Horde Bash Announce Trailer

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • The new Horde Bash event begins on Oct. 5, featuring all new Scavenger Llamas with 4 New Heroes. Pre-build your base and Challenge the Horde!
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  • Owerlord The lord

    2019 and now they don’t make trailers or even mention stw

  • big boi dan
    big boi dan 2 months ago


  • Elian Samarripa
    Elian Samarripa 3 months ago

    I won’t the new 10+

  • You've yee'd your last haw

    I miss this event, it was so fun.

  • Lucas Miranda
    Lucas Miranda 6 months ago

    The famous renegade raider and raider headunter

  • Confusedsandwich
    Confusedsandwich 8 months ago

    Can this come back

  • DerinGlover Glover
    DerinGlover Glover 11 months ago

    I loved this event

  • Santi132
    Santi132 11 months ago +1

    Just make it free already

  • PureFred
    PureFred 11 months ago +3

    Who ready to play this again?

  • Official Rafe
    Official Rafe 11 months ago

    When Fortnite was Fortnite

  • Joseph charles Sta. maria

    I wish they still made trailers for save the world

  • leroy Diaz
    leroy Diaz 11 months ago

    Remember me are we boy

  • Leon _4728
    Leon _4728 11 months ago +2

    This is coming back !!!😊

  • Egg Shell
    Egg Shell Year ago

    *PUBG king* ATTAAAAAAACK *PUBG players* FIRE

  • AndreDemon0701
    AndreDemon0701 Year ago +2

    Where's the Nintendo Switch version???

    • snow was taken fml
      snow was taken fml 3 months ago +1

      never. the switch would literally melt if it tried running stw.

  • ketchup bottle
    ketchup bottle Year ago

    Wait theres another mode than br

  • Navin Chanel
    Navin Chanel Year ago

    why im cant play save the world

  • M050
    M050 Year ago

    Please make it free

    VIPNATHAN 15 Year ago

    Is this gonna be out when save the world is free?

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez Year ago

    ʜᴇʜ, ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ɴᴏ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs 😭

  • Legen Dary
    Legen Dary Year ago

    Is this event comming back?

  • Herobrine
    Herobrine Year ago

    PLEASE, bring back the Horde Bash event.😥

  • Deadeye !
    Deadeye ! Year ago

    So is horde bash like the free version of save the world

    • RicCree
      RicCree Year ago

      It was an event that happened last year so no it isn't.

  • Lã Miñt
    Lã Miñt Year ago

    Can play this on PC?.

  • ScoutTheBalaclavaGuy117

    PVE looks more fun than battle royale

  • ッZronics
    ッZronics Year ago +2

    Bring it back

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago +1

      Could they just put the horde bash at least when there is no event worlds ? 🤨

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago +1


  • Ghost Comet
    Ghost Comet Year ago +1

    Does this come back randomly or is it somewhere but I’m just blind

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      But it is not .. :(

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      Ghost Comet I wish

  • m1n3 c7afty
    m1n3 c7afty Year ago

    So is this part of PVE? If it is I'm buying PVE when it's on sale again!

  • Gorilla Kong
    Gorilla Kong Year ago


  • LUKE_3.14
    LUKE_3.14 Year ago

    ok so im confused what is the objective in this?

  • Taylor Brisk
    Taylor Brisk Year ago

    If you guys could bring back crossplay for the PC to xbox one and PC to ps4 that would be great. Don't know why PC to xbox one isn't a thing when Microsoft has been for crossplay this whole time

  • Hatadru
    Hatadru Year ago

    Fix fps drops!!!!!

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Andres343 We're working on it. If you have a chance to stop by the forums send us your system specs and we can see if there are some additional hardware issues we may be missing.

  • - Gomez
    - Gomez Year ago

    Anyone having a hard time getting enough scavenger tickets to buy llamas? Nothing like survive the storm tickets..kind of lame..

  • Robert Ibar
    Robert Ibar Year ago

    Is it free

    • Robert Ibar
      Robert Ibar Year ago

      Fortnite ok thx

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Robert Ibar The Save the World Campaign is not free. It will be free sometime in 2018.

  • Daniel Sem
    Daniel Sem Year ago

    how we get this mode wapons ?

  • TheModderGhast
    TheModderGhast Year ago +1

    Fortnite is my life💓💓 Please leave the game free... Is loveeeeee

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +TheModderGhast The Save the World Campaign will eventually go free. Battle Royale is free.

