SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)


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  • don't do it on purpose again kid

    Tobi and Simon are really good players

  • Didi Boy
    Didi Boy Day ago

    What 7-1

  • Lozano._. Cristian108

    SDM pls let me join ur team pls

  • Dhio Pebio
    Dhio Pebio 4 days ago

    Crazy gk vs useless gk

  • Muluwork Hutchinson
    Muluwork Hutchinson 6 days ago

    Harry your so bad

  • ItsameDrew
    ItsameDrew 7 days ago

    I mean, nobody talking about Simons touch at 6:00 ?

  • Zeanly
    Zeanly 8 days ago

    Is it really TVclip *ALLSTARS* or is the Sidemen the real Stars

  • Jillz World
    Jillz World 9 days ago +1

    Nice soccer game

  • Mustafa Kamal
    Mustafa Kamal 9 days ago

    man sidmen destroyed them

  • Zoe Collins
    Zoe Collins 9 days ago

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  • Anthony Qurniawan
    Anthony Qurniawan 11 days ago +1

    Keeper very² stupid

  • Alan Monga
    Alan Monga 13 days ago

    I want to be like them one day

  • Lukesh Kathuria
    Lukesh Kathuria 13 days ago

    Where was ethan

  • Joel Lynch
    Joel Lynch 14 days ago

    Chrismd seems like the only one who cares

  • Fatcat Punk
    Fatcat Punk 16 days ago

    VIK actually scored

  • Its Robi
    Its Robi 17 days ago

    Wtf kingbach is playin

  • Connor Wason
    Connor Wason 17 days ago

    Sidemen is the best

  • Fraser Gill
    Fraser Gill 18 days ago

    hugh's goalkeeping seriously annoys me. if i was onhis team i would kill him.

  • Sammy Higgs
    Sammy Higgs 18 days ago

    Since when is rice gum part of sidemen ????!!!!!!

  • XxHackerxX Pakapot
    XxHackerxX Pakapot 18 days ago

    Im the king of the world

  • Sonali Pradhan
    Sonali Pradhan 19 days ago +3



  • Shwe Moe Thwe
    Shwe Moe Thwe 20 days ago

    Forntite dance lol!

  • ThePurpleSauce
    ThePurpleSauce 21 day ago +1

    Brazil vs Germany

  • Piyush InfoUna
    Piyush InfoUna 21 day ago


  • Paul Medrano Medrano
    Paul Medrano Medrano 22 days ago

    I hate ksi

  • Kota
    Kota 23 days ago

    youtube allstars chemistry is bad

  • Hajrah Toqir
    Hajrah Toqir 24 days ago

    Where is Harry

  • Parker Kadera
    Parker Kadera 24 days ago

    who won?

  • KyoBlu
    KyoBlu 24 days ago

    Simon hattrick

  • Blaze AOT
    Blaze AOT 25 days ago

    Da hell is ytas' keeper is doing??

  • Blaze AOT
    Blaze AOT 25 days ago

    Guys who know something about football versus dummies😂😂

  • Ante Krolo
    Ante Krolo 27 days ago

    Miniminter hat trick

  • The best CATEVER
    The best CATEVER 27 days ago

    This was crap in my pants

  • GamingBeFly
    GamingBeFly 27 days ago

    A resounding beating of an inferior side

  • Cult Spartan
    Cult Spartan 29 days ago

    The amount of times Chris put it on a plate for someone...

    THANOS 29 days ago

    Is that kingbach

  • John Lalrindika
    John Lalrindika 29 days ago

    brings back a lot of memories from world cup 2014 germany vs brazil

  • Ernesto vlogs
    Ernesto vlogs 29 days ago

    The keppers were not even moving

  • Zhouyuelin
    Zhouyuelin 29 days ago

    well....AKINFENWA WERE R U

  • Kampion Gamer
    Kampion Gamer Month ago

    Even though I’m a sidemen fan, the teams are a bit unfair
    Sidemen : Miniminter, Tobjzl, Manny, W2S, Zerkaa, KSI, Behzinga
    YTAS : Chrismd, Calfreezy, TGF, JMX
    Not trying to be offensive to all other YTAS’s

  • Kholoud Al-Saleh
    Kholoud Al-Saleh Month ago +2

    Brothers vs each other lmao if u don’t know who they are Ksi deji

  • unknowxn
    unknowxn Month ago

    _everytime the sdm went for making a goal the goal keeper did nothing_

  • AlternateRacoon
    AlternateRacoon Month ago

    *Top 10 Worst GoalKeapers 2018*

  • AlternateRacoon
    AlternateRacoon Month ago

    Karius or ricegum???

  • Monomi
    Monomi Month ago

    sidemen vs team 10

  • FlameZ 700
    FlameZ 700 Month ago

    They smashed them!!!!!

  • Izzy Hammerle
    Izzy Hammerle Month ago

    1:09 ok whoever was the speaker of this game really needs to be quiet about the Logan Paul and ksi boxing match. 🙄

    • Monomi
      Monomi Month ago

      Lmao that's true georgie m8 he can talk about it if he wants he was apart of it

  • Yeeterson Peterson
    Yeeterson Peterson Month ago

    Rice gum doesn’t realize wut offside is

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Month ago +2

    Which position does Vick play?

