How Mahershala Ali & Viggo Mortensen Bonded Long Before 'Green Book' | Close Up

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • 'Green Book' star Mahershala Ali joins Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about meeting Viggo Mortensen before knowing they were going to work together, his fears in portraying Dr. Don Shirley, and more.
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Comments • 173

  • David Burroughs
    David Burroughs Month ago

    Chadwick is listening to Mahershala and thinking to himself “Damn this dude should’ve been Killmonger instead “

  • zomska
    zomska 2 months ago

    Great Roundtable - every actor listened and there were no egos on the table, no one vying for attention .Marheshala Ali and Viggo Mortensen are so well-spoken and charismatic.

  • Matthew McSheffrey
    Matthew McSheffrey 3 months ago


  • Daniel Villalobos
    Daniel Villalobos 3 months ago

    You can always tell when someone loves what they do for a living. They tend to act like they'd do it for free, and in many cases they have.

  • Anjola
    Anjola 4 months ago

    Is This a mans version of the oprah close version. Wonderful. Actors are deep and so exposed . Pls where the full one where hugh jackman . Another fav.of mine? Is it to late to attend acting school?

  • Kari Bu
    Kari Bu 4 months ago +1

    A massive congratulations to "Green Book" for winning the Oscar for Best Picture, "Green Book." The movie was exceptionally & brilliantly done! ... Mahershala Ali has a history of giving excellent performances in whatever character he portrays. Congratulations to him for wining his second Oscar, this time for his excellent portrayal of Dr. Donald Shirley, in Green Book. He & Viggo Mortensen, who also received a nomination, were made for this movie. I'm so sure they will become lifelong friends... Congratulations again! ❤

  • Michael Bruchas
    Michael Bruchas 5 months ago

    Great bit.

  • Bjon Troy
    Bjon Troy 5 months ago +1

    Chadwick doesn't look 41 at all

  • Just Aria
    Just Aria 5 months ago

    Tchalla what are you doing?

  • iamunique1
    iamunique1 6 months ago

    that voice change, maaaan. Skills!!

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 6 months ago

    It's unfortunate that this film has been the target of ludicrous attacks by the perpetually aggrieved and "me too" plastic liberals. It's a technically proficient, well-acted, enjoyable movie. It would not be my pick for best film of the year, but it's a worthy effort.

  • Hamakua Sledgehammer
    Hamakua Sledgehammer 6 months ago

    So you’re telling me that’s not John Stewart and Blade rolled into one?

  • DaveKarl
    DaveKarl 6 months ago

    Racists don't like Mahershala. Because he has the mind of an intellectual, combined with the looks of an unapologetic bad-ass. This is too much to take for them. Too many of their stereotypes being challenged.

  • שראל בן משה
    שראל בן משה 6 months ago

    great carisma he has... love how everyone pays close attention to everything he says.

  • Mark Silverman
    Mark Silverman 6 months ago

    Mahershala was remarkable in the movie, oddly they nominated him for Supporting Actor when clearly he was one of the two leads in the film. He won Supporting Actor and deserved to but why wasn't he nominated for Best Actor?

  • A Reha
    A Reha 6 months ago +1


  • Gregory Blake
    Gregory Blake 7 months ago

    2:07 Chadwick Boseman envys Marhershala Ali's intelligence and persona. Self absorbtion vs. unity of a people. Clearly it shows!

  • Big C
    Big C 7 months ago

    I'm a Mahershala fan. I loved this film but it wreaked of white saviour shit; the racist lowlife works with the brilliant but weak black man, saves his life on numerous occasions and then is less racist in the end. When I came to that realisation, it sucked because I really loved this film.
    In real life the greenbook mapped out where black people could go and where they shouldn't as a matter of life and death. This film could have fleshed that out and taught people more about American history, but it didn't. Damn!!!

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard 7 months ago +1

    Viggo Mortensen is just so talented and interesting. One of the finest actors out there, and there is no Hollywood bs with him ;)

  • Selki Yang
    Selki Yang 7 months ago

    This will get the best pic in Academy

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 7 months ago

    It´s too bad he made a bunch right career choices only to blow by converting to islam. Islam is a disgusting ideology. I thought he was smarter than that. I guess I was wrong.

    • Zakariah -Tube
      Zakariah -Tube 6 months ago +2

      Racits and hatefull person be worry your life ... he's muslim and proud of

  • TD Immanuel
    TD Immanuel 7 months ago

    I watched Green Book last night what a sublime film. As for Mahershala this guy is a supreme Denzel like talent. And the way he talks about his craft wow!! 👏🏾

  • Petra Zed
    Petra Zed 7 months ago

    Before watching this I never really gave much thought as to the ratio of work required in researching and building a character ready for the camera. These actors did a tremendous job in Green Book, I loved the film and I look forward to watching Mr Ali and Mr Mortensen many more times. Directors should be forming a queue to hire them.

  • Alexis Newell
    Alexis Newell 7 months ago

    Mahersharla and Viggo wonderful wonderful amazing human beings and the GREEN BOOK FABULOUS and Kodos to you special men ❤💫😍

  • mrslebowski
    mrslebowski 7 months ago +2

    Mahershala Ali is one of the best actors I have ever seen.

  • deni sherlock
    deni sherlock 7 months ago

    Look at that round table, so many great talent

  • neaAkuma
    neaAkuma 7 months ago

    Cottonmouth Stokes, Logan, Aragorn and T'Challa walk into a bar....