  • Gobelin King
    Gobelin King Year ago +1

    C de la merde votre jeu

  • Makimoomoo kinz
    Makimoomoo kinz Year ago

    nerf shotguns you plan

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Cod-bot / Othilex Snipez Head on over to the official forums and let us know how we can improve shotguns. We're always looking for good advice.

  • Carma
    Carma Year ago

    This game is fun but you die so easily in battle royale

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +1

      +Laughing like a fox Glad you're having fun! We'll continue making adjustments to get the feel of the game right. We want to make sure that we don't go too far and mess up the "fun" formula.

  • Jack Wolfe
    Jack Wolfe Year ago

    Can NOT download.. Problem being there's no speed limit on "EPIC launcher". And that means i have to wait for a space in the week of a few hours no-body wants to use the internet... That's gonna be a while. forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/feedback-for-epic/36981-limit-launcher-s-download-speed/page2
    2 years. Its not a tough feature.
    OPP-6141 - Add a global download throttle for the launcher to the settings menu.

  • FreEPlaY
    FreEPlaY Year ago


  • Ovidiu132
    Ovidiu132 Year ago

    so i have a question it will be free ? because this is really cool

  • SMC IlIlllIIl
    SMC IlIlllIIl Year ago

    Character creation plsssss

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Prrriiaa Ppprrriiiaaa We will eventually have some customization options. We're still really focused on improving the core game before we get into too many cosmetics.

  • jjckll ddfd
    jjckll ddfd Year ago

    Fortnite pls add split screen for duos in battle royale

    • jjckll ddfd
      jjckll ddfd Year ago

      Fortnite right cheers 🥂. Btw wouldn’t mind an idea for a new battle royale map supposedly set in a city, desert or arctic area later on

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +2

      +domsak Thanks for the suggestion. We don't currently have any plans for split screen, but we'll pass along the suggestion.

  • A Person
    A Person Year ago

    Im pretty with battle royal and the free save the world thingy 2017 plus its free so the only chance of me buying this is if its free

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +DeAndre TheMLGSaiyanGod Eventually both will be free.

  • Tetramorium
    Tetramorium Year ago +1

    Another mini game instead of actually improving the main game ...

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Tetramorium Hopefully we'll eventually make some of the improvements you're looking to see. We've been trying to deliver great content and fix existing issues during Early Access. Sorry to disappoint you, we will do our best to get better.

    • Tetramorium
      Tetramorium Year ago

      Splitting up the community... having trouble finding people for the main game which I wanted to play and enjoy so I uninstalled. Maybe I try again later

  • Vedo Bega
    Vedo Bega Year ago

    help me everytime i click the launch button a problem appears and it says about known graphics problem, idk what to do!

  • Wetterkiller
    Wetterkiller Year ago +1

    PLS Split Screen!!!!!! PLS

  • lil Broomstcik
    lil Broomstcik Year ago

    fix your hit reg on battle royal I am sick of hitting people 13 feet away from me and it not registering yet some how it always works for them like I don't get it you know what I figured it out this game is trash a clone leeching off of pubg's success

  • TheFirst TimeGaming
    TheFirst TimeGaming Year ago +1

    @fortnite devs can u make pvp mode battle royale in Asia server i've been waiting this game in Asia server tq.....

  • Charles Couch
    Charles Couch Year ago

    The battle real version of fortnight is b******* 90% of my matches list less than 40 seconds how in the f*** do I shoot someone in the face with a purple shotgun and they do not die but yet they shoot me with four bullets from a uncommon M16 and I died what the f*** kind of b******* is that your version of Battle Royale sucks balls big time

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Charles Couch sorry to hear you're not enjoying Battle Royale. There are some great community tips for surviving, shooting and looting here on TVclip or the forums:
      We'll continue doing our best to improve the gameplay so everyone can enjoy the experience. We want you to enjoy your time gaming. Gaming is all about having a fun time.

  • MOHA C4
    MOHA C4 Year ago +1

    please add first person please please please

    • MOHA C4
      MOHA C4 Year ago


    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +1

      +MOHA C4 There aren't any plans to add First Person as we don't believe it aligns with the core design goals of Fortnite. It may be something we revisit in the future.

