5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2016
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Comments • 8 784

  • DanVR
    DanVR 7 hours ago

    Anything Logan Paul did in Japan.

  • steph4691
    steph4691 Day ago

    your husband is so cute!

  • 》Tessa 《
    》Tessa 《 Day ago

    I really love the top you're wearing! Is it from a popular store? I want it

  • Cody Pearce
    Cody Pearce Day ago

    Your wife is gorgeous. My goodness man, great job. 👍

  • x CHEX
    x CHEX Day ago

    Great vid and I just have to say that she is one of the most beautiful girls ever!

  • ِ
    ِ 2 days ago

    Lol i live in Finland and once i went to school at 8am i saw a man in a bush and he was very very drunk

  • Kage Tsume
    Kage Tsume 2 days ago

    I wish you guys were still on youtube

  • Origami and Cats
    Origami and Cats 3 days ago

    If loudly slurping noodles and drinking in public will lower the amount of brutal violence and drug overdoses in the USA, I'm willing to try.

  • Daisies and Lillies
    Daisies and Lillies 3 days ago

    Lol she said you telepathically think towards your waiter in America hahahaha

  • blake richards
    blake richards 3 days ago

    She is annoying af

  • tziporah torbati
    tziporah torbati 4 days ago

    Umm... what’s wrong with saying excuse me to get your waiter’s attention? You don’t need to yell, but you can call them over.

  • Jay Marcco
    Jay Marcco 4 days ago

    She seems really annoyed by him.

  • Little T
    Little T 5 days ago

    Omg I want a husband just as nice as yoursss

  • Obiri
    Obiri 6 days ago

    whoah. I always stick my arm up or call for the bill in restaurants here in California. is it really rude?
    I see it so often. maybe it differs by state?

  • Sin Full
    Sin Full 6 days ago

    Im rewatching this...heck I've researched several of their vids and gods I miss them.
    Edit: Oh well...hope things are going well for them.

  • Mrs. Torrita Uzor
    Mrs. Torrita Uzor 8 days ago

    Hmmmm, interesting. 🙂

  • JKira
    JKira 9 days ago

    He's adorable istg

  • Rin Uzumaki
    Rin Uzumaki 9 days ago

    I have a doubt .. I have heard that Japanese are rude to foreigners ... Have you ever had experience like that ?

  • Marie A.K.A agent 2
    Marie A.K.A agent 2 10 days ago

    2:15 yeah, that's smoking.

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 11 days ago

    Seriously, who's planning to move to Japan?
    ( I am!)

  • Alicia Gold
    Alicia Gold 11 days ago

    You 2 are ADORABLE!

  • Mr_FJ
    Mr_FJ 11 days ago

    4.5 out of 5 of these are fine/normal/the same in Denmark as well :)
    The .5 is that yelling/calling for a waiter is perfectly ok, but they will also approach you.

  • gianca60
    gianca60 11 days ago

    Drinking beer in the park, raising the arm ti call the waiter,,,I always said Japan is similar to Italy.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 14 days ago

    She's a boor with no culture trying to pretend being repressed is manners because she's desperate to have control.

  • Pierre Alie
    Pierre Alie 14 days ago

    I think slurping noodles in Japan is ok because they eat with chop sticks, they can't really wrap them around like we do with a fork or cut them, so the only option left is to slurp em in.

  • Phat Prideparade
    Phat Prideparade 15 days ago +1

    His English is really good Im sure her Japanese sucks

  • Kerasia Norman
    Kerasia Norman 15 days ago

    In Sweden, we get the waiters attention by waving our hand or saying excuse me and can we have the bill! Please :-) Not rude!

  • Alifa Husna
    Alifa Husna 15 days ago

    omg. Slurping noodles gives you the best feeling in the world! xD

  • Robyn McCarthy
    Robyn McCarthy 15 days ago

    Being an American, I totally get what you are saying about those 5 things! I am sorry, but I do not know your name (wife). It is so interesting how cultures are so different!

