Dave Chappelle - Killin Them Softly (VOSTFR)

  • Published on Feb 22, 2017
  • Premier spectacle de Dave Chappelle, un des piliers de l'humour noir de la nouvelle génération aux Etats-Unis.
    Bien que les années aient passées, Killin Them Softly a rapidement gagné son titre d'oeuvre culte, par ses thèmes abordés qui, aujourd'hui encore, sont plus que pertinents dans la société dans laquelle on vit.
    Bon visionnage.
    (Merci au frère qui a traduit ce spectacle et qui l'a diffusé il y a plusieurs années. Puisse-t-il se manifester.)

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  • michael scott
    michael scott Hour ago

    Lol wHiTe PeOpLe Am I rItE GuYzzzzzz?

  • Cableguy818
    Cableguy818 5 hours ago +1

    2.1k dislikes
    Whoever disliked this should punch themselves directly in the ball sack.
    **July 2019 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Bad Luck
    Bad Luck 7 hours ago +1

    american anti white show or whatafuck

  • Myke Majors
    Myke Majors 9 hours ago

    I bet you " Chip" is Jim Breuer

  • kiddhkane
    kiddhkane 11 hours ago

    The whole bill clinton thing makes me think of the kardasluts.

  • Lorenzo Nova
    Lorenzo Nova 13 hours ago

    Man this is still a classic

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 21 hour ago +1

    the guy who screamed YES at the thong contest part murdered me lmao

  • G. W.
    G. W. Day ago

    This is comedy gold. No SJW interrupted, watered down bs. Pure, unfiltered comedy. The way it should be.

  • Shaquille Coombs

    Sometimes you gotta take the pussy like peppy

  • KK And friends
    KK And friends Day ago


  • MattRalphWright
    MattRalphWright 2 days ago

    I’m on a ‘stand up’ binge... I can watch this again and again and again! Then just sprinkle some crack on it when I’m done

  • James Dio
    James Dio 2 days ago

    I eas totally n2 this b4 $tairway.

  • Muanzuala Jongte
    Muanzuala Jongte 2 days ago

    2019 anyone???

  • SchéymaDZ
    SchéymaDZ 2 days ago +1

    Y a pratiquement que des commentaires anglophones mdr

  • Jaa Tee yee
    Jaa Tee yee 2 days ago

    I like hoe dave changes his own voice when he does an immpresion of him self

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 2 days ago

    The Baby was form Chicago a Baby Stone all is well Black Stone.

  • patavalttia
    patavalttia 3 days ago +1

    Dave IS funny, unique...The King!!! ...but why the fuck are they constantly clapping? Sounds weird and stupid. Yes it's funny, so laugh, yeah clap now and then but all the time...

  • Oliver Callowayjr
    Oliver Callowayjr 3 days ago

    the godfather to me

  • Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke 3 days ago +1

    "Gun store..gun store.. liquor store..gun store..where the f**k you taking me?!!"
    Cant stop, wont stop listening to chappelle.

  • Ost Ost
    Ost Ost 4 days ago +3

    Coucou Jamel Debouze si tu passes par là 🙋‍♂️

  • Whateverfits
    Whateverfits 4 days ago

    His white friend is always named Chip. To be fair that is a very white person name.

  • tawonga munyanduri
    tawonga munyanduri 4 days ago

    Now that's jealousy 😂😂😂

  • Alfredo Tirado
    Alfredo Tirado 5 days ago

    Who here now?

  • Dimitri. Clark.
    Dimitri. Clark. 5 days ago

    Close your butt cheeks.

  • Z CiDDKaST
    Z CiDDKaST 6 days ago

    48:25 a Truth that needs to be understood.

  • Armadio
    Armadio 6 days ago

    ''C'mere little Nigga baby''....

  • Michael Cusanus
    Michael Cusanus 7 days ago

    i always watch this after life-leaks police body-cams footage of a fatal shooting . i laugh my ass of. twice.

  • T B
    T B 7 days ago


  • Rafael Temple
    Rafael Temple 7 days ago

    I knew a dude that was eighteen that rode in a power wheel.

  • Pat Raphael
    Pat Raphael 8 days ago

    hahahahaa... you gotta hear this shit in 2019 like you fat ass Faison Love.... that shit ain't funny... hahhhaha

  • Zandra Shockley
    Zandra Shockley 8 days ago

    And now look at politics

  • Savo 414
    Savo 414 8 days ago +2

    Just sprinkle some crack on him and let's get out of here😂

  • Phil Burton
    Phil Burton 9 days ago +1

    The old baby on the corner thick em!!

  • Mrvvolf
    Mrvvolf 9 days ago +1

    Gotcha bitch!

  • Christopher Green
    Christopher Green 9 days ago

    its just too good!

