SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)


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  • lisab theboss
    lisab theboss Hour ago +1

    that was a nice pass rice did to JJ. i know rice was trash because he never played futbol and he didnt get to practice. At least he did better than deji missed 6 goals and slide tackled his own teammate.. At least rice got an assist

  • Larson Nightingale
    Larson Nightingale 5 hours ago

    Lol the announcers are so bad

  • Albanian GaminG
    Albanian GaminG 5 hours ago

    nice game boys for deji is so angry ahahhahah

  • RandomFortnitePlayer 68

    Lachlan should really join the sidemen

  • Andu 10
    Andu 10 11 hours ago

    I think deji was aimaing for the keeper smh 😬

  • Liam B.
    Liam B. 11 hours ago

    Lol why is ricescum there?

  • Anna Zhou
    Anna Zhou 12 hours ago

    Did rice know what he was doing?

  • Anna Zhou
    Anna Zhou 12 hours ago

    It's SDMN FC 7-1 TVclip Allstars

  • Jake 88
    Jake 88 Day ago

    “I don’t hate Logan Paul”
    Yeah.... ok then

    I don’t support Logan btw

  • Logan Chandler
    Logan Chandler 2 days ago

    Ricegum.... that little piece of “ali a music”

  • xedits 6
    xedits 6 2 days ago

    This is more entertaining than normal football in my opinion 😂

  • Mateo Ascic
    Mateo Ascic 2 days ago

    Does ytas goal ceeper have eyes??? What was that first 2 goals. He was just standing there. WTF

  • Hector MARSHALL
    Hector MARSHALL 2 days ago

    how come freezy is on allstars and ricegum is on sidemen

  • Imogen Pugh
    Imogen Pugh 3 days ago

    The biggest risk is not taking any risk� In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. 2086

  • Anirudh J
    Anirudh J 3 days ago

    9:58 did she just...

  • Zein Obeid
    Zein Obeid 4 days ago

    all starts really need a new goal keeper

  • james smith
    james smith 5 days ago

    worst golkeeper ever

  • Monster_playz 123
    Monster_playz 123 5 days ago

    And why is faze adapt here

  • Tobestar 9
    Tobestar 9 5 days ago

    9:56 God no

  • I cAnT ThInK oF a UseRNaMe!1!!

    Sdmn are better but ytas have better people
    example: will, Stephen, joe (sugg), stop spoiling me TVclip all stars
    and ricecum is on their team lmfaoooo

  • Mirza4687
    Mirza4687 6 days ago

    Mom dabbed

  • Bill Oddy
    Bill Oddy 6 days ago

    Fam, the commentary was atrocious!

  • Josh The Squash
    Josh The Squash 6 days ago

    why tf is rice gum here?

  • Josh The Squash
    Josh The Squash 6 days ago

    i think that miniminter is the best soccer player out of all the sidemen

    • Josh The Squash
      Josh The Squash 6 days ago

      correction he is the best soccer player in the sidemen

  • RobertZ Gaming-Z
    RobertZ Gaming-Z 6 days ago

    even tgfbro??

  • Me Love Banana :D
    Me Love Banana :D 6 days ago

    That yellow Goalkeeper is worst then woman goalkeeper

  • Ethan Melvin
    Ethan Melvin 6 days ago

    Ricegum he’s as offside as Logan Paul when he when to the forest

  • Jonathan Sunil
    Jonathan Sunil 6 days ago

    Was that king bach

  • TabsterGamez
    TabsterGamez 7 days ago

    This commentators are so cringe doh

  • Charlie Rae
    Charlie Rae 7 days ago

    TVclip allstars goalkeeper just couldn’t be arsed

    NERF SQUAD 8 days ago


  • Marie-Ann Biersay
    Marie-Ann Biersay 8 days ago +1

    ChrisMD is kinda full of himself tho

  • Kaleb Hughes
    Kaleb Hughes 8 days ago

    55 seconds in look how offside rice gum is

  • Devon Dornan
    Devon Dornan 8 days ago

    Screw ksi

  • Cobs.
    Cobs. 8 days ago

    Lmao when I scrolled through the comments all I saw is ricegum

  • TheMuffinCatz
    TheMuffinCatz 8 days ago

    Sidemen is too good for football

  • Voltrex
    Voltrex 8 days ago

    Vikk scored my life is complete BTW that has got to be the worst goalkeeper he was just just standing there he didn't even move a little bit

  • lol tps
    lol tps 8 days ago


  • Callum Chuk
    Callum Chuk 8 days ago

    ksi is a beast now. Can't wait to see him in manny's new team playing CDM CM OR CAM. miniminter tobi and manny have always been good but ksi has improved so much

  • JaCoB XXXFoReVEr
    JaCoB XXXFoReVEr 8 days ago

    Miniminter The MVP

  • king moSalah 11
    king moSalah 11 8 days ago


  • Jacob Barrett
    Jacob Barrett 8 days ago

    1:15 I don't think ricegum knows the offside rule

  • lolykebrtwv
    lolykebrtwv 8 days ago

    God Hugh is garbage

  • Ezekiel Bender
    Ezekiel Bender 8 days ago

    Rice Gum is in the Sidemen?

  • Thomas XD
    Thomas XD 9 days ago

    11:00 song plz?

  • The sick Chip
    The sick Chip 9 days ago

    I feel sorry for vik

  • Savage Nightwalker
    Savage Nightwalker 9 days ago

    Does ricegum even know what he's doing?

