon like design cut into it

    • MP B
      MP B 4 days ago

      Cookie crust? It was just the crust of the melon bread.

  • Nad Nad
    Nad Nad 19 days ago

    Im getting hungry and hungry while watching this. 🤤🤤🤤

  • Adnan Hussain
    Adnan Hussain 21 day ago

    What were those things on top of the octopus balls at 0:56 .... It was moving 😨😨

    • MP B
      MP B 4 days ago

      Adnan Hussain Really thin dried fish flakes. They’re very thin and delicate and when the steam rehydrates them, they expand or unfurl.

  • Cristian Mancillas
    Cristian Mancillas 22 days ago

    10:10 that guy added a really nice twist to those "Japanese pancakes"

  • G. E.
    G. E. 22 days ago

    Ranma 1/2 yesssss!

  • Flower Pot
    Flower Pot 23 days ago +1

    I used to like to think I'm eating clouds while eating cotton candy!
    Never had some again after the _intense_ sugar rush I had maybe a decade ago...

  • Flameboi Leone
    Flameboi Leone 23 days ago

    I love the food

  • Frank Writez
    Frank Writez 24 days ago

    Is there a way I can have you show me around japan? Lol

  • Zoe Moonlight
    Zoe Moonlight 24 days ago

    *Me* oh no I didn't get enough sauce!
    *them* don't double dip!
    *me* *already double dipping* huh?

  • Superman04p
    Superman04p 25 days ago

    Yo Mike..... if you're serious about bringing a second stomach to Japan.... Ill volunteer now to "ride with" and be that 2nd just sayin...

  • BreezyBri_23
    BreezyBri_23 26 days ago

    UKYO!!! 😍😍

  • Kangen Paha Kimi Hime
    Kangen Paha Kimi Hime 26 days ago

    That crab is holy crab.

    YOWA NOWA 28 days ago

    The pancake at 11:10 area why does it keep moving?

    • MP B
      MP B 4 days ago

      Adnan Hussain Really thin dried fish flakes. They’re very thin and delicate and when the steam rehydrates them, they expand or unfurl.

  • Playmaker .
    Playmaker . 28 days ago

    0:58, don't bring yourself down, when I was six I used to think Ramen was jellyfish tentacles

  • pachiiharu
    pachiiharu Month ago

    i was literally thinking the same thing about the girl from ranma when you where eating the okonomiyaki lmao

  • Oshane D. kurosaki
    Oshane D. kurosaki Month ago

    Good video bro really opens up my taste buds

  • jieutsiotieung 2527
    jieutsiotieung 2527 Month ago +1

    I love his confidence

  • Cats Are The Best
    Cats Are The Best Month ago

    when i was like 5 or 6 i was eating cotton candy while watching television and when i tasted it i was so disgusted??? i just started hating cotton candy and since then i havent eaten cotton candy):

  • IchBinFett
    IchBinFett Month ago +3

    12:33 perfect creampie

  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas Month ago

    Why can’t u double dip in your own food

    • MP B
      MP B 4 days ago

      Only the sauce because it’s in a communal bowl.

  • Michael Hummel
    Michael Hummel Month ago

    He yeets alot of stuff in this video.

  • Michael Hummel
    Michael Hummel Month ago

    I probably gained like 16 pounds when I was in Japan 😂

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel Month ago

    5:40 I guessed it was pork and it was!

  • Kendal Takeshita
    Kendal Takeshita Month ago

    Literally was in Dotonbori today🔥🔥

  • Christal ene
    Christal ene Month ago

    Wow street foods in Japan, ❤

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    I’m going to japan

  • Jack G.
    Jack G. Month ago

    I’m so hungry for Asian food rn

  • Abbey Ross
    Abbey Ross Month ago

    I’m soooo hungry watching this...

  • waasure
    waasure Month ago

    lmao he got so many weird looks by people in the streets

  • ARandomPerson
    ARandomPerson Month ago

    I ate so many of the foods he ate when I went in March

  • Divyansh Rawat
    Divyansh Rawat Month ago

    Damn your reactions are priceless

    CLASHEM CZ Month ago

    Wow i love japan

  • eva rosario
    eva rosario Month ago

    can you send me some food

  • AnnaAndMaya
    AnnaAndMaya Month ago

    We made a video on Osaka as well! If you’re interested please check us out as well!!