  • Will Shelton
    Will Shelton 10 days ago

    I have to revisit this when I need to laugh deep and often. He is so funny, original, he says or puts things together that no ones ever said, he sees what others don't. He's a great story teller too. The baby at the end brings his set to a close! But, I couldn't look away!!!! Lol

  • James Hightower
    James Hightower 10 days ago +3

    The president and pick up line... Absolutely genius!

  • BlackPepperKiller 16
    BlackPepperKiller 16 10 days ago

    47:59 if you're a long term fan of VanossGaming you will know this

  • Buzzdlightyear
    Buzzdlightyear 10 days ago


  • The Marvelous M
    The Marvelous M 10 days ago

    34:08 - 34:12 Man, times have changed...

  • Lucio Innocenzo
    Lucio Innocenzo 10 days ago

    oh, a black man playing the victim for 20 minutes, what a news

  • kid video
    kid video 10 days ago +1

    this shit kicks ass, hes funny as hell..........no one like that today.

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig 10 days ago

    This is the Dave Shappelle I like to see. He aint puttin on that dress. GODBLESS

  • The Marvelous M
    The Marvelous M 10 days ago

    53:49 0.25X speed.

  • Stanky The Herbivore
    Stanky The Herbivore 11 days ago

    bruh i know all the train lines and stations never knew he was from DC

  • Mj Perillo
    Mj Perillo 11 days ago

    Chip is
    Jim Brewer from half baked

  • avent ador
    avent ador 11 days ago

    One of the best standups ever

    MAC DADDY 12 days ago

    Fffff legend 😂😂😂😂

  • _Known_
    _Known_ 12 days ago


  • Lovaofmuzik4eva
    Lovaofmuzik4eva 12 days ago

    I wish I could have rolled eith him n Chip 😂😂😂 good times

  • Reginald Miller
    Reginald Miller 13 days ago

    I have been to the ghetto 😅😂🤣😭!!!!

  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi 13 days ago

    47:56 soooooo iconic

  • scoot3r johnson
    scoot3r johnson 13 days ago

    july 8th 2019...

  • just a nother person
    just a nother person 14 days ago

    Dave's white guy voice is my favorite white guy voice. And I ain't black

  • Jeffstone17
    Jeffstone17 14 days ago

    So good to have the translation @ 53:50.

  • J24777
    J24777 14 days ago

    Definitely one of my favorite Comedy Concerts of Dave!!

  • Karen Mahoney
    Karen Mahoney 15 days ago +2

    When did the comments section become a fucking calendar?

  • seth abraham
    seth abraham 15 days ago


  • mystery man
    mystery man 15 days ago

    Go back to Africa

  • Momad Faruque
    Momad Faruque 15 days ago

    Those subtitles are distracting me!

    • NaHo Bush
      NaHo Bush 2 days ago

      Momad Faruque now you can learn French

  • Conservative Machinist

    Funny how he likes bill clinton even though bill was a know rapist and his wife hillary clinton (two time presidential candidate loser) literally sold uranium to Russia

    DR.BALIK NZ 15 days ago +11

    That's where Gotcha b*tch came from, My life can now finally end NO Regrets

  • Wilfredo Hance
    Wilfredo Hance 16 days ago +3

    Sometimes you gotta race niga wtf I don't know. Lmao!! Im dead! Top 5 best comedians ever.

  • Call Me AfterWords
    Call Me AfterWords 16 days ago

    Da 🐐

  • Ziggy Hammons
    Ziggy Hammons 17 days ago

    No Master P

  • Andreas Aroditis
    Andreas Aroditis 17 days ago


  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 17 days ago +3

    this brother is gold peace from germany

  • Michael Horner
    Michael Horner 17 days ago

    Dave we need to talk.......Fuck!

  • Shit*happens
    Shit*happens 17 days ago

    Get outta here crackie lol

  • EME corp
    EME corp 17 days ago

    Hey gringos how is name song the opening thanks

    • EME corp
      EME corp 13 days ago

      First the name openings is open her:) seconds I understand him too :) Weira amenet( wait a minute) mmm my favorite phrase is PUTITON:p

    • EME corp
      EME corp 13 days ago

      Do you speak English

    • illia penrosa
      illia penrosa 13 days ago +1


  • BLITZJordan
    BLITZJordan 18 days ago

    47:04 a fact was spoken in that day
    48:00 funniest lines ever

  • Ilovesesshomaru! sama
    Ilovesesshomaru! sama 18 days ago

    Are the French subtitles accurate? Because the little French I know leads me to believe some of what their putting on the screen isn’t in sync with what Dave is saying