  • Dark Tunnel
    Dark Tunnel Month ago +1

    1:05 is that adapts

  • Aksel Brunvoll
    Aksel Brunvoll Month ago +1

    I dont think ricegum know What Football is. It is something called offside. Clueless ricegum

  • Evan Antliff
    Evan Antliff Month ago +1

    I could do better commentary than those to😂😂. Brilliant match though

  • Hossein Arpanahi istadegi

    7-1 Wow I didn’t know that the sidemen can play soccer so good💯💯

  • Rich y
    Rich y Month ago

    Where were the F2 guys?

  • Maja. xx
    Maja. xx Month ago

    Simon banged it

  • dudes vlogs
    dudes vlogs Month ago

    Wasn't freezy in sdmn??

  • dudes vlogs
    dudes vlogs Month ago

    Where is w2s ?????

  • Nero Scott
    Nero Scott Month ago

    Nice acting 10/10

  • Vikaashh Sukumaran
    Vikaashh Sukumaran Month ago

    TVclip Allstar's keeper didn't do anything to save all the shots

  • Yo Kalek
    Yo Kalek Month ago

    Did they pay the goal keeper

    DJ LLAMA Month ago

    5:32 why are the YTAS celebrating when vikk scored??

  • vithal mohata
    vithal mohata Month ago

    given them money to lose

  • koushan sh
    koushan sh Month ago

    Sidemen goalkeeper=neur
    TVclip all stars goal keeper=milk bag

  • Tabi
    Tabi Month ago

    H20 delirious is in this game...

  • Doggie :D
    Doggie :D Month ago

    Vik’s goal is the only goal that matters :3

  • Mr Gamer AnyRdm
    Mr Gamer AnyRdm Month ago

    Sidemen FC vs TVclip all Stars
    "Wild Rice Gum appeared"

    FOAM PROS Month ago

    worst goalkeeper ever for youtube allstars

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh Month ago

    8:10 JJ left King Bach hanging hahaha

    Lonely immm so lonely, I’ve got nobodyyyy 😢

  • Ninja Fade53
    Ninja Fade53 Month ago

    7:50 wtf😂😂

    YONDAIME Month ago

    Deji is such a pro 😂😂😂

  • Toni
    Toni Month ago

    These comentators are so cringy

  • Fakehaker 234
    Fakehaker 234 Month ago

    Charlton is my favourite team so I’m glad that people are recognising my team

  • Patrick Nathan
    Patrick Nathan Month ago

    The most scripted game ever

  • Sceptic Remix
    Sceptic Remix Month ago


  • Last Player
    Last Player Month ago

    Are u watching Logan Paul wtf

  • dr17104
    dr17104 Month ago

    Where is Harry

  • Jo Connolly
    Jo Connolly Month ago

    was this an official game?

    U4X IBRAPLAYZ Month ago


  • Kermit The Flash
    Kermit The Flash Month ago

    Rice gum is the biggest dumbass. He’s standing like 8 metres offside, calling for it and then complaining when they don’t pass

    TROUBLENOOB Month ago

    Is this real?

  • ArminFlexs
    ArminFlexs Month ago

    lol best keeper ever

  • PS4 Gaming some vlogs

    Vikstar did the best

  • Faith Foster
    Faith Foster Month ago

    Where is harry??

  • TheReal PatrickStar

    If the f2 were on TVclip Allstars
    Different story

  • Ahmed B.Shobra
    Ahmed B.Shobra Month ago

    this is soccer?

  • AMV Channels
    AMV Channels Month ago

    lol this goaly suck he barely move

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Month ago

    Why tf is ricegum in the sidemen team

  • Bianka Sauer
    Bianka Sauer Month ago

    Germany vs brasil

  • Deepak Khan
    Deepak Khan Month ago

    True Geordie is totally on ksis tean

  • Jr Banuelos
    Jr Banuelos Month ago

    Fake just to get views

  • ArrowGamer
    ArrowGamer Month ago

    chrismd was the best

  • U-mcig
    U-mcig Month ago

    Soo fakee

  • The wizard channel
    The wizard channel Month ago

    Logan vs ksi

  • Green Tiger
    Green Tiger Month ago

    This goalie is so bad,

  • Mythic overload
    Mythic overload Month ago

    Didn't know Lachlan was a member of sidemen

  • Well DANN
    Well DANN Month ago

    A video 442oons should watch & edit

  • Esrom Melake
    Esrom Melake Month ago

    Sideman is god

  • Lovre Čop
    Lovre Čop Month ago

    did anyone notice that when Deji throws his water bottle it lines up perfectly with the ball just look at the ball at 6:51

  • vivaan rath
    vivaan rath Month ago

    5:28 amazing goal by vikk

  • Garith Wilson
    Garith Wilson Month ago

    Anyone see the woman dab at 10:00