    • MOHA C4
      MOHA C4 Year ago

      we need first person for battle royale mode

    • - Gomez
      - Gomez Year ago +1

      MOHA C4 there already is first person..check your settings

  • IvanMcoolYT
    IvanMcoolYT Year ago

    Plz make a rule on battle Royale that you shouldn’t be able to kill ur own team mates it’s annoying

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +IvanMcool BLR thanks for the suggestion we'll pass it along to the design team.

  • Thelionpro Gamer
    Thelionpro Gamer Year ago

    Is this game going on PS3 pls do it

  • Nativeson
    Nativeson Year ago +1

    This game is pretty much useless without team speak on random servers.

    • Nativeson
      Nativeson Year ago

      thank you!

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +1

      +Nativeson Voice integration is a high priority for the team on Squads in Battle Royale. We'll follow up with more information for Save the World when we can.

  • Valmir junior
    Valmir junior Year ago

    alguem me ajuda baixer fortnite e quando abro ele aparece uma mensagem ai clico em ok e o jogo fecha algue me ajudaa

  • ExPi_Aivis82
    ExPi_Aivis82 Year ago

    anyone have a spare code please

  • Tiger Gamer
    Tiger Gamer Year ago

    I got this game well battle royal version but i can't play it my family can't afford stuff like this

  • ProTheGod
    ProTheGod Year ago +1

    love this :D

  • Mad_llama
    Mad_llama Year ago +1

    Their must be an option to play with ps4 and pc together

  • Glaander
    Glaander Year ago

    what is up? still no word for people who lost their storm shield storage, and as one of them I need those malachite, as just got to canny, those is what been saving from Plankerton, and is hard.

    DHRUVIN Year ago

    plz fortnite make steam game

  • Charles Couch
    Charles Couch Year ago

    When are y'all going to fix the talking in Battle Royale I cannot talk to none of my teammates that I matched up with unless I invite them into a private party through PlayStation fix it and soon please

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Charles Couch Voice chat is a high priority for us. We're not too much further out. We'll keep you posted on more details soon. We think it's an important feature so be on the lookout on the official website for more info.

  • Operator leo
    Operator leo Year ago +2

    the game is getting better and better congratulations to the epic games team

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +3

      +Leonardo Hunter thanks so much! We're doing everything we can to continue giving you a good ol' fun time!

  • JustinFTW1234
    JustinFTW1234 Year ago


    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +JustinFTW1234 The Save the World Campaign is free in 2018.

  • Timothy Fulkerson
    Timothy Fulkerson Year ago +1

    how am i sposed to get resources for the base building in hordbash i went to.home base and put stuff in it???

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +1

      +something dank You can collect resources in the Horde Bash itself and we improvements coming to Outlanders that will help with resources.

  • stektirade
    stektirade Year ago +1

    this is just awful, this is no different than storm shield defense what a waste. where is the cool horde mode where you get to build massive multi story bases and hide an objective up in it? you have have designed this building system where no one can use it to its full potential. stop releasing this petty crap and give us a true game type that you guys have methodically thought out. wtf guys, im disappointed.

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      stektirade Just don't play it .. Now they don't put it back .. >:(

    • stektirade
      stektirade Year ago

      Fortnite I've sent you guys multiple feedback messages from survive the storm when you were asking for them. Were all those looked over?

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +stektirade Sorry to hear you're disappointed. Hearing that makes us disappointed in ourselves.
      We will do everything we can to make sure we make the game and its modes more enjoyable. We want you to be having fun because that's what gaming is all about.

  • Blizz_Snow
    Blizz_Snow Year ago

    What's the code for PS4

  • TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper

    So this is like cod zombies on steroids?

    • TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper
      TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper Year ago

      Fortnite so gears plus Minecraft on steroids, interesting. Wasn't expecting a reply from you guys. I'll check it out, I love horde modes, Especially ones where you make your own base

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Lord Engie Reincarnate We'd like to think it's more like Horde from Gears with lots of building ;)

  • FER G
    FER G Year ago

    I bought the promotion of 7500 points and I made the charge to the card and did not give me the points in the game I only collect the money without giving me anything. (In xbox )

    • FER G
      FER G Year ago

      I made this expense to buy the super flame and now what? I will not be able to thank you

  • Hatadru
    Hatadru Year ago

    Tree lag

  • Tiago Serrano
    Tiago Serrano Year ago +1

    Fortnite pls slit screen pls

  • Silviu Iordache
    Silviu Iordache Year ago

    guys, focus on the Battle Royale side of the game more. You should do this now when you still have large playerbase. Add skins, heroes, weapons, progression. You need to drop everything else you are working on this project on, PVE modes, and work on that. It will bring you millions!