    KRAFT PUNK 7 months ago +1

    Bruh, his top fade is freeeeesssshhhh.

  • Gonzalo Bernal
    Gonzalo Bernal 7 months ago

    This will take your best and possibly might change how people see.
    I think you were born for this role

  • LiS Wright
    LiS Wright 7 months ago

    That movie was great. A great Americana movie.

  • Beverley Reid
    Beverley Reid 7 months ago

    Good old Cottonmouth!!!

  • Allaijah Mariah
    Allaijah Mariah 7 months ago +1

    He should be on luke cage again

    BUSHIDO of FAITH 7 months ago

    I respect the man this man played, an I respect this man for the job he did playing the man that I respect. I like the line in the movie genius is not enough you need courage to do what he did! And where he did it!

  • Ynot Egg
    Ynot Egg 7 months ago


  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson 8 months ago +3

    Mahershala Ali could play a phone book and I'd watch it. He's exceptional! Loved him in 'House of Cards'. Loved him in 'Moonlight' and loving him in 'True Detective' season 3.

  • Galactic123
    Galactic123 8 months ago

    Where is this entire roundtable video?

  • Monika Mylonopoyloy
    Monika Mylonopoyloy 8 months ago

    What a gem of an artist this man is! All of them around this table!

  • M4R
    M4R 8 months ago

    Great actors, legends both past and futureproof, both intellectuals. their on a differ ent lvl with the rest

  • Bryan Parks
    Bryan Parks 8 months ago

    💯💯 Great interview.... Visit my page for my new short film!

  • M.L. Soll
    M.L. Soll 8 months ago +17

    My love for Viggo knows no bounds

  • Ord Grill
    Ord Grill 8 months ago

    He is so elegant and well put.

  • Bradford McDermott
    Bradford McDermott 8 months ago

    Lou gossit jr.'s son?

    • TheEmadia
      TheEmadia 7 months ago

      Why? Nothing like each other.

  • YesGregYes
    YesGregYes 8 months ago +21

    "He doesn't need to go on this journey. He chooses to go on this journey." There's a quiet heroism in Don Shirley. I loved this movie so much.

  • ladytenor9876
    ladytenor9876 8 months ago


  • Caleb DesJardins
    Caleb DesJardins 8 months ago +2

    Mahershala has quickly become one of my favorite actors

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 8 months ago

    Looking back on this movie, that i really liked, there part I thought was kind of pushy, or preachy, or too much, or a lecture ... just too politically correct was Don Shirley's sexual issues. It clouded out the issue of what the movie was really about instead of making it better. It did not make the movie bad, I still liked it a lot and think it is the best movie of the year. I am a sucker for a movie with a strong moral story and integrity, and without gratuitous violence or special effects. I like those too, I like all kinds of movies, but to me the real art of movies is in great meaningful stories like "Green Book".
    I mean, you know the guy is black, and they get chintzy on showing us how such a character can grow up black like this ... so that is bad enough, but then they just spring his gayness on us out of the blue, and never really touch it again, except to just say it doesn't matter. That is reasonable, politically correct, but gayness is a thing, it is part of the story, and when you bring it up you should find a way to say something about it other than, nothing to see here audience, The Tony the Lip says he's OK, so we should blindly follow his gut feeling?
    Then there was the whole stealing that guy's hat that never really got explained, or maybe I just missed something.

  • s xu
    s xu 8 months ago

    Viggo is going to win an oscar for green book!

  • Sebastian Baeza
    Sebastian Baeza 9 months ago

    Every actor i absolutely love!!

  • Yuki Kobayashi
    Yuki Kobayashi 9 months ago +3

    cottonmouth & black panther.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 9 months ago +17

    Mahershala Ali is talented, dedicaded, well-spoken, smart and an elegant man. How many of these we have lost because of racism? How many could have contributed and change the history of art but wasn't allowed to make it? Thinking about that always makes me sad, but i feel glad that this is changing.

  • aisha ä
    aisha ä 9 months ago

    chadwick's responses are so cute haha I LOVE THIS ROUNDTABLE

  • Brian  King
    Brian King 9 months ago +4

    Mahershala Ali=An enigmatic presence personified!

  • Useless Information
    Useless Information 9 months ago +2

    Two wonderful actors. Cant wait to see this movie!!

  • Hayes Moses
    Hayes Moses 9 months ago +3

    I think Mahershala Ali is one of the most brilliant actors working today. Love his work. That said, I saw the documentary of Dr. Shirley after having viewed Green Book and was shocked about his choices in portraying him. I'm glad he addressed his decision to not employ Dr. Shirley's high-pitched voice but feel it robbed the audience of dealing with the truth of who Dr. Shirley was as an obviously gay man living in the '60's. But that's Hollywood for ya...

  • Ty Warren
    Ty Warren 9 months ago +2

    The Green Book was a Good movie

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 9 months ago +1

    He just ACTED in answering the question mind on 🔥. Viggo is bea “ A History of Violence” is one of my all time favorite ❤️❤️❤️

  • NickB
    NickB 9 months ago

    it's impossible to not like viggo haha

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony 9 months ago


  • The Haven
    The Haven 9 months ago +3

    Mahershala Ali is a magnificent actor. Love this brother.
    All of these guys here are great actors as well.

  • Anirudh Sarma
    Anirudh Sarma 9 months ago

    what is Chadwick doing on this table