  • BLUE Demo
    BLUE Demo 9 days ago

    wtF ricegum

    LEBANESE BEASTS 9 days ago

    Isn't this Brazil vs Germany 😂😂😂 jk... Vikstar man of the match

  • Dark Sly
    Dark Sly 9 days ago

    Miniminister got a hat trick

  • MrSbib
    MrSbib 10 days ago

    This is only 2 months ago?

  • A U
    A U 10 days ago

    And people say Americans are bad at something soccer

  • Marjina Riaz
    Marjina Riaz 10 days ago

    Amazing VIDEO AND MATCH !!!!!!!!!!,

  • Team B
    Team B 10 days ago

    Crap creeper

  • ScorbZ Cl4yM
    ScorbZ Cl4yM 10 days ago +2

    Wanna hear a joke?


    • HY K
      HY K 5 days ago

      ScorbZ Cl4yM lol

  • Pepe Oliveira
    Pepe Oliveira 10 days ago

    Brazil vs Germany 2.0

  • Pepe Oliveira
    Pepe Oliveira 10 days ago

    Vengo por DJMariio :v

  • dibivoulohg Gaming
    dibivoulohg Gaming 10 days ago


    NEYMER JUNIOR 10 days ago

    Where's w2s?

    NEYMER JUNIOR 10 days ago

    Where is w2s

  • or nir
    or nir 10 days ago

    The goalkeeper of YTAS not moving.

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia 11 days ago

    Is Weller playing on all stars?

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia 11 days ago

    Why is manny on the sidemen but cal is on Allstars

  • Taysean Shivrattan
    Taysean Shivrattan 11 days ago

    The goaly sucked

  • Brandon Fragoso
    Brandon Fragoso 11 days ago

    Lol the YTAS just let them win

  • Mohamed Sudheer
    Mohamed Sudheer 11 days ago

    bruh rice just standing offside

  • Addisoniscool
    Addisoniscool 11 days ago

    TVclip all-stars goalie didn’t even try

  • xColdxFlamex
    xColdxFlamex 11 days ago

    It was a close match...

  • Elias Castro Trinidad
    Elias Castro Trinidad 11 days ago +1

    wtf is wrong with the YTAS goalie

  • 11 days ago

    Some of them are actually so good wish I'd been there

  • paw quinones
    paw quinones 12 days ago

    The TVclip All-Stars had a terrible goalie so that wasn't really fair

  • Kxng Melio
    Kxng Melio 12 days ago

    Tobi is my favourite sidemen🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dragon ball Z Gohan
    Dragon ball Z Gohan 12 days ago

    0:55 I expected the keeper to save that or at least try to dive or save it. Poor keeping letting in another goal
    2:02 Seriously keeper? I know that wasn’t a goal but he didn’t even catch it.
    6:01 🤭 smh so silly

  • rei melasi
    rei melasi 12 days ago +1


  • jeff_killer_ 21_2
    jeff_killer_ 21_2 13 days ago

    Where was willines slide tackle

  • triple M
    triple M 13 days ago +1

    W2S didn't play???

  • super z dog
    super z dog 13 days ago

    England VS Panamar!

  • Xx KYLE xX
    Xx KYLE xX 13 days ago

    Who to hit simons head and left that bruise? I'm just kidding

  • TheGamingAlle N
    TheGamingAlle N 13 days ago

    Why was rice in it

  • Ben Grierson
    Ben Grierson 14 days ago

    Hugh was terrible that game worst player ever

  • The plane dude4
    The plane dude4 14 days ago

    Why is RiceCum there

  • Max Nordenskiöld Frid

    9:59 omegalul that mon tho

  • Irke Riasanty
    Irke Riasanty 15 days ago

    so sad that chrismd is not your team😂

  • DawidOFF
    DawidOFF 15 days ago

    Best goalkeeper....

  • Valkabie
    Valkabie 15 days ago

    I swear they payed ytas goal keeper to stand still the whole game

  • Leaf Cutter
    Leaf Cutter 15 days ago

    Brazil Vs Germany

  • Keelan Coburn
    Keelan Coburn 17 days ago

    Sidemen team shouldn’t of had rice and jme instead of them 2 they should’ve had cal freeze and callux

  • Roblox NinjaGamer
    Roblox NinjaGamer 17 days ago

    Seriously rice gum is playing?

  • Supin Paeprakon
    Supin Paeprakon 17 days ago

    how the f did u get 7 to 1😱

  • Daniel Holmes-clough
    Daniel Holmes-clough 17 days ago

    I loved JJs first goal but all off them were amazing

  • MikeSG87
    MikeSG87 18 days ago

    0:47 Ricegum is around 15 yards offside and is probably still wondering why he hasn’t been passed the ball 😂

  • Tiмa
    Tiмa 18 days ago

    I feel bad just for Chris because he and Miniminter and TOBI are the best!

  • Clutch Nate
    Clutch Nate 18 days ago

    The TVclip teams goalie didn't even try

  • iAmDrippy
    iAmDrippy 18 days ago


  • Mandy Hartman
    Mandy Hartman 18 days ago

    What was the goalie doing

  • Max Lundy
    Max Lundy 18 days ago

    Did the sidemen pay the goalkeeper? Or what?

  • kiara edwards
    kiara edwards 18 days ago

    I just love how everyone cheered Vik on when he scored

  • Khoa Ngoc Hong Nguyen (Bill)

    Wait it that rice gum

  • Khoa Ngoc Hong Nguyen (Bill)

    Did harry win?