  • Hapu Hapupu
    Hapu Hapupu 16 days ago

    How about drinking while you are driving?

  • Roz Tae
    Roz Tae 16 days ago

    The way he says “fun” so cute

  • shebecca nelson
    shebecca nelson 18 days ago

    Can’t do the hanging out with co worker after work!! Nope never

  • shebecca nelson
    shebecca nelson 18 days ago

    Slumping noodles 🍜 is something that is going to happen when eating them

  • shebecca nelson
    shebecca nelson 18 days ago

    Americans yell also for the waiter. Don’t know what she talking about

  • Doyle Evans
    Doyle Evans 19 days ago

    i hate the waiters here in the US, i have to pay them a tip and they are always rude

  • Miss Marie
    Miss Marie 21 day ago

    I was taught blowing your nose in public is rude but you don't sniffle either. you excuse yourself to a rest room if possible AND WASH YOUR HANDS AFTERWORDS. or say excuse me, turn away, look down and blow your nose; then keep your hands in your jacket pockets until you can find a place to wash them.

  • Lupascu Alexandru
    Lupascu Alexandru 21 day ago

    The part of getting drunk with your boss and coworkers is usual in Poland too few times a year we make so called "integrational meeting" after work, where we eat, talk and get drunk, included the boss :). Btw I love Japan, I hope to get there one day. Good job guys, i like your videos :)

  • Eloy Canto
    Eloy Canto 21 day ago

    calling for a waiter it's also a mexican thing, it's normal to yell in order to get your food, unless you are in a snob place

  • rj reed
    rj reed 21 day ago

    I've seen Japanese people here snap fingers for a waitress or yell at them to "hurry up." Kind of like the elderly in Florida.

  • 森田としろ
    森田としろ 21 day ago

    あれ、良いね。でも、わたしのかのうじょのしゅしん 大阪だけどあまり外国人がいません。

  • Viper Vk
    Viper Vk 24 days ago

    I live in japan for 2 1/2 years now, and this helps a lot, :)

    • Viper Vk
      Viper Vk 24 days ago

      nose must be paired with tissues, but now it is a little more acceptable

  • kimi mon
    kimi mon 25 days ago

    I think this guy married the sweet white girl s blue eyes

  • Rafael Roquemore
    Rafael Roquemore 26 days ago

    I love slurping noodles. I grew up thinking it was fine, within reason.

    MY ANIMATIONS SUCK 27 days ago

    Yeah, actually it is rude to yell at a waiter in the us

  • ArchNiki
    ArchNiki 27 days ago

    actually i recognize boy like some russian speaking buryat or local koreans. Just smile is too natural for japanese. i used to see like untained,undeveloped lips and mimic here. but you both smile very nice and its looks natural

  • rob mcmahon
    rob mcmahon Month ago

    I remember borat taking a dump in public. That was pretty funny

  • Magic Guppy
    Magic Guppy Month ago

    Seems like Americans just worry too damn much about dumb shit

  • Dana Lawton
    Dana Lawton Month ago

    And they head out to a strip club after the drinking.... so if he's not that horney when he gets home... well maybe he had a real good time.

  • Michael Nortz
    Michael Nortz Month ago

    You're husband is so cute!

  • cloud campos
    cloud campos Month ago

    The sumo masen thingy is not rude in France

  • julia393n
    julia393n Month ago

    So nice to see you both so happy together. I always wondered how easy or hard it was for a Western woman (supposedly not submissive enough) to be married to a Japanese man (supposedly very chauvinistic). Looks like that is just a stereotype on both counts.

  • Ninjamation4
    Ninjamation4 Month ago

    The worst sniffing is when that kid in the back of class is taking in coke hard af

  • Todd Haskins
    Todd Haskins Month ago

    When I was in Japan the sniffling drove me nuts, lol. I just wanted them to blow their nose to deal with it. It was really hard for me to ignore, haha.