  • Lio
    Lio Year ago +1

    GOOD JOOB !! GOOD JOB now my game doesnt work because of globalshadercache-pcd3d_sm4.bin' is missing well got to say ..... GOOD JOB FORTNITE

  • mostafa mn135
    mostafa mn135 Year ago

    the pvp will be not free??!

  • Z 14
    Z 14 Year ago

    Is the Feedback section ever read or even looked at all? Will the stolen tickets get returned? Will the rng(llamas) ever be fixed?

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Z 14 Of course we regularly check the feedback section. Tickets for the survive the storm event needed to transferred over up to 1000 for one llama. After the event they were lost to the storm.
      We're working on more ways to help you get you the stuff you want.

  • Ultimate Brotherhood

    Do I earn anything from playing Battle Royale? Any stats? Progress? Unlocks? Or is it play and get no rewards?

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      Ultimate Brotherhood no rewards

  • GravityGamer25
    GravityGamer25 Year ago

    Wenn die Statistiken rauskommen sind die siege schon dabei die man hat oder alles nochmal neu

  • Darren Simpson
    Darren Simpson Year ago

    Is there any pvp updates as well?

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Darren Simpson We continue to deliver updates for the Battle Royale PvP mode.

  • Jins Flavor
    Jins Flavor Year ago

    does anyone have spare key? i really like this game i play alot of royale but i really really wanna try the zombie mode and other events like this. despite my rent i cant really throw money . so if anyone is kind enough or just has left over key hit me up. thanks

  • Crazy Llama
    Crazy Llama Year ago

    How long will the servers be down??

  • Dante 44
    Dante 44 Year ago

    Is this free?

  • Doxdy King
    Doxdy King Year ago

    I don't understand, what do you do in this mode?

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago +1

      +Doxdy King You build a base, and then you protect with everything you hold dear.

  • Froogment
    Froogment Year ago

    New emotes please

  • Skrra goes ting the

    It will be free like battle royale or you have to buy early access?

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Jakub Serewa Horde Bash is in the Save the World Campaign which is currently in paid Early Access.

  • klash
    klash Year ago

    se non pris en charge, anyone have solution ??

  • Demon Gamer
    Demon Gamer Year ago

    Hello, on fortnite battle royale my screen is black and white please give advice

  • Mr.Squid
    Mr.Squid Year ago

    Is that free?

  • TheVs
    TheVs Year ago

    @fortnite In battle Royale We are gettting an big number of cheaters into our games,i can say ever 3rd game is with an aimbot cheater/aim assistance and wallhacker,bust aimboters are the worst cheaters.How you want to fight them?And when we will get an Report button for them after we die from this cheater.Like pubg has an function like that. Thx in advance

  • Daily Donger
    Daily Donger Year ago

    Can we please have charecter customization on pvp.

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +Daily Donger We want you to have some flair and style when you're hopping out of the Battle Bus. Character customization is definitely on our list.

  • YouTube Movie Junkie

    If you notice here below..the seldom respond to any comments..and why is that ?

  • Mega Quinn
    Mega Quinn Year ago

    Fortnite not available on R3 region yetttt

  • Link Leo T
    Link Leo T Year ago

    Will you be adding things like furniture?

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      Link Leo T I don't think

  • JohnyPeace
    JohnyPeace Year ago +1

    when the save the world mode will be free??

  • Agent Bubbles
    Agent Bubbles Year ago

    Do a rust game mode

    • zlRivo
      zlRivo Year ago

      Agent Bubbles Lmao it could already be rust

  • jlogroniox
    jlogroniox Year ago

    I don’t get it. I’m currently playing battle royale mode atm. Im confuse if this game is fully free to play that you can play all modes or you need to buy the full game to play all modes?

  • MrOzgur FaitSonShow

    The game is free yes or no

    • Fortnite
      Fortnite  Year ago

      +MrOzgur FaitSonShow The Battle Royale mode is available for free. The Save the World Campaign will go free sometime in 2018.


    Is horde bash free ?? Plz tell

  • Gryphon 21
    Gryphon 21 Year ago

    Is this for pay players

  • Tomas Franc
    Tomas Franc Year ago

    So far, great work, keep it up.