  • Berad Casteel
    Berad Casteel 19 days ago

    Part of what makes him so funny is his demeanor and his voice. It's odd how a voice can make someone so much funnier. Like Chris Tucker or Kevin Hart. His story of a white guy talking to the cops high is bullshit. Go trying to smoke some weed while talking to the cops and see how easily you get your ass ripped out of the car.
    Try putting your hands on an officer as a white dude and see if you don't get fucked up. A white friend of mine in our home town "lunged at" an officer who was in his home trying to tell him he was going to take his child because he got a "complaint the home smelled like marijuana and a young child lived there".
    Obviously this guy was very upset as he tried explaining to them he wasn't smoking weed, he didn't smoke weed and was trying to get custody of his 4 years old son so he gave up drinking and smoking weed. The cop didn't believe him because "he smelled weed".
    The cops brought CPS agents back with him and additional officers. The CPS agent grabbed his little boy and when he went to grab his child back (the evidence showed he was about 8-10 feet away when he caught one to the chest and one to the head. RIGHT in front of his little boy.
    Test proved, no marijuana or illegal substances in his bloodstream. Cop got 3 weeks paid leave while it was investigated. But had to leave town shortly after being reinstated, because he had an entire town out for his head. He was a fat out of shape police officer who was on the "city police force".
    We have county and city in a "city" of 1,800 people. The 3 other officers had just their tasers out, two were former national guardsmen who'd been deployed at some point to Iraq and Afghanistan. One other was an ex-marine. The one who fired the shots was an under trained piece of shit.

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th 19 days ago

    This cock sucker gonna come right out the gate with more racist shit. FUCK DAVE CHAPELLE... Find some clean comedy or give it the fuck up. Some of us are tired of you dumb asses making it funny to abuse you more. You're pathetic in y book, now

  • Kris Sullivan
    Kris Sullivan 19 days ago

    I’d like to know these white people

    HYPED TV 19 days ago +1

    all french comedians stoll chapelles jokes

  • WilliamE216
    WilliamE216 19 days ago

    Goddamn Chappelle is a brilliant comedian.

  • Keonne Williams
    Keonne Williams 20 days ago

    So crazy and funny😂😂

  • Luciano 007
    Luciano 007 20 days ago

    Oo nice Porshe....Gotcha Bitch! I'm ded

  • Fatman311
    Fatman311 20 days ago

    'Just at that very moment one of the crackheads run across the street and got hit by a car. I know it was a hit and run. The police did it. It's alright, they sprinkled some crack on him, he got back up.'

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 20 days ago

    She was overweight an he took interest she has a pretty mouth.. lol

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 20 days ago


  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 20 days ago

    I think the Kennedy's killed her

  • aFaceInside
    aFaceInside 21 day ago

    G.O.A.T. Beyound Lebron James!!!

  • Shawn Young
    Shawn Young 21 day ago +4

    I have to say this is terrible. I spit milk all over my bed while laughing,.. he's so good.

  • Clive Wells
    Clive Wells 21 day ago

    This, is some funny, shit..!

  • zack lee
    zack lee 21 day ago +2

    I know it was a hit and run... the cops did it 🤣🤣

  • donnyj88
    donnyj88 22 days ago +1

    funny today they dont care what you look like black , white , etc !! they will do the same !! they just want to do something ! the older cops not so bad ! they just show up and try to not have paperwork to do no matter what race !!!

  • Gina Ciani
    Gina Ciani 22 days ago

    Too funny 😂

  • tan thanh
    tan thanh 22 days ago +1

    learn french with this shit

  • Artist Villanueva
    Artist Villanueva 22 days ago

    the crowd is dead.

  • Todd Gilmore
    Todd Gilmore 23 days ago

    This guys pretty funny.. but always brings up Crackheads in every episode!!

    • Mid Nite
      Mid Nite 22 days ago

      What are you? A crackhead? only a crackhead would be offended.

  • geoff edwards
    geoff edwards 23 days ago

    Clever lad, just realised i thought give Dave a quick 5mins and before I know it I've killed half hour in what felt like 5mins.As ya know time flies when you're having fun!Love Dave's observations,it's the key to good comedy, funny as fuck.

  • acog vet
    acog vet 23 days ago +2

    This dude chip sounds like a dope ass guy 😂

  • My Dick
    My Dick 24 days ago

    And Dave repaid Chip by hitting him with a lamp.

  • Triloquism Video
    Triloquism Video 24 days ago

    "suck my d*ck, there's a future in it" - LOL

  • Dick Splat
    Dick Splat 24 days ago +2

    Dave Chapelle is the funniest guy ever - perfect mix of impressions, social commentary and rudeness. And that white voice is primo.

  • Don Hunter
    Don Hunter 24 days ago

    Bitch I live in a fucking trash can....LMAO

  • akshay raj
    akshay raj 24 days ago

    This gig is pure legendary shit.

  • WildOne KY
    WildOne KY 24 days ago

    This is NOT the same “Dave” as you see today.. he has been “replaced”. Convince me otherwise, I will wait.

    • NaHo Bush
      NaHo Bush 2 days ago

      WildOne KY or OR he lived his life and became wiser