  • emilynicolexo
    emilynicolexo Month ago

    i think that girl is just shy bc if i’m at a restaurant i yell excuse me, but not rudely in a polite way

  • LittleLulubee
    LittleLulubee Month ago

    I've never been to Japan, but the slurping and sniffing would GROSS ME OUT!!! Eeeew! 😑

  • Daniel Galan
    Daniel Galan Month ago

    Is America=USA? I Japan=Asia? Do Japanese call Japan, Asia?

  • Kindred Closets
    Kindred Closets Month ago

    I work in fashion in the USA and we definitely drink together lol. It's a BIG business culture thing here. But I am always afraid I would drink too much.

    KTA SANTANA Month ago

    well I live in America and I always yell for my waiter when im ready to order honestly most waiters dont give a shit as long as u Tip them tbh idk if they even do Tips in Japan or other places in the World. i think thats an American thing, is it???

  • Lezli Matto
    Lezli Matto Month ago

    Omg 😱 you can totally see the love their 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Marlen Saenz
    Marlen Saenz Month ago


  • th4t n3rdy 9uy
    th4t n3rdy 9uy Month ago

    Where's incest?

  • Alethia for Christ
    Alethia for Christ Month ago

    I miss Japan

  • Dᴏᴘᴀᴍᴇᴀɴ ᴏᴛᴍɪᴄ

    I've gotten drunk with my coworkers every Christmas. I did some breakdancing with my company's CEO. We were atrocious but it was really fun. It depends on where you work I guess. It also depends on if you hate your boss or coworkers. I kissed a coworker two years ago. She had a boyfriend. I apologized to her the next day and she said it was okay, but it was awkward for a while. Then the next year when she was single, she kissed me! And I was in a relationship then and... okay I don't know why I delved into that. Anyways. Drinking with coworkers is okay as long as you don't invite the coworker or boss everyone hates.

  • Trevor Rugger
    Trevor Rugger Month ago

    go texas go Frisco yee

  • Michella Jeremia
    Michella Jeremia Month ago

    You guys should totally collab with Rachel and Jun! 😁

  • Lavender Raine
    Lavender Raine Month ago

    Drinking in public is okay in Vegas!!

  • Moose and Moe
    Moose and Moe Month ago +1

    when it comes to yelling to waiters I could totally see why it would be the way it is on either side (so for anyone who doesn't get it this is my view and it may help you understand it better) it would be a situation of whether or not others are doing it, if everyone is yelling at the waiter then it would be normal and not be out of place and/or unwelcome extra noise for other customers whereas if everyone else is quieter/silent it is disrupting, out of place, and generally inconvenient.
    EDIT: The same thing can be said for slurping noodles

  • Vina Vine
    Vina Vine Month ago

    husband's cute

  • Fine-Business Operator

    You can drink in public in Las Vegas and New Orleans. And other places.

  • Kyle Chesser
    Kyle Chesser Month ago

    Man I get fkd up with my bosses and coworkers ain't nothing wrong with that in America if so u have the wrong job

  • Sharkie
    Sharkie Month ago

    I live in a part of China where all of these are okay but I plan to study in America, thank you for making this or I'd stand out a lot :'D

  • issy coconut
    issy coconut Month ago

    haha, this is in all Asian countries, you don't call the waiter, you're not getting your food. And then there is Australia where you openly argue about your favorite footy teams then grab a beer after with that classic line, 'Have a good one' or 'Cheers mate'

  • K U
    K U Month ago

    Both of you are so cute together 😍

  • Dwayne Barr
    Dwayne Barr Month ago

    I am going to be adult about this. 1. Why most adult movies in Japan are censored (blocked the private areas)? 2.- If being on a bus, there are no talking no touching and it is rude to look at other people, then why adult movies are being filmed on bus and it seems to be normal everyday people riding on it who are not actors? Once again, just being an adult about this. What to know

  • Spencer Branting
    Spencer Branting Month ago

    There are some aspects of Nihon culture that I do enjoy, such as the politeness. What annoyed me is the preoccupation with ritual rather than directness. It seemed very passive resistant in some respects.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Month ago

    It still makes me so sad that they ended this channel. I followed them for 3 years.