  • IlIllIllIIlIlIlIllIIlIlIllIlIIIllIlIllI IlIIlIlI

    An octopus through reasoning can figure out how to open a jar by itself and has the ability to to figure out an alien mechanism quite fast, its like eating dogs who also sometimes cry when owners are injured, they might be tasty but definitely something you should not be proud of eating.

  • Hotpink51
    Hotpink51 Month ago

    ughhh I want some takoyaki and the pancake one (I cannot spell it for the life of me) rn :(

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Month ago

    This is torture but I can’t stop watching

  • Twofeisty4u
    Twofeisty4u Month ago

    Will you marry me lol

  • Tommie Happie Stamps

    Next time go to Okinawa.

  • Leif Erickson
    Leif Erickson Month ago

    You can keep your Asian crap, you call food, yuck!! L.E.

  • kaylaramirez ramirez
    kaylaramirez ramirez Month ago +1

    m, m m

  • Kyle .w.12
    Kyle .w.12 Month ago

    Why does the dry fish move??

  • Wiratama, Titan
    Wiratama, Titan Month ago

    Why they dont allow double dip?

  • soya odut
    soya odut Month ago

    What does the fish shape dish's called? I forgot

  • 02sweden
    02sweden Month ago

    I am so happy i just ate a nice swedish christmas ham on hard rye bread with sweet and strong mustard on top, while looking at all this delicious food!

  • KaZ Neosis
    KaZ Neosis Month ago

    2:00 I wish a woman looked at me the way she was looking at that cotton candy.

  • Jisoo Kim
    Jisoo Kim Month ago

    Black pink favourite place “Osaka”

  • Baesic Baek without eyeliner

    0:54 the same XD the first time i had it, i thought it was alive too.

  • Helga Pataki
    Helga Pataki 2 months ago

    I wanna go back so badly!!!! Oh Japan I miss you 😭

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 2 months ago


  • Angeles22
    Angeles22 2 months ago

    a purin is katakana for pudding

  • BotMe
    BotMe 2 months ago

    :0 I’m jealous
    Green tea ice cream :(

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Ambulance for baby delivery, on a pride and show note😀😯

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Japan already has everything else as nr 1😀😁

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Aim at the nr 1 food destination on earth😀😊😊😇

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Octapus rocks , like shrimp😀

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Like a waffle and ice cream

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Snack heaven Osaka school girls😀😀😊

    PRATISHRUTI Sahu 2 months ago

    I like everything about you but hardly interact with anyone n I don't at all like ur behaviors

  • akiko y buchanan
    akiko y buchanan 2 months ago

    my home!!!!!!

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah 2 months ago

    yes yum like jackyyy here

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah 2 months ago

    Digesrion.... Moreee:)

  • Victoria S Books
    Victoria S Books 2 months ago

    I dont understand why they cant leave a common spoon in the sauce bowl?

  • Yui Gamer
    Yui Gamer 2 months ago

    who he is?? his face like jackie chan.. do you have blood relation with jackie?

  • warioexpert
    warioexpert 2 months ago

    Osaka was my favorite episode of ''No Reservations''....

  • CrypticalSynergy YT
    CrypticalSynergy YT 2 months ago

    14:59 why they would not watch a random guy standing in the middle of the road in front to a dslr cam or vid recorder tasting a delicious crab

  • itzdarklordz
    itzdarklordz 2 months ago

    Ayy some ranma 1/2 10:46

  • Nick Brewer
    Nick Brewer 2 months ago

    I watch these episodes for dinner.

  • Hello Melo
    Hello Melo 2 months ago

    He looks famous

  • Dan Hahahahaha
    Dan Hahahahaha 2 months ago

    Awful music choice

  • Danie F
    Danie F 2 months ago +1

    I only eat dinner watching your videos now. Food isn't the same without you