  • Miguel Avila
    Miguel Avila Month ago

    But didn't you say "one thing at a time" in japan with the drunk thing

  • mason
    mason Month ago

    I do IT and have worked in many different offices in downtown chicago, And at least half of the offices I work in have some sort of alcohol, a few have had bars with more alcohol than a large bar, I'm talking floor to ceiling shelves of bottles.

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali Month ago

    Well, Asian culture and traditions are unique in every country. There will be the "do's" and "don'ts", no matter what. The question is how people from world over can learn, understand and adapt to their respective and distinct culture. Nevertheless, Asians are generously known to be well-coming people, generous, hard working, family-oriented and of course, friendly.... most of the time. There will be a culture for most people when they realize things are not the same like back in their own country :)

  • Melvin Melville
    Melvin Melville Month ago +1

    I come from Germany and we can drink in public as well. Also, we can drink beer and wine at the age of 16.

  • Klynnx3
    Klynnx3 Month ago +1

    Also drinking in public is not illegal everywhere in the US just a large majority of it. It's perfectly acceptable to drink in public in New Orleans for example.

    • Klynnx3
      Klynnx3 Month ago +1

      Proger13 10 yeah I think its a state by state law. I know in San Antonio TX on the river walk lower level its legal to get to go drinks from certain bars but not all of them are able to sell drinks to go.

    • Proger13 10
      Proger13 10 Month ago +2

      Klynnx3 True , well I live in New York and I barley see people drinking in the streets here

  • Klynnx3
    Klynnx3 Month ago +1

    Seriously such a cute couple they are so sweet together. ❤

  • brawl2063
    brawl2063 Month ago

    Other than drinking in public which is illegal in America, but fine every where else, all these other things aren’t just an American thing they’re a Western thing.

  • Sydney W
    Sydney W Month ago

    hes so annoying

  • Mirza Huskic
    Mirza Huskic Month ago

    It seems like Americans are uptight and too serious

  • Autumn Hardy
    Autumn Hardy Month ago

    He seems so much happier and laid back then her. Lol

  • Choco Gurll
    Choco Gurll Month ago

    Where I live you're supposed to put ur menu down and stop looking at it when you want to order then the waiter will come

  • Alimah Muhammad
    Alimah Muhammad Month ago

    Drinking alcohol in public is legal in New Orleans.

  • Sarah Joy
    Sarah Joy Month ago

    I just got a new job in aust and im actually worried about work drinks 😂 coming from asia where we drink and laugh and ktv till dawn to work the next day I'm wondering how conservative au will be and it's scaring me

  • 97chocolatebananas
    97chocolatebananas Month ago

    Lady, I am a server in the US and you are just plain wrong about the restaurant thing. It helps the server a ton if you skip the mind reading and just flag us down.

  • America Lasting
    America Lasting Month ago


  • Odd kawaii artist
    Odd kawaii artist Month ago

    *leh sniff*

  • Aditya Mohan
    Aditya Mohan Month ago

    U guys r so cute, god bless u all

  • Are You Straight
    Are You Straight Month ago

    Haha your husband seems very nice and so do you. He also seems very funny

    ELFELICIANO Month ago

    How about blow your nose? Is it an institution like it is in the USA?

  • solar clapson
    solar clapson Month ago

    Please stop saying "in North America" there are 22 nations that would disagree with your assumptions.

  • TheMann King
    TheMann King Month ago

    im from the us but most of these things aren't really offensive/rude idk maybe its just me

  • Solar Eruption
    Solar Eruption Month ago

    Pedophilia and child pornography

  • CJ Russell
    CJ Russell Month ago

    incest. probably.

  • Children of God
    Children of God Month ago

    Youre eyes !! So pretty!